Assassination Accusations Abound in Lebanon

As the Lebanese Presidential deadline of November 12 approaches and tension mounts, everyone is accusing others of plotting assassinations. Here are some of the latest.

Lebanon's parliamentary majority leader, Saad Hariri, said he has evidence that a senior Syrian official has been plotting to assassinate him and Lebanon's Prime Minister Fuad Siniora. Hariri was in Cairo and responded to a reporter who asked whether Syrian military intelligence chief Assif Shawkat was behind the alleged plot.

"We have information about this, and it is accurate, " he said. He said Lebanon's security services are following up on intelligence about the alleged assassination plot, which he said also targeted Prime Minister Siniora.

Alex writes:

The secretary general of the youth movement of George Haoui … who was one of the “Lebanese martyrs” supposedly assassinated by Syria (god nows why!) … is now publicly accusing the Saudi fundamentalists of killing the Late Hariri and accusing the Mossad of killing his idol, George Haoui.

Last month, Nasrallah committed for the first time publicly, to a clear position … Syria is innocent.

Both men did not do so in the past … they reached this conclusion lately.

t_desco replies:


I think that it is possible that Zarqawi ordered the assassination, based on the link discovered by Nibras Kazimi. Having said that, the testimony by Faisal Akbar is not without problems. I am planning to write about it and the “cell of 13″ (and also about Fatah al-Islam as both are linked to the Dinniyeh group), but I am kind of hoping that Nibras Kazimi will comment on the contradictions between the various testimonies which I find rather confusing. It is regrettable that there is not more discussion about this.

The "confessions" printed in al-Akhbar have been well translated by Nibras Kazimi

Hawi’s family sues Mossad for assassination
The Daily Star Thursday, October 25, 2007
 by Lebanon Daily Star staff

BEIRUT: The family of slain former Lebanese Communist Party leader Georges Hawi announced on Wednesday that it had filed a lawsuit against Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency accusing it of plotting his assassination on June 21, 2005.

Speaking during a news conference at the Bristol Hotel, Hawi’s step-son, Raffy Madayan, lashed out at the Lebanese authorities for “overlooking the issue of political assassinations and focusing on the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri solely.”

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, in his latest speech, accused Israel of plotting the string of political assassinations which took place over the past few years; the March 14 Forces, meanwhile, holds Syria responsible.

Madayan accuse el-Qaëda de l’assassinat de Hariri, L’Orient-Le Jour,

M. Rafi Madayan, secrétaire général de « la jeunesse de Georges Haoui » (ancien secrétaire général du Parti communiste libanais assassiné à Beyrouth en juin 2005), a tenu hier une conférence de presse au cours de laquelle il a notamment accusé « le fondamentalisme saoudien représenté par el-Qaëda d’avoir commandité l’assassinat de Rafic Hariri et les autres assassinats politiques (perpétrés depuis le retrait syrien), alors que le gouvernement libanais pointe un doigt accusateur en direction de la Syrie ». « L’Arabie saoudite désire-t-elle accuser la Syrie afin de détourner l’attention de tout suspect saoudien ? s’est interrogé M. Madayan. Qu’en est-il en outre des informations faisant état d’un financement libanais visant à mettre sur pied un parti syrien opposant qui œuvrerait à partir du Liban ? » Après avoir demandé à Mme Nazek Hariri d’« intervenir afin de mettre un terme à ce conflit syro-libanais, chiito-sunnite et libano-libanais », M. Madayan a accusé le Mossad d’avoir assassiné Georges Haoui.
 Al-Akhbar, As-Safir

Sayyed urges authorities to probe Al-Qaeda link to Hariri killing, from Daily Star

"Why are the printed confessions of a 13-member group called Al-Qaeda in Balad al-Sham admitting their involvement in Hariri's killing completely disregarded?" Sayyed asked in a statement released by his lawyer, Akram Azoury.

Sayyed was referring to a series of articles on the confessions published last week by the local daily Al-Akhbar, entitled the "The group of 13 and assassination of Rafik Hariri."

