The death of Abdelqader Saleh

The Death of Abdelqader Saleh
by Aron Lund for Syria Comment
Sunday, 17 November 2013

Abdelqader Saleh

A spokesperson for the Syrian rebels’ Supreme Military Command just confirmed to me that Abdelqader Saleh, the military leader of the Tawhid Brigade in Aleppo, is dead.

Saleh was one of the commanders hit in an airstrike a few days ago, or more likely a series of strikes. Three of the Tawhid Brigade’s “division commanders” (qaid firqa) were reportedly killed at the same time, and the political leader Abdelaziz Salame was injured. Salame then appeared in a film taken at the hospital, and seemed to be in reasonably good condition (for someone just hit by a missile).

Saleh, on the other hand, was never shown on tape. He was reported to be under hospital care in Turkey. In his sickbed video, Salame repeated that Saleh was alive and in splendid health. But apparently things were much more severe than Tawhid wanted to let on, and Saleh is now reported dead, at age 33. When he passed away remains unclear – immediately or after hospital care? – but according to this article on Aks al-Sir, he has already been buried in his hometown, Marea.

Who was Abdelqader Saleh?

Abdelqader Saleh’s death is big news. He was one of the founders of the Tawhid Brigade in July 2012, when the group came together from a constellation of local units in the northern Syrian countryside to charge into Aleppo. The core of the group was a number of commanders from Anadan (including Abdelaziz Salame and Abu Tawfiq), Marea (Saleh), Aazaz and other places. Many, including Saleh, had a background as participants in the peaceful protests against Assad, but by the time of Tawhid’s creation all of them had grown into important local military leaders. Several of these founding leaders used noms de guerre on a theme of “Hajji so-and-so”, to signal which town they led, or claimed to lead. So Abdelaziz Salame became Hajji Anadan, and Saleh himself was Hajji Marea. He was still affectionately called that way among his supporters.

As a charismatic leader who led from the front, and was often seen in news broadcasts discussing tactics with his fighters as gunfire crackled from just down the street, he was a hugely important figure in the Aleppo insurgency. His background was not in politics, and contrary to recurrent rumors, he had not spent time in Seidnaia Prison among many other Islamists, and neither had he fought in Iraq. A Tawhid spokesperson claimed to me that Saleh had in fact been opposed to fighters travelling to Iraq to fight the Americans, and tried to discourage young men from doing so, despite his own opposition to the US occupation. He was a trader, and according to some rumors, he sold considerable family assets at the start of the uprising, in order to finance his brigade in Marea.

Politically he was – or became – an Islamist, who made no bones about seeking sharia law in Syria. But he was clearly not part of the radical fundamentalist camp. He avoided the minority-baiting common among hardline salafis, and signalled that he wanted Syria’s future to be decided in elections, although he sought some form of Islamic framework for those elections. He worked well with Western and Gulf financiers, and his group clearly enjoyed some form of international backing. It was a charter member of the Supreme Military Command (which is the most-recent incarnation of the Free Syrian Army). Abdelqader Saleh himself was part of its official command structure, holding the inconspicuous-sounding post of assistant deputy commander of the northern region. At the same time, he held close to local Islamist factions like Ahrar al-Sham, and even Jabhat al-Nosra.

Tawhid recently signed on to the September 24 statement denouncing the National Coalition exiles, and calling for an internal rebel leadership. In line with its centrist-Islamist orientation, and also to protect its own financial interests, the Tawhid Brigade had also made a half-hearted effort to broker a deal that would stop the Islamic State’s takeover of Aazaz; Tawhid held a 50% stake in the nearby Bab al-Salama border crossing. But while Tawhid’s relations to the Islamic State of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi were clearly deteriorating, there had never been any serious fighting between the two groups, and both sides tried to downplay the risk of conflict.

The Tawhid Brigade

The Tawhid Brigade remains the most important group in the Aleppo region, and by virtue of Aleppo’s importance, it is certainly one of the most important rebel factions in Syria. After some reorganizations, it now consists of around 30 “divisions”, and claims to control a total manpower well above 10,000 soldiers. Almost all of these are in Aleppo and the surrounding countryside, although there are some Tawhid affiliates in Idleb or as far away as Damascus.

