Sham al-Islam: Its Project and Promise in Healing the Wounded Lands of the Levant

Sham al-Islam: Its Project and Promise in Healing the Wounded Lands of the Levant
Translated by Daniel Abdullah  @Daniel_Abdullah
For Syria Comment, March 27, 2014

Here is the recent statement of the Emir of Sham al-Islam, Brahim Benchekroune (a.k.a. Abu Ahmad al-Muhajir and sometimes called Abu Ahmad al-Maghrabi) a veteran Moroccan jihadist and former Guantanamo inmate.  Sham al-Islam was formed during the August 2013 campaign into the coastal region of Syria around Salma. In a foundation statement published on Youtube on August 18, 2013 Benchekroune stated: “We consider democracy to be kufr against God Almighty and a doctrine that is in contradiction to God’s sharia,” Sham al-Islam has played a significant role in the Anfal campaign around Kassab of March 2014. The Sham al-Islam movement has a large North African contingent. [written by Joshua Landis]

[Addendum March 28] The following video was published by Sham al-Islam after this posted. It is a well produced documentary, explaining how Sham al-Islam has been planning the Anfal campaign around Kassab ever since the al-Salma campaign of August 2013. They believe that Assad is preparing an ethnic enclave along the coast in fulfillment of the French plan, devised during the Mandate period, to build an Alawite state. His military campaigns to destroy Alawite power along the coast are designed to thwart this effort, which would lead to the emergence of another minority state separating the coastal region from its Islamic and Arab heartland, much as has already occurred with the establishment of Israel and Lebanon. Abu Ahmed the Moroccan speaks to us in this video about two-thirds of the way through.

The following video depicts Sham al-Islam fighters (many foreign) near Kassab. The leader, Abu Ahmed the Moroccan, is narrating. “Today we have become men.” He adds: Our enemies are the “rus, hundus wa majous”. It rhymes: “Russians, Hindus, and Majii (Iranians, which includes Alawis).

Sham al-Islam Youtube Statement Posted March 27, 2014
The following video has been translated below by Daniel Abdullah

Thanks to Allah, who helps the people who have been wronged and made weak, who is able to prevail over the lawless and unjust, and who supports those who attempt to reform what has been distorted by the enemies of religion. May peace, grace and blessings be upon the one who was sent as mercy to the world with a book that guides toward what is right and a sword that brings victory. May the same be upon his family, his companions and all those who have followed them well – in speech, deed and in manners – all the way through to the Day of Judgement.

Our Islamic Umma has suffered from long decades of injustice and tyranny.[1] It has been led astray by incorrect interpretations, on the one hand, and by a despicable adherence to Zionist-Masonic powers of oppression, on the other. It has been ruled by the iron fist of traitorous agents [of the West], who have pledged their lives to serve the interests of the enemies of our religion and Umma. It follows that the oppressed masses who have been misled and have had to pay the price as a result of successive campaigns of ignorance, dispossession and unprecedented injustice. Only a select few managed to escape from these campaigns. They formed the first line of resistance and gladly offered their hearts and blood and their time and thoughts in defence of the honour of the Umma – each according to their position and to what Allah made them aware of. Among these pioneers are preachers, reformers, scholars and scientists. We believe that those who have worked sincerely will be compensated. They will be granted in proportion to what they have offered or will be granted the double.[2]

Among those who have worked for the religion of Allah has been a group dedicated to fight for Him, a group that has waged Jihad with both their lives and money. They have fought the enemy who roamed freely in their lands. They wasted no effort in explaining and advising. With their efforts, Allah has saved the lives, (ard) honor and financial means of many people; He has brought out what is right.[3] Consequently, people were made aware of the betrayal of their leaders and of the lowness of the schemes spun against them.

The righteous dawn has arrived, the beginnings of the Umma regaining its freedom from the shackles of tyrants and the bonds of slavery are quivering on the horizon, the contrived gap between the Jihadi front and the rest of the Umma is being bridged; all this by virtue of the uprisings of our people against the regime of injustice and tyranny. The people have broken the wall of fear and have announced the beginning of a new era on the way to ultimate victory.