The articles included lengthy excerpts of the alleged confessions and details outlining how the statements were extracted under torture, as well as the names of the members belonging to the Al-Qaeda splinter group.

Local media outlets circulated unconfirmed reports that the excerpts were actually

taken from the notes of a preliminary investigation by the former public prosecutor, Adnan Adoum.   

Israeli Minister: Israel is ready to return Golan for peace

Science, Culture and Sport Minister Raleb Majadele said Friday that Israel is ready to pay the price of peace with Syria, which he described as a withdrawal from the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with the entire Arab world…

“Israel will not be able to normalize relations with Arab nations without paying the price of anything related to the Palestinian issue,” he said…

He reiterated that he doesn’t rule out the possibility that “the fate of the settlements in the West Bank will be the fate of the settlements from the Gaza Strip,” referring to Israel’s 2005 withdrawal of settlements from the coastal territory…

Also don’t miss: Speakers in UN General Assembly Second Committee call on Israel to stop destroying infrastructure, causing environmental damage in occupied Arab lands

Fadlallah slams Bush's pursuit of 'hellish objectives'

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51. AnotherIsraeliGuy said:

How can you with a straight face that Israel’s democracy is the worst? Look at the UN development reports. Look at the Freedom House reports. Stop living in denial. Israel has a better democracy than several European countries.

Fact: Israeli Arabs have more rights and are 6-7 times richer on average than the average Syrian. Please explain that.

Okay, live happily in a democracy while supporting a tyrant in Syria. If you can’t see how ridiculous your position is, that is your trouble. Instead, you should insist that Bashar will come up with a plan of giving up power over 10 years. Anything less is cowardice.

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November 1st, 2007, 10:33 pm


52. SimoHurtta said:

And, please show me proof that Israel has nuclear weapons. I wan’t proof just as good as you want in order to be convinced that Israel bombed a nuclear site.

AIG you trust ISIS with nuclear issues don’t you? Well form their page:

Israel has a weapons program which began before 1970, and is still ongoing.

Military Stocks of Fissile Material, end of 2003 (in kilograms)1,2
Unirradiated Plutonium 580 (510-650)3
Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) ?
Number of Weapons 110-190

AIG it would be strange that you would think ISIS is right with Syria’s nuclear reactor but wrong with Israeli nukes. Is this proof enough? 🙂

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November 1st, 2007, 10:34 pm


53. why-discuss said:


My statements were picked from a web site that used the following misconceptions as clarified in
Israel Backs Off Bill to Curb Arab Home Buying NY times
Can Arabs Buy Land in Israel?

….More recently, speaking on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, William Quandt of the University of Virginia charged that

Israel was established as a state for Jews. It has of course an Arab minority who have citizenship rights, but the specific way in which land is owned in Israel is predominantly that the Jewish Agency purchases land on behalf of the Jewish people and then leases it out to its Jewish citizens.
Arabs cannot have access to that land that’s owned by the Jewish Agency. They can keep land they have privately owned before the State of Israel was created. There’s a small amount of private property that can be traded and Arabs can buy that as well as Jews, but most land is held in trust for the Jewish people, so yes there is a legal basis for what we would flat out call discriminatory practices.

Rashid Khalidi, director of the Center for International Studies at the University of Chicago and president of the American Committee on Jerusalem, repeats the same argument, saying that in Jerusalem

non-Jews are barred by law from purchasing or leasing most properties (Jewish National Fund property, “state land,” and land under control of the Custodian of “Absentee” Property—i.e., stolen Arab land).8

Journalists picked this argument up from academics. The Washington Post’s Barton Gellman reported that because

the Zionists devised formal and informal mechanisms to prevent Arabs from acquiring Jewish land that persist today … [the Palestinian death—penalty law] is not without parallels, penalty aside, in Israel.
Commentators such as New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis took up these same ideas:

In Israel today most land is still held in trust by an agency devoted to furthering the Jewish homeland. As a practical matter, land used by Israeli Jews for home or business or farm is hardly ever sold to Arabs. So the idea of Palestinians wanting to keep what land they have is not unusual.

