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From Foreign PolicyViolence continues in Hama

An explosion in the Masha at-Tayyar district in the city of Hama killed up to 70 people. The Syrian government and opposition activists have offered conflicting accounts of the blast. According to Syrian state media, 16 people were killed in an accidental explosion in a house that was used as a bomb factory by “armed terrorist groups.” However, activists have reported several houses have been destroyed by what they claim could have been a Scud missile attack, killing up to 13 children and 16 women. The BBC’s Jim Muir reported that the magnitude of devastation could not likely have been achieved by conventional shelling. The opposition Syrian National Council called for an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting “so that it can issue a resolution to protect civilians in Syria.” France has recommended stronger action by the United Nations, calling for a Chapter 7 mandate that would allow for the use of force if President Bashar al-Assad’s forces do not pull back according to Kofi Annan’s peace plan.

Members of the UN monitoring team in Syria, with opposition activists in Homs. Photograph: Handout/Reuters

Nour said:

The previous blog entry seems to be inciting against the Annan plan and hoping it would fail so that a subsequent phase of possible military intervention may take place. Moreover, the report on the electoral list is misleading and disingenuous. It links to an article listing the candidates of the Baath Party only, implying that those are the only candidates running in Lattakia, which is not true. Members of other parties as well as independents are running both in Lattakia and across the rest of the country. The Popular Front for Change and Liberation, for example, which includes the opposition SSNP and Qadri Jamil’s The Will of the People Party, has 45 candidates across Syria. Other new parties have also listed their candidates and the ballot boxes will determine who wins the majority of the seats in the People’s Assembly.

[Landis adds: thanks for this correction, Nour]

Ghufran said:

The next 6 months are unlikely to include a major shift on Syria unless the opposition scores a significant military defeat against the regime. This period will be used by both parties to strengthen their position on the ground. The lack of any serious political proposal that adresses the grievances and concerns of the sizable pro regime Syrian forces mean that the only option on the table is to fight and preserve as much as possible of the gains made in the last 2 months. If Syrians themselves are not willing to compromise nobody will do that job on their bahalf.

Observer said:

I have been in the ME for some time now. The regime is losing grip on significant part of the countryside including around Damascus. Only 15% of new conscripts showed up to be recruited this year. The number of defectors has reached 100 000.

Cham Press announces that the dollar is trading below 70 pounds in a so called sign of improvement therefore countering the official rate of 60.

Very little support is available to the FSA from the outside and this will await the US elections before any real policy to emerge

zoo said:

Rice: The “friends of Syria” have been ironically promoted to the “Friends of Democratic Syria” when the most influent members, Qatar and KSA are non democratic countries preaching democracy to others…

Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Rami Khouri: “…For many tens of thousands who were prepared to demonstrate peacefully – albeit at the cost of their lives – this has become a disaster. Syrian friends of mine call it a “tragedy”. They blame the Gulf states for encouraging the armed uprising. “Our revolution was pure and clean and now it’s a war,” one of them said to me last week. I believe them”.

I utterly agree with Khouri and his friend. The irreversible mistake of resorting to arms will be fully revealed in the coming years, if not decades.

amnesia said:

In comments above I read that the secular opposition will join the Assad government, and that the opposition arming was a mistake. Please make some sense guys for a change. The soldiers who defected did so rightfully, and their willingness to risk their lives to create a challenge for Assad’s remaining forces is laudable.

DAWOUD said:

The Syria Revolution against Bashar’s, and his father’s before him,oppression began as completely peaceful. I has become militarized because of the regime and its allies (Hasan Nasrallah, Iran,…) began to use violence and murder innocent unarmed demonstrators. People have the right to defend their lives, property, dignity, and honor!.. The overwhelming majority of Syrians are opposed to the murderous Bashar and his shabiha. Free Syria, Free Palestine!

irritated said:

Dawood, What proof do you have that the “overwhelming majority of Syrians are opposed to Bashar?” If it was true how come nobody goes on strike when asked to? That’s the least the ‘overwhelming majority’ could do. … Most anti-Syrian government types keep repeating “It started peacefully’ trying to justify the issue that ‘it continued violently’ and that it is now made of death squads infiltrated by islamist extremists and criminals.

