“Free Syrian Army lacks organization in fight against Bashar Assad” by Landis and Reuters Video

Free Syrian Army lacks organization in fight against Bashar Assad – Decoder (2:50)

In this episode of The Decoder, Syria expert Joshua Landis breaks down the different opposition groups, and says that the next leadership will likely emerge from the battlefield.

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251. Syrialover said:

#250 Tara said:

“I still think after so much brutality, the militarization of the revolution was inevitable. It was the natural course.”

You are right.

What is NOT a natural course is those people commenting here who are outraged that this is happening. They angrily mock and criticise those who are fighting back.

They feel nobody should DARE react or defend fellow Syrians against the regime’s criminal violence. It upsets their world badly that Assad has this problem.

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February 29th, 2012, 11:12 pm


252. a said:

It seems that Syrian Govt. do not understand what is demanded from them. It will make it very difficult for them in coming future. This is a test of Arab world resolve to make United decisions for their regional issue. Right now is the need for Humanitarian Assistance to the people who are caught up in the fighting. There is a need for arming those people who are being killed without reason. There is no need for foreign interference right now. Let all Arabs irrespective of sects resolve this issue. All those who want to help Syria should help Joint Arab Decisions. ANYBODY shedding of INNOCENT blood will not have any Support. This means all sides. The Syrian Govt. better understand where peace and stability lies and where anarchy and DESTRUCTION lies!

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March 4th, 2012, 4:45 am


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