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“Syria, Iraq and Lebanon: the new Af-Pak,” by Anno Bunnik

Syria, Iraq and Lebanon: the new Af-Pak By Anno Bunnik for Syria Comment, Feb 13, 2014 Developments in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon are so deeply intertwined that we might start speaking about these countries in similar terms as we talk about “Af-Pak.” In less than a decade, pro-Iranian forces have entrenched themselves in Damascus and […]

New ISIS Leaks Reveal Particulars of al-Qaida Strategy

by Matthew Barber A new Twitter account that appeared last month is making waves within the jihadi community and rebel groups of Syria. It has not yet been noticed by the international media, but if the author’s claims are legitimate, it may significantly help to shape our understanding of ISIS. The author of the @wikibaghdady […]

Round Up: Qusayr, Hezbollah, Regional Sectarianism, Ehsani on Economics, Foreign Jihadis Behead & Kill for Blasphemy, US Intervention Proposal

From Our Readers Yamin sent the following in an email: The Syrian Government ignores 70 percent of the Opposition fighters being Free Syrian Army and label all of them as al-Qaeda or Jabhat al-Nusra. To them any fighters, regardless of their just causes, are Moslem fanatics. Hilarious. The Opposition ignores 95 percent of the forces opposing […]

Is Jabhat al-Nosra breaking apart?

by Aron Lund for Syria Comment There’s been some very interesting reports about conflicts within Jabhat al-Nosra, the salafi-jihadi rebel group that has been designated an al-Qaida-connected terrorist organization by the USA and several other countries. The background If you follow Syria, you’re already familiar with the outlines of this, but here’s the very short […]

Is Syria Like Iraq?

Is Syria Like Iraq? By Joshua Landis, May 1, 2012, Syria Comment In my recent discussion with Murhaf Jouejati on PBS Newshour, I argued that the reason the US should avoid taking the lead in Syria is that the conflict is sectarian and resembles that of Iraq, where the US had little success. Murhaf took […]