ZOO said:

This is what will happen in Syria whether Bashar stays or not?

“The terror network has taken advantage of the country’s political turmoil of the past year to capture several southern areas, and the Americans are eager to coordinate efforts with the Yemenis to push them back.

An al-Qaida settled and safe in the remote interior of southern Yemen would allow its militants to plan and execute more attacks on Western interests, taking advantage of proximity to strategic shipping lanes in the Red and Arabian seas through which much of the West’s energy needs to pass.

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501. bronco said:

#493 Son of Damascus

By the way, Yemen elections “praised as democratic” by the international community gave 99.6% to the only candidate.

That’s the model Tunisia’s Moncel Al Marzouki is calling for Syria.
I think Syria’s elections will be more credible and more democratic.

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May 1st, 2012, 10:47 pm


502. Ghufran said:

The destruction in Homs is horrifying ,I talked to few Homsi visitors about it,but the usual cliche about the regime bombing innocent civilians does not fully explain the destruction even if we accept the fact that the regime is responsible for most of that destruction.
Homs is destroyed because we have two fighting forces,one with heavy weapons and another with active public support,that support is not strong across the board especially after what people saw as an unnecessary warfare in their own neighborhoods,this makes the slogan of “protecting civilians” closer to being an oxymoron than an actual workable plan. That is what violence brings,enough is enough.

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May 1st, 2012, 10:47 pm


503. Son of Damascus said:


Protect them or keep them as hostages?

Well according to a lot of the residents of Homs to protect them, have you seen the video Halabi shared of Abu William sitting on his veranda smoking his cigarettes?

In case you missed it, I suggest you listen to the part he speaks about the Assad forces bombing his house, and how the Thawarjieh have been nothing but helpful:

Moreover these hostage and ethnic cleansing accusations have not been corroborated by a single journalists that have been to Homs, and the “proof” that SyriaTruth claimed to be as fact have been debunked even by left leaning Journalist that has spent extensive time in the area:

“Rosen stated that al-Haqiqa’s story of imposition of jizya was completely fictitious, pointing out that even if the al-Faruq Brigade wanted to impose jizya, it is not in control of the areas named in the report, lacking sufficient organization to gain said control. Moreover, there is no evidence that the al-Faruq Brigade is led and dominated by Islamist militants wanting to impose jizya on Christians.

It is unfortunate that Nayouf and al-Haqiqa are continuing to disseminate false claims of mass persecution of Christians in Syria by the opposition, and putting such unsubstantiated stories in the mouths of “Christian sources” in Homs Governorate. The effect of this material portrays Christians as propagandists for the regime. This is something that will only inflame any anti-Christian sentiment that already exists and could turn claims of mass persecution into self-fulfilling prophecies.”

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May 1st, 2012, 10:56 pm


504. omen said:

Ghufran, you expect rationality from a regime that shelled a city over graffiti. collective punishment was being rendered even before there was a fsa.

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May 1st, 2012, 11:08 pm


505. Son of Damascus said:


“He was under no pressure to do them, the same way many EU countries postponed for decades the necessary reforms of their economies until they collapsed.

Now it is a matter of survival.”

Did he not inherit his power promising to “reform” and people believed him then and signed something called the Damascus Declaration, what the “reformer” did was throw them ALL in jail, and that was when he had the country under his control. How can anyone expect this man to deliver on those promises now when Politically speaking he not only went back on his word, but jailed and tortured the ones that wanted to help him implement the “reforms” he promised the Syrian public?