In this important historical context, the movement of Sham al-Islam has arisen from the lands of the wounded Levant – currently undergoing a blessed revolution against the criminal Nusayri regime, which has debased both worldly and religious pursuits and was unjust towards Muslim possessions and lives.[4]

Our movement was established to strengthen those who are right and the knights of Jihad. It is a breath of fresh air in the sail of Jihad, meant to empower and develop Jihad. It will enable this blessed revolution such that it does not allow it to be lost to the snares of Jahiliya that strive to entrap it under the roof of international legitimacy and within the borders of Sykes-Picot.[1]

Sham al-Islam strives to eliminate all that stands between the Umma and the Jihadi Front. No matter the source: people, terminology, groups or factional politics, we will work to thwart it. Sham al-Islam calls for a commitment to unity on Allah’s righteous terms that leads to the rule of His fair Sharia and that ensures access to a happy life on earth and paradise in the afterlife.

We strive to fight off the injustice that has been inflicted on our wronged people in Syria. We are prepared to sacrifice our lives and all that we possess to achieve this goal. We are bent on unity according to Allah’s laws, and on strengthening them by a totalitarian approach that addresses all the requirements of our current stage of development, such as Jihad, preaching, and tackling public needs. In all this we intend to follow the example of the mercy sent from Allah, may peace be upon him.

We ask Allah the Almighty and Exalted to grant us honesty and dedication, to show us the ways of righteousness, and to make us a building block for the approaching Caliphate that is built upon the example of the Prophet.

[1] Jahiliya – جاهليّة refers to the “Age of Ignorance” that preceded the revelation of the Qur’an, when Arabs were pagans. In this context, Abu Hamza is, presumably, referring to democracy and the acceptance “man-made” laws, which Salafists consider, en bloc, a central antithesis to Islam.

[1] Umma – أمّة is used to denote the wider Islamic society.

[2] Here, Abu Hamza is referring to an Islamic principle of divine compensation. If a Muslim studies a situation for which there is no precedent and reaches the correct conclusion and acts upon it, he has a double reward. If, however, his conclusion is wrong – according to the religious values of absolute right and wrong – but his effort was honest, he receives a single reward.

[3] Ard – عرض is an Arabic word that refers to worldly possessions عرض الدنيا or to a man’s lineage and his family. In colloquial Arabic, it refers to his female relatives who are seen as part of the honour he is bound to defend.

[4] Nusayri – نصيري is pejorative reference to Alawites. It originates from the name of the founder of their religion, Mouhammad bin Nusayr, and is used to suggest that they follow a man made religion. For the same reason, Muslims prefer not to be called Muhammadans because they do not believe that Muhammad is the founder of Islam.

The Arabic transcription of the video follows

الحمد لله ناصر المستضعفين وقاهر الجبابرة المارقين ومعين المصلحين لما خرّبه أعداء الدين، والصلاة والسلام على المبعوث رحمة للعالمين بكتاب يهدي وسيف ينصر، وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين، ومن تبعهم قولا وعملا وخلقا بإحسان إلى يوم الدين، أما بعد:

