Car Bombs Rip Apart Saadallah al-Jabiri Square in Aleppo

Aleppo and Damascus are the two geese that lay Syria’s golden eggs. The revolutionaries must take them from the regime. The problem is that the regime cannot allow the opposition to have them alive. It will have to kill the golden geese rather than give them up to the enemy. Both sides will grind Syria’s two commercial and political capitals into dust rather then permit the other side to own them and harvest their golden eggs. Aleppo and Damascus produce much of Syria’s wealth. Even more importantly they are the two centers that extract that wealth from the rest of the country. During Ottoman times, it has been estimated that taxes on peasants were 4 times higher than on city dwellers.

The country folk that have been at the heart of this rebellion waited for a Tahrir Square moment. They waited for the city people to rise up and come to their aid. Unfortunately, Aleppo and Damascus did not rise up or couldn’t. Over the last several months the revolutionaries have been taking the revolution to the cities. They insist that the cities cannot be allowed to sit out this revolt; otherwise, the regime will win. Amn wa Istiqrar – security and stability – has been the mantra of this regime for 40 years. The revolution cannot allow it to go on. By taking the fight to the city centers, they will deny the wealthier urbanites the security and safety they have always been willing to settle for.

There is a strong class element to this struggle. It is not only about sect and religion. For the rural Syrians that make up so much of the militias destroying the city centers is a price they are willing to pay to set the city folk on fire. Of course Assad’s army cannot allow the cities to pass into the hands of the opposition. Whoever owns the cities, owns Syria.

The opposition is counting on the fact that once security and stability is taken away from the middle Class and rich, they will side with their fellow Sunnis against the Alawite dominated regime. This is a safe bet. It happened in Lebanon and Iraq. Once the state is gone, people will cleave to their own community or tribe. Most Syrians, before this is over, may well be forced back to that default setting. Can a “free floating” individual survive in the jungle, where no rule of law protects him?

View Larger Map Jabri Square is at the corner of the Park. I couldn’t get the red  pointer to move, but click on the larger map for real detail.

Two car bombs rocked Saadallah al-Jabri Square in Aleppo, causing much damage and death. 40 reported dead so far. VOA story.

The obliterated building to the right of the picture is a well known coffee shop that occupies the corner of the street facing the Siyahi hotel, which is seen at the left of the picture. The real target, however, was undoubtedly the “officers club” or “nadi Al-zubbat” which is located directly to the right of the coffee shop. Other pictures of the scene, clearly show that the club was totally destroyed by the blast.” Another explosion took place near Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce.

Video of the bomb site is here

It is from a pro-government YouTube network: a lengthy video of the damage, recorded by a man who narrated the scene as he trudged across piles of rubble to the brink of what appeared to be a six-foot-deep bomb crater. Gunfire could be heard nearby.

The facades had been sheared off four buildings, two about eight stories high, and two smaller ones between them. On the other side of an intersection, a building appeared to have collapsed. The man narrating the video said that a coffee shop and a cellphone store had been destroyed along with the hotel, and that several senior officials had come to the scene.

The video then cut to the bodies of two men wearing army uniforms.

“Those are the terrorists carrying explosive belts as we can see attached to the hand of this terrorist,” the cameraman says as the video zooms into to show a corpse’s mouth covered with blood.

In the background, someone shouts an obscenity. “Film the blowup device in his hand, film it!” It was unclear what was in the man’s hand.

New York Times By ANNE BARNARD:

The new fighting caused anguish for supporters and opponents of the government. The bombings on Wednesday hit a central square bordered by a graceful public garden, a downtown district full of hotels and offices, and the Christian neighborhood of Aziziyeh, where many people had sought refuge over the weekend.

Activists also reported that the al-Hal spice market near the site of the bombings was being shelled. Dozens were wounded and people were trapped there by the fighting, activists said….


Iran video said to be from today: protesters in Tehran chanting anti-Syria slogans

Syria’s Kurds Build Enclaves as War Rages
Oppressed Group Gains New Freedoms With Help of Political Alliance, Militia

DERIK, Syria—A teacher’s request sends a dozen young arms skyward, with high-pitched pleas to showcase new skills. One by one, the excited pupils walk to the front of their dusty classroom to recite or write in Kurdish—a language outlawed from public life in Syria.

