Jabhat al-Nusra Shaikh Promises to Decapitate Every Oppressive Arab Leader

This Jabhat al-Nusra shaikh gives a speech, while standing above the decapitated body of a Syrian officer.

The slain officer commanded the 38th brigade, which was stationed at Saida very close to Deraa near the Jordanian border. Al-Nusra defeated the brigade a week ago. Here is the translation of the Shaikh’s triumphant speech warning all presidents, kings, amirs, security officials and military officers of the oppressive Arab regimes that they will be killed and abased in the same fashion. The free Arab and Muslim people are on the march and will not be satisfied until they have slain their oppressors. It gives interesting insight into Jabhat al Nusra rhetoric and stands as a warning to Arab politicians and security chieftains in generally. The shaikh reminds us that al-Nusra has far reaching plans for the region. It is not clear if the Shaikh is Syrian. He uses the word “Generalat” for generals, which is not Syrian. He also refers to a military rank as “musheer”. Syrians don’t use this rank much at all.

Here’s the translation of the video (by A.N. to whom I am very grateful)

The Nusra fighter starts by quoting Surat At-Tawbah [14-15]:

Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people. And remove the fury in the believers’ hearts. And Allah turns in forgiveness to whom He wills; and Allah is Knowing and Wise. (Sahih international translation)

O’ Tyrants of the world, our Arab world especially. This is the fate of every arrogant, unjust, spoiled and damned tyrant [as he points to the beheaded body]

This is the fate of the ruling generals of the Arab world, in armies and in what is falsely and fraudulently labeled “security systems”, when in reality its a system of torture, injustice and tyranny

This is their fate; They get their heads chopped off and stepped on along with their titles and rank.

Al Moushir, Al Fariq, al Liwaa, al Amid, al Akid, al Moukadam, al Raed and all the ranks are under our feet. Thanks to Allah

This is the fate of every tyrant, oppressor criminal, every enemy of Allah, every enemy of Islam and Muslims and every enemy of jihad and the mujaheddin.

This is their fate; They get their heads chopped off and stepped on along with their ranks, medals, ribbons, looks and pictures, if Allah wills it [inshallah]

This is their punishment, humiliations and disgrace and it will be more disgraceful in the afterlife and they won’t be saved, if Allah wills it.

This is the fate of all the tyrants and all tyrannical idol worshiper, ignorant, infidel, polytheistic, criminal, corruptor governments, rulers and regimes.

This is your fate, to the end, to the disgraceful death in life and to the fires of hell in the afterlife Damn their fate. All of them, the generals and officers in the armies and security systems of the tyrants, as well as their governments and if Allah wills it, to their Presidents, Kings and Emirs, if Allah wills it….

Soon, they will be defeated, they will be defeated, they will be defeated. And glory to Allah and his prophets and the believers. And glory to the mujaheddin in the name Allah and glory to Islam and Muslims

And shame and disgrace on the ignorant worshipers of idols, the criminals, the unjust and the corruptors. The disgrace and shame and disappointment and the fire of hell in the afterlife, if Allah wills it, the fire of hell to all of them. Their ranks and their salaries won’t help them there, nor will their medals or ribbons or looks or pictures and nor all the commands and guards and bodyguards. No one will help them and nothing if Allah wills it. Your God is on the lookout, and the Soldiers of Allah everywhere are on the lookout for every unjust criminal tyrant, if Allah wills it.

And they will receive the fate as this unjust criminal corruptor [points at body], the damned Amid Mahmoud Darwish, if Allah wills it, and if Allah wills it, it will happen to all the unjust generals in the Arab armies and its security systems, the criminals and corruptors. This is their fate and to hell with them….

Another commentator‘s video, shows an interview with supposed FSA commander on an FSA-related channel, he’s being interviewed to confirm news he had released earlier, about the possible death of Bashar al Assad. He’s asked to confirm and he indeed confirms the news, saying an officer in the Iranian revolutionary guard had shot him, he knows this through an “honorable” officer they have planted inside the presidential palace.

It seems to be untrue and can be easily debunked, so why use it?

In this video, a group of Syrian soldiers are preparing for Iftar during the month of Ramadan. According to the cameraman, they are all planning to desert soon. He highlights their military style shorts along with other evidence to prove their identity.