You are right it is a matter of survival for him now, because his arrogance and callousness is turning this from a political solution, to a kill or be killed solution. He can’t blame anyone but himself for that…

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May 1st, 2012, 11:09 pm


506. Son of Damascus said:


I totally agree, and this is the main reason why I never advocated a military solution to this conflict.

What is important though is to understand that this conflict turned this way because of the callous actions of the people leading this regime, and in order for Syrians to ever move forward is to bring those people responsible to justice. The criminals in the regime can’t be trusted in supervising any peaceful transition for they are the main culprit of the chaos we are seeing today.

Even if the bombings were the act of Al Qaeda I still blame Assad and his cronies for it, for they are too busy suppressing the Syrian people to actually protect them from such acts of terrorism.

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May 1st, 2012, 11:16 pm


507. jerusalem said:

مراسل محطة الجزيرة في القاهرة يستقيل ويتهم المحطة بالكذب والانحياز
April 30 2012 22:58

أعلن جلال شهدا المذيع بقناة الجزيرة ومراسلها في القاهرة عن استقالته من القناة القطرية وقال في إعلانه للاستقالة إنها لم تعد قناة الرأي والرأي الآخر وأن مصداقية ونزاهة القناة تراجعت واشار جلال في تغريدة علي تويرتر أن القناة بدأت تغض الطرف متعمدة عن الأحداث الدامية بمحيط وزارة الدفاع والتأكيد علي أن جميع المعتصمين من أولاد أبو إسماعيل فقط . وشدد علي ان القناة حددت أسباب الاعتصام في رغبة أبو إسماعيل للعودة لسباق الرئاسة مرة أخري وهو ما يعد مخالفة للحقيقة

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May 1st, 2012, 11:24 pm


508. jerusalem said:

كومبارس الاعلام العربي فيصل القاسم … اذا عرف السبب بطل العجب

كشفت جريدة الاهرام المصرية النقاب عن ان المذيع السوري الاصل الكومبارس فيصل القاسم يتقاضى 25 الف دولار عن كل حلقة يقدمها من برنامج الاتجاه المعاكس اي ما يعادل مائة الف دولار شهريا هذا عدا عن السكن المجاني ومصاريف الاقامة والانتقال والاجازات والتامين الصحي وخلافه

وكان القاسم الهارب من التجنيد في سوريا يعمل مترجما في اذاعة بريطانية قبل تاسيس محطة الجزيرة ويتقاضى مرتبا شهريا يقل عن ثلاثة الاف دولار وعند تاسيس الجزيرة كشركة بريطانية بيعت لشيخ قطر انضم القاسم اليها كمترجم قبل ان يحدث ( شيء ما ) بينه وبين صاحب المحطة خلال لقاء عائلي بين الاثنين اسفر عن نقل القاسم من وظيفة مترجم الى وظيفة مذيع ومقدم برامج في حين اصبحت زوجته وصيفة للشيخة موزة … واستولت المحطة على فكرة برنامج امريكي شهير اسمه ( كروس فاير ) لتحوله الى برنامج عربي باسم الاتجاه المعاكس اعتمد بشكل اساسي على مبدا صراع الديوك وهو اتجاه وجد تجاوبا بين المشاهدين العرب الذين يعانون من كبت في الحريات مما ادى الى شهرة البرنامج وشهرة صاحبه الذي سرعان ما تحول الى كاتب عمود في صحف قطرية ينسخ معظم مقالاته من الصحف ووكالات الانباء ويبيعها للصحف القطرية

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May 1st, 2012, 11:28 pm


509. jerusalem said:

