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Upping Diplomatic, Judicial, Economic and Military Pressure on Syria is Unlikely to Work

Bushra al-Assad, the President's sister and wife of security chief Asef Shawkat, has not asked for refugee status in France, authorities told As-sharq al-Awsat newspaper. The Kuwaiti newspaper "Assiyaseh" and National Salvation Front boss Abdel Halim Khaddam have been insisting that the Syrian presidential family is a daggers drawn and that Bushra is seeking political […]

The soldiers of truth are back

Posted by Alex  In November 2005, US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned the Syrians "What we want are not speeches or words," . "We want cooperation, full and complete, and immediate". The same week, French President Jacques Chirac added "It is not conceivable, admissible, acceptable for the international community … that Syria refuses […]

“To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers,” by Jay Solomon

Unlikely Allies: To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers — Activist Group Provides Link to Syrian Islamists; Seeking Women's Rights By Jay Solomon 25 July 2007 The Wall Street Journal WASHINGTON — On a humid afternoon in late May, about 100 supporters of Syria's largest exile opposition group, the National Salvation Front, gathered […]

“Bush Weighs Reaching Out To Muslim Brothers,” byu Eli Lake

Bush Weighs Reaching Out To Muslim BrothersBY ELI LAKE – Staff Reporter of the SunJune 20, 2007 WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is quietly weighing the prospect of reaching out to the party that founded modern political Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood. Still in its early stages and below the radar, the current American deliberations and […]

The Presidential Plebiscite and Pageantry: What does it Mean?

The presidential plebiscite: What does it mean?  I will begin with my conclusions about the presidential referendum and the many street “hafles” or parties, parades, and festivals that preceded and followed it. I have moved the conclusions to the top because this post is long.  Conclusions 1. Bashar has completed the process of power consolidation […]