Assad’s Parallel Universe Suggests a Long Struggle

Assad’s ABC Interview with Barbara Walters – The parallel universe.

This interview suggests that President Assad continues to see his fight to be against terrorists and external plots, as he has argued from the beginning. He denied that he is killing his own people and suggested that more Syrian soldiers have been killed than Syrian innocents. Whether he remains convinced of his rectitude, whether his primary motivation is to hang on to power, or whether he is simply frightened of the consequences of yielding authority to his opponents, Assad gave no indication that he is having second thoughts about his position or is ready to yield. One must conclude that Syria’s fight will be a long one.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Riad Al-Shaqfa, told ash-Sharq al-Awsat two days ago,”I believe that the al-Assad regime will collapse within the next few months. … the [Syrian] regime’s days are over. It is gasping its final breaths….; he wants to portray himself as being in charge of Syria’s land, sea, and air, but he is a liar, and is not in charge of anything but himself.”

This seems to be wishful thinking. Assad remains in control of the Syrian military, which is strong compared to the opposition. Economic sanctions are beginning to exact a terrible toll on the Syrian people. Most have no heat because mazoot (feul oil) is scarce or non-existent in most regions of Syria. The Syrian pound has fallen below 62 to a dollar from 47. This means that Syrians have lost over 25% of their worth and purchasing power. Price hikes are everywhere and dramatic.

Aleppo’s economy has been hammered by the freezing of trade with Turkey. Many Syrians have made trade with Turkey their livelihood over the past decade. Prices of all Turkish products (cloths in particular) jumped 30-40% overnight in response to the new 30% tariff that has been placed on Turkish goods entering Syria. “They are sawing off the branch they’re sitting on,” Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan told reporters in televised remarks from Istanbul. “These aren’t moves that a country with such a need for cash and a seriously pressured economy should be making.”

Locally produced Syrian goods are much inferior in quality to those imported from Turkey. A number of key Syrian industries have been shuttered due to Turkish competition, so the new tariffs are causing real scarcities in some goods.

Turkey responded today by suspending its free trade accord with Syria. It has slapped a 30% tariff on Syria’s imports and opened 2 additional crossings to Iraq in order to assist efforts by local merchants to bypass Syria in trade with the Gulf and Egypt.

Despite Promises From Assad, ABC News Crew Encountered difficulties – New York TImes Blog

President Bashar al-Assad held his first interview in Damascus with a U.S. reporter since the start of the Syrian uprisings,telling Barbara Walters that he did not order a government crackdown on protesters. Assad said that he had the support of the Syrian people and denied the credibly of the United Nations reports estimating the violent death of more than 4,000 people. He claimed that the majority of people killed since March have been government forces. He admitted that some mistakes had been made, but were undertaken by individuals, claiming that as president he does not “own” the army. The U.S. State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, responded to the interview stating “I find it ludicrous that he is attempting to hide behind some sort of shell game [and] claim that he doesn’t exercise authority in his own country.” Meanwhile the government committee advising on drafting a new constitution announced new provisions that would ban “discrimination between political parties.” However, the amendments further entrench Assad’s rule by legalizing his presidency by lowering age requirements and advancing his military rank to commander in chief of the Syrian military and armed forces.

 Assad said: “I’m president. I don’t own the country, so they’re not my forces.” “There’s a difference between having a policy to crack down and between having some mistakes committed by some officials. There is a big difference,” the reporter quoted Assad as saying.

The next day, his spokespeople were denying that he meant what he said: ASSAD REMARKS DIDN’T AIM TO DODGE RESPONSIBILITY: SPOKESMAN. 2011-12-07

Turkey downplays Syrian transit route for Middle East trade
Dec. 7, 2011 (Xinhua) — Turkey’s economy minister

downplayed Syria’s significance as a transit route for Turkish trucks carrying goods to Middle Eastern and Gulf countries. Zafer Caglayan said: “We have three alternative routes through Alexandria, Beirut and Iraq and possibly a fourth through the Suez Canal.”

“We moved yesterday evening to take advantage of these alternatives and all of a sudden the Syrian government decided to let Turkish trucks into the country,” he added. He noted that Syrian customs officials have forced Turkish truck drivers to form long queues keeping them waiting at the border gates with Turkey but on Wednesday trucks were allowed in.

“By-passing Syria is a piece of cake. But we did not to want to choose that path. We want to use Syria as a transit route and allow Syrian economy to make money out of it,” Caglayan said. Syria did not permit the entrance of Turkish trucks at the Babel Hawas Border Gate and began working on their computer systems on December 1, the day when Syrian officials suspended a free trade agreement between Turkey and Syria.

Guardian (GB): Sectarian bloodshed worsens in Syria amid uprising

ELIZABETH A. KENNEDY Associated Press= BEIRUT (AP) — Dozens of bodies were dumped in the streets of a Syrian city at the heart of the country’s nearly 9-month-old uprising, a grim sign that sectarian bloodshed is escalating as the country descends … Up to 50 people were killed in Homs on Monday, but details about what happened in Syria’s third-largest city only came to light Tuesday with reports of retaliatory attacks pitting members of the Alawite sect against Sunnis.

The sectarian violence is a dire development in Syria, and one that opposition members say plays directly into the regime’s hands. Since the uprising began, Assad portrayed himself as the lone force who can ward off the radicalism and sectarianism that have bedeviled neighbors in Iraq and Lebanon.

Opposition figures have accused Assad’s minority Alawite regime of trying to stir up trouble with the Sunni majority to blunt enthusiasm for the uprising. …. Thirty-four of the dead were shot execution-style, their bodies dumped in a public square, according to Saleh and others who monitor the violence, including the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Saleh said all were from the predominantly Sunni district of Jabb al-Jandali. He said Alawite gunmen had raided the district after an Alawite was found dead earlier.

A Homs government official confirmed only that 43 bodies were found Monday in Homs. He asked that his name not be published because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

The reports could not be independently confirmed. Syria has banned most foreign journalists and prevents the work of independent media.

With 4,000 people dead across Syria in the uprising, the conflict is no longer just a matter of government forces firing on peaceful protesters looking to topple Assad’s autocratic regime.

The government also has been facing strong resistance from army defectors who have taken refuge in Homs. But sectarian overtones are building as well, because the uprising has unearthed long-simmering grievances that are now exploding into violence.

WSJ: Hamas To Move Base Out Of Syria
2011-12-06, By Joshua Mitnick

Hamas ordered the departure of nearly all its staff at its Damascus headquarters by next week following pressure from Turkey and Qatar, two regional allies trying to isolate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad amid an eight-month crackdown on antiregime protests, according to a Hamas official. The Islamic militant group’s parting of ways with Mr. Assad marks the latest blow to the regime. Damascus has hosted Hamas since the Palestinian group was forced out of Jordan in the late 1990s. Leaving Syria also distances Hamas from Iran, an ally of Mr. Assad that has provided the Palestinian militants with money, training and military hardware.

Over recent months, Tehran has urged Hamas not to relocate, the official said. (This story and related background material will be available on The Wall
Street Journal website, Hamas will establish new headquarters in Cairo and Qatar to replace its operations in Syria, the official added. At the same time, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal is scheduled to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan to discuss upgrading its presence in the kingdom. …

GENEVA (AFP)–The U.S. ambassador to Damascus will return to Syria Tuesday evening, Washington said. “Ambassador Robert Ford has completed his consultations in Washington and is returning to Damascus this evening,” a senior state department official said.

