‘Don’t Drag our Revolution through the Mud!” Farouk Brigade Commander Denies Claims of the self-proclaimed “Executioner of Homs”

The Commander of the Farouk Brigade of Homs denies the claims of the self-proclaimed Executioner of Homs.  made in the article, “The Burial Brigade of Homs: An Executioner for Syria’s Rebels Tells His Story”, published on 29 March 2012 by the German news magazine SPIEGEL online.

A German reporter friend asked me to post the following interview with Abdel Razaq Tlass, commander of Al Farouk brigade (FSA, Homs) which was published by Qantara. The reporter writes:

Today, Syria´s Ambassador to the UN (Jaafari) referred in his speech to this article (minute 6´50) wrongly citing, the important article of the German magazine DER SPIEGEL“ – it was SPIEGEL ONLINE which is independent of DER SPIEGEL). Many Syrians feel that this uncritical report destroys the overall image of the Syrian revolution.

We all know that executions of Shabbihas take place, especially in places like Homs. But the answers of Tlass suggest that there is no systematic system of judging and killing that is being controlled or ordered by the FSA-command. This is, as you know, very important. And for me as a colleague of Ulrike I consider it unprofessional not to doubt any of the descriptions of her witness in Tripoli and to not even try to check these allegations with somebody in Homs.

You know how difficult it is to interview Tlass, the interviewer had to stay anonymous but I know that the interview was properly conducted, translated and authorized.

Unfortunately SPIEGEL ONLINE didn’t see any reason for publishing the interview with Abdel Razaq Tlass. The editors comment:

We carefully investigated the story of the executioner of Bab Amr. Our correspondent as well as several other colleagues of our editorial staff have been following the developments in Syria with accuracy and detailed knowledge for years. I can´t find any sensationalism in our reports. We don´t see any reason to deviate from our reporting.“

Please note that the criticism explicitly refers to the work of SPIEGEL ONLINE, not to the reporting of the news magazin DER SPIEGEL which works independently of SPIEGEL ONLINE.

‘Don’t Drag our Revolution through the Mud!”

In an article entitled “The Burial Brigade of Homs:”, the German news magazine SPIEGEL online asserted that the Free Syrian Army has been responsible for the systematic sentencing, torture and execution of militiamen, soldiers and supporters of the Assad regime.

In an interview with Sakr El Horea, the commander of the Al Farouk Brigade in Homs, Abdel Razaq Tlass, denies the accusations

Have members of the irregular state Shabiha militia group been executed by the Free Syrian Army (FSA)? If so, were these isolated cases or are executions a regular occurrence, for instance, after guilt has been proven?

Abdel Razaq Tlass: From the very start, the task of the FSA in Homs has been to protect the demonstrators and to support the work of activists on the local coordination committees in Homs. This cooperation has allowed us to provide the world with information on the massacres committed by the regime. The Al Farouk Brigade has not conducted any executions of Shabiha militiamen or any captured soldiers. The brigade does not see itself as a court.

The SPIEGEL online article describes an organization that consists of a summary court, interrogation brigade and burial brigade. Does such a structure exist in Homs?

Tlass: No. There is neither an execution brigade nor a summary court brigade. The Al Farouk Brigade interrogates prisoners without resorting to psychological or physical torture. There is no interrogation brigade, as interrogations are usually conducted by the leaders of the brigade.

Abdel Razaq Tlass, one of the first deserters and the nephew of the long-serving Syrian Defence Minister Mustafa Tlass, is regarded as an important figure within the Free Syrian Army

How many soldiers from the regular Syrian Army, how many Shabiha militiamen and how many Assad supporters have been killed?

Tlass: You have to differentiate between two things: many regime soldiers were killed during the fighting between Assad’s troops and the FSA in Homs, during the defence of civilians by the FSA, and as a consequence of FSA attacks on military bases. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with an exact number. However, the FSA has never conducted any executions or the targeted killing of individuals.

The witness in the SPIEGEL online article describes how a member of the burial brigade cut the throat of a prisoner condemned to death by the FSA.

Tlass: We categorically reject such a form of killing. No executions are carried out on behalf of the FSA.

How does the FSA determine the guilt of prisoners? Does the FSA use torture during interrogation? If so, what form of torture?

Tlass: We do not employ any form of torture during our interrogations.

Is there any cooperation between the local coordination committee and the Al Farouk Brigade when sentencing of prisoners?

