Syrian Agriculture Collapses; Al-Qaida Thrives; Refugee Numbers Spike

Economy: Syria’s farming sector now in “tatters,” the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned Wednesday. Analysts said the growing privations could hurt the rebels as much as, or more than, the government of President Bashar al-Assad. …

Jihad Yazigi, editor of the Syria Report business newsletter, said the FAO report echoed other disturbing provisional agricultural data for last year, such as a decline of almost a third in the cotton crop and a 50 percent drop in sales at the state fertilizer company. A surge in fighting in the northeast of the country threatened to cause more suffering by affecting the wheat and barley crops concentrated there, he added.
Syria’s GDP declines: Syria’s GDP shrank by 29.1% during the 22-month uprising, the economic sanctions and continued fighting caused significant economic losses, Abdallah Al Dardari, Director of the ESCWA Economic Development and Globalization Division (EDGD) said during a press conference in Beirut on Thursday….

Although sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union do not officially target food or agricultural commodities, restrictions imposed on Syrian banks and trading companies mean that international institutions are reluctant to finance grain imports.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said Wednesday that wheat and barley production in Syria has been halved since the conflict broke out 22 months ago.

Government Increases Mazout Price: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection announced a 40% increase in the price of heating oil, thus bringing the price per litre to 35 SYP (US$ 0.49). The fourth such rise in less than a year comes as the country suffers a severe shortage of fuel which is sold at US$ 1.65 per litre in the black market.

Syria lends more money from Iran: Syria and Iran have agreed a $1 billion credit facility between Commercial Bank of Syria and Export Development Bank of Iran. The agreement was signed during a visit to Tehran by the Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi. The two countries had reached agreements on energy transmission and electricity equipment as well.

Syria Solution Requires Orderly Transition, Out for Assad: Kerry
2013-01-24, By Peter S. Green

Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) — Goal of Obama administration in Syria must be orderly transition from Assad to democratic opposition, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., says at Senate confirmation hearing.

* U.S. needs to change calculation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that “he doesn’t think he’s losing”
* U.S. must consider fallout of every decision made on Syria
* Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says U.S. must supply arms to Syrian rebels to balance Iran’s aid for Assad
* “We need to tell Syrian people we are going to help them or not,” McCain says
* McCain asks Kerry to explore “different policy” than one pursued in last 22 months
* Kerry says he understands McCain’s frustration
* Kerry: “I don’t have optimism” about Russia helping U.S. find a way to change Assad’s mind

New Al-Qaeda Generation May Be The Deadliest One
By: Bruce Riedel for Al-Monitor. posted on January 24.

The fastest growing new al-Qaeda is in Syria. Using the cover name Jabhat al-Nusrah, al-Qaeda has become perhaps the most lethal element of the opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s brutal dictatorship. For al-Qaeda, Assad and the Alawis are a perfect target since many Sunnis believe Alawis to be a deviationist sect of Islam that should be suppressed. While al-Qaeda is only a part of the opposition in Syria, it brings unique skills in bomb making and suicide operations. Every week it gets stronger and better armed.

Now jihadist websites are reporting every day that new al-Qaeda “martyrs” from Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Egypt have died in the fighting in Damascus and Aleppo. Reliable reports from journalists speak of bands of jihadists operating in Syria with a loose affiliation to al-Qaeda and composed of Muslim fanatics from as far away as Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere.

The Syrian al-Qaeda franchise has sought to learn from the mistakes of the earlier al-Qaeda generations. It avoids open association with the brand name and seeks to work with other Sunni groups. It is well armed, uses bases in Iraq for support and supply, and benefits from weapons supplied by Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the opposition. Its leader uses the nom de guerre Abu Mohammad al Golani, a reference to the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights

The longer the civil war in Syria goes on, the more al-Qaeda will benefit from the chaos and the sectarian polarization. It will also benefit from the spillover of violence from Syria into Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan that is now inevitable.

Like the rest of the world, al-Qaeda was surprised by the revolutions that toppled dictators in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Its ideology of violence and jihad was initially challenged by the largely nonviolent revolutionary movements that swept across North Africa and the Middle East. But al Qaeda is an adaptive organization and it has exploited the chaos and turmoil of revolutionary change to create operational bases and new strongholds.