As the camera moves inside their room we can see that they have a TV set. The cameraman points at the TV screen showing a stream of army soldiers declaring their desertion , they point at the screen and say that that’s going to be them soon.

That obvious fictitious piece of propaganda is aimed directly at Syrian army soldiers who don’t have access to anything but these channels along with the already discredited state run media. Its a media war as well.

News Round Up

Muaz al-Khatib Condemns Extremists in Syria and States who Support Them
Statement broadcast live on Al Jazeera by Muaz al-Khatib – English translation:

On the subject of terrorism: Oh brothers, we are against every group, every idea, and every weapon that wants to destroy the social fabric of Syria. We are against every Takfiri idea, to be frank. We are against any idea that calls for blood, and that carries its ideas to the people with steel and fire, by using terrorism and compulsion. The holy Quran states “Let there be no compulsion in religion.” We are an open and tolerant society, and these ideas cannot exist among us.

However, we will not allow the exploitation of the issue over and over again, as was done with the ploy of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which destroyed Iraq. We will not allow nor accept the presence of extremist groups in Syria to be used as a ploy to destroy Syria. The blood of the Syrian people is more precious than all foreign statements, and the decision the Syrian people make will be made by the Syrian people alone.

In regards to those groups that carry alien and extremist views, we say to those states that support them with hundreds of millions of dollars rather than supporting our people, withdraw your groups, there will be no terrorists amongst our people.

The blood of people is more precious than anything. There are youth as young as flowers that are being pushed to our country so that their country can get rid of them. I’m speaking frankly now. There are innocent, devout and pure people who are severely dedicated, who put their souls in their palms for the sake of defending this great, oppressed people. There are states that spend hundreds of millions of dollars in order to send these people to Syria for the purpose of getting rid of them, not for the love of Syria nor for the love of Jihad.

Sam Heller supplies an English-subtitled video of Khatib’s speech to the Arab League, as well as a full text of the translation.

“On the Jabhat an-Nusra vs. Kata’ib al-Farouq fitna” by Shami Witness on pietervanostaeyen

Very interesting take on the infighting between these two major militias in Raqqa and beyond

Katībat al-Muhājirīn ~ The Foreigner’s Brigade in Syria,
by pietervanostaeyen

The group is active in the Lattakia province on the coastline of Syria. The ultimate goal of the group after the liberation of Syria from the al-Assad regime is the establishment of an Islamic State in the Levant….

As for the outcome of the Syrian war, the group shares the (widely spread) idea that Judgement Day is close and that the Mahdī (the Messias) will descend from heaven via the White Minaret of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.

In “liberated” areas the group installed Sharī’a courts in order to provide some justice to the inhabitants. This tactic is a known one, as recently Jabhat an-Nusra and the Syrian Islamic Front established Islamic jurisprudence throughout ar-Raqqa province in Northern Syria.

Syrian Financial Capital’s Loss Is Turkey’s Gain
by Deborah Amos
March 29, 2013

Official data from the Turkish banking agency shows that Syrians have deposited almost $4 billion in Turkish banks…For now, Aleppo’s loss is Turkey’s economic gain, certainly in Gaziantep, a city with historical links to Syria. In Ottoman times, Gaziantep was part of Aleppo province.

And once again, the Turkish border city is intertwined with Syria. The Sanko Park mall was built a few years ago to cater to Syrians who easily crossed the border to shop on weekends. Now, more than 30,000 Syrian businessmen have come to Turkey to escape the war — attracted by government policies that allow them to open factories and offices and make lucrative deals, said Barazi, the furniture store owner.

Can Aleppo recover if the business community stays in Gaziantep?

Syria’s Kurds, deeply divided, may determine the war’s outcome

Syria Analysis: International Aid Fuels Key Insurgent Victories in South EA Worldview

Today, insurgents from the Dawn of Islam Brigade captured several key checkpoints across a town named Dael (often written Da’el) in Daraa Province (map). There are reports that the fighters have control of the entire town.

Dael’s fall is significant. It may be the defining example of how the international effort to give military assistance to the rebels, led by Saudi Arabia and the US, is rapidly changing the face of the war.

Control of Daraa Province gives the rebels access to Syria’s border with Jordan, from where outside forces are providing military assistance.