Tlass: There is no sentencing of prisoners. The purpose of interrogations is to gain information and to gather evidence. Videos are made in which the prisoners describe their actions. In exchange, we release them. Convictions, however, do not take place….. [continue]

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101. mjabali said:

Hajji Juergen:

please do not translate, you are butchering the real text.

the text in the link you posted says:

عزيزي العالم

إنو المراقبين مشان شو
مشان تتأكد إنو إلى عم تشوفو
دم مو كتشب مثلاً…!!!؟؟؟

أحرار طيبة الامام.

It translates to:

My Dear the World

Why the observers?

So they/you make sure that what they/You see is blood and not ketchup for example…!!!???

The free ones from Taybbat al-Imam

Note: “They/You”: means you could uses either and the translation would be considered accurate. To be more exact: the verb تتأكد (translated to:”make sure”) could mean: the world needs to make sure, or the observers need to make sure.

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April 16th, 2012, 6:46 am


102. Juergen said:

Thank you Muallim Mjabali!

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April 16th, 2012, 6:53 am


103. SANDRO LOEWE said:

95. Juergen

Of course most villagers of Tabqa City are state workers so it makes more difficult to oppose the regime. I do not think it is the strategical importance of the Dam in itself but one or some of the factor I metioned before. I think the most important point is the lack of a urban centre as well as the lack of a rural recently urbanized class.

Most people from Raqqa area who fled the area after the agriculture crisis (2006-2011) drove to Aleppo suburbs and Damascus perimeter but not to Raqqa city. Some of them even took their khaimas with them.

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April 16th, 2012, 8:43 am


104. Observer said:

Once again the Syrian news on Russia Today are number four or five and they are talking about internal opposition coming to talk. They can talk all they want, it is the ordinary Syrians that will call the shots. They want an end to violence to despotism to corruption and to lies.

Let the people decide their fate. No one should claim to have a monopoly on the right to govern or to decide what fate Syrians want for themselves.

Someone posted here that they are with the regime because the alternative is worse be it Salafist Pro West Anti this or Pro that. This is besides the point. We need the PEOPLE to decide what they want.

Baath MB Leftists Rightists Communists Opportunists move over the people want to rule themselves.

Reading the following books these last two weeks was inspiring and illuminating

I hope that many of you order it. I would recommend that it be bought on iTunes and downloaded on the iPad of the people in power.

The Invisible Arab by Marwan Bishara
Why Nations Fail; forgot the authors names.

The slogan
The Rats of Libya Salute the Germs of Syria

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April 16th, 2012, 9:55 am


105. Jad said:

It’s a bit confusing what’s going on, Is the ottomans backing off now, realizing that Annan won or just another game?

غول: لضرورة إلقاء السلاح ووقف إطلاق النار في سوريا تنفيذا لخطة أنان

أكد الرئيس التركي عبد الله غول أن “تركيا تعتبر خطة مبعوث الأمم المتحدة والجامعة العربية إلى سوريا كوفي أنان تمثل الفرصة الأخيرة لدمشق، مجدداً التشديد على ضرورة تنفيذها”.

ونقلت وكالة أنباء “الأناضول” التركية عن غول تشديده على ضرورة إلقاء السلاح، وضمان وقف إطلاق النار، وعلى من يريد التعبير عن آرائه بسلام القيام بذلك بحريّة”.

وأضاف “إن ضمان مثل هذا الجو، وإجراء انتخابات عادلة تحت رعاية المجتمع الدولي، ستمكن من حل المشكلة من دون المزيد من
سفك الدماء ومن دون تأزيم الوضع أكثر في سوريا


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April 16th, 2012, 10:08 am


106. Tara said:


From the previous thread.

I agree. I think Sunnis and Alawis need to do more in term of coexistence in the future. I would like to see influential enlightened Sunni sheikhs in Syria discuss Ibn Taimieh “edict” and put it into it’s historical perspective and considered it void and null. This is what Hafiz and son should have worked on over the last 40 years, rather than behaving like Sunnis wanna be while constructing Alawi based sheild. Just marrying Sunni women won’t do it. And if invalidating iIbn Taymieh fatwa causes an uproar by demented sheiks across the universe, so be it. They will first reject it then will eventually conform to it. Syria is a unique country and Syrians should have unique approach living with each other. Differences should be celebrated instead of suppressed and this need to be introduced into childhood education.