CNN: Regime insiders among Syrian refugees, says U.S. ambassador

(CNN) — When you think of refugees, you may think of huddled masses, tired and poor. But those aren’t the only types of people fleeing Syria. “Members of the regime, little by little, are flaking off,” U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford told CNN …

Apparently US envoy Ford misspoke in Turkey today. @Joyce_Karam reports State Dep’t tells @alhayatdaily #Assad spox #Makdissi NOT in US

Recruiting civilians – al-Ahram Weekly

In a step that could lead to open civil war, the Syrian regime is setting up pro-regime militias in parallel with the country’s regular army, writes Bassel Oudat in Damascus

Syrian government officials said this week that the regime led by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad intended to form a new military entity called the National Defence Army (NDA) that would operate in parallel to the country’s regular forces.

The new military entity will reportedly include 20,000 members carrying light and medium weapons. These will be paid and will wear non-military uniforms. They will be deployed throughout Syria in towns and cities under the control of the armed opposition, and each group will receive local assistance from regime supporters.

The new entity will be divided into small units, each of which will be able to make its own decisions. Like other security and military forces in Syria, the units will not be accountable for any abuses they commit because there are legally protected from prosecution.

The opposition has said that in taking this step the regime is attempting to disguise the poor reputation of pro-regime militias that have committed massacres across the country, including at Al-Zaytoun, Al-Hasweya, Al-Howla, Al-Tremsa and Darya.

At the same time, it warns that the move will open the door to undisguised civil war in the country.

[Landis comment on Kurds: In the following article CJ Chivers explains that some Kurds are siding with the Syrian rebels against Assad. This is particularly true of the Kurds north of Aleppo, who, unlike the Kurds in the northeast of Syria, cannot dream of establishing their own Kurdish state. They know that they must live with Arab Syrians and they have had enough of Assad. The Kurds in the East are largely making a different calculation. They prefer not to be governed by either Assad or the rebels. Islamist Arab militias are attacking the Kurds in the East because they don’t want to allow the PKK to establish an autonomous region. ]

Defying Common View, Some Syrian Kurds Fight Assad,
The New York Times
Kurds who are part of a group fighting the Assad government met Sunday in Alghooz, a village in northern Syria.
By C. J. CHIVERS, January 22, 2013

….the scenes in Alghooz and in a string of Kurdish villages north of Aleppo present a more complex picture of Syria’s Kurds and their ambitions and relations with the government. Kurds here fiercely note that they have suffered under Mr. Assad’s rule, too, and taken up arms against him. They sharply contradict the notion that they rely on Mr. Assad’s government for protection.

And so while there have been signs that many Kurds remained pro-government, with some pro-P.K.K. fighters clashing with rebels, hundreds of others have joined the Free Syrian Army, as the loosely assembled antigovernment fighters call themselves, Kurdish and rebel leaders say.

The flatlands north of Aleppo are spotted with towns. Local men said that about 40,000 Kurds live here, and that their families have produced more than 600 fighters against Mr. Assad.

The fighters are organized into at least eight separate groups, Kurdish leaders and fighters said. Their names include the Islamic Kurdish Front, the Pesh Merga Falcons and the Martyrs of Mecca.

Defying official and popular accounts of Kurdish loyalties, these men fight beside Arabs against Mr. Assad. They and their leaders bluntly denounce the P.K.K., which the United States and Europe consider a terrorist organization, and also criticize many Kurdish nationalists, saying that calls for an independent Kurdistan are not a vision they share.

“We are not interested in a separate homeland,” said Yousef Haidar, 72, Alghooz’s mukhtar, or village elder. “We want to be part of Syria.”…“There has been much propaganda that the Kurds are with the regime,” Mr. Abdulkader said. “We are not with Assad. We are fighting him.”

VIDEO: Free Syrian Army accuses Kurdish group of being Assad’s mercenaries. Ras Al Ain – Al Jazeera English

Syrian Kurd: The FSA is helping create conflict between Arabs and Kurds – NPR

23 January 2013

The regime continues to seek opportunities to delegitimize the revolution and create a rift among Syrians…..

