Assad’s Parallel Universe Suggests a Long Struggle

Assad’s ABC Interview with Barbara Walters – The parallel universe.

This interview suggests that President Assad continues to see his fight to be against terrorists and external plots, as he has argued from the beginning. He denied that he is killing his own people and suggested that more Syrian soldiers have been killed than Syrian innocents. Whether he remains convinced of his rectitude, whether his primary motivation is to hang on to power, or whether he is simply frightened of the consequences of yielding authority to his opponents, Assad gave no indication that he is having second thoughts about his position or is ready to yield. One must conclude that Syria’s fight will be a long one.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Riad Al-Shaqfa, told ash-Sharq al-Awsat two days ago,”I believe that the al-Assad regime will collapse within the next few months. … the [Syrian] regime’s days are over. It is gasping its final breaths….; he wants to portray himself as being in charge of Syria’s land, sea, and air, but he is a liar, and is not in charge of anything but himself.”

This seems to be wishful thinking. Assad remains in control of the Syrian military, which is strong compared to the opposition. Economic sanctions are beginning to exact a terrible toll on the Syrian people. Most have no heat because mazoot (feul oil) is scarce or non-existent in most regions of Syria. The Syrian pound has fallen below 62 to a dollar from 47. This means that Syrians have lost over 25% of their worth and purchasing power. Price hikes are everywhere and dramatic.

Aleppo’s economy has been hammered by the freezing of trade with Turkey. Many Syrians have made trade with Turkey their livelihood over the past decade. Prices of all Turkish products (cloths in particular) jumped 30-40% overnight in response to the new 30% tariff that has been placed on Turkish goods entering Syria. “They are sawing off the branch they’re sitting on,” Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan told reporters in televised remarks from Istanbul. “These aren’t moves that a country with such a need for cash and a seriously pressured economy should be making.”

Locally produced Syrian goods are much inferior in quality to those imported from Turkey. A number of key Syrian industries have been shuttered due to Turkish competition, so the new tariffs are causing real scarcities in some goods.

Turkey responded today by suspending its free trade accord with Syria. It has slapped a 30% tariff on Syria’s imports and opened 2 additional crossings to Iraq in order to assist efforts by local merchants to bypass Syria in trade with the Gulf and Egypt.

Despite Promises From Assad, ABC News Crew Encountered difficulties – New York TImes Blog

President Bashar al-Assad held his first interview in Damascus with a U.S. reporter since the start of the Syrian uprisings,telling Barbara Walters that he did not order a government crackdown on protesters. Assad said that he had the support of the Syrian people and denied the credibly of the United Nations reports estimating the violent death of more than 4,000 people. He claimed that the majority of people killed since March have been government forces. He admitted that some mistakes had been made, but were undertaken by individuals, claiming that as president he does not “own” the army. The U.S. State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, responded to the interview stating “I find it ludicrous that he is attempting to hide behind some sort of shell game [and] claim that he doesn’t exercise authority in his own country.” Meanwhile the government committee advising on drafting a new constitution announced new provisions that would ban “discrimination between political parties.” However, the amendments further entrench Assad’s rule by legalizing his presidency by lowering age requirements and advancing his military rank to commander in chief of the Syrian military and armed forces.

 Assad said: “I’m president. I don’t own the country, so they’re not my forces.” “There’s a difference between having a policy to crack down and between having some mistakes committed by some officials. There is a big difference,” the reporter quoted Assad as saying.

The next day, his spokespeople were denying that he meant what he said: ASSAD REMARKS DIDN’T AIM TO DODGE RESPONSIBILITY: SPOKESMAN. 2011-12-07

Turkey downplays Syrian transit route for Middle East trade
Dec. 7, 2011 (Xinhua) — Turkey’s economy minister

downplayed Syria’s significance as a transit route for Turkish trucks carrying goods to Middle Eastern and Gulf countries. Zafer Caglayan said: “We have three alternative routes through Alexandria, Beirut and Iraq and possibly a fourth through the Suez Canal.”

“We moved yesterday evening to take advantage of these alternatives and all of a sudden the Syrian government decided to let Turkish trucks into the country,” he added. He noted that Syrian customs officials have forced Turkish truck drivers to form long queues keeping them waiting at the border gates with Turkey but on Wednesday trucks were allowed in.

“By-passing Syria is a piece of cake. But we did not to want to choose that path. We want to use Syria as a transit route and allow Syrian economy to make money out of it,” Caglayan said. Syria did not permit the entrance of Turkish trucks at the Babel Hawas Border Gate and began working on their computer systems on December 1, the day when Syrian officials suspended a free trade agreement between Turkey and Syria.

Guardian (GB): Sectarian bloodshed worsens in Syria amid uprising

ELIZABETH A. KENNEDY Associated Press= BEIRUT (AP) — Dozens of bodies were dumped in the streets of a Syrian city at the heart of the country’s nearly 9-month-old uprising, a grim sign that sectarian bloodshed is escalating as the country descends … Up to 50 people were killed in Homs on Monday, but details about what happened in Syria’s third-largest city only came to light Tuesday with reports of retaliatory attacks pitting members of the Alawite sect against Sunnis.

The sectarian violence is a dire development in Syria, and one that opposition members say plays directly into the regime’s hands. Since the uprising began, Assad portrayed himself as the lone force who can ward off the radicalism and sectarianism that have bedeviled neighbors in Iraq and Lebanon.

Opposition figures have accused Assad’s minority Alawite regime of trying to stir up trouble with the Sunni majority to blunt enthusiasm for the uprising. …. Thirty-four of the dead were shot execution-style, their bodies dumped in a public square, according to Saleh and others who monitor the violence, including the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Saleh said all were from the predominantly Sunni district of Jabb al-Jandali. He said Alawite gunmen had raided the district after an Alawite was found dead earlier.

A Homs government official confirmed only that 43 bodies were found Monday in Homs. He asked that his name not be published because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

The reports could not be independently confirmed. Syria has banned most foreign journalists and prevents the work of independent media.

With 4,000 people dead across Syria in the uprising, the conflict is no longer just a matter of government forces firing on peaceful protesters looking to topple Assad’s autocratic regime.

The government also has been facing strong resistance from army defectors who have taken refuge in Homs. But sectarian overtones are building as well, because the uprising has unearthed long-simmering grievances that are now exploding into violence.

WSJ: Hamas To Move Base Out Of Syria
2011-12-06, By Joshua Mitnick

Hamas ordered the departure of nearly all its staff at its Damascus headquarters by next week following pressure from Turkey and Qatar, two regional allies trying to isolate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad amid an eight-month crackdown on antiregime protests, according to a Hamas official. The Islamic militant group’s parting of ways with Mr. Assad marks the latest blow to the regime. Damascus has hosted Hamas since the Palestinian group was forced out of Jordan in the late 1990s. Leaving Syria also distances Hamas from Iran, an ally of Mr. Assad that has provided the Palestinian militants with money, training and military hardware.

Over recent months, Tehran has urged Hamas not to relocate, the official said. (This story and related background material will be available on The Wall
Street Journal website, Hamas will establish new headquarters in Cairo and Qatar to replace its operations in Syria, the official added. At the same time, Hamas leader Khaled Meshal is scheduled to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan to discuss upgrading its presence in the kingdom. …

GENEVA (AFP)–The U.S. ambassador to Damascus will return to Syria Tuesday evening, Washington said. “Ambassador Robert Ford has completed his consultations in Washington and is returning to Damascus this evening,” a senior state department official said.

French ambassador returns to Damascus: ministry: “Eric Chevallier returned to his post in Damascus on Monday following the consultations for which he was recalled,” the ministry’s deputy spokesman, Romain Nadal, told AFP

Clinton: Syria must do more than remove Assad

The United States on Tuesday calls for a new regime of tolerance and freedom in Syria as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad battle fighters infiltrating the country.
Clinton: Syria must do more than remove Assad …

From: State Department Press Office
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 11:17 AM
To: State Department Press Office
Subject: REMARKS – Secretary Clinton – Meeting with Syrian National Council

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
At Meeting with Syrian National Council

December 6, 2011
Intercontinental Hotel
Geneva, Switzerland

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, first, let me begin by saying that it’s an honor to meet with all of you, the president and senior members of the Syrian National Council. I look forward to our discussion and hearing from each of you. I am particularly interested in the work you are doing about how a democratic transition would proceed. Fred Hof, my special coordinator, has told me that you’ve put a lot of work into that paper, and there are many very constructive ideas in it, because obviously, a democratic transition includes more than removing the Asad regime. It means setting Syria on the path of the rule of law and protecting the universal rights of all citizens regardless of sect or ethnicity or gender.

Second, we will discuss the work that the Council is doing to ensure that their plan is to reach out to all minorities, to counter the regime’s divide-and-conquer approach, which pits ethnic and religious groups against one another. The Syrian opposition, as represented here, recognizes that Syria’s minorities have legitimate questions and concerns about their future, and that they need to be assured that Syria will be better off under a regime of tolerance and freedom that provides opportunity and respect and dignity on the basis of the consent rather than on the whims of a dictator.

And we certainly believe that if Syrians unite, they together can succeed in moving their country to that better future. We are well aware that there is a lot of hard work to be done. There are many Syrians in exile who are committed to helping their country make this transition. And there are many Syrians in their homes and neighborhoods and communities who are struggling against the violence and the repression to realize that better future as well.

I think Syrians both in exile and inside Syria are behaving with great courage and commitment and are inspired and motivated by the aspirations of freedom and democracy that are sweeping the Arab world.