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April 16th, 2012, 10:10 am


107. jad said:

fsa ‘angels’ killed 2 kids and continue with their attacks:

اعتداءات إرهابية بالجملة في حماه و حمص.. واستشهاد طفلين في حي الزهراء

قال مراسل شوكوماكو في حمص أن “طفلين من آل عليان استشهدا في حي الزهراء في قصف بقذائف الهاون من الجماعات المسلحة، وأصيب 11 آخرين، بين المصابين 3 أطفال أحدهم عمره سنة ونصف”، ولفت المراسل إلى سقوط عدد كبير من قذائف الهاون على “أحياء كرم اللوز وعكرمة والخضر والسبيل والعباسية، وقتصرت الأضرار على الماديات، فيما أصيب مواطنين برصاص قناص في حي الزهراء”.

وفي سياق متصل اختطفت جماعة مسلحة باص تابع لمعمل البطانيات وبداخله 4 عمال قرب قرية العامرية، واختطف العمال لبضعة ساعات وأفرج عنهم قبل نصف ساعة من الآن، والعمال بحالة صحية جيدة، فيما اقتيد الباص لجهة مجهولة.

وفتح المسلحون في قرية العامرية النار على المارة والسيارات، ما أسفر عن إصابة سائق بجروح، علماً أنه تكرر قطع هذا الطريق من قبل المسلحين لعدة مرات خلال اليومين الماضيين.

فيما تدور اشتباكات عنيفة واعتداءات بالجملة على جواجز حفظ النظام في الحميدية وباب هود وباب السباع والقرابيص وباب تدمر والقصور، ما أدى لإصابة سبعة عناصر من حفظ النظام حتى هذه اللحظة.

واعتدت جماعات مسلحة على حاجز لحفظ النظام في البياضة بمختلف أنواع الأسلحة الرشاشة والقذائف الصاروخية، ما أدى لاستشهاد عنصر من حفظ النظام و إصابة ثمانية آخرين.

وفي وادي السايح هاجمت جماعة مسلحة حاجز حفظ النظام، ما أدى لاستشهاد عنصر وإصابة آخر، واستشهد عنصر وأصيب عنصرين آخرين في منطقة السلطانية في اعتداء على حواجز حفظ النظام.

وحتى الآن تنتشر الجماعات المسلحة بشكل كثيف في قرى آبل والمباركية ومزارعهما.

أما في محافظة حماه، قال مراسل شوكوماكو أن المدينة عاشت ليلة أمس “أحداث متوترة جداً”، سجل فيها العديد من الخروقات لبنود الهدنة، حيث هاجمت جماعة مسلحة حواجز حفظ النظام على طريق حلب وبالقرب من مدرسة ناصح علواني ومن النصب التذكاري وحاجز البحرة.

وأضاف”وحصلت اشتباكات عنيفة أدت لمقتل عدد من المسلحين وإلقاء القبض على آخرين ومصادرة مابحوزتهم من معدات اتصال متطورة وسلاح وذخيرة”.

وفي سياق متصل “فتح مسلحون نيرانهم بالقرب من مشفى الحوراني ودوار بلال، وأطلقت جماعة مسلحة النار بكثافة من داخل أحد الأحياء الشعبية في محيط جنوب الملعب باتجاه عناصر حفظ النظام دون وقوع اية إصابة تذكر بين العناصر”.

فيما أكد المراسل أن “حي الشيخ عنبر شهد الاشتباكات الأعنف من نوعها إثر مهاجمة جماعات مسلحة كبيرة العدد لأحد حواجز حفظ النظام من عدة محاور أبرزها “الجلاء، نزلة السوق، مدرسة المرأة العربية”، مستخدمين كافة أنواع الأسلحة الرشاشة والقذائف الصاروخية وسيارات الدفع الرباعي، وبعد أن هدأ الاشتباكات لفترة وجيزة، عاودت الجماعة مهاجمة الحاجز بإطلاق قذيفتي “آر بي جي”، دون إصابة الحاجز، وهرب أفراد المجموعة مطلقين النار بكثافة أثناء هروبهم”.

لافتا إلى أن المدينة تعيش اليوم هدوء حذراً وتكاد تكون الحركة معدومة نسبياً في عدد من الأحياء.