اعلان هام للاردنيين في بريطانيا

May 01 2012 15:54
ستقوم الجاليه والطلبه الاردنيين في بريطانيا بالاحتفال بدكرى ميلاد الشهيد الراحل صدام حسين بعد ان تم منع اقامه الاحتفال في الاردن الحفل سيقام في قاعه المركز الاسلامي في لندن بمشاركه واسعه يوم الجمعه 4-5-2012 الساعه 2 بتوقيت غرينتش ولمده ساعتين يتضمن الحفل القران الكريم وكلمه يلقيها الدكتور عبدالله متعب ومن ثم معرض صور وبرنامج تلفزيوني عن الراحل الشهيد صدام حسين وقصائد مغناه وامسيه شعريه والدعوه عامه لكل العرب الشرفاء في بريطانيا

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May 1st, 2012, 11:34 pm


510. Syria no Kandahar said:

100 years old Shiek get attacked by one of freedom monsters:

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May 1st, 2012, 11:56 pm


511. bronco said:

#505 Son of Damascus

Have you counted the promises Obama made to the American just to get elected and that never materialized? Guantanamo is still open…

Priorities change and some promises are never fulfilled unless there are serious pressures. Bashar never had them until the Arab Spring.

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May 2nd, 2012, 12:06 am


512. zoo said:

A candidate to election killed and other threatened
DAMASCUS, May 1 (Xinhua) — Violence was reported Tuesday in several Syrian cities, as the United Nations accused both the Syrian government and the opposition of violating the cease-fire deal brokered by international envoy Kofi Annan.

An armed group killed Tuesday a candidate for the upcoming parliamentary elections in the southern province of Daraa, state- run SANA news agency reported.

Armed men shot down Abdul-Hamid Taha at Busra square in Daraa, SANA said.

According to private media report, the so-called “Battalions of Mohammed” rebel fighters, have lately threatened to kill whoever might put himself as a candidate for the forthcoming elections in Syria, and said those candidates “have no shame nor fear of God.”


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May 2nd, 2012, 12:13 am


513. omen said:

5:45 – irritated said: Traek Ali repeats the mantra that no one can prove: “The overwheming majority of Syrians want Bashar out.”

you betray yourself, irritated. somebody who believes the above statement to be false would cry out “that’s not true!” instead, your response is one typically uttered by the evasive – “you can’t prove it.”

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May 2nd, 2012, 12:35 am


514. jerusalem said:

Tawakel Karman
Seriously who is she?
I have not heard of her prior sharing her peace Prize …because she slept in a tent against Saleh?? What are her credentials? Palestinians were imprisoned and went on hunger strike without even being noticed. They have been living in tents for over 60 years…unnoticed.
I don’t see this alleged peace activist condemning the bombing of Al-Qaeda in her country where people are perishing on a daily bases in the hundreds even US volunteered to send drones to help in controlling the situation. I guess it’s Hallal in her twisted logic. She’s preoccupied teaching Syrian children in Turkish refugee camps slogans against Assad (that was on Euro News). After the break, they showed us 1500 refugees are preparing themselves to return to Syria since things have calmed down in their area. …

From Duke in Istanbul
Turkey granted Tawakkul Karman citizenship even though this was her first visit to the country…[Let’s send all Palestinians to Turkey, would they be granted citizenship as well?]
Then, after she had extolled the importance of a free press and women reporters, a professor asked how she reconciled the imprisonment of Turkish journalists and an underdeveloped democracy with Turkey being a role model for the Arab world. To my surprise, the entire lecture hall burst into applause. Again, Karman was in a difficult situation and “claimed” that she had not heard about this but she trusted Erdogan and his government to respect human rights and work to correct these wrongs. Needless to say, most of the Turkish students and professors were not satisfied by this answer.

She had not heard about this…..Of course not she’s busy teaching hate slogans to children although she is peace activist.

Obtaining this award lost its virtue: Henry A. Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Prize …he destroyed the world from Chile on.. Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat received one too…all what he did is betraying his countrymen. Then you have Menachem Begin, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin. When Rabin actually meant peace he was put down.

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May 2nd, 2012, 12:43 am


515. omen said:

a little night music to haunt your sleep.