French ambassador returns to Damascus: ministry: “Eric Chevallier returned to his post in Damascus on Monday following the consultations for which he was recalled,” the ministry’s deputy spokesman, Romain Nadal, told AFP

Clinton: Syria must do more than remove Assad

The United States on Tuesday calls for a new regime of tolerance and freedom in Syria as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad battle fighters infiltrating the country.
Clinton: Syria must do more than remove Assad …

From: State Department Press Office
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 11:17 AM
To: State Department Press Office
Subject: REMARKS – Secretary Clinton – Meeting with Syrian National Council

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
At Meeting with Syrian National Council

December 6, 2011
Intercontinental Hotel
Geneva, Switzerland

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, first, let me begin by saying that it’s an honor to meet with all of you, the president and senior members of the Syrian National Council. I look forward to our discussion and hearing from each of you. I am particularly interested in the work you are doing about how a democratic transition would proceed. Fred Hof, my special coordinator, has told me that you’ve put a lot of work into that paper, and there are many very constructive ideas in it, because obviously, a democratic transition includes more than removing the Asad regime. It means setting Syria on the path of the rule of law and protecting the universal rights of all citizens regardless of sect or ethnicity or gender.

Second, we will discuss the work that the Council is doing to ensure that their plan is to reach out to all minorities, to counter the regime’s divide-and-conquer approach, which pits ethnic and religious groups against one another. The Syrian opposition, as represented here, recognizes that Syria’s minorities have legitimate questions and concerns about their future, and that they need to be assured that Syria will be better off under a regime of tolerance and freedom that provides opportunity and respect and dignity on the basis of the consent rather than on the whims of a dictator.

And we certainly believe that if Syrians unite, they together can succeed in moving their country to that better future. We are well aware that there is a lot of hard work to be done. There are many Syrians in exile who are committed to helping their country make this transition. And there are many Syrians in their homes and neighborhoods and communities who are struggling against the violence and the repression to realize that better future as well.

I think Syrians both in exile and inside Syria are behaving with great courage and commitment and are inspired and motivated by the aspirations of freedom and democracy that are sweeping the Arab world.

So I look forward to hearing from each of you in our time together this afternoon. Thank you very much.

Embargoed Syrian Crude To Flow To India – Shipbrokers
6 December 2011
Dow Jones International News
— Indian refiner HPCL provisionally charters a tanker to take Syrian crude to India, shipbrokers say.
— Exports of Syrian crude have dried up since the imposition of an EU embargo in September.
— Syria has around 150,000bpd of crude to export, most of which traditionally goes to Europe.

Why Iran might be worried by Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Syria exiles – Christian Science Monitor
Howard LaFranchi, Staff writer / December 6, 2011

The subject of the Geneva meeting between Hillary Clinton and Syria exiles was the transition to democracy. But the group’s leader has been warning Iran a post-Assad Syria could be far less friendly….

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52. Revlon said:

You said:
((- Zibaleh’s most famous fake document.
– Bunch of idiots))

Your quoted scource said, in Arabic and English Translation):

(( من كتبه لا يختلف عن الجحش في أي شيء
He Who wrote it is “Jack Ass Donkey”

رضوان زيادة النصاب
The Cheat Radwan Ziyade

يشبه في أسلوبه وأسلوب فهمه للنظام ما جاء في كومة الخراء هذه التي يسميها”وثيقة”!
His style and understanding resembles the pile of shit that he calls document

من كتبها أحمق حقيقي ولا يختلف عن البغل في شيء ،
He Who wrote is is a true muel head

فهل رأيتم في حياتكم بغلا على هذه الدرجة من الحيونة؟ نعم
Have you ever seen more myuel than this one?))

You probably have more in common with your source than the vulgar taste for wards, it is who both of you are!

How about who your scource is/are and their rebuttal of the document?!

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December 8th, 2011, 12:42 am


53. jad said:

Syria is not allowed to even mention the PKK but Oglu pash and the Turkish government can support the terrorists, train them, armed them and send them into Syria to kill!

مصدر للسفير: اوغلو اعلن ان تركيا تعمل لإقامة منطقة عازلة مع سوريا

وقال مصدر دبلوماسي رفيع المستوى في بروكسل لـ«السفير» إن وزير الخارجية التركي احمد داود اوغلو ابلغ وزراء خارجية حلف شمال الأطلسي أن تركيا تواصل العمل واتخاذ الإجراءات الضرورية على حدودها مع سوريا، من أجل إقامة منطقة عازلة في المنطقة الشمالية، لاستقبال اللاجئين المدنيين، في ظل صعوبة العمل على إنجاز ممرات إنسانية إلى المدن السورية المحاصرة.
وقال المصدر الدبلوماسي إن الوزير التركي أبلغ نظراءه في الحلف أن الدبلوماسية التركية ماضية في بذل الجهود لتصعيد الضغوط على النظام السوري بكل الوسائل، وعبر التنسيق مع الجامعة العربية، لمضاعفة العقوبات الاقتصادية لتشديد الطوق على الحلقة المقربة من الأسد، لكنه استبعد لجوء بلاده إلى اي عملية عسكرية في سوريا.
ونقلت صحيفة «ميللييت» التركية عن سيبل ادموندس، أحد العاملين السابقين في مكتب التحقيقات الفيدرالي الأميركي «اف بي آي»، قوله إن «المعارضين من أعضاء الجيش السوري الحر يتلقون تدريبات سرية في مخيمات مدينة هاتاي الحدودية مع سوريا».
وأضاف إن «ضباط القوات الأميركية وحلف شمال الأطلسي يقومون بتدريب المعارضين السوريين في قاعدة انجيرليك لإعدادهم لإطاحة نظام بشار الأسد». وأضاف أن «المعلومات الواردة إليه من مصادر أميركية وتركية تشير إلى أن أعضاء الجيش الحر بزعامة العقيد رياض الأسعد يتدربون في قاعدة انجيرليك منذ شهر أيار الماضي، وأن أميركا تدرب المعارضين بالإضافة إلى تقديمها الدعم المالي والسلاح لهم».
البيت الابيض

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December 8th, 2011, 1:02 am


54. jad said:

Ghufran, Enjoy!

قصيدة للشاعر والاكاديمي
الفلسطيني الكبير
د. أحمد حسن المقدسي
( خاص بعرب تايمز)
لا تـُـسقِطوا الشام َ يا أعـراب ُ ، واعتبِروا هـذي جـَهنم ُ فـي بغـداد َ تـَـسـْـتعِر ُ
اللعبة ُ ابـتدأت ْ.. واللا عـبون َ أتـَـوا وكاتـب ُ النــَّـص ِّ خـلف َ الـباب ِ مـُـستـَتِر ُ
والحرب ُ توشـك ُ أن ْ تـُـلقي مَعاطِـفـَها وَقــودُها الــنـفط ُ والـدّولار ُ والبـَـشـَر ُ

ماذا أقـول ُ ؟ وهل تـُـجْدي مـُـعاتـَبَتي
وعـُـصْبة ُ الـشَّر مــن ْ صـُهيون َ تأتـَـمِـر ُ

ماذا أقـول ُ لأعــراب ٍ تـُـحَرِّكـُهم
كـف ُّ العـمالة ِ والأحـقاد ُ والـبـَطـَر ُ

فـأي ُّ جامعة ٍ تـلك َ الـتي خــَـنـَعَت ْ
فــيها التـــَّـآمـُـر ُ بالأخلاق ِ يَـعْــتـَمِر ُ

قــرن ٌ وجامـعة ُ الأشـرار ِ في صَــمـَم ٍ
فالأرض ُ تـُنـْهــب ُ، والأعـراب ُ مـا نـَـفـَروا

والقـدس ُ تـُـذبح ُ مِــثل َ الطيْر ِ راعِـفة ً
فأطـْـرق ٌ القـوم ُ ، لا حِــس ٌّ ولا خـَـبَر ُ

كـم ْ قبـَّـلوا كــَـف َّ جـَـزّار ٍ يُـقـَـتـِّـلنا
وفـوق َ أشـلائنا يا ويْـحَهم سـَـكِروا