Rebels claim to take key city in southern Syria
By Babak Dehghanpisheh: March 29

Lawlessness Spreading in Rebel-held Syria, Widespread looting, crime running rampant and rebel factions fighting among themselves – VOA

The U.N. Security Council released a statement Wednesday in which it expressed that it is has become increasingly concerned with military activities in the Golan and the heightened threat to U.N. personnel on the ground.

Rebuff of missile request helps Assad – Syria opposition leader
By Yara Bayoumy and William Maclean

DOHA (Reuters) – The refusal of international powers to provide Patriot missile support for rebel-held areas of northern Syria sends a message to President Bashar al-Assad to “do what you want”, Syrian opposition leader Moaz Alkhatib said on Wednesday

Alkhatib, a popular figure in the opposition, also said he would not rescind his resignation as leader of the main anti-Assad alliance but he would still perform leadership duties for the time being.

NATO said on Tuesday it had no intention of intervening militarily in Syria after Alkhatib said he had asked the United States to use Patriot missiles to protect rebel-held areas from Assad’s air power.

“Yesterday I was really surprised by the comment issued from the White House that it was not possible to increase the range of the Patriot missiles to protect the Syrian people,” Alkhatib told Reuters in an interview.

“I’m scared that this will be a message to the Syrian regime telling it ‘Do what you want’.”

Asked about his resignation on Sunday as leader of the rebel coalition – which he has said was motivated mainly by frustration at Western reluctance to increase support for the opposition – he said: “I have given my resignation and I have not withdrawn it. But I have to continue my duties until the general committee meets.”

Meanwhile, Assad sent an appeal to the BRICS economic forum, meeting in South Africa, for help in ending the conflict in Syria. In a letter to the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), Assad said Syria is being subjected to “acts of terrorism backed by Arab, regional and Western nations.”

Syrian Conflict’s Impact is Felt Across Border in Iraq By Ernesto Londoño | The Washington Post

Towards a Grand Bargain With the PKK By David L. Phillips | Today’s Zaman

A Two-Track Solution to the Syrian Crisis By Edward Djerejian | Asharq Alawsat

By Syrian-Kurdish writer, Baderkhan Ali, www.correspondents.org

Many Syrians in the diaspora will present, if not exactly a rose tinted view of the Syrian revolution, then certainly one that continues to cling to the hopes and…

Before the Syrian revolution, the demands of the Syrian Kurdish political movement were generally to give Kurdish their legitimate rights within Syria. And besides talking about injustices the Kurds had suffered at the hands of the Syrian regime – such as the fact that they were not allowed Syrian nationality – they usually stressed that they didn’t want to secede from the country.

However after the revolution began, a coalition of Kurdish groups began to demand the right to self determination within Syria; that led to a call for federalism and their right to become a federal state.

I think there’s a perception currently that this is a good time for Syria’s Kurds to make as many demands as possible, especially after the al-Assad regime is gone. But I think that’s too easy. I think there are plenty of challenges that haven’t been considered – such as, for instance, what part Syria’s Kurds will play in the Syrian government after the revolution, what part they’ll play in selecting new leaders – that sort of thing.

Room for Debate: What Can Obama Accomplish in the Middle East? By Several Writers | The New York Times

Why Stay in the Middle East?
by Leon Hadar, The National Interest | March 27, 2013

Bashing the critics of their foreign-policy agenda as “isolationists” hasbecome the last refuge of military interventionists and global crusaders.The tactic helps sidetrack the debate by putting the onus on theiropponents—those skeptical of regime change here, there and everywhere—todisprove the charge that they want Americans to shun the rest of the world.

And now proponents of maintaining American military hegemony in the MiddleEast have been applying a similar technique, accusing those who call for adebate on U.S. interests and policies in that region of advocating retreat and appeasement.Like the accusation of “isolationism,” the suggestion that a reassessment of current U.S. policies in the Middle East amounts to geostrategic retrenchment is part of an effort to shut down debate and maintain the status quo. But questioning the dominant U.S. Middle East paradigm, which assumes that Americans have the interest and the obligation to secure a dominant political-military status in the region, now goes beyond strategic and economic calculations being debated by foreign-policy wonks in Washington.