So I look forward to hearing from each of you in our time together this afternoon. Thank you very much.

Embargoed Syrian Crude To Flow To India – Shipbrokers
6 December 2011
Dow Jones International News
— Indian refiner HPCL provisionally charters a tanker to take Syrian crude to India, shipbrokers say.
— Exports of Syrian crude have dried up since the imposition of an EU embargo in September.
— Syria has around 150,000bpd of crude to export, most of which traditionally goes to Europe.

Why Iran might be worried by Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Syria exiles – Christian Science Monitor
Howard LaFranchi, Staff writer / December 6, 2011

The subject of the Geneva meeting between Hillary Clinton and Syria exiles was the transition to democracy. But the group’s leader has been warning Iran a post-Assad Syria could be far less friendly….

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1401. SYRIAN HAMSTER said:


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December 19th, 2011, 9:48 am


1402. SYRIAN HAMSTER said:

ِِِِِBetho Athad سفاح

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December 19th, 2011, 9:50 am


1403. SYRIAN HAMSTER said:

من المندس للبوق

أنا مندس
ولو سكرت بواب الحبس
ولو سبيت ولو حشكت
ولو نطيت
اشكار النمس
أنا مندس


أنا مندس
وان مابترضى
متل حمارك
قرقش خس
شكلك شكلو
فعلك فعلو
وحكيك متلو بيلعي النفس


أنا مندس
وأنت واحد مو فهمان
ولا وعيان
وناسي الدرس
قوصني ساعه ما بتسعر
كرمى الحريه هالنفس
وسب حبابي ما رح تفرق
واحد متلك بلا ناموس ومالو حس


أنا مندس
وانت واحد متل الاهبل
تمنك بخس
شو ما كتبوا كلاب السلطه
بلتهط لهط وتلحس لحس
غربالك وبخوشو كلا
ما بيغطي قرص الشمس


أنا مندس
ولو سكرت بواب الحبس
ولو سبيت ولو حشكت
ولو نطيت
اشكار النمس
أنا مندس
وجايي يوم نشيل الاهبل
ويوما نعمل حفلة عرس
وانت شكلك
ناوي متلو
بالشاروخ تروحو دعس


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December 19th, 2011, 9:52 am


1404. Akbar Palace said:

Bill wants Justice (only for Israeli crimes)

Before commenting on readers’ comments, please READ THEM!


I have. All my comments reference the interlocutors comments (in italics) just like this one.

Yes, the Arab Spring is now chaotic… Arabs will put their house in order and pursue a stable future…They still need to deal with Israeli occupation and arrogance in order for them to fully enjoy peace and stability.


Why make excuses for the abuses of Arab governments when they are harming Arabs ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more than Israel is, including against the Palestinians?

NO, Palestinians are NOT de facto independent. Gaza is besieged and frequently being bombed. As to the West Bank and East Jerusalem, they are separated into zillion parts by the colonies, “Jewish-only roads,” the racist separation wall, etc.


Most Palestinians are governed by Palestinians. Israelis are not allowed to enter Palestinian areas, either in Gaza or the West Bank.

There are no “Jewish Only Roads”. Not surprisingly another myth. Israeli Arabs use these roads everyday and, as you should know, Israeli Arabs are the freest Arabs in the whole ME. The separation wall has saved hundreds of lives. Only the Palestinians require (from negotiations thus far) that no Jews remain in Palestine. Israel has no requirement to expel Arabs from Israel.

Unfortunately, the Palestinians are still living in a state of war with Israel and refuse to continue negotiations. This is the same status as with Lebanon. It is a conscious choice. So what is Syria’s excuse? Why have more people died in Syria than all the recent war between Israel and her neighbors for the past decade?

Why do you have so much patience with the murderous regime of Assad than you do against Israel?

Abbas of the Palestinian authority controls less CONTIGUOUS territory than any mayor of the smallest city in the Untied States.

The Gaza Strip is twice the area of Washington, DC. The West Bank is more. Israel has offered over 90% for the WB in a final settlement, but the Palestinians have refused and continue to refuse to sit to negotiate a final settlement.

Palestinian don’t control their roads, villages, airspace…. Israel can go anywhere at anytime.

The Palestinians control PLENTY of roads and villages. They fully control Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jenin, Nablus, etc.

Please stop apologizing for what is now now the longest military occupation.

No apology. Israel should continue the occupation until a land for peace settlement is arrived at.

P.S., Please read James Bamford’s famous 2000 book, “Body of Secrets,” which is about the U.S. National Security Agency. He briefly discusses the 1967 Israeli INTENTIONAL attack on the USS Liberty, which belonged to the NSA.

Because Israel attacked the USS Liberty does that give Assad the permission to treat his people worse than the Palestinians?

Why did Israel attach it?

The US government and the Israeli government say it was a mistake, especially during an all-out-war and the “fog” surrounding such events. Mistakes are made in all wars, including Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The investigations and communication logs seem to point in that direction of a mistaken target. The GOI made official apologies and paid compensation.

According to Bamford’s excellent research for two reasons:
1) Israel was misleading the United States when Aba Eban (Israel’s foreign minister) told the United States that the 1967 war started because Egypt had first attacked Israel. The USS Liberty’s communications antennas revealed that Egypt hadn’t attacked Israel.

Actually, I’ve read that the Russians were misleading the Egyptians and Syrians. The ’67 war started when Egypt blocked the Straits of Tiran. Israel considered this an act of war.

2) The USS Liberty intercepted Israeli communications revealing Israeli war crimes. Israel was murdering captured Egyptian prisoners of war and burying them in mass graves.
As an Amerian, I want justice for the USS Liberty victims, no matter how long it takes to obtain it!

Do you want justice for the Americans who were killed on 9-11? Do you want justice for the marines killed by Hezbollah? Do you want justice for those that were killed by Libya’s downing of Pan Am FLT 103? Which website have you participated on demading justice for these acts? I like to read them. I’m just wondering if your search for justice expands beyond the sinking of the USS Liberty.

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December 19th, 2011, 9:55 am


1405. Revlon said:

Iyad Ghazal, Jr’s man in Homs for years has fled to Cuba.
As usual the regime conveniently discovers that he was a terrorist and corrupt!
The ship is sinking!!
صديق الرئيس المقرب يهرب لكوبا بعد اتهامه انه وراء احداث حمص ؟

2011/12/18نشر فى: أخبار محلية

مراسل المحليات : كلنا شركاء

بعد ان قام بشار الاسد بعزل محافظ حمص اياد غزال بعد التظاهرات التي عمت المدينة , بدأت اجهزة المخابرات تشيع الكثير من القصص عليه منها الصحيح ومنها المضحك كما هي عادتها مع كل المسؤولين الذين يتم اعفاؤهم من اجل افهامهم ان هناك اضابير كثيرة تنتظركم اذا ما حاولتم التصريح عما تعرفونه لوسائل الاعلام او الانشقاق .

ومدرج ادناه عدد من تلك القصص ولكن الاهم الآن هو اتهام اياد غزال بانه وراء عصابات مسلحة هي التي تعيث فسادا وقتلا في حمص ؟

وبدأت التسريبات تقول ان اصدقاؤه من بين ” الغن ” وخصوصا بلال الغن وتكتب بالعربية الكن ” هو أبرز زعماء عصابات الشبيحة والمهربين وتجار المخدرات التي أطلقها ورعاها محافظ حمص السابق إياد غزال مقابل نسبة معينة من مداخيلها! ”

وتتابع الروايات ” انه بلال الكن اعتقل بفرع الامن العسكري ولكنه قام برشوة رئيس الفرع العميد محمد الزمريني بمالغ مالية كبيرة قام على اثرها باطلاق سراحه مع عصابته اضافة لانه قام هو وضباط الفرع بتسهيل عمل المجموعات المسلحة بإدخال كميات كبيرة من الأسلحة بأنواعها المختلفة من شمال لبنان لقاء ملايين الليرات السورية. ” وتتابع الرواية ” ان فرع الامن الجوي بحمص قد اكتشف الامر وقام بسجن العميد زمريني وكافة ضباطه ؟؟ ”

علماً ان تركيبة الجيش والامن منظمة بطريقة يصعب بها ان يتفق اي مجموعة كبيرة على اي موضوع لانه دائما يختار نائب او رئيس اركان اي قطعة عسكرية او امنية من الاشخاص الذين هم ضد رئيس القطعة وهناك اشكالات حتى شخصية بينهم , والجميع يراقب الجميع ولا يثقون ببعض ومدير مكتب اي ضابط كبير هو جاسوس عليه وهذا ما ادى لحصول انشقاقات فردية دون انشقاقات كقطع عسكرية كاملة وهذا ما يؤدي الى انخفاض الروح المعنوية للجيش كونه مقهور واكثر ضباطه يتم اذلالهم بفروع التحقيق .

والقصة الاهم ان السيد اياد غزال قد سافر لدولة الامارات من مطار دمشق وبشكل عادي حيث نزل بضيافة شقيقه زياد صاحب شركة مقاولات كبيرة هناك ,ومن دبي سافر الى كوبا …..فهل سيجعل كيش فداء للنظام المهترئ بالفساد بسبب كونه خارج سوريا ؟ .