The group is generally seen as Islamist, and has used religious rhetoric since its foundation. In late 2012, Tawhid was one of the founding members of the Aleppo Sharia Court system. But the ideological commitment within the group seems to vary quite a lot across subunits and among members. It could hardly be described as one of the more ideological Islamist groups of the war, rather as an Islamist-oriented big-tent movement. In fact, many have accused the group of plundering public and private property in Aleppo, indicating that fighters were poorly disciplined and to some extent motivated by money. Saleh was visibly uncomfortable when faced with such accusations in his interview with Taysir Allouni on Aljazeera some months ago.

What will happen with Tawhid?

As mentioned above, the Tawhid Brigade is an large, sprawling umbrella movement formed out of regional militias. Leadership succession might not be an easy thing for such a group. It could suffer internal divisions and even violent strife, at the loss of a central and unifying leader. At a time when the Syrian regime is advancing on Aleppo, Saleh’s death therefore is very bad news for the opposition. Even if the front holds, Tawhid could be drained of cohesion, and end up losing subunits and fighters to other groups. Most of the major speculants would  presumably be more hardline Islamist factions, like its local allies in Ahrar al-Sham. But it’s also possible that local rebel politics, or the politics of money, will help steer fighters away from such ties, or indeed contribute effectively to the cohesion of Tawhid.For one thing, Abdelaziz Salame is still alive, albeit wounded. An Islamist figure and former honey-trader from Anadan, he is formally the group’s top leader, although was never as well-known as Saleh. Having him alive gives Tawhid a certain political and institutional continuity at the moment, which it could certainly use. But Salame has not run the military side of things, and may not be in a position to influence the choice of military commander if factional conflict erupts.

In any case, the inner politics of Tawhid remain completely opaque, at least to me. Speculation is useless. All that can be said is that the succession issue will be affected both by pressure and coaxing from Tawhid’s international and regional state backers, and its local rebel allies, and by internal deliberations that are equally obscure, but are certain to include the balancing of military power, personal relations among the leaders, their varying ideological concerns, and the regional interests that they represent.

– Aron Lund

Hassan Abboud of Ahrar al-Sham, Ahmad `Aisa al-Shaykh of Suqour al-Sham Brigade, Abdelqader Saleh (in striped shirt) of Liwaa al-Tawhid, Zahran Alloush of the Islam Army

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551. zoo said:

The Syrian intelligence back in business with Western countries to counter the Islamists terrorists in Syria who want to also ‘topple’ Bashar al Assad.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported that the representatives of some western intelligence services have also held meetings with Syrian secret service chief General Ali Mamluk, who is on the EU blacklist.

“The presence of more than a thousand jihadists (terrorists) who have come from Europe to fight in Syria is a serious concern for the countries they come from,” said another western diplomat.

“That’s why the security services of these countries want to resume cooperation with Syria that has been on hold for the last two years.”

The Syrian intelligence agency has been infiltrating terrorist groups in the last two years to hunt down their leaders, a commander disclosed in mid November, adding that the agency has conducted hundreds of targeted-killings against notorious terrorist leaders in the last two years.

“The intelligence agency in Syria has managed to live through two years of crisis, infiltrate militant Salafi and Jihadi groups and take the control of affairs in the Muslim country,” an intelligence agency commander told FNA on the condition of anonymity.

“The Syrian forces have so far done targeted-killings against 500 infamous terrorists after identifying them,” he said, adding that the country’s intelligence agents who have infiltrated terrorist groups have been wiring valuable information which has also been useful in targeting and destroying a large number of ammunition caches of the terrorists.

The commander underlined that the foreign terrorists which act against the Syrian people are the main target of such operations.

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November 30th, 2013, 7:34 am


552. zoo said:

A Saudi army officer “guided” to martyrdom in Syria

Adel Nayef Al-Shemri, nicknamed Abu Ossama, was a commander of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and was killed in fierce clashes with the Syrian army in Deir Attiya in Reef Damascus.

Al-Shemri was a former Saudi army major who joined the ISIL in Syria in July. The ISIL had commissioned Al-Shemri to attack Deir Attiya hospital in Reef Damascus.

Earlier this week, more than fifty Al-Nusra front and “Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) militants were killed in heavy fighting in the Eastern Ghouta area East of Damascus, the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

According to the statement released by the observatory, 96 militants were killed during fierce clashes in the region.