While civil war has shut many schools across the country, here in the Kurdish-dominated northeast, education is expanding into new territory—just one way in which the Assad regime’s focus on fighting rebels in the biggest cities has allowed the emergence of autonomous Kurdish enclaves.

“Until now the regime closed Kurdish eyes and mouths. Now we are …

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551. Johannes de Silentio said:

542 Antoine

You should definitely be banned for the duration. You’re a sick little puppy, Antoine. Your mother must have toilet trained you too early.

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October 7th, 2012, 12:47 pm


552. ann said:

Hey Antoine,

Can You Please Help Identify One Of Your Near and Dear Dead African Mercenary Terrorist?

Try to imagine him with his eyes back in their sockets, that might help 😉

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October 7th, 2012, 12:54 pm


553. Antoine said:

463. GHUFRAN said:

This is the Turkish response, it is a start but it is not good enough, much of what the FSA use is stolen and confiscated weapons, Oglu statement is not adequate.
قال وزير الخارجية التركي، “أحمد داود أوغلو”، إن القذيفة، التي سقطت على بلدة “أقتشا قلعة” التركية الحدودية، متوفرة لدى الجيش السوري فقط.
وأوضح “داود أوغلو” في لقاء تلفزيوني، أنه يستغرب صدور تعليقات تعتبر أن الهجوم يمكن أن يكون قد نُفذ من جانب جهة أخرى، مضيفًا: “تركيا تعلم على أي حال من أين أتت قذيفة المدفعية، التي أطلقت إلى أراضيها عن بعد 12 كم، ومن أطلقها”.
واستطرد قائلًا: “هذه القذيفة من طراز D30، عيار 122 مم. أطلقت هذه القذيفة من مدفع D30. عنوانها معروف. هذه القذيفة متوفرة فقط لدى الجيش السوري


This is what happens when a person who does not have any military knowledge or training, has never served in the Army ( cowardly draft-dodgeing sissies) feel entitled to make comments on military issues. They do not know that the D-30 is a 122 mm towed artillery howitzer , which means it can be transported only by special heavy trucks and transports, or by aircraft. It is not possible to move this heavy equipment by human hands. Not a single FSA unit has any of these heavy artillery pieces, it defies logic for the FSA to possess any of these as it is more of a liability than an asset for a guerilla Army without air cover.

Ghufran is a closet regime supporter and should be treated as such, that will blow his cover, and he should stop trying to act neutral and revert to being an online shabbih.

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October 7th, 2012, 12:58 pm


554. Mina said:

Transition in the making? Hopefully…

Will be hard to explain that to Antoine and his friends.

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October 7th, 2012, 1:01 pm


555. Antoine said:

Shut up Reem Haddad, as I said, its a losing War for you and your kind, so surrender before its too late. We will not stop, and you have nothing at your disposal that can defeat us or stop us from fighting. If you continue to insist on keep up the fight, this Civil war will put even the Lebanese to shame, and we don’t care at all, we are fighting against a fundamental injustice, a fundamental disturbance tio the natural human order.

We have literally millions of people who can be transformed into fanatic and determined soldiers, even the Lebanese Civil war will look tame and peaceful. It already looks so.

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October 7th, 2012, 1:04 pm


556. Antoine said:

MINA we hold the keys and the balance, as long as there are people willing to fight, nothing can take place in Syria. The only way to peace is by fulfilling our demands, the demands of those who are holding the guns and doing the fighting. You know well what those demands are.

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October 7th, 2012, 1:08 pm


557. Hopeful said:

#536 Mina

Again I am not saying the opposition is blameless, and neighboring countries are blameless. I am simply not interested in debating their role. I am focusing on the people in charge of Syria!

What you said was correct, so…. Put yourself in the regime’s shoes in March 2011: your bitter enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood, seems to be gaining power in neighboring countries (and you have a dark bloody history with them). Your young people seem to be inspired by the wave of newly-found voices of freedom sweeping the region. Your poor citizens are ready to revolt because they have no hope in their future in the face of a corrupt system that seems to be unable to fix itself. Sectarian tendencies are flickering across your country. You have a problem with legitimacy because you did not come to power via fair and square elections, and the western powers are monitoring your every move on the hope that you will make a mistake that will cost you your local support among your people. So What do you do? You tell a newspaper that your countrymen are not ready for democracy, and then you launch your most-hated security apparatus to arrest, intimidate and torture, and finally after weeks of silence, you show up on TV to invalidate the people’s feelings by telling them this is all a conspiracy against Syria and you further humiliate them by having the crooks and clowns in the parliament stand up to praise your wisdom and demand that you be the president of the world?