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April 16th, 2012, 10:32 am


108. jad said:

The lies of the armed terrorists in Syria continues.
They claimed that the Syrian Army is destroying building in Rastan when the reality is that they did the destruction and bombing themselves:

الدمار الكبير في مدينة الرستن الله اكبر اغيثونا

“مازال مسلسل الكذب والفجور الذي يتحفنا به ما يسمى بالجحيش الكر ومراسليهم ومصوريهم مستمر لغاية الان في محاولة تصوير ان الجيش السوري قد خرق الهدنة داعيا لدخول قوات دولية لاحتلال سوريا …. ومهما حاولت هذه القذارة تلفيق الفيدوهات الكاذبة المعتادة الا ان الله فضحهم بلسانهم وبصورتهم وبافعالهم
الا تخجلون ايها الماكرون من انفسكم عندما سيألكم رب العباد عن افعالكم في حياتكم الدنيا؟؟؟
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
وَيَمْكُرُونَ وَيَمْكُرُ اللَّهُ وَاللَّهُ خَيْرُ الْمَاكِرِينَ
صدق الله العظيم اتحاد القنوات السورية على اليوتيوب”

Even Schools are on their list of destruction, who do that to school but terrorists and illiterate ignorant:
حمص -حتى المدارس لم تسلم من ارهابهم

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April 16th, 2012, 10:37 am


109. bronco said:

#74 Tara

Sorry, I don’t sneak in anybody’s emails. What people want to show in public and what they show in private is the essence of diplomacy.
Publishing the private emails of Hillary, Ghalioun or Basma Qodmani could be more devastating that Asma’s.
Tabloids and small talk about people just do not interest me.

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April 16th, 2012, 10:47 am


110. zoo said:

Is Iran’s warning a token reminder to the GCC about Iran’s military supremacy in the region?


TEHRAN: Tehran on Monday warned Arab states in the Gulf that things could become “very complicated” if they do not act cautiously over a simmering islands dispute between Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi made the declaration to Iran’s ISNA news agency on the eve of talks in Doha between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states over three tiny islands in the Gulf and claimed by both Iran and the UAE.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad infuriated the UAE by visiting one of them, Abu Musa, on April 11 and asserting in a speech that historical records proved “the Persian Gulf is Persian,” as state media called his trip a purely “domestic issue.”

Abu Dhabi recalled its ambassador to Tehran and lodged a protest to the United Nations over the visit, stressing that the decades-old territorial dispute should be resolved in negotiations or at the International Court of Justice.

On Monday, it also summoned Iran’s ambassador in Abu Dhabi to complain.

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April 16th, 2012, 10:53 am


111. zoo said:

(Reuters) – A handful of soldiers in blue caps put a tentative United Nations presence at the heart of the Syrian crisis on Monday, predicting success for their mission to stabilize a shaky four-day-old ceasefire even as shells continued to fall.

Charged with overseeing an end to 13 months of violence, the unarmed multinational squad of six professed their optimism.

“We are going to organize ourselves in order to be ready to do our task as soon as possible,” the leader of the advance guard, Colonel Ahmed Himmiche of Morocco, told reporters at a Damascus hotel before meeting Syrian officials in the capital.

“All peacekeepers are optimistic,” he added when asked if he was hopeful an observer mission that will be expanded to 250 could cement a truce marked by persistent, sporadic violence.
The advance mission will “try to make concrete proposals by the 18th of April for an official observer mission”, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told U.N. radio in Geneva.

Saturday’s Security Council resolution condemned the “widespread violations of human rights by the Syrian authorities, as well as any human rights abuses by armed groups”.

The text included a vague warning to Damascus, saying the council would “assess the implementation of this resolution and to consider further steps as appropriate”.


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April 16th, 2012, 10:56 am


112. Halabi said:

Syrian media is unreliable and deceptive. Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem, a.k.a. Mou3allek, was burned by the mukhabarati press using videos from other countries to bolster the regime’s argument that it’s facing armed terrorist groups. Now Bashar Al Jaafari suffered the same fate, citing the confessions of Saria Hassoun’s killers which aired recently on Syrian TV as an example of the violence the country is experiencing.

Of course the mukhabarat already had a confession for the crime that aired in December.


So who killed Saria? And more than ten thousand other Syrians? (It was Hamad and Bandar…)

After killing Ali Shaaban, the regime is doing all it can to claim him as their martyr. As with Saria and all the other victims of murder since March 18, 2011, the Syrian government doesn’t have to investigate the crime before making up stories or parading “confessions” for its corrupt media. Al Jadeed channel is having none of it and is calling Syria out using Addunya production tactics.


This is the Syria that the pro-Assad crowd wants: a government that kills friends and foes, and covers up its crimes, all for the sake of stability and avoiding the “unknown.” Most Syrians reject that and deserve better, even men7ebaks, and the revolution’s aim is to achieve that freedom.