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:28 am


516. Mina said:

Omen 466
If you read what I have been writing since one year, you can see that I have never said that “I want the government to stay as it is”. Like many here, I have called for monitored elections, a transition, but not for lies and manipulation and the blind reliance on the promesses of non-democratic states such as KSA and Qatar.

Could you explain me HOW Syria and Egypt are supposed to implement full freedom of expressions and of political parties when this is not available in the Gulf? Does this mean they have to go this way and the expats will keep coming from the Gulf states with their conservatives views and advocate that this is bad and against Islam? Unless you don’t want to admit reality, you should consider that once there is freedom of expression (by the way, where is freedom of expression in Tunisia if TV cannot screen a harmless cartoon called Persepolis?) there will be harsh talk, people who say (and are paid for that) that everybody should be allowed to go naked on the internet etc. How is that going to happen if the so-called moral standards of the Gulf are what they are?
Yemen had many sects and a very tolerant version of Islam. Once KSA expeller 1 million Yemenis to punish the Yemeni gov to have sided with Iraq, these people came back with their black abayas and stupid ideas, and they have extremized and ruined the country. So what I say from the beginning is: start with the top of the pyramid. Otherwise no matter what change you get, it will be a change… until the next putsh.

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:52 am


517. Badr said:

Omen @462,

For starters, you are not a Syrian (are you?), so my comment does not pertain to you. Probably I should have phrased my comment more lucidly. I’m asking the Syrians on this forum whether one of the two following exclusive cases apply to them:

1. You hope for a regime change, and you think it would be in Israel’s interest.

2. You don’t want to see a regime change, and you don’t believe it would be in Israel’s interest, if this happens,

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:54 am


518. Juergen said:

DER SPIEGEL writes that the FSA is buying weapons from lebanese weapon dealers who receive the weapons from hisbollah near alawite and shia groups. So the Assad regime is arming indirectly the FSA.

“They sell me what they get paid by the Syrian government, and I sell it to the Syrian insurgents to fight so that the same government.” As proof, he shows his range of Kalashnikov ammunition: small marks on the artisan will recognize that it was produced in Iran or Syria. “And now it is back on the way there,” said Abu Mahmoud.”

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May 2nd, 2012, 7:22 am


519. Mina said:

Le Monde’s favorite specialized hosted blog on Syria ( the author claims to be a former diplomat but no precise record on that is available) gives this

as a demonstration where “revolutionaries” has been able to cut the traffick in the street going up Muhajireen…
If I see well, they are three young chaps. What a demo!
And the same here in Baramke

How smart to bother normal people driving at night. If there is an accident, they will blame the usual suspects?

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May 2nd, 2012, 7:37 am


520. Syria no kandahar said:

Miliatry Islamic sectarian revolution :

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May 2nd, 2012, 8:14 am


521. jna said:

A previous message was lost. Testing here.

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May 2nd, 2012, 9:05 am


522. zoo said:

Is Egypt on the way to Algeria in the 1990’s when Islamists were denied legitimate political power?

11 killed in Cairo clashes near Defense Ministry
By HAMZA HENDAWI | Associated Press – 40 mins ago

CAIRO (AP) — Clashes erupted on Wednesday between assailants and mostly Islamist protesters gathered outside the Defense Ministry in the Egyptian capital, leaving 11 people dead and nearly 50 wounded, security and hospital officials said.

The violence is the latest episode in more than a year of turmoil in Egypt following the ouster of longtime authoritarian ruler Hosni Mubarak and will likely

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May 2nd, 2012, 9:17 am


523. Tara said:


Karman vs Annan. That sounds funny..and the people vs al Assad. That sounds noble.

Now that the revolution became militarized, I miss the romanticism inherent in “dying for the cause and sacrificing oneself for the others”. What does that sound? Abnormal?

I still do support people’s divine right to defend themselves.

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May 2nd, 2012, 9:17 am


524. Alan said:

Your Der Spiegel suffers from schizophrenia!