Would you have done the same if you were running the show? Really?

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October 7th, 2012, 1:11 pm


558. Halabi said:

Here’s an effort that menhebaks would never do – helping innocent civilians live. Of course they see refugees as traitors who should be shot and their babies slaughtered in order to stave off the rise of Sunni barbarians in the future.

AFP – First camp for refugees in Syria rises tent by tent

QAH, Syria — Bulldozers level the ground and volunteers brave stormy winds to erect tent by tent what engineers say is the first initiative to build a refugee camp inside war-torn Syrian territory.

Contractors say it will be the biggest camp for displaced Syrians in the country, and it is being built near the Turkish border in the northwest village of Qah where thousands fleeing the war will begin to live from Sunday.

Many are currently camping out in schools or staying with relatives, the poorest even living among olive groves in the region of Atme, a Syrian rebel rear base along the frontier.

“I was struck by the plight of these displaced” people, says Sheikh Omar Rahman, a 30-year-old imam who has been involved in the project and is set to be the future director of the camp.

Together with the fundraising activities of several locals who support the revolution against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Sheikh Omar managed to raise the initial money.

“This project is a local initiative carried out with the financial support of donors from Libya,” he says, but adds that “all contributions are welcome.”

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October 7th, 2012, 1:17 pm


559. Mina said:

RT and AFP report a huge explosion in central Damascus.

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October 7th, 2012, 1:20 pm


560. Uzair8 said:

New post up.

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October 7th, 2012, 2:33 pm


561. admir said:

456. VISITOR said:

“Latakia is now getting closer to being liberated followed by all of the west coast soon.

Looking forward to visit the coast in the near future.”


yes and central syria (especially homs) is being liberated by the syrian army:

not to mention that latakia is being liberated by both the syrian arab army and the majority of its inhabitants (alawite popular comittees)

Looking forward to visit the coast and homs region in the near future.

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October 13th, 2012, 8:41 pm


562. Rebecca Olesen said:

And here I thought the problem was that the ‘rebels’ are killing all the Christians and stealing their homes and belongings. But it’s ‘all gooood’ in Islam, right?

Everybody knows the ‘rebels’ are jihadi terrorists, the majority of whom are NOT from Syria. stop lying.

Pakistani’s, Afghani, Saudi, BALKAN, Iraqi. Even HAMAS is fighting in Syria AGAINST THE REBELS, and that pretty much says it all. If even a crap propaganda group like Hamas is not only against the ‘fake syrian army’ they are fighting side by side with Christians to expel them; they must be the WORST most disgusting savages on the planet.

I already have SEEN the videos of how they kill christians then lie and say they were terrorists with guns. Inject diesel oil into the veins of a christian civilian while saying ‘die slowly christian dog’.

Anyone who supports the terrorist animals will get what they deserve if they obtain power. And that will be ‘no freedom’ constant violence and fear; simply talking bad about them leads to torture death; poverty; chaos; torture. This is what you have to look forward to if the ”rebels” (who are not even from syria) seize power.

Women, look forward to dialing the clock back a few hundred years.
Non muslims – look forward to death or expulsion.
Kurds – death. Any kurd complaining about Assad obviously has no idea how they are treated in Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Because if he DID understand how bad it is for kurds elsewhere, he would pledge undying loyalty to Assad immediately. When those turks get their hands on Syria, the turks will be fully eliminated.
Men – no freedom to speak, complete government control, corrupt soldiers and police, loss of security, finances, happiness and control of your own destiny.

Look at Libya – are you even aware how many tens of thousands of people they have murdered and tortured since the ‘fake rebels’ took control? Imagine bulldozers pushing mounds of bodies into holes. Those lunatics even searched out and found Gadaffi’s old ‘amazon bodyguard squad’ from like 20 years ago and savagely/brutally tortured and murdered them. I saw photos of their dead bodies, brutalized with hands bound – it was disgusting.

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December 30th, 2012, 6:05 pm


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