We are saddened by the events that have transpired in the city of Ras Al-Ain ,and we have been working tirelessly to suppress and avoid conflicts there. We remind everyone that, whoever collaborates with the regime and helps to murder our people, will be held accountable for all his/her actions. Our moral, social and religious principles reject these actions….

Stratfor has received indications that the real aim behind the formation of the Druze militia is not to align the Druze with the Free Syrian Army, but to organize a military force to defend Sweida after al Assad’s fall. Many Druze fighters from Lebanon (including fighters from the militias of Druze leaders Jumblatt, Wahhab and Talal Arslan) allegedly have traveled to Druze areas of Syria to further this effort. In what could be an indication of dealmaking under way, unconfirmed rumors have Jumblatt encouraging officials in his Progressive Socialist Party to find apartments in the Chouf Mountains for select members of the Alawite regime who intend to flee Syria once the regime collapses. Jumblatt’s communications with Syrian Alawites have allegedly been facilitated by Northern Lebanese Maronite leader Suleiman Frangieh, who has retained close ties with the Alawite regime in Syria.

Fund Syria’s Moderates – By Robin Yassin-Kassab Foreign Policy

….It’s too late for a happy ending in Syria. There are no easy answers to the country’s enormous problems, but there is an obvious first step toward a solution: funding the moderate Islamists and secularists of the Syrian National Coalition, which will then feed the hungry and fund the fighters, empowering them to buy the weapons they need….

Syrian Palestinians Fear Three-Way Fight for Control of Refugee Camps By David Enders | McClatchy Newspapers

How Will al-Assad Leave? By Tariq Alhomayed | Asharq Alawsat

Independent: Assad’s Lionesses: the female last line in the battle for Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has recruited a brigade of women to man checkpoints and carry out security operations as he attempts to free up soldiers in his beleaguered army to fight the rebels. Dressed in fatigues and armed with Kalashnikov

Burhan Ghalyoun said it outright: “The US has stopped its support for the revolution because of Israeli concerns.”

Syria builds paramilitary force aided by Iran: activists | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR…

Thanks to Bartolo’s blog

Russia’s Putin says Libya and Syria revolts led to Algeria hostage crisis – Yahoo! News –

French Military Source: US Special Force in Lebanon to Monitor Syria –

Saudi Arabia v. Qatar on Syria – Counterpunch

Russia says it is not planning full Syria evacuation, Bogdanov: ” We think it (the conflict) may be prolonged” – Yahoo! News

Saudi says negotiated Syria settlement inconceivable – Reuters

Qatar hands Syrian opposition $20m –

UN concerned about sending arms to Syrian rebels, since “this contributes to spread of terror, destruction, and killings” – islamicinvitationturkey 

Some Algeria Attackers Are Placed at Benghazi
By ADAM NOSSITER: January 22, 2013

…“This is the result of the Arab Spring,” said the official said, who spoke on condition of anonymity because investigations into the hostage crisis were still under way. “I hope the Americans are conscious of this.”

American counterterrorism and intelligence officials have said that some members of Ansar al-Shariah, the group that carried out the attack on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, had connections to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, one of the militant groups now holding northern Mali. But American officials have also said that the Qaeda affiliate played no role in directing or instigating that Benghazi attack.

Similarly, Egyptian security officials said they believed that a longtime Islamist militant from Egypt was involved in the gas field attack, but the officials did not know of any connection to the Benghazi attack as well….. Having already experienced a large-scale Islamist insurgency in the 1990s, in which perhaps as many as 100,000 were killed, Algeria had no intention of experiencing another,

Syrian refugees overwhelm Lebanon, region (Liz Sly)

IPA (AU): False dawn: the Arab Spring

IPA REVIEW ARTICLE | Daniel Mandel In a sense, the so-called Arab Spring can be said to have begun on 26 December 2010 in the Tunisian hinterland township of Sidi Bouzid, where a 26-year-old impoverished vegetable seller and father of eight, Mohamed …

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301. mjabali said:

Visitor the king of thumbs ups and down said:

“By the time America goes back to foreign oil dependency in 2030, the Middle East will no longer need its ‘good offices’.”