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May 2nd, 2012, 9:18 am


525. zoo said:

Free Syrian Army Struggles to Survive Amid Charges That It’s Executing Opponents
May 1, 2012 4:45 AM EDT
By Tobias Havmand.

In the past week, the poorly armed Free Syrian Army has set off bombs in urban areas as a way to compete with the Syrian government’s firepower. But the bombs have not merely killed and wounded soldiers but dozens of civilians, too. This, along with the rebel habit of summary executions, raises more troubling questions about their methods and their ideology.

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May 2nd, 2012, 9:19 am


526. Tara said:


Both at 9:17? It is the more..effect. More is never equal to less.

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May 2nd, 2012, 9:22 am


527. bronco said:

Is the apparent rift between KSA and Qatar beneficial or detrimental to the Syrian situation?

The Moslem Brotherhood, supported by Qatar and Turkey are failing in Egypt. This is partly due to KSA’s open rejection of the MB in favor of either of Amr Moussa or Aboul Foutou, an MB dissident. In retaliation, Qatar has started to become more open about the Bahrain’s situation through Al Jazeera to indirectly criticize KSA.

In addition by removing its ambassador in Egypt, KSA is giving a choice and a warning to Egypt’s SCAF : Either you find a way to eliminate the MB from the presidential elections or you loose the financial support we give you. On other words, choose between Qatar-Turkey or Saudi Arabia.
Qatar has already promised billions to Tunisia to the displease of KSA whose Salafist allies are been ostracized openly by the president. Ksa does not want this to repeat.
This division of the richer “enemies” of Syria can be seeing as benefiting the Syrian government by weakening the political stand of the opposition, but it can also accelerate the deliveries of weapons by both countries.
I think that KSA would never tolerate the MB in power in Egypt or in Syria, as the MB have often threaten the kingdom. In my view they would opt either for a Salafi or would prefer to remain with the present alawite ruling that never threaten them.

Therefore I would not be surprised that KSA would gradually oppose further Turkey and Qatar’s influence in the region and shift toward a continuation of the present regime with some ‘democratic’ reforms.

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May 2nd, 2012, 9:47 am


528. Jad said:

Dr. Joshua
How could you misuse the trust of your readers by putting someone with a tainted reputation like WSS as a moderator to Syria Comment and exposing the privacy and security of all the readers IPs and Email addresses like that?
That is a shocking news and a big blow for the trust many of us had put in you and Syria Comment.
What a shame!

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May 2nd, 2012, 10:04 am


529. Ziad said:


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May 2nd, 2012, 10:18 am


530. Alan said:

Dr. Joshua
you can’t tell that you didn’t know about it! I told you personally that the moderator became a problem! 22.04.2012, 14:03

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May 2nd, 2012, 10:27 am


531. Tara said:


If you don’t feel comfortable having your email and IP address known to anyone, you may want to reconsider writing on a blog. Can you please stop your attempt of bullying JL, the moderator, and the rest of us. As far as I am concerned, JL does not need to check with anyone before “appointing” a moderator. And please always remember, this is at will site.

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May 2nd, 2012, 10:31 am


532. bronco said:

#523 Tara

I could add Assad vs Assaad.

Sorry, but there is nothing romantic or divine about politics and war. Only in movies.

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May 2nd, 2012, 10:37 am


533. bronco said:

#505 Son of Damascus

Why would he feel the pressure to make changes to an apparently running system when he was so popular?

Assad – Most popular Arab leader

Published June 10th, 2009 – 18:34 GMT

An American public opinion poll held in six Arab states indicated that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is the most popular Arab leader. The poll, conducted by Maryland University in cooperation with Al-Zughbi International Foundation for Polls, showed that al-Assad has got most votes among Arab leaders. The poll included a sample taken in six Arab countries, namely Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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May 2nd, 2012, 10:51 am


534. Ghufran said:

Excuse my ignorance but who is WSS and why he has a “tainted” reputation?