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November 30th, 2013, 7:41 am


553. zoo said:

Hollande’s constant hardline over Iran will certainly impair the return of french companies in Iran. The USA and Germany are much better poised to get back.

French Automakers Poised to Race Back Into Iran; Could Detroit Be Next?
by Reuters Nov 30th 2013 5:00AM

PARIS/DUBAI — Peugeot and Renault are among Western firms sending executives to an automotive conference that opens in Iran on Saturday — firing the starting gun on a more overt race for post-sanctions business.

The French carmakers are poised to resume vehicle sales in Iran, using a six-month easing of trade restrictions to reclaim their market position before the mass arrival of competitors behind any permanent detente that could follow.

Production by Iran’s domestic car industry, unusually developed for the Middle East, peaked at 1.6 million cars in 2011, the year crippling new sanctions were introduced. Leading manufacturer Iran Khodro accounted for about half of that output.

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November 30th, 2013, 7:57 am


554. zoo said:

Erdogan is now also at war against his ex-ally, the powerful and ambiguous Gulen movement that may hamper his next year possible election as president

Gülen lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, where he presides over a huge informal network of schools, think tanks, businesses, and media across five continents. His devotees have established roughly 100 charter schools in the United States alone, and the movement has gained traction in Europe since the first Gülen school was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1995.

Back home, Gülen’s followers have created what is effectively a state within the Turkish state, gaining a strong foothold in the police force, the judiciary, and the bureaucracy. Gülenists deny that they control the Turkish police, but, as a US ambassador to Turkey put it in 2009, “we have found no one who disputes it.”

But relations between Erdoğan and the Gülenists have soured. Once their common enemy, the secularists, were out of the way, Erdoğan had less need for the movement. The breaking point came in February 2012, when Gülenists tried to bring down his intelligence chief, a close confidant, reaching perilously close to Erdoğan himself. Erdoğan responded by removing many Gülenists from their positions in the police and judiciary.

But Erdoğan’s ability to take on the Gülen movement is limited

The foreign media have focused mainly on Erdoğan’s behavior in recent months. But if Turkey has turned into a Kafkaesque quagmire, a republic of dirty tricks and surreal conspiracies, it is Gülenists who must shoulder much of the blame. This is worth remembering in view of the movement’s efforts to dress up its current opposition to Erdoğan in the garb of democracy and pluralism.

Gülenist commentators preach about the rule of law and human rights, even as Gülenist media champion flagrant show trials. The movement showcases Fethullah Gülen as a beacon of moderation and tolerance, while his Turkish-language Web site peddles his anti-Semitic, anti-Western sermons. Such double talk seems to have become second nature to Gülenist leaders.


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November 30th, 2013, 8:18 am


555. Tara said:

ما أحلى الطائفية!..
الإنسان الطائفي- أهضم منو ما في!

شعار: طائفيون للأبد- جكرا ببيت الأسد!

باللهجة اللبنانية: شو لابقتلك هالطائفية يا عمي!.. كتير رامية عليك!
مثل شعبي: طائفي عن طائفي بيفرق!

كلام دارج: اللي ما عندو (طائفي) يشتري (طائفي)..

اكتشافات: الإنسان الطائفي له نظرة خاصة إلى الاستبداد.. فالطائفي الشيعي السوري يكره المستبدين صدام حسين ومعمر القذافي وعلي عبد الصالح، ويحب المجرم بشار الأسد، الإرهابي حسن نصر الله، والمستبدين الإيرانيين.. والطائفي السني السوري يكره المجرم حافظ الأسد، والمجرم ستالين، والإرهابي حسن نصر الله، والديكتاتور تشاوسيسكو، ويترحم على صدام حسين ويسميه “الرئيس الشهيد”..
الطائفي العلوي التركي يؤيد بطش بيت الأسد بالشعب السوري، وإذا نقصت حريته الشخصية أو السياسية أو الاجتماعية بمقدر (ديزم) واحد سرعان ما يخرج إلى الشارع مندداً بالأساليب القمعية التي تنتهجها الحكومة التركية للحد من حريات الشعب التركي!!.. ويرسل خبراً عما أصابه إلى قيادة حزبه، لتشن، بدورها، حملة صحافية واسعة للمطالبة بمزيد من الحريات على الأرض التركية!