فقد عانت أمتنا الإسلامية لعقود طويلة من الظلم والاستبداد، وتاهت بين المناهج المنحرفة، والتبعية المقيتة لقوى الطغيان الصهيوماسوني، وحُكمت بقبضة من حديد من طرف عملاء خائنين، نذروا حياتهم لخدمة أعداء الدين والأمة، وكان ذلك على حساب الشعوب المقهورة، التي ضاعت وسط الحملات المتتالية من التجهيل والتشريد والقمع المنقطع النظير. ولم يسلم من هاته الحملات سوى طائفة من الناس، شكّلوا حائط الصد الأول، ووهبوا دون كرامة الأمّة دماءهم ومهجهم، أوقاتهم وأفكارهم، كل حسب موقعه وما هداه الله إليه – دعاة ومصلحين، علماء ومفكرين. ونحسب أن كل صادق منهم كان بين الأجر والأجرين.
ومن بين هؤلاء العاملين لدين الله، انبرت عصابة من أبناء هذه الأمة للقتال في سبيل الله تعالى، وجاهدت بالمال والنفس لدفع العدوّ الصائل على أراضيها، ولم تأل جهداً في البيان والنصح، فحفظ الله بها النفس والعرض والمال، وأظهر على أيديها الحق فبان للناس خيانة حاكميهم وخساسة المخططات التي حيكت لهم.
بزغ الفجر الصادق، ولاحت على الأفق بوادر تحرر الأمة من أغلال الأنداد وقيود العبيد، وتقلصت الفجوة المدبّرة بينها وبين طليعتها المجاهدة، وانتفضت شعوبها ضد أنظمة الظلم والاستبداد، مكسّرة حاجز الخوف، معلنة مرحلة جديدة على ضرب النصر والتمكين. في هذا السياق التاريخيّ الهام، ومن أرض الشام الجريحة – التي تشهد ثورة مباركة ضد النظام النصيري المجرم، الذي أفسد الدين والدنيا، وصال على أعراض المسلمين ودمائهم، نشأت حركة شام الإسلام، لتقوية شوكة أهل الحق وفرسان الجهاد، ولتبث نفساً جديداً في التيار الجهادي – تطويراً وتمكيناً له من احتضان هذه الثورة المباركة، واستيعابها لكي لا تستنزف وتضيع وسط سبل وأنفاق جاهلية تروم إبقاءها تحت سقف الشرعيّة الدولية وحدود سايكس بيكو.
كما تسعى حركة شام الإسلام لرفع كل ما من شأنه أن يحول بين الأمة وطليعتها المجاهدة من حواجز وعقبات أياً كان باعثها، أشخاصاً أو مسميّات، جماعات أو تنظيمات وتدعو للاعتصام بحبل الله على أساس تحكيم شرع الله العادل، الذي فيه سعة الدنيا ونعيم الآخرة.
نسعى جاهدين لرفع الظلم والقهر الذي لحق بأهلنا المستضعفين في سوريا باذلين في سبيل ذلك أرواحنا ودماءنا وكل ما نملك بالاعتصام بحبل الله المتين، وتقويته بطرح شموليّ يمسّ كل متطلبات المرحلة من جهاد ودعوة وتدبير لشؤون الناس على منهاج الرحمة المهداة عليه الصلاة والسلام – سائلين المولى عز وجل الصدق والإخلاص وأن يلهمنا سبل الرشاد ويجعلنا لبنة في صرح الخلافة القادمة على منهاج النبوة. وصلى الله على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين.

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101. omen said:

am i dreaming?

Rumour mill has it that Assad’s cousin Atef Najib, ex political security chief in Daraa is now in JAN’s hands. #Latakia


Resistance forces in Latakia have reportedly captured a senior regime officer, Brigadier Atef Najib, the head of the regime’s political security division in Latakia and a cousin of Bashar Assad.

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March 29th, 2014, 9:27 pm


102. Syrialover said:


People make a mistake thinking that just stating they are “against violence” is enough to convince others that they want it rooted out of Syria political culture forever.

What is the “day 1” from which you say you were against any violence by Assad (shorthand for the Assad regime, of which the current situation is an evolutionary chapter)?

Before the Hama massacre? Before all the other atrocities and brutalities that the Assad dictatorship has illegally exercised for decades to control Syrians?

Of course I am distressed to hear Latakia is being attacked. And not just because I had family there until recently. I’m not selective. I also desperately didn’t want Homs, Hama, Aleppo and all the countless other places in Syria to be attacked.

And as I flinch and feel sick with every attack I hear of, it has added up to around 95 flinches caused by the regime against 5 collectively by the rebels and the separate enemy of both sides ISIS.

Contrary to what you say, I am certainly not egging on this violence. I want the chief source of the violence, the Assad regime, stopped (and with it, the counter violence by its opponents). Because we know now the Assads are not going to stop themselves.

Or am I and the rest of the world wrong, do you think Assad (and now his Iranian controllers) will suddenly decide to stop the violence?

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March 29th, 2014, 9:35 pm


103. omen said:

two journalists held hostage – freed!

javier & ricardo.