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May 2nd, 2012, 11:03 am


535. Sc Moderation Team said:

Dear Syria Comment Commentators,

We are all somewhat shocked by what has transpired here last night. What I would like to assure you and I am sure Dr. Landis will make this perfectly clear once he has had the time to deal with this situation properly, that your personal info was not shared or leaked to anyone at any point.

I ask of you to keep this in mind, and help the Part-time Mod (I just started last Friday on the 27th) in keeping this place civil and most importantly keeping Syria on the forefront.

شكراً جزيلاً على مساعدتكم في هذه القضية، مع كل إحترام المشرف الجديد

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May 2nd, 2012, 11:04 am


536. zoo said:

Assad appeared to throw an olive branch to thousands of draft-dodging conscripts, with the announcement on Wednesday of an amnesty for people who have refused to join an army accused of widespread brutality.

Syria is also gearing up for multi-party elections on May 7 – part of a political reform package agreed to by Assad as a gesture towards those who want an end to his family’s four-decade grip on power.
Paris has called for UN sanctions, but the West can do little given the diplomatic cover Syria enjoys at the Security Council from China and Russia.

Moscow says the rebels are mainly to blame for the continued violence and issued a statement on Wednesday condemning “terrorists” for “a large-scale campaign to destabilize the situation and disrupt … Annan’s plan”.

Western states do not set much faith in either the ceasefire or reform process.
Don’t read More…

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May 2nd, 2012, 11:05 am


537. Tara said:

New moderator,

What has happened last night? Can someone please explain?

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May 2nd, 2012, 11:11 am


538. Ghufran said:

You have to be blind not to see that the daily attacks on security and army personnel are not a blatant breach of the cease fire. Those attacks will give the regime a perfect excuse to do the same. It is obvious that most hawks never accepted the Annan plan,but what is even more obvious that those attacks will indeed worsen the situation in Syria and isolate the opposition further.
I still have not received an answer about this moderation “crisis”.It is possible that this issue can have legal consequences if existing US laws were violated.

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May 2nd, 2012, 11:20 am


539. Afram said:

534. Ghufran said:

Excuse my ignorance but who is WSS and why he has a “tainted” reputation?
I think:William Scott Scherk

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May 2nd, 2012, 11:24 am


540. Jad said:

Dear Moderator
What about the twitter account, aren’t you taking it over?
Thank you!

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May 2nd, 2012, 11:39 am


541. zoo said:

Signs of increasing flips away from bellicose and ‘regime change’ solutions?

Jordan king urges ‘political solution’ in Syria
AFP – 1 hr 57 mins ago
King Abdullah II of Jordan, which hosts tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, urged Wednesday “a political solution” in the neighbouring country, saying he is “worried” about the violence there.

Meeting with a US congressional delegation, the king said he is “worried about the developments in Syria,” a palace statement said.

“He stressed the need to end violence in Syria and to find a political solution,” it added.

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May 2nd, 2012, 12:00 pm


542. Tara said:

Although I have no details of what transpired, I am greatly annoyed that the moderator regardless of his Identity was somewhat “harassed” and therefore felt the need to resign.


Whether you were or weren’t the moderator, I believe that those who are/ were trying to taint
your reputation are actually the ones deeply tainted. Not only tainted but also cowardly so, hiding under pseudonyms while passing judgement on real people. If you truly were the ex-moderator, I would like to thank you for a job well done!

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May 2nd, 2012, 1:05 pm


543. jna said:

To make things more cryptic. JAD’s mention of the “twitter account” got me to search for “Syria Comment twitter”. What I found was:!/SCModeration

This twitter page claims it is “The official Twitter account of the moderation team at Syria Comment.”

Would the moderation team here please explain transparently who is moderation here, what happened last night, is this twitter page real or fake? Help. JAD, can you explain what you know of what is going on.