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November 30th, 2013, 8:35 am



zouzou now competes with zouzou for the dishonor awards. Donaan, you’r being smoked here.

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November 30th, 2013, 10:44 am


557. zoo said:

The amended Egyptian Constitution separates religion from politics
Egypt: Constitution committee reaches agreement on preamble, civil state

Constitution committee source says final voting to start on Saturday

Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat—Following prolonged discussions lasting into the early hours of Thursday morning, Egypt’s 50-member constitution committee was able to reach an agreement on the text of the constitution’s preamble and several controversial articles.

Committee spokesman Mohamed Salmawy announced that the members had voted in favor of drafting the constitution’s preamble to state that “Egypt is a democratic state with a civil system of rule.”

The Salafist Al-Nour Party had pushed for the removal of the term “civil” from the preamble, while also calling for the addition of a definition of the “principles of Islamic Shari’a law.”

Speaking to a press conference on Thursday, Salmawy announced that “the representative of the Al-Nour Party has not succeeded in gaining support for his demands.”

However, the spokesman rejected claims that the Al-Nour Party had only agreed to take part in the constitution-drafting process in order to try to salvage as much as possible of the previous constitution. Salmawy described such accusations as a “complete injustice” to the Al-Nour Party’s contribution to the drafting process.

“The description of Egypt as a civil system is necessary to reflect the June 30 revolution’s main slogan, which called for a separation between religion and politics,” Salmawy added.

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November 30th, 2013, 10:49 am


558. ALAN said:

قال أحد عباقرة القرن الثامن عشر، إنه ينبغي على العالم أن يخّلص البشرية من الفكر الصهيوني، ولم تكن السعودية قد تأسست آنذاك ليستجير بالعالم، ويطلب إليه أن ينقذ البشرية من الفكر التكفيري المتجسد في الإسلام السياسي، الذي أصبح يرهب الإنسانية برمتها اليوم

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November 30th, 2013, 11:09 am


559. Sami said:

A thirty minute documentary into the heinous crime of gassing innocent civilians in Western Ghouta by the Assadists scum.

AJA interviews survivors, medics, and experts.

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November 30th, 2013, 12:01 pm


560. ALAN said:

EU Envoys Resuming Contacts with Syrian Government
Envoys from Austria, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the EU’s charge d’affaires now make regular trips to Damascus. A number of the envoys also met with Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Miqdad earlier this week.

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November 30th, 2013, 12:05 pm


561. Syrian said:

Another Hizboola terrorist have been sent to hell in Syria

مقاتل جديد لحزب الشيطان يسقط في سوريا
المجموعة: سورية اليوم
نعى حزب الشيطان عنصرا جديدا هو محمود بدوي (أبو أمير) او (أبو زينب) الذي قضى أثناء قيامه بواجبه الشيطاني في الدفاع عن المقدسات على ما جاء في بيان النعي . وقد شيع اليوم عند الثانية ظهراً في روضة الشهداء الجديدة – الغبيري .

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November 30th, 2013, 2:29 pm


562. Syrian said:

صحيفة لبنانية : نقمة على نصر الله بعد ارتفاع أعداد قتلى الحزب في سوريا بسبب ” خذلان ” ماهر الأسد !
السبت – 30 تشرين الثاني – 2013 – 20:59:46

أعلن مصدر مقرب من “حزب الله”، انه “لم تتوقع قيادات الحزب أن يكون حجم الخسائر البشرية كبيراً لهذه الدرجة، وخاصة بعد أخذ الضمانات من النظام السوري وخاصة “ماهر الأسد” أن مقاتلي الحزب سيكونون بالصفوف الخلفية لدعم جيش النظام، بحسب صحيفة ” الجمهورية” اللبنانية.

و أضافت الصحيفة بحسب المصدر أنه : ثبت أن جيش النظام متهالك، وعلى حافة الانهيار، مما دفع بإرسال عدد كبير من العناصر تجاوز العشرين ألف مقاتل، وتم زجهم في ريف دمشق وحمص، وخاصة خلال الشهرين الماضيين”.

