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“Do Syrians Want To Fight Until Victory or Do they Want a Ceasefire?” by James McMichael

Civilians want a negotiated peace as quickly as possible, while rebel fighters are determined to fight on for military victory. Moreover, civilians want a postwar government with limited religious influence, while rebel fighters want a religion-dominated postwar government. Recent survey results show clear-cut differences between the views of civilians and those of rebel fighters with regard to the war and the political future of Syria.

“Syrian Chemical Weapons & the Possibility of Ending the Civil War,” by William R Polk

Reflections on the Syrian Chemical Weapons Issue and the Possibility of Ending the Civil War by William R. Polk (Prof. emeritus, Univ of Chicago & ex-member of the Policy Planning Council of the United States Department of State) September 15, 2013 Because so much of the information and comment in the media, particularly in America, […]

“Let ‘Lawfare’ Shape the Conflict, Not the Flow of Arms” – By David Falt

Let ‘Lawfare’ Shape the Conflict, Not the Flow of Arms By David Falt for Syria Comment If we fail to act swiftly, the decision to lift the arms embargo will most likely backfire and serve only to fuel the opposition’s existing frustration with the international community.   The European Union put a lot at stake […]

Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi Interviewed by Syria Comment

Sheikh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi Interviewed by Syria Comment by Matthew Barber   In a previous post I revealed that Sheikh Muhammad al-Ya’qoubi was elected as the first non-Ikhwaan-linked religious figure of the National Coalition. This event did take place, even though his followers were disappointed to discover that his tenure would not see the light of […]

Syrians demonstrate against Qaddafi; Kerry Pushes Peace; SLT sputters

Video of yesterday’s demonstration in front of the Libyan Embassy in Damascus – About 100-150 Syrians demonstrated in solidarity with Libya’s struggle against Qaddafi in front of the Libyan embassy in Damascus. They called for Qaddafi’s downfall. The demonstrators were chanting “peacefully, peacefully”. One demonstrator wrote to say that a number of the participants were […]