Paris 2008, Paris 1998

(Post by Alex) Here are the first photos from Paris.


Syrian President Bashar Assad arriving to Paris with his wife Asma. 


President Assad with French President Nicolas Sarkozy after first round of talks.


President Assad meeting with Lebanese President Michel Sleiman in Paris. 


Four-way summit of Syrian President Bashar Assad, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, THe Emir of Qatar, and Lebanese President Michel Sleiman.


And for those who believe that the situation in the Middle East goes through cycles, here is a photo from Paris 1998. President Hafez Assad, on a "rare visit" to France, asked the French President to mediate between Syria and Israel, since the United States was only interested at the time in Palestinian Israeli talks.

A year later, the Americans got interested again in the Syrian track.




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101. trustquest said:

My feeling regarding the question of if the MB had been in power could not have avoided the current problems plagued Syria is not valid question. I think the intellectual approach compels us to be revisionists to our history or we will fall in the status-quo for ever. until 1973 Syrians intellectuals and elites did not question much the internal conflict in the struggle for power. By 1980s we stood on the side watching the MB struggling with the totalitarian system. Most people did not cheer for one against the other. People showed much patient with the dictator and now it seems that they are not going to tolerate his son using the same tactic to stay in power by playing the external affair card. I started realizing that I can not ignore neither disfranchise any segments or parts of the Syrians for any reason. And another important point, if some ever thought of excusing the sons from the sins of their fathers they should apply this to all. The system failure is not anymore for discussion (actually admitted by the regime) and its continuous failure is very obvious to many. It is funny picture ironic situation of the System still using the symbols of Unity, “no” freedom and socialism which he chewed on them for ages and turned 180 degrees from on the hands of the same people and the System (or the regime) ended up standing on no legs and without ideology. I thin the to try to excuse this system by showing no criticism of its failure, or trying to turn people against each other based on scare tactics, is not gaining any sympathy anymore. The exodus issue is not too clear in the country but very clear in the Diaspora and it is going to hunt the country sooner or later. People in Syria left the country not because the country is not wealthy and people are money monger going after wealth, it is because of the exclusion, bad system, insisting backwardness and slavery treatment of its citizens by the regime, the officials and its bureaucracy. It is now most clear to people that the System turned into a collector of taxes not only from who left but even from the ones who left.

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July 14th, 2008, 3:32 pm


102. Karim said:

A7sant dear OFF THE WALL ,he was a very moderate salafi.Btw,Salafis were always a minority in the syrian brotherhood.

Offended ,who told u that the only alternative to the asadist regime are/were the brotherhood ,this is impossible ,they wouldn’t get more than 30 % of votes.And yes before this regime ,corruption was marginal ,it was sacrilegious ,nobody would have accepted to give his daughter to a corrupt man and also most of the civil servants were from good families so the reputation of the familly was not easy to betray.
In bashar asad interviews ,you also noticed Offended that he tries to show that corrutpion is a natural tendency in Syria.This is what we can call the asadization of Syria.

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July 14th, 2008, 6:11 pm


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