Only idiots can not see that America is getting rid of its dependency on oil, especially the oil coming from the Middle East.

By the year 2030 probably half if not more than America’s cars would run on alternative energy and not oil.

The moment America is going to feel that it has no need for Middle Eastern Oil completely, or the moment oil loses its value, or the moment oil runs out, the moment America would change its policy in the Middle East. Democracy may enter the kingdoms of darkness at that moment.

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January 26th, 2013, 5:07 pm


302. SANDRO LOEWE said:


Exactly His Mijesty MJabali, people from villages are always those who will give the fuel for the revolution. They are the best, because their hearts are pure and virgin, and they have not been corrupted in the city. They enjoy the power of the country life and the wisdom of tradition. Just like arabs and beduins revolting in Daraa, Homs, Hama, Idleb, Raqqa, Deir, Zabadani…. Do you get it now? Those villagers of today you call ¨rats and terrorists¨ are the alawis of the past. But the difference is that as a majority the sunna will not deal as a sectarian minority and it will open power to many more. I trust at the end sunnis will offer more respect to minorities than a God-dictator.

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January 26th, 2013, 5:26 pm


303. Visitor said:

“By the year 2030 probably half if not more than America’s cars would run on alternative energy and not oil.

“The moment America is going to feel that it has no need for Middle Eastern Oil completely, or the moment oil loses its value, or the moment oil runs out, the moment America would change its policy in the Middle East. Democracy may enter the kingdoms of darkness at that moment.”

Oooooh!! Zabali @299, the recently hired gas pump wind shield cleaner picked up quickly on the secrets of the trade. He now knows so much about alternative energy and Ameican foreign policy just after spending few months wiping wind shields.

I am sure Sheikh 3Ar’3our would be extremely pleased to know he hired such a فطحل from the mountains. Expect a raise soon. You may no longer have to rely only on tips!!! You may even get promoted to a salaried staff!,

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January 26th, 2013, 5:27 pm


304. mjabali said:

Visitor the king of thumbs ups and down said when trying to put his two cents regarding Obama’s foreign policy:

“The US under Obama is driven by one and only one overriding principle: to dismantle the Bush legacy. ”

Only an idiot would say what you said mr. Visitor.

Facts say that Obama continued with many of Bush’s policies. Sometimes he exceeded Bush in Bushist behavior, like the case of bombing targets inside Pakistan for example.

Even my dog knows that Obama continued many of Bush’s policies and cared less to dismantle any legacies.

I can tell that you are reading al-Arabiyah too much.

AS always mr. Visitor, I dismantle your logic with ease as my habit.

It took me two minutes to bring you this example of your outlandish statements. ثقافتك متواضعة مع العلم أنك تحاول أن تظهر بمظهر المتعلم.

Again mr. Observer you have nothing to answer so you insult me. This shows clearly that you are not up to the challenge.

Still waiting for your and Sandro Low’s history lesson? What happened with you guys?

Thumb up 9 Thumb down 15

January 26th, 2013, 5:50 pm


305. mjabali said:

Sandro Low:

Dude: stop your lies: When did I call anyone a “rat” or a “terrorist?”

Stop hitting the Vodka bottle my man.

Your answer shows that you are drunk. It is very emotional and has nothing to do with what I wrote responding to your lunacy before.

You are losing track of what we were talking about to give me an emotional outburst about the merits of people from the countryside.

Dude wasn’t it you who always made fun of the countryside origin of the Alawis?

You seem drunk to me.

Why don’t you answer to your claim about the cultural loss of Syria in case your crew killed all the Alawis, something you mention casually here and there.

Dude, leave the bottle alone. Your country needs you.

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January 26th, 2013, 5:57 pm


306. SANDRO LOEWE said:


You may be very well educated, but I see you cannot check in the British Encyclopaedia or even in Wikipedia.

Just take some minutes and read about what happened in Aleppo, Damascus, Mosul and Jerusalem between 1.146 and 1.187 (times of Nur-i-din and Salahuddin).