Most Americans have only basic knowledge about the Middle East and U.S. interests there, beyond words that trigger a visceral fear (“oil” and “Israel” and “terrorism”). But most of them are now telling pollsters that they want to see U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible, are opposed to new U.S.-led regime change and nation building in the Middle East, and are skeptical about the utility of Washington taking charge of the Israeli-Palestinian “peace  process.”Indeed, you don’t have to be a deep strategic thinker to conclude that the U.S. invasion of Iraq was a major military and diplomatic fiasco (no more Iraqs, please); that Washington exerts very little influence on the political weather (where it’s “spring” or “winter”) in the Arab World, a place where they lost that loving feeling for America a long time ago; or that Israelis and Palestinians are not going to live in peace and harmony anytime soon, even if President Obama would spend the rest of his term engaged in diplomatic psychotherapy sessions with them at Camp David.

It is becoming quite obvious to most Americans that sustaining the foundations of the Pax Americana in the Middle East is no longercost-effective. Especially at a time when many members of the middle class have yet to recover from the economic devastation of the Great Recession and their representatives in Washington cannot agree on how to manage the ballooning federal deficit.Reversing the classic model of foreign-policy making (leaders decide and then the public follows), leaders and the experts in Washington have been…

This new approach must encourage regional powers like Turkey, Egypt, Iran, the Arab Gulf States and Israel to operate under the assumption that the United States would not be there to micromanage the balance of power in the region. It also should provide incentives for Washington’s European allies to protect their interests in a region that is after all in their strategic backyard.Moreover, the U.S. economy has never been dependent on oil imports from the Middle East (it now receives about 14 percent of its energy supplies from the region). There is no reason why America should continue to spend its resources to provide economic competitors like China with free military protection for access to Middle Eastern oil.Israel would also have to adjust to the new realities of U.S. power in the Middle East. Israelis need to recognize that Washington would not be able to bail them out if and when they behave irresponsibly: U.S. support cannot be a substitute for reaching an agreement with the Palestinians and being integrated into the Middle East.The United States could continue to act as the “balancer of last resort” in the Middle East, working together with regional and global powers to help strengthen stability and promote economic prosperity in the region. But it cannot and should not sustain the current status quo there anymore.*

NPR Wins Peabody Award for Syria Coverage

Thanks to bartolo’s blog

Arming Syria rebels not solution, peace envoy Brahimi says – PanARMENIAN.Net

American who fought for Al Nusrah Front arrested in US (VIDEO) – The Long War JournalObama did not approved NSC recommendation to give body armor to Syrian rebels – Foreign Policy

Rape and sham marriages: the fears of Syria’s women refugees – Channel 4 News

Tunisians Raise Alarm on Possible Fatwa Encouraging ‘Sexual Jihad’ in Syria- Al-Monitor

France’s Hollande says too early to send arms to Syria rebels – Reuters

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So the two, in addition to being retards, are also infested

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March 31st, 2013, 9:00 pm


152. Tara said:


” To be more specific, I will vote for Moaz in free and clean elections over Assad or any other politician, he is ahead of everybody,I hope he does not get killed.”

And I always had the sixth sense about people. Thank you Ghufran.

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March 31st, 2013, 9:09 pm


153. revenire said:

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March 31st, 2013, 9:16 pm


154. Ziad said:

أشتباكات عنيفة في حي الشيخ مقصود بحلب عند حاجز العوارض

See rebels are using mosques as fire bases in Shiekh Maksud Aleppo (2:50), then they tell you the regime bombs mosques

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March 31st, 2013, 9:35 pm


155. apple_mini said:

If most of the opposition support Al-Khatib and promote him on an open free election, then he will have a chance.

Otherwise, he will remain to be a “nobody” to most Syrians.

To win an election, it requires a team work, a solid political body. Personality and charisma count only after the person gets promoted to the very front.

Right now, Syria has no such luxury to have a general free election even after the war ends. Whoever can provide security and peace will get high ticket to be the winner. If Al-Khatib does not have strong military backing, he won’t be able to make it.

On the other hand, Assad has huge advantage. Guess that is the main reason, the opposition have to take down Assad before negotiation.

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March 31st, 2013, 10:07 pm


156. Anbar Palace said:

Ann thanks for posting Sheikh Hosein’s video on Syria and the Zionist war against her. I watched it. He has a clear picture of matters.