بشار الاسد المرعوب يبدأ بتصفية رفاقه

دعوات لمحاسبة والي حمص السابق اياد غزال

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December 19th, 2011, 10:03 am


1406. jad said:

Let the show begin:

غليون: موافقة النظام على البروتوكول مراوغة وعلى الجامعة أخذ مواقف أقوى

لفت رئيس المجلس الوطني السوري برهان غليون في مؤتمر صحافي عقده الى ان ” النظام السوري يستغل المبادرة العربية ويواصل عمليات القتل”، مشيرا الى انه “بعد شهر ونصف على المبادرة لا نرى الا مراوغة للنظام السوري”، مشددا على اننا “نريد من الجامعة ان تأخذ مواقف اقوى”.
واكد ان “وزير خارجية سوريا وليد المعلم وبمؤتمره الصحافي تبين ان ما يحصل هو مجرد مراوغة”، مشددا على ان “موافقة سوريا على المبادرة العربية ليست الا مراوغة”.
وشدد غليون على ان “الثورة في سوريا لن تكون انتقامية”، لافتا الى ان “الحكومة الانتقالية ستكون من اطياف المعارضة بالتنسيق مع المؤسسات العسكرية”.
وأشار الى اننا “نريد حماية الدنيين عند تعرضهم لجرائم ضد الانسانية”، معربا عن اعتقاده ان “النظام السوري انتهى بشكل حقيقي”، مضيفا “ابلغنا أمس ان الحكوة التونسية ستعترف بالمجلس الوطني السوري”، مشددا على انه “اذا التزم النظام بالمبادرة سترجع الثورة السورية سلمية”.
واكد اننا “مستمرون في تعبئة الجهود الدولية لتقديم حماية للمدنيين”، مضيفا “على الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد التنحي لانه لم يعد قادرا على الحكم”.

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December 19th, 2011, 10:03 am


1407. Bill said:


No, although you write them in italics, you don’t understand them!!! Let me try to repeat them, those for you and to the “IDF” intelligence guy from Tel Aviv. I hope that you now read them and understand them. Otherwise, you would have known by now that I oppose Arab regimes’ war crimes. It must be really, really, really, hard to be an apologist for occupation and war crimes!


Before commenting on readers’ comments, please READ THEM! Yes, the Arab Spring is now chaotic because all systemic revolutions are so. How long did it take the French to stabilize their nation after the French Revolution? However, after a period of chaos and instability, Arabs will put their house in order and pursue a stable future. They still need to deal with Israeli occupation and arrogance in order for them to fully enjoy peace and stability. NO, Palestinians are NOT de facto independent. Gaza is besieged and frequently being bombed. As to the West Bank and East Jerusalem, they are separated into zillion parts by the colonies, “Jewish-only roads,” the racist separation wall, etc. Abbas of the Palestinian authority controls less CONTIGUOUS territory than any mayor of the smallest city in the Untied States. Palestinian don’t control their roads, villages, airspace…. Israel can go anywhere at anytime. Please stop apologizing for what is now now the longest military occupation.
P.S., Please read James Bamford’s famous 2000 book, “Body of Secrets,” which is about the U.S. National Security Agency. He briefly discusses the 1967 Israeli INTENTIONAL attack on the USS Liberty, which belonged to the NSA. Why did Israel attach it? According to Bamford’s excellent research for two reasons:
1) Israel was misleading the United States when Aba Eban (Israel’s foreign minister) told the United States that the 1967 war started because Egypt had first attacked Israel. The USS Liberty’s communications antennas revealed that Egypt hadn’t attacked Israel.
2) The USS Liberty intercepted Israeli communications revealing Israeli war crimes. Israel was murdering captured Egyptian prisoners of war and burying them in mass graves.
As an Amerian, I want justice for the USS Liberty victims, no matter how long it takes to obtain it!

1398. AMIR IN TEL AVIV, the “IDF” intelligence officer and anti-Muslim/Palestinian Islamophobe
عنصر مخابرات في جيش الاحتلال والجرائم ضد الانسانيه الاسرائيلي

NO, you don’t want peace because you called in one of your previous comments the West Bank by its Zionist/Religious fundamentalist name: “Judea and Samaria.” There is another quote from Golda Meir that you Israeli right-wingers like: “there is no such thing as a Palestinian.” No, there are millions of Palestinians who WILL SOONER OR LATER RECLAIM THEIR LAND AND BE FREE. The right of return is sacred to Palestinians and they will never ever ever surrender it to you!
No, Arabs will have peace after they finish their blessed and courageous Arab Spring and move to end Israeli colonization/War crimes/occupation. The Israeli occupation of Palestine is Arabs’ and Muslims’ ongoing and painful wound. One day it has to heal.
P.S., as I said in my comment above # 1395; I am an American who wants justice for the American victims of the USS Liberty who were intentionally murdered by Israel.
Israel is a colonial enterprise built on Palestinians’ lost lands and hopes!

Now, if you are here in the United States Mr/Ms. AKBAR PALACE, have a nice day! If you are a colonialist living in an occupied Israeli settlement, please leave the land to its Palestinian owners and GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK!

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December 19th, 2011, 10:04 am


1408. jad said:

عم بيشوشو عليك بالعربية

مؤتمر وزير الخارجية السوري كامل 19-12-2011

المعلم: توقيع البروتوكول بداية تعاون مع الجامعة العربية والسيادة مصانة

أعلن وزير الخارجية السورية السوري وليد المعلم “توقيع سوريا على بروتوكول بعثة المراقبين المقدم من جامعة الدول العربية”، مشددا على أنه “لم يكن بالامكان التوقيع عليه لولا ادخال التعديلات عليه بحيث تصان السيادة الوطنية لسوريا”.
وأوضح أنه “لو لم تدخل سوريا تعديلاتها على مشروع البرتوكول ما كانت لتوقع مهما كانت الظروف، شارحا أنه “بعد ادخالها، ولان سوريا تريد حلا لهذه المشكلة وبمشاركة الجامعة العربية، اعتبرت ان توقيع البرتوكول هو بداية تعاون مع الجامعة”، مؤكدا “الترحيب ببعثة المراقبين الذين يمثلون الدول العربية”.
ودعا “لبدء هذه الصفحة بالتعاون مع العربي ومع هذه البعثة التي نرحب بها في وطنها الثاني سوريا”، مشددا على أن “سوريا لا تريد ان تبني على ما مضى”، معتبرا أن “العقوبات التي فرضت عليها من المفترض أن ترفع”، تاركا “الامر لهم وحرصهم على الشعب السوري اذا كانوا صادقين”.
واعتبر المعلم أن “السيادة تحمى من خلال نص البرتوكول والتنسيق مع الحكومة السورية والمستند القانوني لهذا البرتوكول، وهو البند الاول من الخطة العربية التي تم التوافق عليها في البرتوكول”.
وشرح أن “المادة 8 من ميثاق الجامعة العربية تحفظ الانظمة القائمة وتمنع الدول من التدخل بها”، مضيفا “نحن في البرتوكول نتحدث عن جماعات مسلحة بمواجهة قوى الامن”.
وشدد المعلم على أن “قرار التوقيع السوري قرار وطني محض”، موضحا أنه “عندما لمسنا انه يصون سيادتنا وأن كل خطوة تتم بالتنسيق مع الحكومة السورية قبلنا التوقيع”.
أما عن المبادرات الاخرى، فقال: “نحن نرحب بأي جهد مخلص ولا علاقة لهذا الموضوع بالبرتوكول”.
وتابع “اذا كنا سنغرق البعثة في التفاصيل عليهم ان يتعلموا السباحة، ومدة البرتوكول شهر قابلة للتمديد شهر اخر ونحن سنتعامل مع البعثة بكل جدية وسيكون التنسيق مع الامين العام بشكل يومي ولا احد يغرق بالتفاصيل”.
وأكد المعلم إلى أن “البعثة ستكون بحماية الحكومة السورية وهم لهم الحرية بالتحرك ونحن لا نتدخل في ذلك بل نقول لهم هذه المنطقة امنة او غير امنة وهم يستطيعون المجازفة”، مشددا على أن “امنهم سيكون مضمون والحل الامني يتوقف على الطرف الاخر”، معتبرا أنه “اذا توقف الطرف الاخر الارهابي عن عملية القتل والخطف لن يكون هناك حل امني”.
وأكد أن “سوريا ستسمح بدخول الاعلاميين من حيث المبدأ على امل ان يخدموا مهنتهم الشريفة بموضوعية”.
ولفت إلى ان “تقرير بعثة الجامعة سترسل في نفس الوقت الى العربي ولي وسنناقشها معه قبل اي تصرف اخر”، مضيفا أن “هكذا نص البرتوكول بعد التعديل السوري”.
وإذ أكد أن “التنسيق بين سوريا وبين “الاصدقاء الروس” يومي، اما عبر السفير واما عبر اتصالات هاتفية مع القيادة الروسية، لفت إلى أنه “لا يوجد اي تغيير في مواقفهم وهم كانوا يحرصون على توقيعنا البرتوكول ونحن لبينا هذه النصيحة”.
وأضاف قائلا: “لا تحول في الموقف الروسي ونحن على تنسيق كامل مع القيادة الروسية، وهم لا يبنون قرارتهم على عواطف بل على دراسة عميقة للواقع ولمصالحهم في المنطقة”.
وأضاف المعلم أن “الأمر الذي شجع سوريا على التوقيع هو مكالمة هاتفية من الأمين العام لجامعة الدول العربية نبيل العربي”، مشيرا إلى أنه “نقل الى الرئيس السوري بشار الاسد ان العربي صادق ويريد الاسهام في حل سياسي للازمة وهذا شجعنا بغض النظر عن كلمة هنا او هناك”، مشددا على أن “السيادة السورية مصانة في صلب هذا البرتوكول”.
ولفت إلى أن “الحل السياسي يقوم على الحوار والمصالحة”، معتبرا أن “هذا الحوار مطلوب لمشاركة كل فصيل وطني يحرص على بلده ولا يلبي اجندات اجنية”، ولافتا إلى “وجود هناك مسعى للاسراع في ذلك، لكن هناك فصائل خارجية من المعارضة ترفض هذا الحوار”.
وأوضح أن “الجواب كان دائما برفض اي تعديل على مشروع البرتوكول، فاعتبرناه برتوكول اذعان، واستمر التواصل مع الجامعة”، مضيفا ان “اللجنة العربية كانت تجتمع وتعطي انذارات بمواعيد ولكن الهدف لدى الدولة السورية كان إدخال تعديلات تصون سيادتها الوطنية وإلا لا يمكن ان توقع على هكذا مشروع”.
ولفت المعلم إلى أنه “اعتمد في الأسبوع الأخير مع العربي صديقا مشتركا وهو خبير قانوني لكي يتواصل معنا، ووافق العربي على ادخال تعديلات على النص وعلى المشروع”، مشيرا إلى ان “سوريا لمست منها الحرص على سيادتها وعلى تنسيق البعثة مع الحكومة السورية”، مضيفا “على اثر ذلك اجتمعت اللجنة العربية في الدوحة لكي توافق على هذه التعديلات”.
وتابع المعلم أنه “اثناء الاجتماع في الدوحة اتصل به العربي وابلغه الموافقة على كل التعديلات ما عدا كلمة واحدة، فأبلغه ان القضية ليست قضية كلمة انما قضة نوايا”، مضيفا أن “العربي أكد أنه إذا لم توافق سوريا فإن الوضع سيصبح خطير والنوايا الله، وشتذهب الجامعة الى مجلس الامن، واذا وافقت فستذهب بعض فترة”، مؤكدا “رفضه هذا الأمر وإبلاغه العربي بذلك ارفض لان ما يهم سوريا هو النوايا”.
واعتبر أن “المؤتمر الصحافي الذي عقد في الدوحة حمل في طياته تهديدا وتبريرا ومغالطة، إذ تحدث ان الخلاف حول كلمة واحدة، وهذا الامر غير صحيح لان الامر يتعلق بالنوايا”، مشيرا إلى أنه “كان لدى سوريا بعض الشكوك حول بعض النوايا العربية وهذا الامر اتضح في المؤتمر الصحافي ولذلك قيل اننا متشككون في النوايا وبالفعل نحن كذلك”.
وإذ شدد المعلم على أنه “لا يمكن ان نتصور ان هناك اطراف دولية تريد تدويل الوضع”، أكد أن “سوريا حريصة على العمل تحت المظلة العربية”.
واعتبر المعلم أنه “كان واضحا ان هناك اتهام لسوريا بالمماطلة وبالفعل مضى شهرين حتى تم التوقيع عليه”، متشائلا “من يتحمل المسؤولية”، ومشددا على أنه “لو كانوا جادين ولا يريدون إضاعة الوقت لكانوا استمعوا الى تعديلاتنا ولكنهم لم يفعلوا ذلك إلا اليوم وبمبادرة شخصية من الامين العام”، مشيرا إلى أن “هذا الجهد استغرق يومين فقط”.
وشدد المعلم على أن “سوريا ليست مسؤولة عن اضاعة الوقت ولا ترغب في ذلك بل هي التي تستعجل الى الحل”، مضيفا “قالوا انه اذا لم نوافق سيتم تحويل القضية الى مجلس الامن”، منسائلا “لماذا ذلك”، ومضيفا “على الاقل هناك اطراف دولية في مجلس الامن نستطيع التحاور معها”.
ورأى المعلم ان “ما حصل كشف نوايا بعض الاطراف العربية التي تريد تدويل الازمة، وهذه نوايا مسبقة”، مشيرا إلى أن “هذا الامر ثبت في المؤتمر الصحافي الذي عقد في الدوحة”، وضيفا “هم يريدون تدويل الازمة اذا لم يكن اليوم فبعد مدة”.
وأكد أنه “لا توجد اتصالات رسمية بينه وبين وزير خارجية تركيا أحمد داود أوغلو او بين الرئيس الأسد والقيادة التركية”، مشيرا إلى أن “السبب هو سياسة “حزب العدالة والتنمية” التي تنظر الى الوضع بعين واحدة اوصلتهم الى اتخاذ عقوبات على سوريا والى احتضان مجموعات لا تنوي الخير لسوريا”، لافتا إلى ان “ما فرض من جهتنا كان رد”، زمضيفا “اعتقد ان هذه الحالة مؤقتة ونحن حريصون كل الحرص على الشعب التركي وتهمنا مصالحه وعندما يقرر “حزب العدالة والتنمية” اعادة النظر بمواقفه سيكون هناك موقف اخر وهذا ينطبق على باقي الدول”.
وفي سياق آخر، أكد المعلم أن “الشريط الذي عرضه في المؤتمر الصحافي السابق صحيح بكل ما تضمن ولكن اخراجه لم يكن جيد واردنا ان نعلن كل شيء لكن الكثير منكم اغمى عليه”.
وعن الإعلام، شدد المعلم على أنه “لا يريد ان يتعرض للاعلام وأن يقول ان التحريض الاعلامي جزء من الخطة”، معتبرا أن “ما يجري حول سوريا شيء والبرتوكول شيء اخر، وهو موضوع مراقبة لما يحصل في سوريا”، مشيرا إلى أنه “هناك الكثير من الدول التي تريد ان تعترف بوجود جماعات ارهابية مسلحة وهم سيشاهدون ذلك وسيعرفون ان هناك جماعات ارهابية مسلحة”، لافتا إلى أن “ما يهمه هو أن لا يتجاهل احد ان هناك سيادة سورية وشعب سوري نحرص عليه ونحرص على بناء سوريا افضل”.
وأكد “حرص سوريا على انهاء الوضع الحالي في اسرع وقت ممكن”، مشيرا إلى أنه “ليس بموقع تحديد المدة، بل نريد ان نبني سوريا حديثة ونموذج للحرية والديمقراطية”، موضحا أنه “لذلك قال اننا نريد حلا سياسيا لهذا الوضع لكي نخرج بافضل ما يمكن”.
وأضاف “هناك من كان يقول ان سوريا تخشى وجود مراقبين وانها لا تريد ان تطلع العالم على ما يجري، وهذه فرصة بوجود المراقبين ان يطلعوا العالم على حقيقة ما يجري”.
وإذ لفت إلى أن “سوريا تواجه ضغوطا وعقوبات”، أكد أنه “عنده يقين اننا سنخرج الى سوريا الحديثة”، مضيفا “من يريد المشاركة ببناء سوريا الحديثة اهلا وسهلا والقيادة السورية لايمكن ان تكون الا مع الشعب السوري ولا تتخذ اي قرار لا يصون مصالح الشعب السوري”.
ورأى أن “من يريد مصلحة الشعب السوري لا يفرض عقوبات اقتصادية عليه ويسعى الى تدويل الازمة”، مضيفا “قيل ان مصلحة الشعب السوري تقتضي ان ننظر الى الامور بطريقة اخرى وانا تهمني مصلحة الشعب السوري، ولا احد في الشعب السوري يرضى بالاذعان”، متمنيا على العرب ان يدرسوا هذا التاريخ”.
وأضاف “اذا ظنوا ان عقوباتهم ستؤثر على صمود الشعب السوري فهم واهمون هم وضعوها وهم من يرفعها ونحن لن نطلب شيء”.
هذا وهنأ المعلم “الشعب العراقي بجلاء القوات الاميركية عن ارضه”، معتبرا أن “هذا يوم فخر لكل عربي”، ومثمنا “مواقف العراق التي برزت في واشنطن واخيرا من خلال زيارة المبعوثين الى دمشق”، مشيرا إلى أن “هذه الزيارة لا تنصب على مشروع البرتوكول”.
وعن موضوع الوكالة الدولية للطاقة الذرية، أشار المعلم إلى ان “اساس الخلاف هو محاولتهم الوصول الى اماكن عسكرية حساسة وهم يعرفون اننا لا نقبل بذلك وبرتوكول المراقبين ينص على الوصول الى المناطق الساخنة وهي ليست اماكن عسكرية”.

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December 19th, 2011, 10:08 am


1409. Akbar Palace said:

It must be really, really, really, hard to be an apologist for occupation and war crimes!


It’s actually quite easy. Land for Peace and the two state solution (and Arab and a Jewish state) are the only formulae accepted by the international community. No one expects the GOI to withdraw to the Holy Green line, which of course, is where Israel was, unpeacefully, prior to 1967.

FYI, war crimes have been committed by the Palestinians as well.

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December 19th, 2011, 10:14 am


1410. Revlon said:

In Israel, Palestenians guilty of killing Israelis get their houses torn down.

In Asad Syria, this lawyer was imprisoned along with his son and got his house torn down for walking out in demonstration and calling for ousting Asad!
الرقة =هدم منزل الناشط والمحامي عبدالله الخليل لأنه خرج بمظاهرة بركان الرقة واعتقل فيها
وهو معتقل الى الاّن مع ابنه .