Then you will be able to answer:

What was Nur-i-din main goal?

What was Salahuddin main goal?

What regionally happened as a result of religious and ideollogical unity in the arab side?

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January 26th, 2013, 6:02 pm


307. mjabali said:

Sandro low:

Do you want me to give you the answer as they taught us in the school in Syria or as what I think the true answer is?

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January 26th, 2013, 6:05 pm


308. Visitor said:


Why do you waste your time with this guy?

Have you not been following this forum?

This guy wants to re-write hstory in order to suite his distorted way of looking at things, such as cursing all the companions, glorifying man-god-incarnate and what he perceives as the so-called السلالة القمرية العلوية and worshiping the moon and stars as in pre-Abrahamic times.

The guy is sick. Don’t get sucked in into his distorted brainless head.

Thumb up 14 Thumb down 10

January 26th, 2013, 6:13 pm


309. mjabali said:

Visitor the thumbs up and down king:

Dude you do not even trust your own words so you manage to give yourself sometimes over 20 thumbs ups. I saw you do this. I read this site so often that I notice all these little changes. You do not even trust your own words. What can I say.

As for re-writing history, the way your like want history to be taught closes the way for logic and necessary re-writes. You want to keep things as they are. I question your history. This scares you.

It is obvious why you want no one to re-write history. Heroes like Salah al-Din would be exposed to what they really are: selfish, sectarian and bloody and not the pious, pro-Ummah type of man they always portray him in the fake history books you worship.

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January 26th, 2013, 6:24 pm


310. SANDRO LOEWE said:


You are out of time, out of place, out of order. Syria is not your Assad´s Syria anymore. Open your mind to new realities, your elite club of corrupt sons of corrupt bureaucrats, Baath Party members and moukhabaraats is not reliable anymore to analyze reality on the ground and prospects for the future.

History is written with a certainf degree of error acceptable which does not use to exceed in more than 25 %. You are denying almost 100 % of history written in books. Check with Assad Psychiatrics.

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January 26th, 2013, 6:34 pm


311. Visitor said:

Brainless idiots like you Zabali do not scare even a dog!!

But you will never get the satisfaction of engaging in polemical futility.

I just hope your dog is still taking care of your mating problems.

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January 26th, 2013, 6:45 pm


312. zoo said:

#280 Visitor

Mr smart ass…

You see liars everywhere because you are one the biggest, and a stupid and pretentious one.
You want to appear as an expert and you are a ridiculous wannabe.
I never met someone so dumb and vulgar in Syria. It is so relieving that you are in the opposition and an expat who love America.
I wish you’ll never set your foot in Syria, you are a walking virus.

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January 26th, 2013, 6:56 pm


313. Visitor said:

Zoo @310

Why did you edit your comment @310 during the edit time?

Before your edits, it read: “If you don’t believe me ask the moderator…”

of course, I know why you made the edits.

You realized your statement is lame because you implicitly admit your lie by putting your credibility into questioning, and it is also outright stupid because there is NO moderator.

Instead, you went on a rampage of insults completely losing your cool.

Well, that is a prize for me. Getting so many insults from a con like you is a dream come true.

For me, to expose such a con of a Zoo IS an achievement, especially when you know that I only have the time to look after your deceptions on weekends, unlike you who is on Syriacomment 24/7 behind the keyboard deceiving every contributor.

It is YOU who will never set foot in Syria. But you will hear a lot about me when Syria becomes free. You know where to find me. I am not too far away from the hideouts where your idol will soon find himself in.

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January 26th, 2013, 7:17 pm


314. zoo said:

#311 Visitor

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January 26th, 2013, 7:19 pm


315. revenire said:

Most of the terrorist supporters here have never set foot in Syria. Most of them would be arrested if they ever did.

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January 26th, 2013, 7:21 pm


316. revenire said:

“But you will hear a lot about me when Syria becomes free. You know where to find me. I am not too far away from the hideouts where your idol will soon find himself in.”

Are you Jihad Makdissi?

Thumb up 6 Thumb down 18

January 26th, 2013, 7:23 pm


317. Tara said:

Not a big deal. I also posted under another name in the past and out of respect to JL, I complied.