While often repeated, these assertions are based on misconception, error and outright invention. In fact, most of the land in Israel is government-owned, and it is equally available to all Israelis, whether Jewish or Arab….

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November 1st, 2007, 10:41 pm


54. IsraeliGuy said:

“Yes, the PLO was against dividing more, and they didn’t want Israel. they wanted a one state that both people could live in.
I guess now is the part where you tell me that the PLO wanted to push the Israelis into the sea.”

Precisely, the PLO wanted to push the Israelis into the sea – not exactly the one state solution you were referring to – right?

As I said, the original PLO Charter outlined goals that included the destruction of the State of Israel via armed struggle.

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November 1st, 2007, 10:42 pm


55. Zenobia said:

it is obvious AIG….that Alex says that, I say that, and Simo Hurrta says that….because…..
drumroll please……
we count the Palestinians in the territories….as part of the evaluation!…. no shit.
you can’t have a whole group of people living under your control….and just because you dont’ call them citizens…. they aren’t considered a reflection of your society!…. you legislate over them….you hold the gun over them. you put them in jail when you want. you make the laws…
this is obvious.
so you keep looking at only what you want to count, and call it a fine democracy..
but you are like the Romans….. with the slaves in the background.
give us a break.
i have to say good night now….thanks.

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November 1st, 2007, 10:43 pm


56. Alex said:


I think it would help if you stop picking and choosing from everyone’s arguments.

Let me first get your opinion on Ghadry:

1) He used to call for sending the 10% Syrian alawites to the mountain.

What do you think about his mental stability?

2) HIS great idea is not his … it is MY idea. I gave it to him on his blog, and on many blogs .. I have been suggesting the same a hundred times. And his people on his “Syria Comment PLUS” made fun of my idea at the time.

So how do you like MY ideas? .. are they still great of do you only trust them from Farid Ghadry?

3) By the way .. what do you think of HIS idea to call his blog “SYRIA COMMENT PLUS”??

If he did not take it down, you would have read the jokes that he had there before he was trained … you know why you get the red flags when Ghadry’s name is mentioned? .. in my case it is beacuse it reminds me of the dangerous world we live in … this American administration wanted to prepare a random Washington DC idiot called Farid Ghadry to lead Syria … this is a scary administration that still has one more year to go.

And .., you are a scary enemy. You are totally in denial … you really want Syria to be destroyed just like Iraq, and you through the power of denial to convince yourself that ALL THE SYRIAN here are scarred from the powerful democratic ideas of Ghadry! … YOU are right and all of us are wrong .. or all of us are liars.

You represent the scary part of Israel … it is obvious that there is no hope communicating with you.

And this is coming from one of the most friendly Syrians you will meet.

You can only work with an obedient crook like Ghadry.

We will never give you a Gahdry… keep dreaming.

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November 1st, 2007, 10:49 pm


57. Zenobia said:

I was being ironic and sarcastic.
Lots of Palestinians imagined a one state that did not involve eliminating the jews living in what became Israel.
if you repeat a myth…”they want to push us into the Sea” enough….people cease to think… and only react…
you have to go pretty far back in time- to get to the point where the PLO was still preaching the destruction of Israel or the idea that somehow….jews will leave … that is absurd.
in contrast…. I think a fair portion of Israelis still think that Palestinians can just be moved back into smaller and smaller pieces of land…and eventually into Jordan.
that was the equivalent idea. Palestinians will be Jordanian.

did i say i was going to sleep…..oh yeah…. it is still calling to me.

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November 1st, 2007, 10:54 pm


58. why-discuss said:


It is impossible to call democracy a country that uses one religion as a national identity. Israel is more a theocracy like Saudi Arabia and Iran. The difference is that Iran and KSA are 95% moslem while Israel is only 75% jewish and this number is bound to decrease. The day Israel will renounce to the idea that the country belongs to a specific ethnic and religious group, then they can claim to be a democracy and it will be natural to create a federal country with the neighboring arab countries for the good of all.