هــل تـِلك َ جـامعة ٌ أم تِـلك َ مَـزبلة ٌ يَسوسُها في زمان ِ العـُهْـر ِ مـَن ْ صَـغـُروا
هــذي الــزَّريْـبـَة ُ ما عـادت ْ تــُـمـَثــِّـلـُنا مـادام َ تـَسـكنها الثــيْران ُ والحـُــمُر ُ

اليوم َ أنعـي لأهـل ِ الخـير ِ جامعة ً
عـَـرّابـُـها الـدُّب ُّ والأفـّـاق ُ والــقـّذِر ُ

لـو ذرّة ٌ مـِــن ْ حـياء ٍ في وُجُوهـِهـِم ُ
لأشـعلوا النار َ فـي الإسـْـطبل َ وانتـحروا


لا تقتــلوا الــشام َ فالــتاريخ ُ عـَــلـَّمنا أن َّ العـُــروبة َ دون َ الــشام ِ تـَــندَحِـر ُ
فــأمـَّة ُ العـُــرْب ِ لا تـَــفـْنى بـلا قـَــطـَر ٍ لـكــنها دون َ رُمـْـح ِ الـــشام ِ تنكــسِر ُ
ولــن ْ نعيــش َ كأيتــام ٍ بــلا حـَــمَـد ٍ ولـن نمــوت َ إذا مــا أ ُلغِــــيَت ْ قــَــطـَر ُ

لكـننا دون َ سـَــيْف ِ الـــشام ِ جارية ٌ
يـَـلوطـُها التـُّـرْك ُ .. والرومان ُ .. والتـَّــتـَر ُ

قـبائـل ُ النـفط ِ باسـم ِ الــحُب ِّ تقتـُــلـُنا
فالـحُب ُ فـاض َ بـهم ْ، والعـِـشق ُ ينفجـِــر ُ

عـواصِـم َ المِلح ِ عـودوا عـن مَحَــبَّتِكـُم
فلـدغة ُ الحـُـب ِّ مــنْ أنيابكم سـَـقـَر ُ

يا مرحـبا ً بـِـدِمُــقــراطية ٍ هـَـبَطـَـت ْ
مِـن َ الـسماء ِ وقــد كانوا بـها كـفروا

هـذا الـــزواج ُ مــن الموساد ِ نعرِفـُــه ُ ولــيس َ يـُخـْــطِئه ُ سـَــمْـع ٌ ولا بـَــصـَر ُ
هـذي دموع ُ تماسـيح ٍ ، فـما ذ ُرفـت ْ لـشعْب ِ غـــزة َ والآلاف ُ تـُــحْتـَضـَر ُ
هـذا العـويل ُ علــى الأرواح ِ لـم نـَرَه ُ والناس ُ تـُـطـْبَخ ُ في قـانا وتنـْــصَهـِر ُ
وفـي العـراق ِ صـَـمَتـُّم ْ صـَــمْت َ مـَــقـْبَرَة ٍ وآلة ُ المـوت ِ لا تـُــبقي ولا تـَـذَر ُ

أمـَّا القـَـطيف ُ ، فـَـهُم ْ أبــناء ُ جــاريـَة ٍ
وقـَــتـْلـُهم طــاعة ٌ للـه ِ يُعـْـــتـَبَر ُ

فما رأيـْـنـَا عــيونا ً أدْمَعَـت ْ دُرَرَا ً
ولا قـُلـوبا ً علـى الأرواح ِ تـَنـْـفـَطِر ُ


لا تـقتـلوا الــشام َ إن َّ الـشام َ روضتـُنا دون َ الــشآم ِ يـموت ُ الضَـــوء ُ والــقـَمَر ُ
لا تـَـذْبحوها فــهذي الــشام ُ لوحـَــتـُنا لولا الـــشآم ُ لـمات َ الــشِّـعْر ُ والــــحَوَر ُ
يا شـام ُ صبرا ً ، فإن َّ الغـدْرَ دَيـْــدَنـُهم كـم مـرة ٍ لــتراب الـقـُدس ِ قــد غــدَروا !!

ظـَـنـُّوا الـزَعامَة َ دشـْـداشـا ً ومـِسْـبَحَة ً
ولـحْيـَة ً بـِــسـُموم ِ الـنفط ِ تـَخـْـتـَمِـر ُ

حَسِـبْـتـُهم ْ مـِـن ْ خطايا الأمس ِ قد فـَهِـموا
ظــَــننتـُهم فـَـهـِموا ، لـكنـَّهم بـَــقـَر ُ


يا رب ُ عـفوك َ، أنـْـقِذنا بمعجزة ٍ
تـُـزلزلُ الأرض َ فـيهم ، إنـَّهم فـجَروا

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December 8th, 2011, 1:09 am


55. ann said:

What Should the U.S. Do about Iraq’s Support of Syria?

December 8, 2011

As the violence in Syria has increased dramatically in recent months, much of the international community has condemned the Bashar al Assad regime and imposed sanctions designed to cripple the Syrian economy. The United States has played a key role in denouncing and imposing sanctions on Assad. Many Middle East states, even Turkey, have similarly taken strong positions against Syria. Iraq, however, has consistently supported Bashar al-Assad’s government throughout the uprising, taking a stance similar to that of Iran. While it may initially appear that the United States should put pressure on Iraq to oppose the Assad regime, the reality is that the United States would be better off giving the Iraqi government freedom to determine its own relationship with Syria.

The relationship between Iraq and Syria has historically been contentious. However, in recent years there have been moves toward rapprochement between the two countries for a number of reasons. The growing friendship between Iraq and Iran has impacted Iraq’s relationship with Syria, Iran’s closest Arab ally. In the Iraqi parliamentary elections of 2010, Iran encouraged Bashar al-Assad to support Nuri al-Maliki for another term as prime minister of Iraq, likely contributing to strengthened relations between Iraq and Syria, The fact that Iraq and Iran have articulated many of the same lines regarding Syria suggests that Iraq’s relationship with Iran might be a factor in its support of Syria.

Today, while other Arab states have condemned Syria and called for the regime to step down, Iraq has demonstrated its support. Iraq has not called for Assad to relinquish power, but instead has advocated gradual reform. The Maliki government has made moves to strengthen its economic ties with Syria since before the violence broke out this year and has been strengthening those ties since. This past summer, Iraq hosted a tour of Syria’s top government and business leaders, a visit that led to a new pact to increase bilateral trade. Iraq is now Syria’s biggest trading partner.

The Iraqi government also supports Syria because it fears that if the Assad regime collapses, violence could spill over into Iraq and cause further instability. Sectarianism is another important reason: Maliki is a Shia Muslim who spent years in exile in Syria before returning to post-Saddam Iraq. Quite probably Maliki feels a sectarian affinity for Assad, a member of the Alawite sect of Shia Islam. Maliki and the Assad family both share a common fear of Sunni-led insurgencies.

Many U.S. policymakers think that after nearly a decade of American involvement, Iraq should support the United States by assuming a similar posture against Syria. However, there are important reasons why the United States should not put pressure on Iraq to do so. The American occupation and American influence have grown increasingly unpopular in Iraq. If the United States were to pressure Iraq to cease support of Assad, this would be seen in Iraq as an indication that the United States aims to exert long-term control over Iraq, thereby straining relations with the Iraqi government. American pressure on Iraq to change its stance vis-à-vis Syria would increase anti-American sentiment amongst the Iraqi population. The United States will maintain a diplomatic presence in Iraq even after American forces leave, and strained relations between Iraq and the United States will jeopardize the efficacy of diplomatic programs. Anti-American sentiment in Iraq could also put our diplomats in danger.