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January 26th, 2013, 7:34 pm


318. MarigoldRan said:

And the war continues.

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January 26th, 2013, 7:54 pm


319. Syrian said:

I have always suspected that ZOO is also Warren

Thumb up 17 Thumb down 8

January 26th, 2013, 7:58 pm


320. omen said:

another prisoner swap in the works?

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel shied away from confirming a report that Syrian rebels would set free nine Lebanese pilgrims held since May in return for the release of 1,000 Syrian opposition detainees.

In remarks to Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3), Charbel said General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim took with him to Qatar a file detailing the negotiations carried out by the Lebanese authorities since 11 men were kidnapped on May 22 on their way back from a pilgrimage to Iran.

Two of them were freed separately in August and September.

Charbel said Ibrahim will hand over the file to the Qatari authorities, which have recently appointed an official to follow up the case of the hostages.

An Nahar daily said there were unconfirmed reports that Qatar was negotiating the prisoner swap and that the Syrian government was studying the request.

The newspaper also said the nine pilgrims were moved by their kidnappers from the Aazaz town of Aleppo to Daret Izza.

Charbel met on Tuesday morning with Ibrahim before he traveled to Doha, in his second visit to the Qatari capital in a week.

In his remarks to VDL, the minister reiterated that there are no Syrian political prisoners in Lebanon although he confirmed that Syrian nationals are serving sentences for committing different crimes.

who were the two freed separately?

does this involve nasrallah’s nephew?

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January 26th, 2013, 8:01 pm


321. zooz said:


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January 26th, 2013, 8:03 pm


322. zoo said:

#317 Syrian

of course! I am everybody here, I am even Majedalkhaldoon and Sheila, Georges, Badr and Ann etc….

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January 26th, 2013, 8:09 pm


323. Juergen said:


This female refugee lost both of her children when their tent in Atmeh refugee camp caught fire. This footage was filmed in late December 2012 near the Syria…

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January 26th, 2013, 8:10 pm


324. Syrian said:

A big victory happened in the last 2days that has not mentioned here.
The liberation of around 300 prisoners from Edlib central prison

Also A 7 second video of a Batta soldier taping himself proudly shooting from his machine gun when he shoot himself fatally in the eye

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January 26th, 2013, 8:18 pm


325. revenire said:

“Syrian” wow, what a victory. I started weeping. Maybe those are the death row prisoners Saudi Arabia sent.

Thumb up 5 Thumb down 15

January 26th, 2013, 8:26 pm


326. Juergen said:


we have a saying in German: Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall-

Pride comes before the fall

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January 26th, 2013, 8:33 pm


327. Syrian said:

#319 ZOO
It doesn’t really matter and that is why I never brought it up,because all these comments here is just talk, and talk is cheap, the real action is in Syria,I only come here to blow off some steam, I do enjoy though watching you waisting your time endlessly talking to the few who have already made up thier mind,

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January 26th, 2013, 8:39 pm


328. Syrian said:

سمعت شو صار مبارح بسعسع؟

Thumb up 16 Thumb down 5

January 26th, 2013, 8:45 pm


329. omen said:

this is called moving the goalposts after the game has started:

I will tell all of you a secret even Josh Landis doesn’t know: The United States is happy to see Assad kill the terrorists. Obama will never say so publicly but it is true. They say nothing about the SAA’s operations to crush the enemy (and crush them we will). The more jihadis the SAA kills the better the US likes it.

what happened to the west’s diabolical plot to engineer “regime change”? a la iraq? you & your ilk were wrong from the start. that was never the plan. the truth is assad & regime have served imperialist interests from the start.

Thumb up 3 Thumb down 13

January 26th, 2013, 9:04 pm


330. Syrian said:

#323. Jurgun
I can almost see it one minute he is smiling the next minute he is next to Hafiz.
What a nightmare!