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November 1st, 2007, 10:55 pm


59. IsraeliGuy said:

Zenobia, you use the phrase “lots of Palestinians”, which is very vague and fluffy.
What’s “lots of Palestinians”?

You’re calling it a myth, while I stick to the facts: the PLO, the formal representative of the Palestinian people called for the destruction of Israel.
Am I wrong? Am I not telling the truth? Am I misleading anybody?

This was written quite clearly in their charter.
If you want to contradict what I just said, be my guest, but saying that “lots of Palestinians” thought otherwise is not very convincing.

I expect better from you, Zenobia.
You’re obviously an intelligent guy.

Zenobia and Alex, one more thought, wasn’t France a democracy during the time it controlled Algeria?

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November 1st, 2007, 11:07 pm


60. Alex said:


You are very wrong

Zenobia is … : )

And I am not interested in the Israeli democracy debate … I only mention it when AIG tried to talk to me as if he is moral and I am a thief.

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November 1st, 2007, 11:16 pm


61. IsraeliGuy said:

Oops, my apologies, Zenobia : )
Sorry for my mistake.

But here’s the good news: at least you know that I’m not spying on you via my PC.

(Alex will understand the joke…)

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November 1st, 2007, 11:30 pm


62. IsraeliGuy said:

Blog: How Israel Whacked Syria,15240,155328,00.html

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November 1st, 2007, 11:31 pm


63. AnotherIsraeliGuy said:

Ok. Let us agree that ISIS is right on both counts. Israeli has nuclear weapons and Syria tried developing them. Right?

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November 2nd, 2007, 12:03 am


64. Observer said:

I think that by allowing the Palestinian refugees to return you would certainly limit any threat. The Arab American community has been perfectly law abiding in the vast majority of the cases. To claim that the Arabs and Muslims represent a threat is nothing more than an excuse, just as the internment of the Japanese Americans during WWI into concentration camps was totally unjustified. A slow absorption of the Palestinians into Israel over 10 years would be perfect. As for the law of family reunion, there is also the law that forbids an Arab in Israel from marrying an Arab in the West Bank and Gaza. The reality is that as long as the citizenship in Israel in preferentially if not almost exclusively based on religion, the state of Israel will remain a unique anomaly: namely a theocracy and not a democracy. What are you afraid of: don;t you think that we Arabs want to be in a Westernized Democratic society? Allow the Palestinians to return to their homes and rejoin their families and show them the wonders of Israeli democracy. Once they are busy building lives and insuring the future of their children there will be no Intifada or violence. They will join you on the beaches of Tel Aviv and trek in the Galilee and eat at McDonalds and KFC and fly kites. The excuse of security concerns does not hold. There is no other solution in my opinion than a secular non sectarian democratic state where citizenship does not depend on religion, race, color, creed, ethnicity, tribe, family. I would urge you to ask your reprsentatives to sit down and write a constitution and define once an for all what boundaries do you wish Israel to be in. This first step would go along way towards strengthening the shining democracy and perhaps may even attract Syrians and Lebanese to abandon their citiszenship and opt for the Israeli one. Why not, many have a second nationality at hand already.

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November 2nd, 2007, 12:54 am


65. AnotherIsraeliGuy said:

Observer said:
There is no other solution in my opinion than a secular non sectarian democratic state where citizenship does not depend on religion, race, color, creed, ethnicity, tribe, family.

First implement it in Syria since it is such a good idea in your opinion. After all, that is what IG and I have been saying. If you agree, why aren’t you doing something about it? Why are you supporting Bashar? How can we believe your sincerity if you won’t embrace a democratic solution in Syria?

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November 2nd, 2007, 1:09 am


66. why-discuss said:


Are you doing something for Israel to become an example of democracy for the arabs. Today it Israel is a jewish theocracy and no modern arab wants to have a system like yours or Iran’s or KSA’s…

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November 2nd, 2007, 3:19 am


67. AnotherIsraeliGuy said:


It is a fact that Arabs in Israel have much more rights than Arabs in Syria and are 6-7 times richer on average. They are also better educated and have freedom of speech and uncensored access to the internet. Learn to live with it. Israel is a democracy for all its citizens.

