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Syria’s Top Five Insurgent Leaders

Who are Syria’s BIG FIVE Insurgent leaders? by Joshua Landis (with help from the SC experts) October 1, 2013 If we confine our choices to leaders with broad appeal in the Arab and Islamist mainstream — excluding both al-Qaida and Kurdish leaders — we get the following five, listed in order. 1. Hassan Abboud, the […]

Bashar ElSbihi Clarifies

Bashar al-Sba’i (ElSbihi), the opposition figure about whom I wrote last week, has written to explain that he did not “come to an understanding with the Syrian government” before returning home. I am copying his full letter below with his permission. I hope also to publish his analysis of the changes Syria is going through […]

Opposition News and Bashar Sba’i’s Return

[I will be in Vermont for two weeks until Aug. 16, where I will have limited ability to post. My number there will be 802-767-9038] Bashar Sba’i’s Return By Joshua Landis, Aug. 1, 2009 Bashar Sba’i, a leading member of the Syrian opposition in exile, has thrown in the towel. He quit the opposition movement […]

The National Salvation Front Folds

The following articles by Phil Sands and Bahiya Mardini, copied below, explain how the National Salvation Front – Syria’s largest exile opposition party that sprung up in the wake of the Hariri murder and Syria’s withdrawal from Lebanon – disintegrated. The Front was formed in March 2006 (See my coverage) when ex-Vice President Abdel Halim […]

Muslim Brotherhood Breaks with Khaddam and NSF

The Muslim Brotherhood has withdrawn from the National Salvation Front led by ex-Vice President Abdal Halim Khaddam. Assharq Alawsat and Levant News. Also see al-Akhbar‘s coverage. The article begins Bayanouni: Yes, There are differences but we remain in touch Khaddam: The Brotherhood is in touch with the regime through the Security Committee A Syrian Baathi: […]