Thumb up 13 Thumb down 7

January 26th, 2013, 9:07 pm


331. Syrian said:

اسماء الضباط القتلى في تفجير فرع المخابرات العسكرية بسعسع
BY ADMIN – POSTED ON 2013/01/26
POSTED IN: أخبار محلية

فيس بوك

جاري التأكد وقد وصلنا مايلي:
اسماء بعض قتلى تفجير فرع الامن العسكري في سعسع

بعد استهدافه من قبل ابطال النصره واستهداف أحد الحواجز بواسطة سيارات مفخخة سقط عدد من القتلى والجرحى حيث استطعنا التأكد من وصول عدد كبير من الجثث لمشفى تشرين وعدد كبير من الجرحى كما يوجد قتلى وجرحى في مشفيين آخرين

الخبر الاكيد هو مقتل رئيس الفرع العميد عدنان ابراهيم و قسم كبير من الضباط و والعناصر
وتدمير المقسم ووسائل الاتصال بلكامل اثناء الهجوم
… والقتلى للان قابل لزياده الاسماء الواصلة حتى الان هي :
مقتل كل من
العمید الرکن عدنان ابراهیم من جبلة قریة الشراشیر
العقید الرکن عماد عباس كنج من القرداحة قریة بحمرا
المقدم احمد موسی من منطقة الفوعة بادلب
المساعد أول نور الدين سليمان الخطيب السويداء شعف
المساعد اول حمد ابراهیم خضور من بانیاس القلوع
المساعد اول سامر ودیع داؤد من جبلة
المساعد اول عمادکاسر اسعد من جبلة
المساعد اول سمیر عزیز محمد من جبلة
لمساعد اول اسامة جبور جبور من القرداحة
المساعد اول حارس زعیتر من الغاب
المساعد اول مطصفی المهر من الغاب
االمساعد اول سام شندیة من حمص
االمساعد اول علی رمضان من طرطوس الدریکیش
الرقيب مهند عصام الداهوك
الرقيب اول مضر العنزان…

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January 26th, 2013, 9:19 pm


332. revenire said:

Omen regime change has been part of the plan for a long time. Those US government documents are all public.

It’s been documented by Seymour Hersch and others. It is also stated Western policy. War on Syria is war on Iran is war on Hezbollah for geopolitical reasons. The West is more than happy to see 500,000 Syrians die (and so is Israel).

What changed? The policy has failed. Backfired. Benghazi. Mali. Reelection of Putin. Strength of the Syrian state (army, institutions, etc).

It isn’t so hard to understand.

I am not sure what you bring to the table but being a student of history isn’t it.

You’re just wrong and could not move an idea across this room with a forklift.

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January 26th, 2013, 9:24 pm


333. Syrain said:

ريفنير لك انت ما بتحكي عربي، ؟ ماريغولدرن كان مظبوط حكيو انت إيراني ولا شو وضعك؟

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January 26th, 2013, 9:45 pm


334. omen said:

article covers bush era rationales. even so, what it doesn’t take into account is that most of the world’s oil lies under shia dominated territory. with ksa reserves in decline, if the west doesn’t want to be cut out and caught empty handed, it needs shift tack & start remaking alliances now. flipping iraq from sunni to shia controlled is the beginning of that shift.

if the US wanted to diminish iran’s regional control, it would have unseated assad already. (i’ve already mentioned how invading iraq has strengthened iran rather than weaken it.)

obama has from the beginning balked at arming the rebels. he went around the gulf states and pressured them against arming the opposition. turkey this past spring lobbied to put up a no-fly zone and wanted to carve out a humanitarian corridor. clinton said no. the US sent up to two envoys who (besides put up a charade of fraudulent political process that enabled assad to continue his slaughter) failed to produce a plan that insisted for assad to step down.

the US putting up road blocks to arm the rebels and pressuring turkey against being proactive is strange way to try to unseat assad. if you think this regime change, then you live bizzaro world. even the french and brits, despite promises to do so, refuse to arm the opposition.

and this was all before benghazi or mali happened.

obama has continously given assad a greenlight to continue killing. even his redline against chemical weapons, which would have provided valid justification to intervene – turned out to be mushy as oatmeal. this administration denies chems were even used. the west has passed on every opportunity to follow a more muscular approach. now we find out even the UN is going to wind up funding the regime. a diabolical plot, i’m sure, to undermine assad.