The United States is also anxious about Iraq’s support of Syria because it signals a deepening relationship with Iran. However fears of heightened Iranian influence should not lead the United States to tighten the reins on Iraq. Iran will undoubtedly hold some degree of influence over Iraq, but Iraqi leaders have no intention of handing their country over to Iran.

Iraq’s support of Syria is undoubtedly far from ideal. Its financial support will surely extend the life of the Assad regime while the bloodshed continues. But the United States must accept that Iraq will not cease its support for Syria. The United States must therefore continue economic sanctions against Syria without Iraq’s assistance. Pressuring Iraq to submit to American demands will strain our relations with Iraq and significantly compromise our leverage in the future. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently said that Iraq no longer needs the protection of the American military. If Iraq is ready to defend itself, then it is ready to choose its own friends.

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December 8th, 2011, 1:34 am


56. NK said:


And why wouldn’t they, they know the Syrian Army can only attack Syrian cities and unarmed civilians, in what your sorry excuse of a prisedent calls (individual mistakes).

Plus who said Syria is not allowed to mention the PKK, you must be busy these days digging worthless articles to copy and paste here that you’re missing the invaluable interviews your favorite channel (Al-Dounia) is airing, a few days ago Sharif Shahadeh pleaded prisedent Assad to open military camps to train the PKK so they can terrorize every Turkish city and show the Turks what Syria is capable of … which to be honest confused me a little because it sounded as if Syria “Al-Assad” can only fund terrorist groups and send them to commit terrorist acts in other countries!

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December 8th, 2011, 1:41 am


57. jad said:

‘And why wouldn’t they’
They are waiting for someone brave like you to lead the way to occupy Syria.
‘you must be busy these days digging worthless articles’
I left the important stuff to someone smart like you to whine and bitch about since you are the queen of that.
7el 3anna yah!

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December 8th, 2011, 1:55 am


58. Mina said:

I think the interview shows that he is ready to leave, but in an ordered way, and that the preparations are going on with the US.

Hamas was one big reason why Syria was blacklisted, so now that it will be Egypt and Qatar’s problem, we’ll see how long it takes for the West to denounce Qatar!

Still waiting to hear from the smart as…es here what they advise for Homs? Peace corps from the UN?

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December 8th, 2011, 2:05 am


59. annie said:

Haytham : the link in English for the petition in favour of Razan

Revlon, your input is priceless; that document is so close to reality it is incredible.

Bashar did it . Had he spoken in Arabic he could have said it better but it would still have been drivel.

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December 8th, 2011, 2:22 am


60. annie said:

A statement of appeal to all forces of democracy in Syria and around the world
par لجان التنسيق المحلية في سوريا, mercredi 7 décembre 2011, 22:26

To the national powers inside and outside Syria, to the human conscience, we – the students of the University of Aleppo – urge you to rescue our university after the campus was violated, scientific ethics humiliated, and the sanctity of universities violated by security forces and Assad’s gangs (shabiha). Hundreds of students were arrested, humiliated, savagely beaten, and intimidated, and many were wounded. In addition, many students were threatened with failing grades and expulsion from the university for having chanted for freedom and for seeking to assume a role in rebuilding the country.

As with all revolutions around the world, university students have always been at the forefront, and indeed the basis of, each and every democratic revolutionary change. The barbaric acts and atrocities carried out by the repressive Syrian regime have clearly demonstrated that it has lost legitimacy and its downfall is approaching.

We appeal to all forces of good conscience, worldwide, to consider our plight, and contribute in exposing the crimes of this corrupt regime in order to purge it from our universities and our beloved country, to build a new, democratic Syria.

The Union of Free Students in Syria – Aleppo Branch

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December 8th, 2011, 2:28 am


61. Syrialover said:

How unfairly embarrassing for Syrians to have that weirdo parading on world media as their “leader”.

He looks and sounds like a cheap squeaky toy based on a sci-fi character.

You can easily imagine him wetting his pants if his mother reprimanded him.

His children are obviously an artificial insemination job.

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December 8th, 2011, 2:57 am



Recommendation for Homs

From a smart a.. to a dumb a..

Force the boy-king betho to visit his in-laws house in homs as populist style as he likes to claim, driving his own car with no security detachment whatsoever. That would have a magic effect. don’t you think so. You can hide in the trunk and watch. And take SANA-boy with you, he likes to hear and read vulgarities, it gives him euphoria. I bet you there will be a lot of vulgarity to go around.

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December 8th, 2011, 3:18 am


63. Syrialover said:

Mina #58, please a dose of reality. Instead of doing mental contortions analysing Assad’s intentions, look again at that interview, clear your head, think of the people in Syria you know and love and ask how the hell could such a creature (you can’t say “man”) get into that role.

He has zero legitimacy, is there because of the gun and torture and is busily trashing the lives, livelihoods and sanity of millions. A sick joke, time it was over.

Just celebrate the fact you aren’t there freezing without fuel, with no gas for cooking, a failing business and not enough money to eat properly, worried sick because you have young relatives in the army, frightened to travel outside your town, nervous when using the the phone or internet and dreading the collapse of the only country you have.

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December 8th, 2011, 3:25 am


64. son of Damascus said:

@ Syrialover

The only people more delusional than betho, are the people supporting him. For they have much more to lose, he can always run away to Russia or Iran, where can they run to?
All they can see after watching and reading the transcripts is that they believe he “wants” to step down. How screwed up and delusional is that.
The regime hand picked Baba Wawa because she vacationed with him, even with that they couldn’t make him seem half sane.

transcripts and video of Baba Wawa talking about Betho back in 2007, what a hack of a journalist and what a hack of a president.

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December 8th, 2011, 4:04 am


65. Amir in Tel Aviv said:

You are a puppet, Mr. President.

Every country the size of Syria (including Israel) is a puppet of a bigger world power.

You are a puppet of Vladimir Putin. The only thing that stands between you, Mr president, and oblivion, is V Putin. If Putin decides that you go, you go.

Unlike in the US-Israeli relations, where it is not a single person’s decision, in Russia it is. Your presidency, your future and even your life and personal freedom depend on one person’s will. Putin.

You have only yourself to blame for putting yourself in this miserable and hopeless position.

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December 8th, 2011, 6:09 am


66. Amir in Tel Aviv said:

If Hizballah openly supports the #Syrian regime , we openly and proudly support the #Syrianrevolution and the #Syrian people.

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December 8th, 2011, 6:23 am


68. • Assad refuses unfettered access to Arab League monitors | said:

[…] • Syria viewer Joshua Landis, deliberate by some to be sensitive to a regime, pronounced Assad’s… Discussing Assad’s ABC talk on his blog, Landis wrote: Whether he stays assured of his rectitude, either his primary proclivity is to hang on to power, or either he is simply fearful of a consequences of agreeable management to his opponents, Assad gave no denote that he is carrying second thoughts about his position or is prepared to yield. One contingency interpretation that Syria’s quarrel will be a prolonged one. […]

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December 8th, 2011, 6:30 am


69. Mango said:

الى من لديه مشكلة مع الفهم الصحيح
ميدفيديف: مواقفنا من الأوضاع الراهنة في سورية تستند إلى علاقاتنا التاريخية

أكد الرئيس الروسي ديمتري ميدفيديف أن المواقف والتقييمات الروسية للأوضاع الراهنة في سورية تستند إلى علاقات الصداقة التاريخية والتعاطف المتبادل بين موسكو ودمشق إضافة إلى عدم السماح بانتهاك القواعد الأساسية للقانون الدولي ومبادىء العلاقات بين الدول.

وشدد الرئيس ميدفيديف خلال استلام أوراق اعتماد الدكتور رياض حداد سفيراً فوق العادة ومطلق الصلاحية للجمهورية العربية السورية لدى روسيا الاتحادية في الكرملين أمس على أهمية العمل للتوصل إلى استقرار الوضع في سورية دون أي تدخل خارجي.