Uploaded by abofraj on Dec 18, 2011

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December 19th, 2011, 10:17 am


1411. Bill said:


OCCUPATION CORRUPTS BOTH THE OCCUPIER AND THE OCCUPIED. Whom we should blame FIRST? The people who colonized the land and started the occupation: ISRAEL. The Palestinian Territory needs freaking Israel to collect its taxes. This was forced on the Palestinians by Oslo. As to Bethlehem, Israel is surrounding its and Beit Jala with the racist “separation wall.” To move from one town to another, Palestinians pass through what is called area C that controlled by Israeli occupation checkpoints. As to PA areas, Israeli forces enter Ramallah and Palestinian towns/airspace whenever they want!!!!!!!
P.S., Please don’t quote Wikipedia. Its not academic. Haaretz Newspaper last year reported on a class given by Israeli colonialists “settlers” to teach colonialists on how sign up for Wikipedia editing in order to influence it to be favorable to the Jewish/Zionist colonialist narrative. Please see this article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:
“Palestinians prepare to battle ‘Zionist editing’ on Wikipedia”
Professor in respectable American colleges refuse to accept any student utilization of Wikipedia.

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December 19th, 2011, 10:27 am


1412. Ghat Al Bird said:

Have to admit that Haaretzstands aove the NYT, Washington Post,Wall Street Journal in publishing what really, really, really goes on Israel.


A woman passenger on a public bus from Ashdod to Jerusalem Friday was told by an ultra-Orthodox male passenger to move to the back of the bus. The man held the door of the bus open and would not allow it to move for approximately 30 minutes.

When other passengers began to complain about the delay, the driver called the police. The policeman who arrived on the scene spoke with the man and then also asked the woman, Tanya Rosenblit, to move to the back of the bus. When she refused, the man who had been holding the door alighted and the bus continued on its way.

Rosenblit, who said she was dressed modestly, was traveling on Egged bus 451 to get to work in Jerusalem. She said a Haredi man, who boarded two stops after she did, refused to allow the driver to close the door after he saw Rosenblit. Rosenblit said the man called her a derogatory word for a non-Jewish woman, and told the driver it was his right to have her sit in the back and that he had paid to be able to do so.

At that point, Rosenblit said other passengers called on the driver to intervene because they were late. Some wanted to get off the bus and have their money refunded. At that point, Rosenblit said, the driver called the police.

The policeman who arrived on the scene took the man aside for “a pleasant conversation,” Rosenblit said, after which the policeman asked her if she would move to the back of the bus.

After Rosenblit refused, the man who had held the door got off and Rosenblit continued on her way. “The reason I am posting this story is not to declare that Orthodox Jews as pure evil … I want to point out that this is a social and educational problem,” Rosenblit wrote on her Facebook page.

Egged spokesman Ron Ratner condemned the incident, but said such incidents were increasing and that Egged’s directives clearly prohibit the driver from “permitting or creating any separation on the bus unless it is voluntary,” and instructing to call the police in such cases. Ratner advised Rosenblit to submit a complaint to Egged’s ombudsman so the incident could be scrutinized more closely.

America’s only democratic ally in the ME !

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December 19th, 2011, 10:36 am


1413. Revlon said:

سجناء في عدرا ينفذون عصياناً دعماً لمعتقلين يسعى النظام لمحاكمتهم بتهمة تنفيذ تفجيرات في دمشق
موقع أخبار الشرق – الجمعة، 16 كانون1/ديسمبر 2011 20:53 بتوقيت دمشق
سورية اليوم – أهم الأخبار

أفادت مصادر حقوقية بأن المعتقلين ياسر عناد من حماة وعبد الباقي حسين من معرة النعمان بإدلب وأنس عثمان من جيرود وزاهر دكاكنة / فلسطيني من مخيم اليرموك بصدد النقل من سجن دمشق المركزي في عدرا إلى سجن صيدنايا العسكري للمثول أمام محكمة ميدانية بتهمة تفجير أحد الأماكن بدمشق.

وأكدت اللجنة السورية لحقوق الإنسان نقلاً عن مصادر في دمشق؛ أن “التهمة عارية عن الصحة تماماً وأصدقاؤهم في سجن عدرا يعرفون ذلك ويرفضون تسليمهم للسلطات ويقومون باستعصاء حالياً في سجن دمشق المركزي، وأما السلطات فتهدد بتصفيتهم جميعاً إذا استمر العصيان”.
وناشدت اللجنة “العالم الحر التدخل السريع لمنع وقوع مجزرة في السجن و”لإنقاذ أرواح بريئة يتم التآمر عليها لإزهاقها بتهم مفبركة”، محملة “السلطات السورية مسؤولية ما سيحصل ونطالبها بتحمل المسؤولية والقيام بتحقيق مستقل بدل تقديم المعتقلين إلى محاكمة ميدانية لا تلبث أن تحكم عليهم بالموت الفوري”.

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December 19th, 2011, 10:37 am


1414. Amir in Tel Aviv said:


You’re a deranged Islamo-Leftist, Typical American from the extremely hateful fringe left. You are a shame to the idea of Liberalism. You don’t care for the Arabs. Your hate for Israel is obsessive. You come here wishing to meet with other haters of Israel. Not because you’re interested in Arab issues or Arab wellness.

By bringing the old and irrelevant story of the USS Liberty you disclosed the hate sites that you follow. Sites filled with burning obsessive hate towards Israel. Better stay there.

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December 19th, 2011, 10:41 am


1415. Bill said:

“IDF” Intelligence Unit, عنصر مخابرات في جيش الاحتلال والجرائم ضد الانسانيه الاسرائيلي

Calling me names and attempting to assassinate my character (this is what we call here the United States McCarthyism), instead of refuting my facts (which you cannot because you are defending Israel’s colonial occupation), shows your intellectual bankruptcy. I don’t blame you because it is really, really hard being an apologist for Israeli war crimes and occupation/colonization.
It is also very hypocritical for a member of an occupation army, you, to be advising Arabs on democracy and freedom.
I will in the future visited Palestine to celebrate its independence and the end of what is now the world’s longest occupation.

As to the USS Liberty, we courageous Americans don’t forget. Never forget, Never forgive (isn’t this a Jewish motto?)! It is NOT Old as long as justice for the courageous American sailors has not yet be served! We need justice from Israel for attacking our American sailors aboard the USS Liberty!

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December 19th, 2011, 10:51 am


1416. aldendeshe معتز الدندشي said:

بشار عمل خطآ لما رفض العرض الروسي لآرسال مراقبين اجانب من الدول بريك وروسيا هدول المراقبين العرب مقبضين سلفا حتى ينعاد فصل العراق اللاجانب اشرف واصدق واعدل ولحتى الآن الفرصة مفتوحة لهم حتى يمشو مع العكاريت من الجامعة يعني الآجانب بصيرو مراقبين عليهم

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December 19th, 2011, 11:01 am


1417. ann said:

Signature of observation protocol is a national decision, says Syria – Dec. 19, 2011

Damascus, Dec 19 – The signing today of the observation protocol with the Arab League (AL) responds to an independent decision made by Syria and is not a violation of its sovereignty, said Foreign Minister Walid al-Moalem.

The document, around which the hostility against Syria intensified, was signed by Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Mekdad and the under-secretary general of the AL, Ahmed Ben Helli, in Cairo, Egypt, headquarters of this regional organization.

Under the protocol, a mission of no more than 100 observers will travel to Syria to inspect the reality in this country based on the events, especially the terrorist violence that has been imposed from the outside in recent months.

According to initial reports, the observers must be Arabs, and they will work for a month in coordination with the Syrian state. The document may be renewed on the basis of a new agreement between the two parties.

At a press conference in Damascus, Foreign Minister al-Moalla said that Syria agreed to sign the document after making sure that it does not violate national sovereignty.

Inspectors shall have the freedom to proceed with their work, always in coordination with the State, said the minister, who stressed that the signature of the protocol represents the beginning of cooperation with the AL.

He recalled, in turn, that Article VIII of the Charter of the AL protects existing state structures and prohibits member countries from interfering in the internal affairs of states.

Al-Moalla said that the secretary general of the AL agreed to amend the protocol to ensure that it did not infringe the sovereignty of Syria and that the work of observation be coordinated with the Syrian authorities.

The amendments proposed by Damascus, also supported by Algeria, were finally accepted at a special meeting of the Ministerial Committee of the AL tasked with overseeing the Syria situation in Doha, Qatar, on Saturday.

The protocol, stressed the Foreign Minister, represents the implementation of the first article of the so called Arab Working Plan, and other provisions that Syria has been complying with.

Under heavy pressure from the West, and from several of its members, especially the so-called Gulf States and Qatar, the current AL president suspended Syria and threatened to impose sanctions if they did not sign the protocol of observation.

The Syrian government refused to sign the initial draft, which sought to impose 500 observers without specifying nationality, and did not budge until what it considered legitimate amendments respecting its sovereignty were accepted.

Now that excuse no longer exists, and the AL should reverse the harsh reprisals taken against a founding member.

However, some media that have been harassing Syria have already begun to criticize the arrangement that they themselves had earlier demanded.

For example, TV channel Al-Jazeera is now saying that by signing the protocol Damascus is buying time to crush what it called the revolutionary movement that really is terrorist violence carried out by gangs, including foreign mercenaries, armed and financed from abroad, as reported by the Syrian authorities and international organizations.

The foreign minister declared that the observers will be able to confirm that there are armed terrorist groups that create chaos and confusion and kill people.

Those who really mean to safeguard the interests of the Syrian people do not impose economic sanctions or seek the internationalization of the dispute, said al-Moalla.

“We want to overcome the crisis through the construction of a safe and modern Syria that could be an example of democracy and pluralism, and all contributions to this effect are welcome,” concluded the foreign minister.

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December 19th, 2011, 11:13 am


1418. Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Do you think that the Syrians will behave like this when Assad is gone?