و أضاف المصدر ” أصبحت هذه الميليشيات تقاتل في الصفوف الأمامية بعد أن أخذوا “ضمانات” أن المعارضة المقاتلة في سوريا لا تمتلك السلاح الذي يسمح لها بمقاومة سلاح النظام و آلته العسكرية، و هي عبارة عن ميليشيات تقاتل لهدف واحد و هو المال، وأن كل ما يتم بثه عبر وسائل الإعلام “مبالغ به”، ولن تستغرق المواجهات أكثر من أيام معدودة، ناهيك عن سلاح النظام الجوي والصاروخي والمدفعي”.

و تابع ” كما تم ذكر أن هناك حوالي 150 عنصراً من المفقودين، و حسن نصرالله يواجه حالياً نقمة من قبل أهالي القتلى و المفقودين الذين يعتبرهم أهلهم بحكم القتلى”.

و أضاف : ” الظاهر أن هناك خلافات كبيرة مع ضباط كبار في جيش النظام، خاصة بعد معارك القلمون والغوطة الشرقية، لأن العناصر الذين نجوا من الموت رووا أن ضباط جيش النظام فروا وتركوا عناصر حزب الله دون إعلامهم بالانسحاب أثناء معارك الغوطة الشرقية بريف دمشق وتركوهم لقمة سائغة لمقاتلي المعارضة”.

و ختم المصدر قائلاً : ” هناك شعور أنه قد تم جلب عناصر الحزب للموت دفاعاً عن المقدسات من قبل بعض الضباط العلويين، ويتم التعامل معهم بأسلوب غريب جداً بحسب ما أخبرني بعض الذين انسحبوا من القتال في سوريا”.

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November 30th, 2013, 2:35 pm


563. zoo said:

Government forces winning the war in Syria, says PM (in Iran)

Wael Halki says regime would not rest while a single enemy fighter remained at large

Maintaining Syria’s unyielding response to Western calls for president Bashar al-Assad to step aside, Mr Halki said the era of “threats and intimidation has gone, never to return, while the era of victory and pride is being created now on Syrian soil”.
The size of Mr Halki’s delegation, which included Syria’s energy, electricity, health and foreign ministers, reflected the importance of the alliance between the two countries. Sana said they had discussed activating Iran’s multi-billion dollar credit facility to Damascus, bringing Iranian companies back to Syria’s war-ravaged economy and speeding up deals to provide oil products, medical equipment and food.

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November 30th, 2013, 3:12 pm


564. zoo said:

Lavrov wants all branch of Islam and large Islamic countries and organization to participate in Geneva II as the crisis in the Arab world have a ‘pronounced Islamic dimension’

“We want this circle to be enlarged because last year’s conference was not attended by Iran and Saudi Arabia, and these are two countries that are associated with the main sponsors of different warring factions in Syria,” Lavrov said.

He thinks that the presence of these countries at the conference is important because Iran is perceived as the leader of Shi’ism in Islam, and Saudi Arabia as the leader of Sunnis. “It is fundamentally important to have all branches of Islam represented because the Syrian crisis, just like many other crises in the Middle East, has a clearly pronounced Islamic dimension,” the minister said.

Lavrov also stressed the importance of inviting Indonesia to the conference, which is the world’s largest Muslim country and which “wants to take part in the conference being aware of responsibility for the situation in the Islamic world.”

“We should also invite the leaders of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, which brings together all Muslims without exception and which is called upon to promote common approaches allowing Islamic countries to play an equal role in solving international problems without pandering to divisions within the Islamic world,” the Russian foreign minister said.

The goal of Geneva II would be to achieve a political solution to the conflict through a comprehensive agreement between the Government and the opposition for the full implementation of the Geneva communique, adopted after the first international meeting on the issue on June 30, 2012.

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November 30th, 2013, 3:20 pm


565. zoo said:

Hunted down as they withdraw from Qalamoun, Al Nusra terrorists and associates probably want to use Maaloula as a bargaining chip

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebels broke in to Maaloula in the early hours after starting the offensive the previous night, leaving casualties on both sides. The group says Jabhat al-Nusra members are among those fighting in the area.

Maaloula is on the edge of Qalamoun, southwest of the town of Nabek that has been the focus of a government push for the past three days. Troops already captured two other major towns in the area.
A Maaloula resident told The Associated Press in Damascus that the rebels are now in the western part of the town and have captured the Mar Takla convent, where several nuns were staying.