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March 29th, 2014, 10:39 pm


104. Observer said:


I do not believe that the SAA that you are describing exists any longer. Again if it did exist the more than 400 000 troops made of conscripts would have pacified the country. The SAA started with 7000 tanks 10000 canons 12000 APC 400 combat aircraft. If the country is in such dire situation why would the regime not call the reserves? If we are in a fight against a Universal conspiracy what are reserves doing at home. How about replacing the more than 40000 killed and the many more injured? This is because it is made up of regime supporters on the one hand and HA and Iranian fighters on the other for it has lost its conscripts.

I also believe that any army that accepts to fight the people is not worthy of remaining in place. The one revolution that is successful today is that of Tunis because of the army refusing to enter the fray. Likewise Ukraine’s army did not go into the streets and kill civilians. Some Lebanese pro regime commentators claimed that Putin was furious with Yanukovich for he refused to act like Assad. Precisely because the army is a professional army it refused to enter the fray in Kiev.

Syria does not have a professional army and as you read on this post it should be there only to protect certain populations and certain areas. Next we are going to be told that we have a Chosen People worthy of life when the rest are worthy of serfdom.

The fig leaf is down, the mask has fallen, the emperor has no clothes.

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March 29th, 2014, 11:31 pm


105. Akbar Palace said:

Amir said:

 I was saying this here on SC during when Mr Landis was supporting the Assads, and used to promote them as the saviors of Arabism against the evil Americans, Zionists and Europeans.

I’m thinking this could be the reason why Professor Josh doesn’t post here very often. If the MSM could ask a few hardball questions when interviewing our resident Syria expert, he may find his way back to his own website.

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March 30th, 2014, 12:14 am


106. omen said:

are people boycotting the new thread?

what i tell you? i thought i smelled rat.

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March 30th, 2014, 7:04 am


107. habib said:

And the Kassab adventure went great, didn’t it? Lol.

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March 30th, 2014, 4:32 pm


108. Rose Damas said:

This translation to enclosed Sham al-Islam video is accurate to my best ability.
Translating the video gave me the opportunity to look at it more closely. And I found the following:
– Whoever made this video has access to significant resources.
The style presented is a western style different from what is usually presented out of Syria. The video looks like a CNN production.

– Contrary to al-Nusra. Sham alIslam is interested in publicity. alNusra does not publicies its work.

– Most importantly, there is no way for anyone to confirm that the fighting groups presented in the video or the people who made the video are the same groups who are actually conducting the fight on the ground, specifically on the coast.
Preparing for this battle began in Aug., 2013 immediately after rebel’s sudden withdrawal from the coast. One factor contributing to the withdrawal was the betrayal by supposedly revolutionary agencies.
And what made us ring the bell of danger was that the same agencies later caused subsequent military operation in that region to fail and afterward to be canceled.

At the same time, talks began to circulate about conspiracies aiming to divide Syria into small states the most important of which a state for the Alawites on the Syrian coast.

Efforts were united to stop this international conspiracy and these efforts
resulted in rebels setting foot on the Mediterranean sea coast for the first time as a result of al-Anfal battle.

Following the events on the ground we have decided to publish this work which exposes the size of this conspiracy and the main players.

Syrian coastal region consists of two provinces: Lattakia and Tartous.
Lattakia province is located at the North West of Syria. It has a large sea port. Turkey borders it to the North. To the south is Tartous province. East: Idleb and Hama.

Lattakia province consists of the following counties: Lattakia, Jabla, Haffa, and Kardaha. Kardaha is home town of Bashar Assad. Lattakia province’s population is more than one million according to 2010 census. Most are of the Alawite sect as in Tartos province which its population is almost one million. Lebanon is at the southern border of Tartous. To the east Hama and Hims.

A boy chanting:
Our revolution is Islamic.
Our revolution is a revolution conducted by Muslims.
We want the Khilapha back.

After three years the Syrian revolution has reached a point of no return. The gruesome crimes committed against the people prevents any solution except the demolition of the Statue of Assad.
The International position looks awkward. Until now it is not able to find an appropriate substitute for the regime who would be approved by the people and also guarantees the interests of the International order.