How can you tell which side the Zionists are supporting? The side that is killing Syrians instead of Jews or the side that hates Jews but would would rather kill Baathists?

I’m thinking the Zionists are supporting both sides just to play it safe.

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March 31st, 2013, 10:16 pm


157. ann said:

Syrian Refugees Escape Erdogan’s Concentration Camps –

Turkey’s Erdogan does not allow his “brothers” the Syrians to move around freely in his country. He placed them in concentration camps. Syrians are in Concentration camps in Jordan as well. Syrians are being raped and starved in these concentration camps. Syrians, however, are free to roam in Lebanon and Iraq, both allies of Syria el Assad. This proves who really loves the Syrian people



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March 31st, 2013, 10:30 pm


158. ann said:


Al Nusra Front chieftain killed in Syria

Syrian army forces have killed Adnan al-Haj Ali better known as Abi Mohammd Joulani, leader of al-Nusra Front in Syria, announced a Syrian opposition source affiliated with Ahfad bani Omaiya in Rif, Damascus.

Al-Alam News Channel quoted the source as telling Lebanon’s Asia News Agency that al-Joulani has many names, but his real name is Adnan Al-Haj Ali from Quneitra.

His military name has been allotted to a number of people for security reasons in an attempt to prevent the disclosure of the Front present commander’s identity. The al-Nusra Front is organizationally under the command of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Reports had it that al-Haj Ali and his Syrian deputy Mostafa Al-Badawi have been killed in an air attack by a Syrian MiG fighter jet.

Al-Badawi was one of al-Qaeda high ranking authorities, who commanded thousands of forces the Front employed in Syria. He was from Homs and cooperated with active terrorist groups in Persian Gulf littoral Arab countries to bring Arab gunmen into Syria.

According to reports the death of this al-Nusra Front leader in Syria has dealt a heavy blow to the terrorist group, since the group, which enjoys a powerful command, will lose contact with many of its branches.



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March 31st, 2013, 10:57 pm


159. Hopeful said:


“ To be more specific, I will vote for Moaz in free and clean elections over Assad or any other politician, he is ahead of everybody,I hope he does not get killed.”

Sign me up!

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March 31st, 2013, 11:30 pm


160. apple_mini said:

A rare and important article on Guardian:


We have to wonder where is the end: American think tanks make predication that due to advance of technology, weapon proliferation including WMD will be a reality and threat in the next 10 to 20 years.

Can US always make sure their technology is at least 2 generations ahead of others? What if one day that kind of technology lead is no longer a safeguard?

Imagine radicals and fundamentalists one day can have their own drones with global attacking capacity. Or miniature weaponry of size of insects are available on black market.

Solving problems facing humanity by force and technology is fundamentally doomed.

What this got to do with Syrian conflict? Everyone needs to keep it in mind: Not only US administration does not have genuine or objective mentality to get involved, but also they are impotent to truly comprehend complicit of Syrian history, culture, emotion and feelings, let alone solving the crisis.

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March 31st, 2013, 11:50 pm


161. Dolly Buster said:

The U.S. can just decapitate the Syrian armed forces in under 60 seconds.
Problem is that Obama believes in friendship and peace, so he does nothing.

For crying out loud, he secretly promises Medvyedev that he will disarm the U.S.
That is not a militant-minded person who cares about liberty.

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April 1st, 2013, 12:49 am


162. revenire said:

Dolly no, the US can’t do that at all. The US is afraid of wider war and with good cause. They’re also afraid of Syria’s air defenses – if not they’d attack.


PS – Ghufran are you even Syrian? I doubt it.

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April 1st, 2013, 1:25 am


163. Dawoud said:

الثوار يقتربون من أكبر معامل تصنيع الذخيرة بسوريا

الحر يسيطر على السفيرة بريف حلب

واصل الجيش السوري الحر تقدمه في ريف حلب، وسيطر على مدينة السفيرة، بعد أن تراجعت قوات النظام إلى منطقة معامل الدفاع التي تعد من أكبر معامل تصنيع الذخيرة في سوريا. وقد أصبحت معامل الدفاع هدفاً لقوات المعارضة، بعد أن قطعت خطوط الإمداد عن الجيش النظامي.