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November 30th, 2013, 3:27 pm


566. ghufran said:

A must read article from The Telegraph describing how prospective freedom fighters became thugs and princes of war:

Syria dispatch: from band of brothers to princes of war:

The Free Syrian Army began as a simple group of fighters battling Assad. But Ruth Sherlock, in Antakya, finds their mission is now making millions from bribery and extortion

Syria dispatch: from band of brothers to princes of war

By Ruth Sherlock, Antakya

5:00PM GMT 30 Nov 2013

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November 30th, 2013, 3:58 pm


567. zoo said:

Qatar, Iran seek to boost cultural ties

HE the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Dr Hamad bin Abdul Aziz al-Kuwari yesterday met thevisiting Iranian Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Jannati and his accompanying delegation.

They discussed bilateral cultural relations and ways to promote them.

The two sides agreed to draft a memorandum of implementation to activate the Cultural Co-operation Agreement between the two countries. They also agreed on organising a Qatari cultural week in Iran and an Iranian cultural week in Qatar during 2014.

They agreed as well to form a committee from the ministries of culture in the two countries to select a number of Arabic books to be translated into Farsi and a selection of Farsi books to be translated into Arabic.

The two sides also discussed the participation of Qatar in the cultural events taking place in Iran, such as music, film and theatre festivals.

The hosting of calligraphy, painting and sculpture exhibitions in Doha by the Iranian Museum of Contemporary Art was also taken up as well as staging a smaller version of International Holy Qur’an Exhibition, which is held in Iran annually showing various editions, translations and interpretations of the Holy Qur’an, and on the other hand, organising similar activities in Iran, particularly by Mathaf Qatar.

HE Dr al-Kuwari underlined Iran’s rich civilization and cultural legacy.

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November 30th, 2013, 3:59 pm


568. zoo said:


There are still some expat “survivors” who act as if they still believe in the opposition or the armed rebels possible ‘victory’ .
They surely have a hard time admitting that they blindly supported people who turned out to be much more violent and certainly much less intelligent than the ones they were criticizing.

With money and support from ‘benefactors’ the opposition has brainswashed many naive and idealistic Syrians to hate each others, kill each others and destroy their country for the sake of some foreign agendas they have no control on.
They all ended up by falling prey to thugs and criminals.
Very few of the opposition deserve to have a place in the future of Syria.

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November 30th, 2013, 4:22 pm


569. ALAN said:

Back in the US, having seen the full might of the pro-Israel lobby attacking their president and making Congress clap like circus seals, many Americans must be wondering if they have lost control of their nation’s Mideast policy.

Polls show Americans certainly don’t want to fight yet another war for Israel’s benefit. PM Netanyahu has gone too far in trying to throw his weight around in America and in humiliated President Barack Obama.

His heavy-handed actions will remind many that the US Congress has been totally corrupted by big money and big media – and needs to be reformed.

As Ben Franklin said, “there is no bad peace; and no good war.” So Geneva, however imperfect, is a step forward. Now, we will watch its foes move heaven and earth to sabotage these accords.

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November 30th, 2013, 4:36 pm


570. Ghufran said:

A video by a defecting FSA commander accusing the FSA of being directed and financed by GCC and western intelligence agencies:–UhQ-KovMs
Source: SOHR

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November 30th, 2013, 4:57 pm


571. Syrian said:

November is the blodist month for Hizboola in Syria since it decided to support fully chemical Assad,while the numbers of Hizboola terrorists killed are in hunderds Hizboola officially admited to 35 including 6 leaders,I hope the numbers will be higher next month
“تشرين الثاني 2013 ” سيستقر هذا التاريخ في ذاكرة حزب الله .. فربما لن يكون الأخير لكنه الشهر الأكثر دموية عليه بعد معركة القصير ومنذ مشاركته في الحرب السورية الى جانب نظام الأسد , فقد خسر الحزب في هذا الشهر 35 عنصرا بينهم 6 قياديين

برغم أن ثوار سوريا أعلنوا أن خسارة الحزب أضعاف مضاعفة لهذا الرقم غير أن 35 قتيلا هو ما أعلن عنه الحزب رسميا

وقد نعاهم الحزب تباعا منذ بداية تشرين الثاني , معظمهم قضى في معارك القلمون والغوطة الشرقية وهم :