Naom Chomsky:
So what [Americans] are doing is giving some support to the rebels, you know the rebel forces, obviously giving them some support and arms but not enough to make much of a difference. I think the reason is: I don’t think they like Assad but they are even more worried about what might follow.

The different brigades fighting on the ground have declared themselves Islamic and raised the banner of No Deity but the One God. Each day they are gaining grounds. Not caring for all conspiracies aiming to profit from the blood of the people of the Levant.
Taking into account all probable scenarios, the Nusairi regime in Syria is readying a contingency plan the objective of which is to retreat into the Syrian coastal region and create an Alawite State in order to preserve itself, its sect, and the interests of states supporting the regime. The notion of creating an Alawite state is not new.

It goes back to the period of the French mandate on Syria in the 1920s after the collapse of the ottoman empire. Then, France occupied Syria and Lebanon. Maxim Vegen was the French general.

In order to dissipate Military struggle (jihad), France intended to divide Syria by creating a state for the Alawites in 1920 claiming protection of minorities as an excuse.

France’s intentions were faced by vicious resistance. And that forced it to create its own agents inside Syria. To become agents of France was welcomed by the sons of the Alawite State.

The Alawite sect then preferred to secede and unite with the region of Lebanon. Its young men enlisted heavily in the French army.
Being an agent [spy] for the French became the reputation of al-Assad family.

Soulaiman al-Assad, Bashar al-Assad’s grandfather was one of six Nussairi [I.e.: Alawite] who cosigned a petition addressed to the French president Leo Blon in mid 1936.

Text of petition:
– The Alawite people who preserved their independence year after year with much sacrifices is a nation who differs from the Sunni Muslim people culturally, religiously, and historically. The Alawite people never submitted to inland cities.

The historical petition confirmed the cosigners willingness to partner with the Jews instead of assimilation into the Muslim community.

Text of petition, 2nd point:
– We can see today how Damascus residents force the Jews who live among them to sign a treaty promising not to send supplies to their devastated brethren Jews in Palestine. The situation of Jews in Palestine is the strongest proof of the importance of the religious case for Muslim Arabs towards anyone who is not Muslim.

Those good Jews who brought the Arabs civilization and peace, and spread gold and prosperity on Palestinian land, and did not harm anyone and did not take anything by force. Despite that the Muslims declared Holy War against them and they did not hesitate in slaughtering their children and women despite the existence of Britain in Palestine and France in Syria.

A dark fate awaits the Jews and the other minorities in case Muslim Syria are united with Muslim Palestine. This union is the ultimate goal for the Muslim Arab.

The Nusairis/Alawites is a secretive extremist Shia group.

6:13; Akram Hijazi, of the Muslim Thinkers Organization:
The Nussairi believe in incarnation, i.e.: divine in the flesh. Therefore, Bashar al-Assad for the Nasairis is the God now. That is why we have observed since the beginning of the uprising how they [Assad’s militias] prostrate to the images of Bashar and how they force people to pronounce expressions of divinity to Bashar. Like ordering people to say: “There is no God except for Bashar”.

An old video clip circulated on the net either in 2011 or 2012 showing a man being buried alive.

Man saying: There is no Diety but the one God and Muhammad the messenger of God [This is like Anointing of the Sick / Last Rights for Christians].

Voice saying: “You animal, say there is no God but Bashar”. Voice continues: “Bury that animal, bury him”.

In 1937 the Alawite state became part of the Syrian soil after France left though assured since the Alawites have penetrated the Syrian Army in preparation to consolidate their power and control of Syria.

That became possible when Hafez al-Assad in 1970 took control of Syria.
Since the Alawites whom Hafez al-Assad belong are a minority and does not constitute more than 10% of the general population, an uprising by the majority Sunni population was a constant concern for Hafez al-Assad and the International community supporting him.

Therefore it was crucial for Hafez al-Assad to have a strong security grip on the land. And once he became president he did a series of changes in the ranks of the army, security agencies, and the state.

He detained numerous leaders replacing them with faithful Alawite individuals.

