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Ali Khan says Goodbye to Damascus and SC readers

Ali Khan says Goodbye to Damascus and SC readers Over the past year, Ali Khan, a native of India has studied Arabic in Syria and written regular dispatches from Damascus about his experiences and travels. They became a fixture of this blog. Many of us will miss him and SC wishes him all the best […]

“Raqqa and Beyond” by Ali Khan: Dispatch 23

Raqqa and Beyond: Dispatch from Damascus 23 By Ali Khan May 22, 2009 Checkpoints are not as abundant in Syria as they are in Lebanon. While driving on the road to Al-Raqqa I saw a group of men standing around near a white and red barrier as I slowed down for the speed bump. When […]

“Hassakeh,” By Ali Khan (Dispatch 22)

Hassakeh: Dispatch from Damascus 22 (16/05/09) By Ali Khan Instead of taking the main road we decided to take a shortcut across the Euphrates that would later connect us to the road to Hassakeh. Food was still on our minds as we drove past huddled little villages. The sun was still warm as it slowly […]

“Trip Around and Across Syria!,” By Ali Khan #21

Trip around and across Syria! – Dispatch from Damascus 21 By Ali Khan Syria Comment, May 3, 2009 Citadel in Deir Europos (Dura-Europos) by Ali Khan .. The day after university finished, two friends and I rented a car and set out on a journey that would take us on a 2000 kilometer loop of […]

Ali Khan “At the Hamam”

“At the Hamam” – Dispatch from Damascus 20 (15/04/09) By Ali Khan Photos by Ketan Gajria I had been delaying going to the hamman for a long time. However, this month at university was slightly more challenging than usual and so after the exam I decided it was a good time to visit. We all […]