وقال الرئيس الروسي إن الأمر الرئيسي في الوقت الحالي يتمثل في أن يتمكن السوريون بعيداً عن أي تدخل خارجي من وقف العنف وإعادة الاستقرار إلى البلاد وإجراء حوار وطني عام وفعال مؤكدا أن روسيا ستبقى إلى جانب سورية وستدعمها بكل الوسائل.

بدوره أعرب السفير حداد عن استعداد سورية للذهاب إلى أوسع تعاون استراتيجي مع روسيا على كل المستويات وإلى أبعد الحدود.

وقدم السفير حداد للرئيس الروسي شرحا للخطوات الملموسة التي تقوم بها القيادة السورية للمضي في تنفيذ الإصلاحات في جميع المجالات السياسية والاقتصادية والاجتماعية وإجراء حوار وطني عام في سورية.

وبحث الرئيس الروسي مع السفير حداد الأوضاع الإقليمية والدولية والأدوار المرسومة لبعض بلدان الشرق الأوسط في المرحلة القادمة على ضوء إقامة قواعد للدرع الصاروخية الأمريكية في المنطقة وما يحمله ذلك من تهديدات لأمن روسيا والبلدان الأخرى.

وزير الخارجية الروسي يؤكد رفض بلاده تحويل خطة العمل العربية إلى انذار للحكومة السورية
وأكد وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف رفض بلاده لان تتوجه الجامعة العربية إلى الحكومة السورية فقط بمطلب يتخذ شكلاً انذارياً لوقف العنف.
وشدد لافروف خلال مؤمر صحفي في العاصمة الليتوانية فيلنوس على رفض روسيا ان تتحول خطة العمل العربية إلى انذار لحكومة السورية موضحا في الوقت نفسه ضرورة وقف العنف فورا من قبل جميع الاطراف والعمل على اقناع السلطات السورية والمعارضة للبدء بالحوار حول سبل تسوية الوضع وتنفيذ الاصلاحات الناضجة في سورية.
من جهة اخرى جدد الوزير الروسي خلال لقاء مقتضب مع وزير الخارجية التركي أحمد داود أوغلو على هامش مؤتمر وزراء خارجية بلدان منظمة الأمن والتعاون في أوروبا رفض بلاده للانذارات والتهديدات باستخدام القوة ولاي تدخل خارجي مسلح في سورية.
وذكرت وزارة الخارجية الروسية في بيان اصدرته أن لافروف وأوغلو بحثا الموقف المحيط بسورية وتم خلال اللقاء الاعراب عن رأي مشترك حول اهمية استخدام خطة العمل العربية لجهة حل الأزمة في سورية.

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December 8th, 2011, 7:10 am


70. Tara said:


“Still waiting to hear from the smart as…es here what they advise for Homs? Peace corps from the UN?”

Ah “feminine”…..You have a highlighted sense of style….that only fits the character who forged the document in #42

bet your husband are so much envied.

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December 8th, 2011, 7:28 am


71. Syria, Egypt and Middle East unrest – live updates | said:

[…] • Syria viewer Joshua Landis, deliberate by some to be sensitive to a regime, pronounced Assad’s… Discussing Assad’s ABC talk on his blog, Landis wrote: Whether he stays assured of his rectitude, either his primary proclivity is to hang on to power, or either he is simply fearful of a consequences of agreeable management to his opponents, Assad gave no denote that he is carrying second thoughts about his position or is prepared to yield. One contingency interpretation that Syria’s quarrel will be a prolonged one. […]

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December 8th, 2011, 8:13 am


72. norman said:

صحيفة: أنقرة تجمد أرصدة سورية بقيمة 110 ملايين دولار

ذكرت صحيفة “الزمان” التركية ان أنقرة جمدت أصول سورية بقيمة 110 ملايين دولار كانت مودعة في بنوكها.

I did not know that Syria has so much money.

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December 8th, 2011, 8:22 am


73. zoo said:

Syria’s Regime urges Syrians to vote in Municipal Elections
(DP-News – agencies)

DAMASCUS- Syria’s regime urged Wednesday Syrians to vote en masse in municipal elections to be held next Monday, while the crackdown on dissent showed no signs of abating.

“December 12 is an important moment. All citizens must take part in the municipal elections and vote for the candidates they consider best capable of defending the public interest,” wrote Al-Baath, the newspaper of the ruling party which has been in power since 1963.

Monday “is a crucial date and a very important step in the road to decentralisation and democracy,” it added, stressing that these elections are a means for Syrians to “participate in decision-making and building the nation.”

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December 8th, 2011, 8:30 am


74. zoo said:

The LCC urge for a ‘dignity’ strike to “mobilize” the Syrians in large cities that will lead to the ‘sudden death of the regime”. Until now, all calls for strikes have failed and have been limited to two or three small towns that have remained restive. Note that ‘strike’ will be competing with the municipal elections day. Many shops will be closed for the election, not for the strike. We will see videos of closed shops “proving” the effectiveness of the ‘strike’.

Syrians launch civil disobedience campaign

Syrian activists on Thursday launched a campaign of civil disobedience to pile pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, after he drew a stinging rebuke from the US for denying he ordered a deadly crackdown.

The LCC, which organises anti-regime protests on the ground in Syria, appealed for citizens to mobilise for a “dignity strike … which will lead to the sudden death of this tyrant regime.”

The campaign would “snowball… and grow each day of the revolution to reach every home and anyone who wants to live delighted and dignified in his/her country,” said an LCC statement received in Nicosia.

It urged citizens to begin the action on Sunday — the first day of the working week in Syria — starting with sit-ins at work, and the closure of shops and universities, before the shutdown of transportation networks and a general public sector strike.

“The Syrian revolution is… a renaissance against slavery; a scream at the face of humiliation started from the first day as demonstrators cried ‘Syrians are not to be humiliated.’

“The echo of this scream will not vanish till it reaches all ears,” said the English-language statement, adding the strike was “the first step in an overall civil disobedience” campaign which will overthrow the regime.

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December 8th, 2011, 8:36 am


75. Edo State News- Updated Every Minute of Every Day! said:

[…] • Syria watcher Joshua Landis, considered by some to be sympathetic to the regime, said Assad’s … Discussing Assad’s ABC interview on his blog, Landis wrote: Whether he remains convinced of his rectitude, whether his primary motivation is to hang on to power, or whether he is simply frightened of the consequences of yielding authority to his opponents, Assad gave no indication that he is having second thoughts about his position or is ready to yield. One must conclude that Syria’s fight will be a long one. […]

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December 8th, 2011, 8:38 am


76. Mina said:

Apparently some readers here think that when journalists make interviews they don’t send questions in advance and that the person interviewed does not “validate” the questions. This shows again the naivity of most people who thought an uprising launched on the internet by a few expats and a few leftists on the ground, but supposed to be carried on and achieved by the islamists and the kurds because they are the real numbers on the ground was bound to fail from day one.

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December 8th, 2011, 8:39 am


77. Syrialover said:

#65 Yes Assad is a puppet. Especially to his gun-crazy brother and the others surrounding him. There’s evidence they keep him in a toy box and bring him out for special appearances.

But he is looking more and more like a shabby factory reject.

That unmasculine childish voice and bizarre ugly face!

They are even running out of scripts – they are recycling Gaddafi’s “I don’t run the country” line.

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December 8th, 2011, 8:44 am


78. Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Do notice that no mnhebak complained or grumbled about the headline:
“Assad’s Parallel Universe”.

I feel a shadow of a doubt among the acute mnhebaks here.

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December 8th, 2011, 8:45 am


79. norman said:


Are all the political parties participating in the local election and are there quotas and set a side for the Baath party, what are the rules.?