In 1973 Hafez al-Assad started developing the North Western region. Development of these areas was far more intense than development of other needy regions in the country. Which lead observers to wonder why.
The explanation for this unequal development was that the region is considered the heartland for the Nusairi sect who the regime is dependent on.

French speaking person:
Hafez al-Assad developed manufacturing in his sect’s region. Alawites do not represent more than 10% of population but they make 20% of government employees. Not because the region is an export region. That was only to provide work opportunities for members of the sect.
The support of the Alawites is not baseless. There is a mutual interest between the regime and the Alawites through providing sect individuals with work opportunities. This is the main reason they are sticking to the regime.

Demographically, after Alawites were concentrated in Lattakia and Tartous provinces they spread into Hama and Hims. Aiming to expand their influence. And they also began to move down into cities.

A 2006 estimate states that Alawites’ population has increased from 19% in 1947 to 70% in 2006 in the city of Tartous, from 29% to 55% in the city of Lattakia, from 3% to 65% in the city of Jabla. Always quoting estimates by the French Fabris Balanch.

In 2000 Hafez died. Bashar succeeded him. And all circumstance were to his sect’s advantage to continue controlling the country.

Yet the new president was not as careful as his father to reinforce the position of his sect in the coastal region as if he felt secure that no threat will come out of the majority and he was almost sure that Sunnis will never stand up to his rule.

After ages of terror and torture (Hama massacre in 1982) however, in March of 2011 what his father feared did take place.

Muslims woke up from their slumber. They took out to the streets demanding their stolen rights and demanding to hold their executioners accountable.

The uprising started unarmed then developed into armed struggle; its goal is the elimination of the regime in its entirety.

Abu Ahmad the Migrant; 10:57:
The armed struggle of the Levantines was initiated by the Syrians themselves.

And the Syrian people are the ones who prepared a base for the armed struggle after they were convinced of the futility of peaceful methods to get back their rights and resolve their grievances.

The Islamic trend was clear since the beginning. And the divine care was clear since the beginning, confirming what the Messenger of God Muhammad peace upon him has said: Indeed God has sponsored the people of the Levant.

As the armed forced advanced on the ground, the Bathist regime began to ready a refuge for it in the coastal region in case it lost control of Damascus using the same excuses the French occupation used when it wanted to divide Syria: the preservation of the minorities.

Signs of these intentions:
Moving of Alawite families from other provinces into the coastal region.
Committing ethnic cleansing massacres against the Sunni population residing on the border region in order to scare them away. Like al-Hola massacre in Homs province on 25 May, 2012. Perpetrators of that massacres were militias, so called security forces, and members of neighboring Alawite villages.

Last of similar massacres took place in al-Baida and Banias, two towns close to the coastal city of Tartous.

12:56; Ali Kayali an Alawite officer making statement about the importance of putting a siege on the city of Banias and then cleansing it.

We came to expect that at the regime would tolerate loosing strategic locations like airports and armories, yet it would not tolerate any losses inside what is considered part of the potential Alawite state.

The regime put all of its resources in addition to help from Hizbollah to regain the city of al-Qusair while destroying it in the process.

This state if created will be a thorn for Syria. It will take resources from the country, most importantly its water access. It will take away fertile land and decent manufacturing activities. In addition to power plants and two oil refineries. In addition to potential offshore natural Gas fields.

14:36; Showing Syrian Coalition president Ahmad Jarba, narrator continues:
As for the International order, the reality is: It supports dividing Syria if it were not able to deceive the Syrian people into accepting a substitute president that will guarantee the interests of the international order and which put the Alawites back in control of the people again.

14:51; Akram Hijazi of the Muslim Thinkers Organiztion:
The Nusairi sect is advantageous to the international order. That is true. Its job is to secure stability of this order in the region.

The proof [of Akram Hizaji’s words] is the silencing of the coastal battle, and the rebels not being able to gain any grounds there for a while. Which indicate that there are unseen hands who are wrongly considered part of the revolutionaries but follow outside orders.

15:14; A young FSA fighter:
The beneficiary of bringing [coastal confrontation] to a halt is the opposition leaders staying in fancy hotels in Turkey paying for their food and drinks with myrtar’s blood, and foreign states playing games with the FSA considering it a game of cards.