في غضون ذلك أفادت شبكة شام السورية بأن 15 شخصا قتلوا في قرية مدايا بريف إدلب، وأن أربع جثث عثر عليها بريف دمشق، في حين قالت الهيئة العامة للثورة إن قوات النظام قصفت أحياء بجنوبي دمشق، وأطلقت صاروخين من طراز سكود باتجاه شمالي البلاد.

وقالت شبكة شام إن 15 شخصا سقطوا قتلى في قرية مدايا بريف إدلب، موضحة أن 11 من بينهم ينتمون إلى عائلة واحدة. كما أفادت بأنه عثر على جثث أربعة أشخاص أعدموا ميدانيا على يد حاجز حي سيدي مقداد في بلدة ببيلا بريف دمشق. كما قتل تسعة أشخاص اليوم معظمهم في درعا وحلب، بحسب الشبكة السورية لحقوق الإنسان.
من جانبها أفادت الهيئة العامة للثورة بأن قوات النظام قصفت حيي الحجر الأسود ومخيم اليرموك في جنوبي العاصمة دمشق، وأن القصف بالمدفعية تركز أيضا على مدينة داريا التي شهدت اشتباكات بين قوات النظام والجيش الحر.

وفي هذه الأثناء، اندلعت اشتباكات عنيفة فجر اليوم في بلدة البحدلية بريف دمشق سبقها قصف شنته قوات النظام بالمدفعية وراجمات الصواريخ وصل إلى بلدة الذيابية المجاورة ومسرابا. وتعرضت بلدتا عربين وكفر بطنا في ريف دمشق لقصف عنيف من قبل قوات النظام، مما أدى إلى سقوط ضحايا بينهم أطفال ونساء.

اشتباكات بين الجيشين الحر والنظامي في أحياء بدمشق (الجزيرة)
وتدور اشتباكات بين الجيش الحر والقوات النظامية قرب سوق الهال في الزبلطاني بدمشق. كما تشن قوات النظام حملات دهم للمنازل في أحياء كفرسوسة والميدان بدمشق وسط انتشار أمني كثيف، حسب شبكة شام.

كما وثقت عدسة مراسل شبكة شام في مدينة دير الزور اشتباكات بين الجيش الحر وقوات النظام بالقرب من كتيبة الصواريخ بمدينة دير الزور، في حين دارت اشتباكات في محيط مطاري حلب الدولي والنيرب العسكري في حلب بين الجيش الحر وقوات النظام، حسب نفس الشبكة.

ومن ناحية أخرى، أفادت لجان التنسيق المحلية بأن قوات النظام السوري أطلقت صاروخين من طراز سكود باتجاه شمالي البلاد من اللواء 155 في بلدة القطيفة بريف دمشق. وقد أطلق الأول فجر اليوم في حين أطلق الثاني بعد ساعات من ذلك.

مطار حلب
وفي حلب ذكر ناشطون أن مقاتلين من لواء التوحيد وألوية أخرى قصفوا مطار حلب الدولي المحاصر منذ شهور بمدافع الهاون والصواريخ.

من جهته، قال قائد المجلس الثوري في حلب العقيد عبد الجبار العكيدي للجزيرة إن الثوار يسعون للسيطرة على المطار قريبا، مؤكدا سحب كبار الضباط من المطار.

ويحاصر الثوار أيضا منذ شهور مطار النيرب العسكري القريب من مطار حلب، والذي قصفت القوات النظامية انطلاقا منه الأحد حيَّ كرم الطرّاب وفقا لمركز حلب الإعلامي.

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April 1st, 2013, 2:05 pm


164. dunno said:

The recent happenings in Syria are very saddening. At first I thought Assads bookless thoughs would be easy game, since Allah is on our side. But now I m confused.
The new video platform is a great thing!!
Thank you Josh!

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April 1st, 2013, 3:44 pm


165. dunno said:

The new video platform is a great thing!!

Thank you Josh!

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April 1st, 2013, 3:45 pm


166. Syria Comment » Archives » Sorting out David Ignatius said:

[…] Jabhat al-Nusra Shaikh Promises to Decapitate Every Oppressive Arab Leader […]

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April 3rd, 2013, 12:09 pm


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