القيادي حسن محمد مرعي والملقب بـ ” أبو ربيع ” من النبطية

القيادي علي شبيب محمود والملقب بـ”ابو تراب الرويس” من بلدة لبّايا في البقاع الغربي.
القيادي حسن نعمة ملقب بـ”باقر”
القيادي موسى أحمد صقر من الهرمل
القيادي علي اسكندر
القيادي وسام شرف الدين ملقب بـ”السيد نصرالله”
كمال علي حدرج والملقب بجعفر وهومن بلدة الغسانية الجنوبية
حسين علي علوش من دير الزهراني
محمد مهدي قانصو ملقب بـ”أبو زهراء” من بلدة كفرمان
حسن أحمد بلاغي ” أبو صادق “من بلدة معركة الجنوبية
أكرم صادق ‏حوراني من بلدة عين بعال الجنوبية
حسن خضر مصطفى من بلدة مجدلون قضاء بعلبك
علي الشيخ رضا حجازي
محمد أحمد سيف الدين والملقب بـ”ساجد” من تحويطة الغدير –شويفات
جعفر حسين هاشم من بلدة عين التينة – البقاع الغربي

محمد علي جمال خراساني والملقب بـ”باسل”
حسن يحيى مشهدية والملقب بـ”كرار”
علي حسين ناصر
محمد زغيب
الياس أحمد حيدر
حسين محمد الحاج علي
محمد نصر الدين
محسن حسين الفن
علي عزالدين هزيم
ﺣﻴﺪﺭ ﻋﻠﻲ ﻛﺎﻟﻮﺕ
ﻣﺤﻤﺪ ﻋﻠﻲ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﺝ ﻋﻠﻲ
ذو الفقار عزالدين
صلاح الدين علي يوسف
فؤاد علي حسن
جعفر رعد
عباس محمد ادريس
حسين رغدة
علي رضا فؤاد الحاج حسن (ابن أخ وزير الزراعة حسين الحاج حسن)
محمد المقداد
محمود بدوي

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November 30th, 2013, 5:28 pm


572. ziad said:

إسرائيل تتدخل في معارك الغوطة

إسرائيل في الغوطة الشرقية لدمشق؟ المعارك التي بدأت الجمعة الماضية بهجوم مفاجئ على المواقع المتقدمة للجيش السوري في أقصى الغوطة الشرقية، قد تتحول إلى المناسبة الأولى التي يشارك فيها الإسرائيليون بفعالية في الحرب السورية إلى جانب أحد الطرفين.

وبحسب مصادر متقاطعة، فقد قدّم الإسرائيليون خرائط وصوراً استطلاعية لمواقع الجيش السوري الى نواة القوة المهاجمة التي انطلقت من الأردن، تحت قيادة منسقة للاستخبارات السعودية والأميركية والإسرائيلية.

ولكن الإسهام الإسرائيلي الكبير في معركة الغوطة الشرقية كان ركيزة الهجوم كله. وبحسب معلومات أمنية، نجح الإسرائيليون قبل انطلاق الموجة الأولى من الهجوم بتعطيل منظومة الاتصالات للفرقة الرابعة والحرس الجمهوري ووحدات من قوات النخبة لـ«حزب الله» وفصائل «أبو الفضل العباس» العراقية الموجودة في المنطقة.

وخلال الساعات الأولى من الهجوم، استخدم الإسرائيليون وسائل التعمية الإلكترونية، ونجحوا بتشويش الاتصالات اللاسلكية بين المجموعات السورية وحلفائها على خط الدفاع الأول الذي جرى خرقه بسرعة، وأدى إلى سقوط سبع قرى ومزارع في منطقة المرج. وبات معروفا أن وحدات من الفرقة الرابعة المتمركزة في المنطقة فقدت الاتصال مع قياداتها في المنطقة، وقامت وحدات منها بحماية خطوط المجموعات المنسحبة نحو خط الدفاع الثاني لمنع المهاجمين من التقدم نحو هدفهم الاستراتيجي في العتيبة، التي تشكل مدخل الغوطة الشرقية، ومفتاح الحصار حولها.