Outside forces include Assad’s conventional partners Russia and Iran on one side. On other side, it is the Zionist entity who is considered the West’s favorite child.

All of those groups have an interest in keeping the Alawite sect in control of Syria, or at least in control of its most important part which is the country’s sea front.

Russia would like to keep its military base in Tartous which is its last base in the Mediterranean sea. This base supplies Russian ships with fuel and provides maintenance work. Russia also would like to keep Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States from cheaply exporting their natural gas and oil to Europe through the Mediterranean sea.

This will allow Russia to stay in control of what is truly important to it. That is Europe.

As for Iran who is interested in expanding in the region, it will welcome the creation of a Shia state to help it gain control and put economic pressure on the Arab countries in general and Gulf state in particular. This will lead to Iran controlling access to the Mediterranean and therefore take political freedom away from Arab Gulf states. As it in the past used the slogan of resisting the Zionist enemy through supporting Hizbollah.

As for the Jews [of Israel], they will be the biggest winners in case an Alawite state has been established. The debate about the Alawite State validity will give them the opportunity for the Judaization of Jerusalem, enforce their control on the West Bank, suffocate the rest of the Muslims in Gaza, and permanently close the Golan Heights file.

An Alawite state will also allow the Jews to frankly declare their state a Jewish [religious] state similar to the Alawite State. And most importantly, tear the region into small city states that do not threaten the existence of the Zionist entity.

All of the above signs indicate that their is an international agreement to neutralize the coastal front. Which make it easy for those conspiring against the Syrian Muslim blood to control it in case they are not able to bring the rest of Syria under their control.

And even when coastal battle took off [in 2013], observers could not help but describe it as the most important event of the year, quoting Safwat Zayyat, a military analyst for Aljazeera Arabic.

Neither the regime nor other entities considered to be part of the revolution who signed agreements promising the protection of the minorities (reminding us of the French mandate period) [the video is showing the Syrian Coalition president Ahmad al-Jarba] expected the coastal confrontation.

These entities [National Coalition] follows orders from the international community.

Fayez al-Doary, Military analyst:
We have to admit that battalions leading this offensive are not FSA.

The Battle of the Coast in August 2013 was carried out by Islamic battalions. They follow no one’s orders but God’s. And they do not accept concessions nor negotiations at the expense of the interests and the faith of the Muslim nation.

A group of truthful as we think of them, migrants and supporters, united in love of God and faith.

The battle of the Coast shook Assad’s sect. We heard of Assad withdrawing troops from Homs and Damascus sending them to the coast, resulting in relieving pressure on other rebel fronts.
As expected, the regime amassed all of its forces and the armed rebels had to retreat after inflicting heavy losses on Assad troops.

The battle of the coast in 2013 left inquiries about its priority and about its supporters.

The battle has ended leaving doubts within the Alawite community. They are now suspicious of the regime ability to protect them.

The Syrian conflict will not come to an end until resources are given to the Coastal battle and until moving the battle into regime areas.

20:57; Akram Hijazi:
If the rebels obtained weapons, coast will be within reach. In this case there will be reaction from within the Alawite community. And the regime does not want to get to this point because the sect is its guarantee for survival. Interviewer: Yes because the community is safe while the Alawite dogs go out to kill the Syrians. Hijazi replies: Yes they are defending their interests. Bringing the armed conflict to the coast means the Alawite community will pay the same price as the rest of the population and therefore rebellion [within the Alawite community] will occur. And so far they have no options because all recommended solutions are through the regime.

Indeed. This was Kerry’s plan. This was Lavrov’s plan. This is how they wanted to divide our beloved nation.
This is how they want to quench God’s Light.
But never. God shall complete his Light via the work of the group who fights for Him and pays no regards for any blame.
Anfal coastal offensive, 2014. Chanting: I am steadfast. Praise the Struggle.

Your brothers at Okab institute for Journalism and Publishing.
Month of joumada al-Awwal, 1435.

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April 7th, 2014, 12:37 pm


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