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December 19th, 2011, 11:16 am


1419. jad said:

Dear SNK
These pictures are for you to smile 🙂

-No gas no problem we cook on candles:

-No heating kaman no problem we can use this strategy and wear the bed cover:

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December 19th, 2011, 11:17 am


1420. Akbar Palace said:



There are occupations all over the world, past and present. Most occupations are for good reasons, just like the US occupation of Japan and Germany. Israel would not be the only country to occupy land.

Moreover, there still is not an independent state of Palestine, therefore, Israel is not occupying a sovereign country. Israel’s occupation is directly tied to a final settlement. That’s just the way it is. No one (except you perhaps) expects Israel to withdraw to the ’67 borders without a peace agreement.

Although your interest in the relatively benign Israeli occupation is understandable, very few Palestinians get hurt because of the occupation. I’m just wondering why you don’t focus on the main cause of arab suffering: Arab despots and the lack of freedom and democracy. I guess we’ll never know.;)

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December 19th, 2011, 11:20 am


1421. ann said:

Syrian opposition leader lines up with Washington – Dec 18, 2011

As of Dec. 12, the U.S. and/or NATO forces have not bombed or invaded Syria, as they have done to Afghanistan, Iraq and most recently Libya. The existence of a Russian naval base in Tartus on Syria’s Mediterranean coast and the refusal of Russia and China to allow the U.N. Security Council to permit such a military intervention has at least postponed it.

Washington and the European Union’s intervention in Syria’s internal political crisis has thus concentrated on political, propaganda and economic attacks on the Bashar al-Assad government. In addition, NATO member Turkey has given a safe haven to an armed opposition. The Western imperialist powers have also stepped up their efforts to build up the Syrian opposition leaders most closely aligned with and beholden to them.

Uprisings in North Africa and Western Asia have disrupted the close control the imperialist powers have had over the region. They have deposed client dictators Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia and threaten to push out the president of Yemen. Washington has reacted in Egypt and Tunisia by supporting military rule in place of the former dictators, even as it fully supports reactionary regimes in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states like Bahrain.

In Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya, NATO used a ragtag reactionary opposition to depose a regime that was on Washington’s hit list for decades, as Syria’s government has been.

In Marxist class terms, the Gadhafi and al-Assad governments, like the Iranian government and the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq before the U.S. occupation, can be described as bourgeois nationalist. That is, they are capitalist states whose business class exploits the workers, but which come into conflict with the dominant imperialist powers in the world.

Clinton meets with Syrian ‘National Council’

On Dec. 6, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with seven leaders of the “Syrian National Council” in Geneva, Switzerland. This occurred just after the State Department announced it was sending the U.S. ambassador, who was withdrawn some months ago, back to Syria. These were signs of the U.S. stepping up its interference.

According to Bloomberg News, Dec. 6, “A State Department official present at the meeting said the U.S. considers the council to be a leading and legitimate representative of Syrians seeking a peaceful, democratic transition.” Speaking off the record, he said that “Clinton expressed hope that al-Assad would see merit in leaving. …” Clinton advised the SNC leaders to unite all the opposition, according to this official.

The Wall Street Journal on Dec. 2 published a long interview with the president of the SNC, Burhan Ghalioun. In it, Ghalioun revealed the SNC’s willingness to make concessions to the imperialist countries and their local agent, the Israeli state, especially regarding the Golan Heights and relations with Iran and Hezbollah.

Ghalioun told the WSJ, “We asked for economic sanctions; we asked for coordination between the Arab League, the E.U., Turkey and the West. … We asked them to send a message to the regime with warnings that there is no way out. We asked to apply pressure on Russia and China.”

He claimed the SNC’s goal is to protect civilians. This was the alleged goal also in Libya, which NATO quickly turned into a go-ahead to bomb whatever Libyan targets it wanted to bomb.

Ghalioun also called the current close relationship between Syria and Iran “abnormal. It is unprecedented in Syria’s foreign policy history. … There will be no special relationship with Iran. … Breaking the exceptional relationship means breaking the strategic military alliance.”

Ghalioun added, “As our relations with Iran change, so too will our relationship with Hezbollah. Hezbollah after the fall of the Syrian regime will not be the same.”

Ghalioun said regarding Golan that they will focus on negotiations and that “we are banking on our special relationship with the Europeans and Western powers in helping us in reclaiming the Golan as fast as possible.”

About the U.S., he said, “They are participating in creating Western, European, Arab and Turkish public opinion. I believe they are choosing a back seat strategy of cooperation. This is a good strategy.”

In other words, Ghalioun is trying to convince the Western powers that a SNC government would be their ally against Iran and Hezbollah and would be conciliatory toward Israel. He also is advising Washington to support them, but not too openly.

Besides the SNC, a “Syrian Liberation Army” is carrying out armed actions inside Syria. Turkey provides the SLA logistical support. Ghalioun implied that the SNC supported the SLA but did not control its actions.

Left critics of al-Assad government

Other Syrian groups critical of the al-Assad government reject any imperialist intervention. In Damascus on Dec. 3, the secretary of the National Committee for the Unity of Syrian Communists, Dr. Qadri Jamil, announced at a news conference “the formation of Pioneering Revolutionist Party that would combine communists and leftists in the country.” (News-DP, Dec. 4)

Jamil said that Syria needs the immediate formation of a national unity government that comprises representatives from the ruling party and the opposition “on the basis of consensus to defend the homeland and national unity. Measures are needed to protect national unity, exterminate the armed terrorist group, turn toward a democratic economic and social program and start comprehensive national dialogue.”

Others at the conference included the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. It is unclear what influence these groups have within the opposition.

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December 19th, 2011, 11:22 am


1422. Bill said:

1418. Amir in Tel Aviv عنصر مخابرات في جيش الاحتلال والجرائم ضد الانسانيه الاسرائيلي

I think that Palestinians will behave in an excellent manner after they gain their independence and end Israeli occupation/war crimes.
All Muslims, Arabs, and principled freedom champions all over the world should attend a huge independence party at al-Haram al-Sharif and the Dome of the Rock. It should be similar to the Friday celebration that Saladin held after liberating Jerusalem from the Crusaders.

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December 19th, 2011, 11:22 am


1423. Bill said:

1420. Akbar Palace

See, you don’t read comments despite putting them in italics. Why are you still referring to Wikipedia? Your argument is unconvincing. Here is my reply and I hope that you will read it fully this time:


OCCUPATION CORRUPTS BOTH THE OCCUPIER AND THE OCCUPIED. Whom we should blame FIRST? The people who colonized the land and started the occupation: ISRAEL. The Palestinian Territory needs freaking Israel to collect its taxes. This was forced on the Palestinians by Oslo. As to Bethlehem, Israel is surrounding its and Beit Jala with the racist “separation wall.” To move from one town to another, Palestinians pass through what is called area C that controlled by Israeli occupation checkpoints. As to PA areas, Israeli forces enter Ramallah and Palestinian towns/airspace whenever they want!!!!!!!
P.S., Please don’t quote Wikipedia. Its not academic. Haaretz Newspaper last year reported on a class given by Israeli colonialists “settlers” to teach colonialists on how sign up for Wikipedia editing in order to influence it to be favorable to the Jewish/Zionist colonialist narrative. Please see this article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz:
“Palestinians prepare to battle ‘Zionist editing’ on Wikipedia”
Professor in respectable American colleges refuse to accept any student utilization of Wikipedia.

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December 19th, 2011, 11:27 am


1424. ann said:

China supports Russia’s draft resolution on Syrian crisis: FM spokesman – 2011-12-19

BEIJING, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) — China supports Russia’s new draft for a Security Council resolution on the Syrian situation and appreciates Russia’s constructive efforts to solve the crisis, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said Monday.

Liu said at a daily press conference that if the Syrian situation is discussed by the United Nations Security Council, the discussion should help ease tensions, promote political dialogue, resolve conflicts and contribute to peace and stability in the Middle East.

China has paid close attention to the development of the Syrian situation and welcomes the efforts made by the Arab League to open the political process and avoid external interference in Syria, Liu said, adding that China hopes the Syrian crisis will be resolved within the framework of the Arab League.

Russia, which is holding the rotating Security Council presidency in December, circulated an updated draft on the Syrian crisis at a closed-door meeting of the council’s members held last Thursday.

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December 19th, 2011, 11:35 am


1425. ann said:

Assad supporters rally in capital as Syria plans to sign Arab deal Monday – 2011-12-19

DAMASCUS, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) — Thousands of Syrians rallied Monday in the capital Damascus in support of President Bashar al- Assad, as his government is expected to sign an Arab League (AL) observer mission deal in hours.

At the Sabaa Bahart square, a main square in Damascus where pro- Assad rallies have almost become a daily occurrence, government supporters chanted slogans and national songs in an upbeat mood.

Syrian Ambassador to Egypt Youssef Ahmad confirmed to Xinhua Monday morning that Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad will sign the AL agreement on behalf of the Syrian government in Cairo Monday afternoon.

Syria said earlier this month that it would approve the AL observer mission on conditions including the lifting of sanctions.

Local newspaper al-Watan said the AL has responded to the majority of Damascus’ demands and amendments on the protocol, mainly those pertaining to respecting the national sovereignty, undermining thereby any attempt by some Arab countries to internationalizing the Syrian crisis.

Damascus has decided to sign the protocol “to prevent some well- known Arab countries from internationalizing the Syrian crisis and making preparations for anti-Syria military action,” and meet Syria’s desire to solve the crisis within the AL fold, al-Watan said.

It added that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem will announce the official stand at a press conference later Monday.