Ottomans haven’t been in power since 1922.

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April 16th, 2012, 11:07 am


113. jad said:

Another resignation from Aljazeera because of its propaganda campaign against Syria:
AlJazeera Producer Resigns Over Syria

Interesting interview with Assange:
Assange: I’ll be called a traitor, interviewing radicals

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April 16th, 2012, 11:08 am


114. jad said:

We already knew that ksa and israel are best friends:

For Saudi Arabia, Israel is turning from foe to friend
Dialogue between Riyadh and Jeursalem will help both countries and promote a diplomatic agreement in the region.

Saudi Defense Minister, Prince Salman, was the guest last week of his American counterpart Leon Panetta and, in an unusual step, was also hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama. On the agenda: Iran and the unrest in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia’s neighbor and the headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, the American naval power in the Persian Gulf.

The number 3 man in the Saudi ruling house could soon move to the top. He is young and healthy – everything is relative – compared to his half-brother, King Abdullah, 89, and Crown Prince Nayef, 79. The Americans have been working hard for many years to foster ties with the Saudi security forces. The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, headed from 2001 to 2003 a delegation of advisors to the Saudi National Guard.

A thin veneer of stability purchased with oil money covers a well that threatens to swallow a thousand wealthy princes. In a population of 27 million people, 5.5 million do not have Saudi citizenship. The unemployment rate among young people in the kingdom is 30 percent and the literacy rate is only 80 percent.

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April 16th, 2012, 11:10 am


115. bronco said:

#100 Jad

As I mentioned before, Turkey’s priorities seem to have changed. They have realized that they have been too hasty in thinking that Bashar’ power will be crushed by massive defections or by an UN lead military operation.

They admit it was premature to open Turkey to the FSA defectors, to nurture the SNC and to welcome so warmly the refugees. It was part of their bad calculations that it would be for a short time.

Unfortunately, it is lasting and they see no end to it. The Turks are overwhelmed with refugees, stuck with armed gangs that are so uncontrollable that they could create a casus belli with Syria and the SNC is a disaster.

Qatar and KSA’s promises of providing funds have not been taken seriously as they will make Turkey’s dependent on unreliable partners. For Turkey, the only serious partners are the USA and the EU, no one else and these are not supporting the warmongering stances of the GCC.

The Turks have realized they are isolated and cornered so they want to reverse that as quickly as possible, even at the cost of swallowing their pride and accepting Bashar for one or two more years in power.

The Annan plan could be the way to reestablish security near the borders so all the 25,000 refugees can go back home and the FSA could quietly be dismembered. Trading could restart.

Annan is already pressuring the Syrian government to make official calls for refugees to come back and we have seen such calls in the Syrian press. In exchange Turkey is quietly collaborating with the plan by restraining even further the FSA and the movements of weapons to Syria.

Overall, Turkey, who has much to loose if the plan fails, is now actively working to give it the higher chance to succeed.

If it fails, despite their efforts, then they’ll need to reassess their position.

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April 16th, 2012, 11:30 am


116. Juergen said:

News on the german vessel currently in Turkish waters, here is a press release by the shipping company.


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April 16th, 2012, 12:08 pm


117. Afram said:

99. Observer said:
Baath MB Leftists Rightists Communists Opportunists move over the people want to rule themselves.

Reading the following books
The Invisible Arab by Marwan Bishara
Why Nations Fail; forgot the authors names
Ok Observer/all the above ideologies has been a major failure.
you say:”move over the people want to rule themselves.”
how? the western way?all the third world countries are under the thumb of the New World Order-Globalization,pressing question?

tell us how your goldfish gonna compete in this world,s most infested shark waters?any information?

are you counting on the religious establishment,to direct your path haphazardly with their flimsy “gyroscope”?

1-Why Nations Fail?ask the somalis,they know…ask the sudanese,why their country DISINTEGRATED into north and south?

2-The Invisible Arab?since when the arabs has been visible on the world map?

take their oil away,you end up with ZIFT.

Marwan Bishara&brother Azmi are third rate Elitists(….)

ask them,why Zionism prevailed and Arabism failed?
tell them Sykes-Picot& Balfour are already dead and Israel is alive!!

here is a slogan for you all:
‘Out of the frying pan,into the fire’

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April 16th, 2012, 12:25 pm


118. Gregory Carlin said:

The FSA denial of executions and sectarian killings is as surreal as Goebbels talking about Katyn.

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April 17th, 2012, 11:16 pm


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