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November 2nd, 2007, 4:02 am


68. why-discuss said:


Whatever rights the arabs or the christians have in Israel, repeating that Israel is a democracy won’t make it a real one as long as its whole system is based on the supremacy of an ethnic group on the others. Do you know any democracy based on religion other than Israel in the world? We call this kind of democracy: enlightened colonialism.

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November 2nd, 2007, 4:49 am


69. ausamaa said:


Why waste your time? Do you really beleive ISRAELIGUY and ANOTHERISRAELIGUY do not know what Israel IS and what crimes it has been committing since the sad story started?

Come on, they read and watch TV as the rest of us do…!!

They just think that they are playing to the usual uninformed and unsuspecting American crowd, which they are destained to lose eventually as they have lost the Eouropean and the whoile World crowd.

So why waste serious energy on “informing” them of what they do know?

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November 2nd, 2007, 7:34 am


70. Observer said:

I am not Syrian but even if I were why not do it in both countries? You are presumably much more advanced and much richer and more civilized and you have light years of experience and institutions that are already an asset so in your case it would be much easier to do and implement. By the way please inform me how I can become an Israeli citizen: where I live right now is not so great and I am afraid my freedom will be curtailed. I am not asking for political refugee status; but I am willing to convert to Judaism if this is what it takes. Please tell me how to do it, at present I am agnostic but I inquired and found out that to be a Muslim you have to declare the unicity of God and the belief in his prophet, for Christianity you have to accept Jesus the son of God as your saviour, for Buddhism you have to detach yourself from this miserable money driven life. As for my wife and 7 children aged 9-24 well they will have to decide, if I become Israeli, can they keep their faith as my wife is a devout catholic and my children old enough to decide for themselves are agnostic.

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November 2nd, 2007, 2:02 pm


71. Akbar Palace said:

MSK* said:

Let’s hope that this won’t happen, mainly ’cause I think that one bloody civil war in the region is already one too many.

Translating the above statement from liberal double-speak into English it reads:

“Let’s hope that this won’t happen, mainly ’cause I think that the several civil wars that have plagued the region are fine, unless the US and Israel are involved.”

MSK*, ata maskim iti? Saper li et ha’emet.

As far as the Syrian opposition is concerned, I agree that there is none and there will be none. Unless, of course, there is a “job opening”. I wouldn’t dismiss the eventual possibility.

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November 2nd, 2007, 4:14 pm


72. AnotherIsraeliGuy said:

Find yourself a Rabbi where you live. Go to him and say you want to become Jewish. He will explain the process to you and figure out if you are really sincere and want to tie your destiny with that of the Jewish people. If Sammy Davis Junior and Marylin Monroe could do it, so can you. It is not impossible. I wish you best of luck and hope to see you soon in Israel. Leshana haba’a byerushalaim habnuya!
Here is a list of converts to motivate you:

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November 2nd, 2007, 4:24 pm


73. norman said:

I got the solution to the middleast problem , All Palestinians should become Jewish and have Israeli citizenship and equal rights , They can pray anyway they want in their homes.

I doubt that they will find any Rabi who will convert them , They do not have money like other converts.

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November 2nd, 2007, 5:53 pm


74. AnotherIsraeliGuy said:

Your antisemitism is showing. Now only rich people can become Jewish. How low can you go? You did not even notice how despicable what you say is.

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November 2nd, 2007, 6:09 pm


75. xiana – Accusations of Political Assassination in Lebanon said:

[…] Josh Landis writes of a recent flurry of accusations and counter-accusations concerning political assassination in Lebanon, featuring Saad Hariri, the late Rafik Hariri, the family of slain Lebanese Communist Party leader Georges Hawi, al-Qaeda, Syria, and the Mossad. […]

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December 7th, 2007, 4:20 am


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