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December 8th, 2011, 9:02 am


80. zoo said:

Islamists face the test of incumbency
December 08, 2011 01:17 AM
By Rami G. Khouri
The Daily Star

The ongoing transformations across the Arab world have already ushered in several unprecedented developments – the birth of the empowered Arab citizen, of open political contestation, and of a nascent process of national self-determination. This month we witness yet another historic first: incumbent political Islamists who share executive power, dominate parliaments, enjoy populist electoral legitimacy, and are accountable to their fellow citizens. Electorally triumphant Islamists are no surprise, and thus not so significant or frightening, given their strong support in society. The really important phase of Arab political transformation is not the Islamists’ victories, but the fact that Islamists share executive power and are subjected for the first time to the unforgiving test of incumbency.

Now it really gets interesting, which is why now is also the time when those who have a tendency to panic should take some tranquilizers and calm down, if in fact they are truly committed to democracy as a universal right.

Read more:
(The Daily Star :: Lebanon News ::

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December 8th, 2011, 9:03 am


81. zoo said:


Sorry, I don’t know the law, would be useful to find out.

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December 8th, 2011, 9:04 am


82. Tara said:


Sorry Mina, but I’d rather be naive than to be vulgar.

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December 8th, 2011, 9:13 am


83. zoo said:

Syria says pipeline blown up by rebel saboteurs
By Dominic Evans

BEIRUT, Dec 8 (Reuters) – A Syrian pipeline carrying oil from the east of the country to a vital refinery in Homs was blown up on Thursday in what the official news agency SANA said was an act of sabotage by an armed terrorist group.

Opposition activists said flames and clouds of thick black smoke were seen at the site of the explosion in a suburb of the city, the epicentre of popular unrest against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that began in March.

“This is the main pipeline that feeds the Homs refinery,” said Rami Abdulrahman of the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The activist network also reported seven people killed in Homs on Thursday by snipers and in “random” shootings.

Popular protests began in Syria nine months ago, inspired by the wave of revolt across the Arab world. The ferocity of Assad’s crackdown on protests triggered desertions from the armed forces, and now thousands of army defectors have joined a guerrilla army staging hit-and-run attacks on security forces.

SANA said the pipeline was attacked in the Tal Asour area to the northwest of the refinery on the outskirts of Homs, a city of 800,000 where — activists say — about 1,500 people have been killed in the crackdown.

Video on the Internet of the purported blast site showed enormous billows of black smoke rising above a built-up area by a railway line. A Syrian army tank was seen close by.

The Homs refinery serves part of Syria’s domestic requirement for refined oil products. In July SANA said saboteurs blew up an oil export pipeline near Homs which carried oil from Syria’s eastern oilfields to the Mediterranean coast.

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December 8th, 2011, 9:36 am


84. zoo said:

We are committed to enforcing Islamic Sharia law – Egyptian Salafist party leader

08/12/2011 By Mohamed Abdou Hasseinein

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December 8th, 2011, 9:40 am


85. jad said:

It’s funny when the usual empty heads come together just to defend an obvious lie of one valuable member of their herd.
Well, freaks, before you write your priceless whines you may need to take your heads out of each other asses to see reality and to be honest then write something meaningful, but I guess it’s too much to ask from an immature dump talking about vulgarity while his comment start with an A word (how polite) or from the most obvious pathological liar mom SC ever seen.

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December 8th, 2011, 9:45 am


86. Jad said:

المعارض هيثم مناع: العقوبات الاقتصادية تؤثر سلباً على السوريين ويجب تقنينها

قال المعارض السوري هيثم مناع ان العقوبات الاقتصادية التي أصدرها مجلس وزراء الخارجية العرب ستترك أثرا سلبيا على المواطن السوري، لذلك يجب تقنينها لتقتصر على عقوبات شخصية تطول كل من ارتكب جرما سياسيا أو اقتصاديا.

ونقلت صحيفة (الرأي) الكويتية اليوم الخميس عن المعارض السوري هيثم مناع قوله ان “العقوبات ليست إجراءات سريعة للتغير السياسي”.

وأشار مناع الى أن “تعامل الجامعة العربية مع الملف السوري جيد في العديد من جوانبه, بل ويتضمن وسائل مبتكرة وجديدة للمرة الأولى تطرحها الجامعة ساهم الربيع العربي بدور مهم فيها”.

وقرر وزراء الخارجية العرب فرض عقوبات اقتصادية وتجارية بحق النظام السوري, بناءا على توصيات وزراء المال والاقتصاد العرب خلال اجتماعهم في القاهرة مؤخرا, وذلك على خلفية انتهاء المهلة التي حددتها الجامعة العربية لتوقيع مشروع بروتوكول خاص يقضي بإرسال مراقبين إلى سورية.

وتضمنت العقوبات تخفيض رحلات الطيران من والى سورية, ووقف التعامل مع المصرف المركزي السوري, ووقف المشاريع التجارية مع سورية, ووقف المبادلات التجارية الحكومية مع الحكومة السورية , بالإضافة إلى تجميد أرصدة مسؤولين سوريين ومنعهم من السفر إلى الدول العربية.

وطالب المعارض السوري بـ “تشكيل محكمة عربية لحقوق الإنسان من أجل الملاحقات الجنائية لجرائم الحرب والجرائم ضد الإنسانية والإبادة الجماعية”.

وقال مناع  ان “أعضاء هيئة التنسيق الوطنية لقوى التغيير الديمقراطي الموجودين في القاهرة ليسوا أغنياء كما يقول المعارضون الآخرون الذين رشقوهم بالبيض عند زيارتهم الجامعة العربية الشهر الماضي”، مضيفاً “نحن معارضة شريفة، هدفنا ليس المال أو المكاسب السياسية كباقي المعارضة، ونحرص على إرسال تبرعات للضحايا السوريين لأننا من يشعر بهم”.

وتابع  “لسنا في حاجة لورقة حُسن سير وسلوك نضالية من أحد، فتاريخنا يتحدث عنا”, مشيراً الى أن “هناك من دخل في قيادات المنظمات خلال الشهر الثاني من عمر الثورة السورية، ولم نكن نسمع بهم أو نعرفهم، وليس لهم تاريخ نضالي”.

واعتبر أن “هناك محاولات لتشويه سمعة المعارضة السورية الحقيقة”.

ويرى مناع إن “المشكلة هي الخلاف حول وجود اتجاه يدعو مباشرة للتدخل العسكري واتجاه يرفض أي تدخل خارجي ويعتبر أن التسليح والتدويل يخدم بعض العناصر وليس الثورة”.

وكان رئيس “المجلس الوطني السوري”، برهان غليون، حذر يوم الثلاثاء من أن الأحداث التي تشهدها سورية في الوقت الراهن، قد تؤدي إلى تدخل عسكري خارجي.

وكان عدد من الناشطين السياسيين والمعارضين السوريين في الخارج طالبوا بإحالة الملف السوري إلى مجلس الأمن, وذلك على خلفية ما أسموه “عمليات العنف والقمع والقتل” الذي تمارسه القوات السورية بحق المدنيين.

وأضاف المناع أن “سورية أمام ثورة ديمقراطية للقضاء على منظومتي الفساد والاستبداد”، مشيراً إلى أنها “قضية تمس كل مواطن سوري وليست قضية طائفية أو قومية ولابد من التمسك بالثورة المدنية الديمقراطية باعتبارها جهاز المناعة الذاتية ضد أي شكل من أشكال الصراع المذهبي أو الطائفي بالبلاد”.

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December 8th, 2011, 9:55 am


87. Juergen said:

Not we are naive instead the ones who still believe change and reform can be achieved with this leader in charge.
I can live knowing that there are really ones who take Assadism and Baschar as their sort of religion, their aim of hope, but obviously there are many other reasons which people have to follow still such an obvious leader in deny. I saw an nice picture the other day, one man holding up a sign stating, they say Baschar and no other, we choose : other! Its already that far, the people would most certainly elect anybody who is half decent, has no baath background, no previous government position and comes not from the Assadclan.

