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News Round Up (8 April 2013)

Preparing for the day after al-Assad’s fall Inside Syria – Aljazeera Presenter Ghida Fakhry: Joshua Landis; Yazan Abdallah, a Syrian academic and member of the Syria Dialogue – a group calling for transitional change in Syria; and Saleh Mubarak, a member of the Syrian National Council and a professor at Qatar University. See PBS Frontline […]

Syria Video – a powerful web service that maps Syrian war video by town and province

Syria Video Syria Comment Announces a new web service: Syria Video, which can be found at Syria Video is a web application that maps and aggregates Syrian war videos by tracking a large number of YouTube channels. The channels have been identified as reliable and tied to specific towns or regions of Syria. Syria Video […]

Haithem al-Maleh, Landis, Fred Reed on Prism TV

Prizm TV:  interviews Fred Reed Haithem al-Malah Joshua Landis The show is hosted by Salah Basalamah and produced by Maher Arar The guests begin talking around the 8 minute mark. That is a good place to begin. The order of speakers is: Prof. Fred Reed – 8:00 What is Syria? What is the Baath Party? […]

What Will a Post Assad Syria Look Like?

I am a pessimist about Syria’s future because the regime will dig in its heels and fight to the end. The Syrian opposition has successfully established a culture of resistance that is widespread in Syria and will not be eliminated. Even if demonstrations can be shut down for the time being, the opposition will not […]

Syria: Sectarian War or Class War

Syria: Sectarian War or Class War Part 2 of short videos on Syria. I discuss the sectarian and class background to the Baath regime and what it means for today’s opposition movement. Part 1 is here.