Quoting Arab diplomatic sources in Cairo, al-Watan said that all the obstacles between the AL and Syria have been eliminated during recent contact between Moallem and AL chief Nabil al-Arabi.

The sources said the observers’ work would be done with the full coordination with the Syrian authorities.

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December 19th, 2011, 11:38 am


1426. ann said:

Syria not worried about AL observer mission: FM – 2011-12-19

DAMASCUS, Dec. 19 (Xinhua) — Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al- Moallem said Monday that the Syrian government was “absolutely not worried” about signing the Arab League (AL) observer mission deal and the Arab observers would see crimes committed by “armed terrorist groups” in Syria.

During a press conference held in Damascus to announce Syria’s acceptance of the AL observer mission, Moallem said that many countries did not want to acknowledge the presence of armed terrorist groups in Syria, but the observers would see the groups along with their crimes.

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad signed the AL observer mission deal Monday afternoon in Cairo on behalf of the Syrian government.

“We are absolutely not worried” about the observer mission deal, Moallem said, adding that the protocol would not have been signed had the amendments suggested by Syria not been agreed upon.

The proposed amendments mainly included that the observer mission should preserve Syria’s national sovereignty and should be done with full coordination with the Syrian government.

Moallem said the observers would be allowed to visit hot areas but not sensitive military sites, stressing that attempts to internationalize the economic sanctions on Syria “will not happen. ”

Coordination between the observer mission and the Syrian government would be through a national committee to be formed soon as the link between the two sides, he said.

Earlier this month, Syria said it would allow in the mission on conditions including lifting the economic sanctions recently imposed by the AL on Syria.

However, Moallem said Monday that Syria would no longer ask for lifting the sanctions. “If they think that their economic sanctions would affect the Syrian people, they are deluding themselves. We will not beg anyone,” he said.

The protocol provided for implementing the first item of the Arab peace plan on the Syria crisis, Moallem said, “The signing of the protocol is the beginning of cooperation between Syria and the Arab League.”

The foreign minister dismissed allegations that Syria was to be blamed for wasting time, stressing that Syria was keen to reach a solution.

“We are keen to work in the framework of the Arab League,” he stressed.

“We will deal with seriousness, professionalism and objectiveness with the observer mission,” he said, pledging that the observers would be protected by the Syrian government and have freedom in their moves.

He accused some Arab countries of attempting to internationalize the Syrian crisis. “What happened has unveiled the intentions of some Arabs,” he said.

“Whoever wants the interests of the Syrian people does not impose economic sanctions on it (Syria) or work for internationalizing the crisis through the UN Security Council,” he said.

Moallem also ruled out claims about a turnabout in the Russian stand, saying that “there is no change at all and coordination is still existing between us.”

“We want to emerge from the crisis by building a modern and secure state that will be an example of democracy and pluralism,” he said.

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December 19th, 2011, 11:47 am


1427. Tara said:


Moualem said Syria signed after the AL amended the protocol. Alarabi said Syria signed the original protocol and no changes were made except replacine “Syrian citizenz” with unarmed Syrian civillians. Both said sanctions were not removed. Who is lying?

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December 19th, 2011, 11:56 am


1428. majedkhaldoun said:

All Muallem statements are very vague,while all Al Arabi statements are very clear
Muallem said we will leave it to them,Al Arabi said they will move FREELY,
Alarabi said within two days he will send Bin Yazan to get the observer in.
Bashar maneuverability is getting very tight.

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December 19th, 2011, 12:12 pm


1429. Juergen said:

I bet that Moallem is declaring every second military building or every second hospital and prison to have a high sensitive military facility.

How about the condition that the monitoring mission would include interviews with opposition forces as well as muhabarat officials?

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December 19th, 2011, 12:14 pm


1430. Tara said:


He will also declare all areas of detention as sensitive military compounds. Remember, there is an estimated 30,000 arrests since the beginning of the revolution. Where are they hidden? I doubt Syria prisons can accommodate all of them. We now entered a new phase of deception. The good news is the protocol is valid for one month, which means an overhaul of it’s effectiveness during that time frame.

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December 19th, 2011, 12:22 pm


1431. Akbar Palace said:

See, you don’t read comments despite putting them in italics. Why are you still referring to Wikipedia?


Obviously, you don’t read my posts as well. I ask you a few questions, and you still have not answered:

Do you want justice for the Americans who were killed on 9-11? Do you want justice for the marines killed by Hezbollah? Do you want justice for those that were killed by Libya’s downing of Pan Am FLT 103? Which website have you participated on demading justice for these acts? I like to read them. I’m just wondering if your search for justice expands beyond the sinking of the USS Liberty.

What facts presented in Wikipedia are incorrect? I’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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December 19th, 2011, 12:30 pm


1432. Amir in Tel Aviv said:

No way this junta allows the monitors in. They know that the monitors starting to expose the lies, will start a snowball that will eventually run them down. My bet, No AL monitoring will be allowed.

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December 19th, 2011, 12:34 pm


1433. Bill said:


Oh, Yes. I want justice for the 9/11 victims. One of my professor’s daughter was killed by the terrorists on 9/11. I am not a fan of Hizballah given Narallah’s hypocrisy regarding the Syrian regime’s war crimes. Yes, I do want justice for the Marines who were killed in 1983. However, many of the people who attacked the Marines were either killed or captured. Lebanon was destroyed and punished for many years after the attack on the Marines. In contrast, Israel has not yet paid the price for intentionally attacking the USS Liberty. I, and many Americans, want justice for the American sailors who were killed by Israel. “Never Forget, Never Forgive!” My country the United States should not support Israeli occupation and war crimes. We, Americans, look hypocritical when we demand sanctions against Syria while vetoing Palestinian statehood at the United Nations Security Council. We should not give Israel money and weapons that it uses to maintain occupation and commit war crimes. Israel should also pay the price for its massacres, some of which I am listing below:
Deir Yassin
Sabra and Shatilla
Gaza 2008-09

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December 19th, 2011, 12:41 pm


1434. defender said:

Underwater force of Israel


According to the Israeli military experts, — one of the major kinds of the arms, which use it is necessary to expand submarines. Details of fighting operations with use of submarines are unknown to general public experts, however, recognize, strategic value of submarines is difficult for overestimating.
By 2014 Israel will increase the underwater fleet from three units to five. Probably, in the near future Germany will order one more which it will be possible to place in operation some years later.
Everything that is connected with the Israeli underwater fleet, shrouded by a mystery aura. Submarines first of all are important therefore, from them probably to start cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.
Israel has received first two German submarines of a class “Dolphin” soon after war in Persian gulf. Then it became known that the Iraq chemical rockets were developed by means of Germany. This information has led to deterioration of the germano-Israeli relations. As indemnification Germany has gratuitously given to Israel two submarines. Cost of one more has been divided between the parties fifty-fifty.
New submarines can longer be under water without emersion as are equipped by progressive system of storage of oxygen and hydrogen. Though new submarines on eight meters are longer than the predecessors of a class “Dolphin”, it is far to the nuclear American submarines having length of 166 m. Thus of court of a class “Dolphin” in the Israeli updating have completely automated and computerized management developed by Israeli companies Tadiran, Elbit, IAI and Rada.
The submarines “Dolphin” which are already being on arms, will pass serious improvement thanks to what their productivity will essentially increase. The submarines of the German manufacture which are on arms at Israel, have settlement service life about 30 years. The first there has passed modernization a boat put to Israel in 1999. The vessel has been taken out of service two years ago. This information not to damage defensibility of the country, kept in a strict secret.
On Sunday the shipyard in Haifa where the submarine has been reconstructed, was visited by journalists The Jerusalem Post. «Each vessel which arrives on shipyard for repair and modernization, leaves with considerably expanded possibilities, — the chief of shipyard colonel Eli Shuah speaks. — All in the several countries of the world can repair a submarine by own strength. Some tried, but have failed».
Each of three submarines of a class “the Dolphin”, consisting on arms of the Israeli fleet, has a name: “Dolphin”, “Leviathan” and “Tkuma”. They are considered as one of the most perfect a diesel engine-electric of submarines in the world. Major Doron Bareket supervising modernization, has noticed that reconstruction consists in dismantle of all valves of a submarine, pipes and systems of a hydro locator. The engine also has been improved.
The shipyard on which, predictably, there will arrive two new submarines from Germany, will be also considerably modernised and protected from possible rocket attacks of Syria and “Hizballah”.

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December 19th, 2011, 12:43 pm


1435. Bill said:

1432. AMIR IN TEL AVIV,عنصر مخابرات في جيش الاحتلال والجرائم ضد الانسانيه الاسرائيلي

In the same the Israeli OCCUPYING military “junta” does NOT allow international monitors to monitor its ongoing war crimes against the Palestinians.

Your extremist prime minister, Netanyahu, and his racist righ-wing cabinet are even trying to pass laws in the Knesset to restrict or ban human rights and anti-occupation/colonies activists. Israel has been a “democracy” for the Israelis only, but now it is moving in an authoritarian direction. WE NEED HUMAN RIGHTS MONITORS AND ARMED UN PROTECTION IN THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES.

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December 19th, 2011, 12:49 pm


1436. defender said:

1416. ALDENDESHE معتز الدندشي said:

بشار عمل خطآ لما رفض العرض الروسي لآرسال مراقبين اجانب من الدول بريك وروسيا هدول المراقبين العرب مقبضين سلفا حتى ينعاد فصل العراق اللاجانب اشرف واصدق واعدل ولحتى الآن الفرصة مفتوحة لهم حتى يمشو مع العكاريت من الجامعة يعني الآجانب بصيرو مراقبين عليهم

سيكون هناك مراقبين على هؤلاء المراقبين لكي يكونوا على حذر! ليست أرض سورية مشاع !

