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“The Uprising and the New Syria: Islamists Rise in Raqqa while Damascene Christians Dodge Fire” By Matthew Barber

The Uprising and the New Syria: Islamists Rise in Raqqa while Damascene Christians Dodge Fire By Matthew Barber, for Syria Comment March 11, 2013 Readers of Syria Comment were less than thrilled by the posting of the video of the capture of Raqqa by Jabhat al-Wahdet al-Tahrir al-Islamiyya. Some felt that the forenamed Islamists deserved […]

Syrian War Spillover in Iraq Will Be Much Worse than in Lebanon

The Spillover from the Syrian civil war will be much greater in Iraq than Lebanon. by Joshua Landis, Syria Comment, Oct 28, 2012 Many Western journalists are based in Lebanon, few in Iraq. This explains why relatively small events in Lebanon get dramatic reporting and much larger increases of violence in Iraq, are largely overlooked […]

Nuri al-Maliki’s Strategy toward Syria and Syrian Kurds

An Iraq intelligence specialist, who cannot use his name, wrote to disagree with my analysis of  “Assad’s Kurdish Strategy,” published two days ago. He writes: Joshua, I was reading your post on Syrian Kurdistan and noted that you judged that the regional Shia will probably support Syrian Kurdish aspirations.  I think this will not be […]

Syrian Cinema; American Soldiers and Torture

Qifa Nabki has published an interview with me that is generating some discussion: Syrian-Israeli Peace: A Conversation With Joshua Landis Here are two cultural stories of interest: Syrian Cinema: Thumbing Its Nose at the Censor Susanne Schanda, editing by Lewis Gropp/ Politically explosive films and television series from Syria are storming the Arab market. Now the […]

Real GDP Growth 5.9%? Turkey and Change in the Region; Fadlallah Dies

Economic Growth: Syria’s Central Bank has announced that Syria’s real GDP grew at 5.9% last year. This is much higher than the previously estimated 3.6%, we are told by the Economist Intelligence Unit. A note of caution: these figures cannot be verified by independent observers. If the numbers are correct, Syria’s growth will be the […]