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May 2nd, 2012, 1:40 pm


544. Juergen said:

Jad if you can put some light onto what has happend. You choose to adress the moderator openly, so you should reveal also openly what has happend.

HRW has issued an report on crimes against humanity in the Idleb region. For the first time an fact finding team of HRW was able to operate in Syria. Here is an article in DER SPIEGEL about it:

“It is shocking that while Assad was sitting at the negotiating table, his troops have committed this terrible violence,” says Solvang. The five villages – Sarmin, Sarakeb, Taftanas, Hasano and Kelli – were devastated. At least 95 civilians were killed, one third of which was executed with a headshot. “We could still see the bloodstains and bullet holes in the wall, where executions have taken place,” says Solvang. In 50 to 60 centimeters in height – the victim had to kneel down apparently.

“The victims are often family members or activists of opposition fighters,” says Solvang. In one case, 19 men were executed in a single family, the oldest 75 years, the two youngest no 18th After the killings, the looting soldiers moved through the village and set fire to houses. “We have seen hundreds of burnt-out houses,” says Solvang. Some walls were graffiti: “Go on as before, and we come back – the death brigade.”

Here is the report “They burnt my heart” of HRW:

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May 2nd, 2012, 1:49 pm


545. jad said:

Dear Mina, Jna
The ex moderator was Bill Schrek (aka) WSS, he was the moderator for a while, but we didn’t know until last night after this guy as usual of him lead a smear campaign against Alex on twitter, and when another person claimed that Alex is the ‘evil’ moderator of SC, Alex answered that he is NOT and the moderator is Bill, then ‘Bill’ wrote this as a revenge and claimed that he resign his post:

@SCModeration is outed as @wsscherk on Facebook. By Camille Otrakji. I flee to Cyprus, give palace keys to my VP, whom Alex will out shortly!/SCModeration

That means that we’ve been all exchanging emails/comments with the same person that many of us and specifically me, tried to avoid for many reasons, one of them was our ‘privacy’.

I think that Dr. Landis, has the moral obligation to explain to us all how he took this decision by putting a moderator with lots of strange history without even telling us who is he and leaving us in the dark for such a long time and letting Bill to deceive us all, that is unacceptable and from now on I suggest that any hired new moderator identity needs to be known in advance for us to feel safe exposing our IPs and Email address with especially when black lists and hit lists are allover the net.

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:05 pm


546. Syria no Kandahar said:

Aljazera : Syrian Blood Trading,LLC

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:13 pm


547. Mina said:

Last week, Democratic Argentina has expropriated a Spanish oil company operating on its soil and nationalized it. Today Bolivia does the same with a Spanish electricity company and sens the army to take over the buildings.

Can’t wait to see this trending in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe it will bring them peace?

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:17 pm


548. Syria no Kandahar said:

عبد الباسط صاحب سيرة الحب
وبدنا نبيد العلويه

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:31 pm


549. Juergen said:


big time buddy Chavez ( who loves damascene kibbeh btw) has set the examples how to nationalize companies, its an old trick done by otherwise not successful despotes like him and Mugabe to offer some cash back for poor supporters.

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:32 pm


550. Juergen said:


There is much more to his righful fight against orthodox claim on islam.

For Abu Zaid the Quran was divine and transmitted from God through the angel Gabriel to Muhammad. Muhammad therefore was a translator of the divine will and the divine language. Abu Zaid argued that the Quran must be read with the histocial context of Muhammad ( and his time) to understand the message clearly. Later generations never did so, they just accepted the fact that the Quran is divine and sanctious. This implification that Muhammad had an own role in the message of the Quran is indeed a new aspect and worthwile to be considered, but for me that is not meant to be an open and public discussion, and the events have shown it, he was bitterly opposed by even liberal thinking scholars. His way of bringing his thesis into the public and the discussions which followed showed to me two things, firstly his message was not understood properly, and secondly he published his ideas too early for an adequate recepion.

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:57 pm


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