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December 19th, 2011, 12:52 pm


1437. Juergen said:


I have seen pictures of a school which was used as an detention place, my damascus friends told me that they operate detention houses which could be normal looking houses as well as facilities within military compounds. One such house is on Bagdadstreet so almost central Damascus. But i am quite afraid we will found out many devastating news about those 30.000 people detained.

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December 19th, 2011, 1:05 pm


1438. defender said:
Necessity of creation of own version of the international tribunal on war crimes by the countries of the Euroasian Conjunction, with participation of other countries which are exposed to aggression of the USA and the NATO, has ripened for a long time already. About it news agency REX were told by the chief-editor of magazine of modern philosophy “Socrat” Ivan Fomin.

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December 19th, 2011, 1:17 pm


1439. Akbar Palace said:

I want justice for the 9/11 victims….Yes, I do want justice for the Marines who were killed in 1983.


I’m glad you want justice for the above acts of war. Israel has had to face similar acts of terrorism.

BTW, you still didn’t answer my question about “Which websites have you participated on demading justice for these acts?”. I hope your words match your actions. Also, you didn’t say what facts do you dispute in Wikipedia.



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December 19th, 2011, 1:45 pm


1440. defender said:


Concerning military men of the NATO investigation concerning prospective infringements of laws of conducting war will be made during struggle against a mode of colonel Muamara Kaddafi. The corresponding statement was made in the beginning of November by the Supreme public prosecutor of the International criminal court Luis-Moreno Okampo. As he said, similar investigation will be spent and concerning soldiers of insurgents and forces of a mode, has informed the edition «The Telegraph».

However in that can take place objective court in Europe over the NATO, there are doubts. Moreover, the society tends to that the engaged European court of has got rid more and more. There is a question on necessity of creation of the International arbitration court for the decision of questions at issue of the countries not concordant with the decision of the Hague.

The financier and independent journalist Nestor Komarnitsky is assured, important not only to create court, to spend process, but also to provide performance of its decision. «Concerning possibility of the first — questions are not present. The second — raises certain doubts. The third — will be rather problematic. Time will show, it will turn out or not. But, as Chineses speak, whether„ the Road to one thousand begins with the first step “».

The political scientist, the president of the Center of the system analysis and forecasting of Rostislav Ishchenko, in turn, speaking about possibility of creation of alternative International court, has noted, the same БРИКС could create any court. But, as he said, a question not in creation, and in a recognition: «the Problem that БРИКС the Hague recognizes, and the West court BRIKS, does not recognize. For creation of new international court it is necessary in the beginning the international justice of the West. At least to refuse to recognize its decisions in the territory. Then the space for creation new or reformatting of old structures will be opened. Till the same time, a time while we unilaterally recognize formal„ the right “the West to judge all and all under the laws which frequently have been thought up backdating, any new (alternative) court is impossible. It is an axiom», — the expert has underlined.

The chairman of the Volgograd regional branch of party «Just cause« Andrey Kuprikov named utopian idea of creation of alternative court. At the same time, he does not assert that it will not occur in the future, and the nearest: «the Court should lean against the repressive device which at БРИКС is not present, as well as there are no sufficient levers of influence on world politics in the form of the powerful and centralized armed forces, the similar NATO. Therefore the idea looks utopian, but it does not mean that it is not realized — at first army, then court».

And according to political designer Yury Jureva, БРИКС could create any court or any commission but then there would be a question who will execute their decisions, and default of decisions would compromise concept of effective court. «However, if the International criminal court appears tendentious or doubtful countries BRIKS not bad to think of parallel disposal of legal proceeding of military criminals, let and in a genre of speculative justice, but nevertheless — justice», — the expert summarized

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December 19th, 2011, 1:50 pm


1441. Bill said:

1438. AKBAR PALACE القصر الكبير

NO, Don’t equate 9/11 and its victims with Israeli occupation and war crimes. Israel was built on the debris of Palestinians’ lands and hopes. When Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish died, even Israeli newspapers mentioned that the village where he was born, al-Birwah-near Haifa, was destroyed and ethnically-cleansed. As I told you before, occupation corrupts the occupiers and the occupied, but we must give most of the responsibility on the occupier (ISRAEL). No, I don’t get my information from Wikipedia. I have a Ph.D. and I have read thousands of real books. I have read many books and articles on the Israeli massacres that I have mentioned to you in my above reply. Read Haaretz article and you know that Wikipedia is being manipulated by Zionists and settlers.
No, Israel has a free hand in the area of the Palestinian Authority area A, it also dominates areas B and C. The checkpoints, the racist separation wall, etc. make your argument that the Palestinians have “de facto” independence LAUGHABLE despite your unsophisticated references to Wikipedia. Did Israel respect Area A when it invaded Ramallah in 2002 and even looted money from private homes and destroyed private cars parked on streets?

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December 19th, 2011, 1:57 pm


1442. jad said:

It seems that SC is not going to be active as before so if any body is interested, I create this FB page in case this website went down, the walls are open to all and I wont be monitoring anything, it’s for all to join.

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December 19th, 2011, 2:00 pm


1443. Mina said:

FB is far too intrusive! Just flood Qifa Nabki.

The dirty trick I was sure would come from the SNC today:

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December 19th, 2011, 2:30 pm


1444. jad said:

The game of the Syrian blood will continue

Almidan today went out in a funeral of a young girl, guess what, the girl is not dead, yet a guy was killed by a the security bullet because of the demonstration.
Who comes with such an evil plan? Why today? Why the mosque made a fake funeral when nobody is dead and no body to pray over on a MONDAY!?
Is it just to make the situation worst when things may improve for people..What bunch of evil liars!

مقطع مهيب جداً في تشييع الطفلة هالة بالميدان 19/12/2011

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December 19th, 2011, 2:39 pm


1445. jad said:

Dear Mina,
Good idea, I forgot QN blog, I create the FB page just in case SC get closed, so at least we can keep in touch somehow nothing serious.

The dirty games box of the MB council will never finish, did you read about Almidan today, what was that about!? nothing but making things worse..especially today…they are more evil than the regime itself.

الجزيرة و العربية تواصلان قتلهما للأحياء

تونس حرة غليون على برة

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December 19th, 2011, 2:44 pm


1446. Mina said:

Sounds familiar?
(on KSA and Qatar funding in Egypt),-warns-of-foreign-plots.aspx
(Egyptian army accuses liberals and socialists of being funded by foreigners)

The difference being that we haven’t seen fake videos from Yemen, Bahrein, or Egypt. I doubt the Syrians will accept a “new” government made of “the expats” (as in Tunisia?) and “the army” (as in Egypt?). They will have to invent a third way.
Soon the Gulf may become the most “liberal” place in the region.

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December 19th, 2011, 2:48 pm


1447. Mina said:

No, just saw your post about the Midan. When you see how little of the Egyptian events have reached the Western newspapers (always happy to please any sort of Egyptian authorities… our workers need to take cheap holidays!) you can imagine the Midan wouldn’t make it anyway. Even the Tunis conference is not covered. I hope the French start to think twice, and reading the reactions of the readers in the websites of the French newspapers about Syria lately, many seem to have understood there was something fishy there. I think it was very clear from Bashar’s interview that he agrees to leave, and this is what is being implemented, but certainly the Vatican and the US have said neither Europe or the US can cope with anymore Arab Christian refugees. So they will let the SNC enjoy the sea in Djerba and continue its fight for getting nice jobs in useless think tanks.

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December 19th, 2011, 2:57 pm


1448. Akbar Palace said:

NO, Don’t equate 9/11 and its victims with Israeli occupation and war crimes.


I know all about Israel’s occupation and 9-11. You needn’t teach me about it further as I already know that Arab crimes against Arabs make Israel’s crimes PALE in comparison.

But you continue to side-step the same two questions I have asked you time and again:

1.) Which websites have you participated on demading justice for these acts? (9-11 and the Marine barracks attack by Hezbollah)

2.)What facts do you dispute in Wikipedia?

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December 19th, 2011, 2:58 pm


1449. Tara said:

AFP Updated December 20, 2011, 5:00 am
NICOSIA (AFP) – Dozens of Syrian army deserters were killed by machinegun fire as they tried to flee their military posts in northwestern Idlib province on Monday, a rights group said.

In a statement sent to AFP in Nicosia, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said between 60 and 70 deserters were gunned down as they abandoned their positions in the Idlib towns of Kansafra and Kafr Awid.

The Observatory reported earlier that security forces shot dead at least six civilians on Monday, even as Syria’s regime agreed to allow Arab observers into the country to monitor a deal to end a bloody protest crackdown.

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December 19th, 2011, 3:47 pm


1450. Dale Andersen said:


RE: “…a deranged Islamo-Leftist…”

You are correct about Bill. He’s a self-loathing, insipid, pathetically brainwashed putz, of which there are many in this age of dumbdown. Too bad we aren’t allowed to shoot them anymore.

As for occupiers, have you noticed how the Syrians on SC NEVER mention the occupation of Lebanon? They never admit that they acted like imperialist, colonialist overlords in Lebanon to the extent that they had their Hizbollah lapdog collaborators murder Prime Minister Hariri because he had the balls to tell them to get the fuck out? Tell you this, Akbario, the Syrians will NEVER apologize to Lebanon. That’s how hypocritical they are…

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December 19th, 2011, 4:02 pm


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