ونجح الهجوم بعزل مجموعات الحرس الجمهوري و«لواء أبو الفضل العباس» بعضها عن بعض، وخسرت العديد من عناصرها. ونجحت التعزيزات التي وصلت إلى منطقة المرج باستعادة أكثر المقارّ والحواجز والمواقع التي فقدت، وأعادت تنظيم خطوط الدفاع المتوازية، وأعادت الاتصال بالمجموعات التي فُقدت. وهكذا استطاع «حزب الله» استرداد مجموعة من سبعة مقاتلين من قوات النخبة، قالت المعارضة إنها قتلتهم خلال الهجوم، فيما أكد «المرصد السوري لحقوق الإنسان» أن عناصرها استعادوا الاتصال بقيادتهم.

ويجزم خبراء عسكريون بأن عملية تعطيل الاتصالات النوعية التي شهدتها الغوطة تحمل بصمات الأجهزة الإلكترونية الإسرائيلية المعروفة في أوساط «حزب الله» ولدى الجيش السوري. ويعمل «حزب الله» على حماية شبكات اتصالاته، بالإبقاء على الأجهزة السلكية وحمايتها، وهي شبكة يصعب اختراقها أو تعطيلها.

وتميزت العملية الهجومية، التي أشرفت عليها غرفة سعودية – أميركية مشتركة في الأردن، بغياب مقاتلي تنظيم «الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام» (داعش) عنها، الذين استبعدوا من العملية بطلب أميركي، حفاظاً على سريتها، وتجنباً لاستراتيجية «داعش» التي تعتمد على الاقتحام الانتحاري الواسع في المراحل الأولى من الهجمات، ما يفقد المهاجمين ميزة عنصر المفاجأة في منطقة لم تشهد عمليات عسكرية كبيرة، منذ أن وصل الجيش السوري قبل شهر ونصف الشهر إلى حافتها المؤدية إلى البادية نحو الأردن، مستكملا حصاره لـ«الجيش الحر» في المنطقة.

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November 30th, 2013, 9:31 pm


573. ziad said:

تركي الفيصل ويوسي ألفير مستشار نتنياهو يتآمرون على إيران

فيديو يظهر فيه الامير السعودي تركي الفيصل، الذي كان رئيساً لجهاز الاستخبارات الوطنية في المملكة، حيث كان يجتمع مع مسؤول اسرائيلي كبير هو يوسي ألفير المستشار الخاص لرئيس الوزراء الاسرائيلي، كما أنه أحد أكبر ضباط جهاز الاستخبارات الاسرائيلية (الموساد).. ويأتي هذا الفيديو بعد أقل من اسبوعين على التقرير الذي نشرته جريدة “صنداي تايمز” والذي تقول فيه الصحيفة أن الأمير السعودي بندر بن سلطان يعقد لقاءات دورية مع مسؤولين وضباط كبار في الموساد الاسرائيلي، وذلك بهدف التنسيق لمواجهة العدو المشترك وهو ايران. وبحسب التقرير فان السعودية أعطت ضوءاً أخضر للاسرائيليين من أجل استخدام أجوائها في أية ضربة عسكرية تقرر تل أبيب توجيهها لطهران.

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November 30th, 2013, 10:22 pm


574. apple_mini said:

I am glad that Hezbollah is making their share of sacrifice.

Their commitment is well appreciated.

I am more proud of their work. Their sacrifices are paying out well.

The recent military gains by SAA would not be feasible if it were not helped by Hezbollah.

More sacrifice is needed to take out those fanatics.

Let’s hope December will bring in the biggest gains and comfort to our lives.

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November 30th, 2013, 11:43 pm


575. Class and Revolution: Syria and 1848 Compared | Democratic Revolution, Syrian Style said:

[…] differentiate between Christian filmmaker Bassel Shehadeh or Liwa al-Tawhid’s military leader Abdel Qader Saleh. The fascist state forcibly and murderously prevents classes from assembling to even discuss their […]

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December 6th, 2013, 1:58 pm


576. Abdul Qadir as-Saleh: Farewell to One of the Better Forces Remaining in Syria | The Syrian Intifada said:

[…] volunteered troops to ensure that ISIS did not destroy Northern Storm in Azaz. (The credit remains even if Saleh’s motives were not purely humanitarian: “Tawhid held a 50% stake in the nearby […]

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March 22nd, 2014, 7:46 am


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