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“Syrians Were Not Behind the Hariri Assassination,” Former US Offical to as-Safir

The Hariri Murder Investigation: T_desco has provided this report on as-Safir’s treatment of news that Hizbullah members will be named in the Hariri Investigation. I thank him. Even if Hizbullah members are implicated in the murder, many questions will still be asked: Did Hizbullah initiate the assassination planning? How much did either Iran or Syria […]

“Al-Qaida in Lebanon,” by T-desco

T-desco is a well informed analyst of radical groups in Lebanon who comments regularly on SC and keeps track of the many contradictory news stories about the country's radical Sunni groups. He has been reluctant to generalize, but has made an exception this week. Here are two of the five comments that he added to the […]

“UNIFIL and Eido Car Bombs the Same: Murr Blames al-Qaida” by T_desco

t_desco has gathered the following news reports on the UNIFIL bombing and al-Qaida in Lebanon   EFE reports that the same type of explosives was used in both the UNIFIL car-bombing and the attack on Walid Eido. Both also contained aluminum powder. As I had pointed out earlier, large quantities of aluminum powder were confiscated […]