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December 8th, 2011, 10:01 am


88. majedkhaldoun said:

The desperate regime and Booha supporters are under five categories
Liars, , Delusional,, Naive,,obnoxious,,stupid

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December 8th, 2011, 10:12 am


89. jad said:

Assad Supporters – Syria

A rare look at Assad’s side of the Syrian story

To see more go to

Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (

Despite forcibly threatening any nation that intervenes in Syria, the government continues to complain about the foreign media’s biased allegations. This striking report tries to cover their side of the story.

Assad has run Syria as a one-party state for decades. Fear and suspicion is endemic, with civilians scared that, “if I talk my throat will be cut”. Yet the Syrian government has complained bitterly about the international media bias towards the opposition, claiming they have been misrepresented and atrocities have been fabricated. They argue that the opposition are not as peaceful and idealistic as one assumes, having performed their own, less publicised, “massacres”. Ahmad Arnous, Deputy Foreign Minister, insists, “there’s external interference in our affairs…a conspiracy to topple the Government for the benefit of Israel. The majority of people support the leadership of this country”.

A Film By SBS
Distributed By Journeyman Pictures
October 2011

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December 8th, 2011, 10:15 am


90. ann said:

Syria closes border gate with Turkey – 2011-12-08

ANKARA, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) — Syria on Thursday closed one of its border gates with Turkey as relations of the two countries have been further strained, the semi-official Anatolia news agency reported.

Syrian officials claimed that the closure of the gate at the Nusaybin town of Turkey’s southeastern province of Mardin was due to maintenance work.

“They have told us that they would open the gate once the maintenance was over,” said Murat Girgin, an official of the town.

A group of around 100 people including Syrian nationals were denied entry into Syria’s Kamisli town and was waiting on the Turkish side of the border, the official said.

On Nov. 30, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced a series of sanction measures against Syria, including a freeze on its government assets in Turkey, a blockade of weapons delivery through Turkey, a travel ban on Syrian leaders, and the suspension of relations between the Turkish and Syrian central banks.

Turkey, once a close ally of Syria, has gradually toughened its criticism of the Syrian administration for its alleged crackdown on protests. Turkish leaders have on many occasions called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to end the crackdown and step down.

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December 8th, 2011, 10:37 am


91. louai said:

Dose the west finally came to the realizae that this uprising dose not reflect the majority of Syrians?

The ruling regime in Syria is fraying round the edges but removing Bashar al Assad from power will be a long game.
And there are few signs of defections politically or militarily and most have not yet chosen to move away from supporting the regime in any significant way.
The sense is that Syria’s uprising will be played out over a long period of time.
It is also believed the bulk of the Syrian population do not find the Syrian National Council (SNC) a credible alternative – and there is no question of the SNC gaining international recognition.

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December 8th, 2011, 10:43 am


93. ann said:

Jordan seeks exemption from sanctions on Syria – 12.08.11,7340,L-4159047,00.html

Jordan has asked the Arab League to be exempt from the bloc’s sanctions on Syria over concerns of the toll they will take on the kingdom’s already ailing economy, a senior government official said Thursday.

The Arab League imposed economic sanctions on Syria last month to try to pressure Damascus to end its bloody crackdown on anti-government protesters. (AP)

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December 8th, 2011, 10:51 am


94. Jad said:

حمص|8-12-2011|تـقريـر | مضاعفات العمل التخريبي على خط نقل النفط

عشرات الأطفال و المسنين تم نقلهم الى المشافي و المستوصفات
في مناطــق السلطانية و تل الشور و بابا عمرو و كل المناطق القريبة
و المحيطة من مكان تفجير خط النفط .

و حالات من الاختناق و ضيق التنفـس تصيــب الأطفال و الحوامـل و كبـار
السن حتى الناس الأصحاء أصيبوا بحالات من التهيج التنفسي و أحمرار
في العينين و سعال حاد .

و تأخر وصول سيارات الاطفاء الى المكان بسبب استهدافها من
المسلحين أدى الى توسع دائرة اللهب و ازدياد الغمامة السوداء
و نواتج الاحتراق أصابت الجميع بأضرار صحية بشكل مباشر مما
أدى الى انقلاب السحر على الساحر .

فالذين فرحوا بداية الأمر حين سماعهم الخبر هاهم متواجدون
في المستوصفات و المشافي يستنجدون بشمة اوكسجين
و هناك حالة عارمة من الغضب بين السكان .

و قد أخبرنا أحدهم عن الناس و خصوصــا كبار الســن و الأمهات
يكيلون الشتائم علنا لاتباع العرعور بسبب ما أقدموا عليــه من
جريمة كانوا هم أولى ضحاياها.

هذا و حتى الأن لم تعرف الأضرار المادية المباشرة للأهالي
و لسكان المنطقة تحديدا .

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December 8th, 2011, 10:58 am


95. Syrian Nationalist Party said:

After 9 months of Moslem genocides and atrocities by ALCIADA-ALARABIYA-ALJAZEERA-ALHARIRIYA paid mercenaries trying to remove Assad and sector Syria, a miserable failure and a dead end venture, all you hear from the loooooooooooooooooooooosers is this:

“…….The desperate regime and Booha supporters are under five categories,
Liars, , Delusional,, Naive,,obnoxious,,stupid…”

Which in fact words can be used to describe them loooooooooosers. They are threatened now that ALCIADA paycheck will not be coming in couple of months and they are contemplating the outcome of the mess they created and their future, flipping burger or will be back selling drugs on the street corner.

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December 8th, 2011, 11:02 am


96. Majed97 said:

Looks like that show of democracy in Egypt was just that, a show. The confrontation between Islamists and the military council in Egypt is about to blow up…

From the New York Times
Military Flexes Its Muscles as Islamists Gain in Egypt

CAIRO — Egypt’s military rulers said Wednesday that they would control the process of writing a constitution and maintain authority over the interim government to check the power of Islamists who have taken a commanding lead in parliamentary elections.

In an unusual briefing evidently aimed at Washington, Gen. Mukhtar al-Mulla of the ruling council asserted that the initial results of elections for the People’s Assembly do not represent the full Egyptian public, in part because well-organized factions of Islamists were dominating the voting. The comments, to foreign reporters and not the Egyptian public, may have been intended to persuade Washington to back off its call for civilian rule.

“So whatever the majority in the People’s Assembly, they are very welcome, because they won’t have the ability to impose anything that the people don’t want,” General Mulla said, explaining that the makeup of Parliament will not matter because it will not have power over the constitution.

He appeared to say that the vote results could not be representative because the Egyptian public could not possibly support the Islamists, especially the faction of ultraconservative Salafis who have taken a quarter of the early voting.

“Do you think that the Egyptians elected someone to threaten his interest and economy and security and relations with international community?” General Mulla asked. “Of course not.”

The military’s insistence on controlling the constitutional process was the latest twist in a struggle between the generals’ council and a chorus of liberal and Islamist critics who want the elected officials to preside over the writing of a new constitution.

Just three weeks ago, Cairo erupted in a week of bloody protests set off in part by the military’s attempts to claim permanent powers to intervene in civilian politics and to enshrine in the constitution protection from public scrutiny. Under intense pressure, the military appeared for a time to back down.

But the setting of the general’s remarks — an extraordinary question-and-answer session for an invited group of eight American journalists and one British journalist, without any Egyptian news organizations — indicated that he was also talking to Washington. The Obama administration joined the calls of Egyptian activists for the generals to turn over power “immediately” to a civilian government, and the generals have expected that the threat of an Islamist takeover at the polls might now give Washington pause.

It was unclear if the council planned to ever deliver such a message to the Egyptian public or political parties. Egyptian activists were as incensed that the council laid out its plans to foreigners first as they were by its reassertion of control.

“This is an attempt to stage a coup, and nobody wants it — even the people who are against the Islamists,” said Negad el-Borai, a human rights activist in Cairo.

He accused the military council of playing liberals and Islamists against one another in an effort to preserve its own power. “This is madness,” he said. “They are deciding to push the country toward a broad civil war.”

Saad el-Katanti, secretary general of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, told The Associated Press that his party also believed that the constituent assembly should be broadly representative of all segments of the population. “Why does the council want to interfere?” he said.

General Mulla, for his part, insisted that he respected the fairness and integrity of the election, which began in November and will continue in stages until January. But, he said, “In such unstable conditions, the Parliament is not representing all the Egyptians.”

He also appeared to escalate a mounting confrontation with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group that is Egypt’s best-organized political force, over control of the interim government.

The Brotherhood, whose political party emerged as the biggest winner in the early election returns, with about 40 percent of the vote, have demanded that the Parliament take over the right to name or dismiss a prime minister; General Mulla insisted that the prime minister would continue to report to the military council.

Although the military’s previous plans for the transition had called for Parliament to pick 100 members of a constituent assembly that would draft the constitution, General Mulla made clear that the military council no longer intended to allow that.

“The majority of the People’s Assembly will not be the only one represented in the constituent assembly,” he said, at times questioning the essential premise that an elected body could represent the general public. “We have a lot of other factions such as workers, farmers, engineers and doctors who are not in Parliament.”

General Mulla insisted that the military council would not intervene directly in the constitutional process, or name individuals to the drafting committee. Instead, he said the council would appoint a civilian advisory council of party representatives as well as artists and intellectuals. This group would make suggestions to the military council while also representing the military council to Parliament.

“They should represent all the Egyptian people, and no one can really oppose this demand,” he said.

He acknowledged that the military’s latest timetable for the transition left only about a month for the drafting of a constitution between the seating of a Parliament and the beginning of a presidential race. But he appeared to believe that the old Egyptian Constitution — built for one-party rule, lacking clear separation of powers or judicial independence, clogged with traces of Nasserite socialism — might not need much fixing.

“A lot of legislators are saying that we have a very good Constitution and a very unique one except for only Chapter 5, about the presidential elections, so we will only amend this chapter,” he said.

Asked if the military would eventually submit to public parliamentary oversight of its budget, General Mulla appeared to find the idea ridiculous, saying he knew of no military whose budget was public.

Asked if the military might intervene in civilian politics in the future, however, he was more circumspect. “The armed forces won’t intervene in the political life of Egypt since the people will consent in the parliamentary bodies,” he said. After the adoption of new government institutions, he said, “there will be no need to intervene.”

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December 8th, 2011, 11:23 am


97. irritated said:

#83 Juergen

What about the millions of Egytians who claims: “Islam, nothing else”
and the Syrian protesters who say” We want a moslem president”

Don’t you think that they are also naive?

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December 8th, 2011, 11:43 am


98. irritated said:

#87. louai

About official defections, no one talks about Adnan Bakkour who was on the headlines of the media, forecasting a snowballing in officials defections after the hoax of the Syrian Ambassador in France.

Adnan Bakkour has disappeared and no one cares about him anymore.

Majedalkhadoon promises weeks ago ‘revelations’ once Adnan Bakkour would be in a safe location, like Turkey. Maybe Turkey is not safe location anymore or these are more empty promises…

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December 8th, 2011, 11:51 am


99. Juergen said:


If all Syrians would go through public schools i would really worry, but Syrians have always depended on private schools which do offer more than the usual baath and Assad lessons.
Syrians have a better knowledge of the world and especially they know their fellow syrians and their religion as well. I believe that you will not find easily an syrian christian who has not been to a mosque or vice versa a muslim who have not been to a church. I have met coptic in Egypt who never set a foot in a mosque, and such misunderstanding, ignorance and nonknowledge will easily led to unrest and rascism if the right person comes around.

In case of Egypt we see more illiterates than under Nasser now, and i believe that all sort of hate and religious extremism has roots in lack of education and most of all in rigid states like Egypt and Syria.

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December 8th, 2011, 12:03 pm


100. Ghufran said:

رياض الترك شيخ المعارضين
دعا المعارض السوري البارز رياض الترك، اليوم الخميس، ايران وحزب الله اللبناني، حليفي دمشق في المنطقة، إلى التوقف عن دعم نظام بشار الاسد مؤكدا ان سقوطه امر حتمي. وقال الترك في بيان تلقت وكالة فرانس برس نسخة منه “يفترض ان يكون العدو الاستراتيجي لحزب الله هو اسرائيل وليس الثورات العربية وبالاخص منها الثورة السورية”، معتبرا ان “اي تدخل لهذا الحزب في مجريات الثورة السورية لن يفيد في المدى البعيد لا الثورة السورية ولا الحزب نفسه ولا مستقبل العلاقات التي ستربطه بالدولة السورية”.

واضاف “كم كنت اتمنى على قيادات هذا الحزب بدلا من ان تمعن في تأييد سلطة مستبدة وساقطة حتما ان تلتزم الصمت ازاء الثورة السورية كما فعل حلفاؤها في قيادة حماس”. اما بخصوص الموقف الايراني المؤيد للاسد فقد القى الترك باللوم على “من يتعامى في السلطة الايرانية الحاكمة عن مطالب الشعب السوري المحقة ويمعن في دعمه غير المشروط للسلطة الديكتاتورية السورية وممارساتها الاجرامية بحق شعبها”.

وتابع الترك (82 عاما) الذي يعتبر احد المعارضين التاريخيين لنظام الاسد “يمكنني القول انه في اللحظة التي توقف فيها السلطة الايرانية ويوقف حزب الله دعمهما للسلطة الاستبدادية في سوريا ويحترمان ارادة ورغبات الشعب السوري، فليس هناك من مشكلة معهما، بل يمكنني القول أنه سيكون في صالح الدولة السورية الجديدة”.

كما اكد الترك ان الشعب السوري سيكون قادرا “عندما تؤول الامور لممثليه المنتخبين ديموقراطيا، على تحديد طبيعة العلاقات التي ستجمعه بمختلف الدول والأطراف الدولية والاقليمية، وفقا لمصالحه الوطنية ولموقف هذه الدول والأطراف من ثورته الوطنية”. وشدد على ان الشعب السوري قادر على التصدي “لاي مؤامرات تستهدف لحمته الوطنية ووحدة ترابه وسيادته واستقلاله” في اشارة الى المخاوف من نشوب حرب اهلية بين الاغلبية السنية والطائفة العلوية التي ينتمي اليها الاسد.

كما اكد ان الشعب السوري “لا تربطه اي علاقة عداء او نزاع مع اي من دول المنطقة” سوى اسرائيل وانه “من حق الشعب السوري وواجبه ان يناضل بكل الوسائل المشروعة لاعادة الجولان المحتل إلى الوطن الام”. وكان الامين العام لحزب الله حسن نصرالله انتقد في خطاب القاه الثلاثاء المعارضة السورية وجدد دعمه للنظام السوري.

واشار الى ان ما نقل عن رئيس المجلس الوطني السوري برهان غليون قبل ايام من ان المعارضة “ستقطع علاقاتها مع ايران وحزب الله وحركة حماس” في حال وصولها الى السلطة هي “اوراق اعتماد للاميركي والاسرائيلي، لان عدو حزب الله هو صديق اميركا واسرائيل”. وامضى الترك اكثر من 17 عاما في السجون السورية ابان حكم الرئيس الراحل حافظ الاسد وتم سجنه ايضا من 2001 الى 2003 بعد وصول بشار الاسد الى السلطة.

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December 8th, 2011, 12:45 pm


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