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January 26th, 2013, 10:29 pm



ظريفه فكرة العامي … حطو عالمترجم وشوف … الغبي رح يفوت بالحيط

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January 26th, 2013, 10:55 pm


336. revenire said:

Omen without Obama’s support of regime change in Syria the SAA would have crushed the terrorists into tiny pieces long ago. The entire opposition is a project of the United States.

The funding, the arms, the rest all comes from abroad despite any fairy tales you might have read.

I am not in a Bizarro world or any other world than the real one.

The documentation – and not from the Syrian government alone – is all over the place.

Because US policy is schizophrenic doesn’t negate the fact that they are the ones pushing regime change. As I said, they counted on the SAA withering away and also were delusional over believing after Libya Russia would fall for “humanitarian intervention” again. It won’t happen.

I am well aware of how your associates see Obama saying chemical weapons is a red line actually giving Assad a green light to murder everyone. That may fly on Twitter or with like-minded people but it is not the case.

Aside from the already documented policy for regime changes my personal opinion, based on contacts my associates have in the US military, is that the United States will not risk World War III over Syria and going against Russia via a No-Fly Zone (started by Turkish actions – it is rather absurd to argue that the Patriots are there because Turkey is afraid) would draw in Iran/Hezbollah into a large regional war that could get out of hand very quickly.

I believe what you do is miss on the factional war in the US.

Assad isn’t going to lose this. That isn’t a remote possibility.

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January 26th, 2013, 11:04 pm



How many times have i told you, irony is the essence of sarcasm. Given the quality of your new masterpiece, I think you should settle for writing lyrics for Ali El-Deek.

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January 26th, 2013, 11:13 pm


338. majedkhaldoun said:

you never commented under my name. and you can not.

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January 26th, 2013, 11:25 pm



To SNK, …. what the heck, to all the retarded loyalists.


The boy is at it, again
No shame, and of course, not a strain
The thugs proclaimed aloud
It’s the fool or we burn it, they vowed
With bombs and rockets they killed
And with tanks our homes they plowed
But the boy still cries in vain
He blames the victims…. the slain
For the boy is at it, again
With no shame, and no restraint
The truth is clear and stark
But lies and deception is the mark
Of the loyalists, especially when they bark
Their integrity is down the drain
And of honesty, they own not a grain

Let the boy cry out in vain
To prepare for the worst of his pain
When we end the fool…and his reign

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January 27th, 2013, 12:05 am


340. Visitor said:

Syrian 317,

There is a very good possibility.

I once estimated him to be on Central Time when he was trying to fool everyone to think he’s down under in Aussie.

Warren is in Toronto acording to his own revelations which is Eastern Standard Time with only one time difference with Central Time.

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January 27th, 2013, 12:21 am


341. Ghufran said:

Leave the google-inspired slogans and face the truth, the troubles in countries that have already toppled existing regimes and the ones that trying to do that are due to three undeniable factors:
Oppression and agreesion bring only more oppression and aggression, this is one reason why the new revolutionaries are copying the behavior of old regimes.
Regional and foreign powers are making things worse,not better, for countries in transition, Arabs as usual are paying the price being toys instead of toy makers.
Third world countries deserve better governments and their citizens are entitled to humane and fair treatment but the process of getting out of the ugly label of being ” third world” can not be reduced to a mere violent uprising that will magically turn things around for the better. That is my sad and pessimistic personal comment on the tragic state of affairs in the troubled regions called The Middle East. Islamists are not the only reason for Egypt’s and Syria’s problems,among other countries, but those backward forces will make sure that the road for recovery will be longer and bloodier.

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January 27th, 2013, 12:22 am


342. Ghufran said:

A late but telling confession by Hillary :
قالت وزيرة الخارجية الأمريكية هيلاري كلينتون، في جلسة استماع أمام الكونغرس الأمريكي إن سقوط الأنظمة في دول شمال إفريقيا بفعل الربيع العربي أدى إلى حالة من الارتباك، وغياب الأمن، وزيادة التطرف المسلح في منطقة الشمال الإفريقي.
وأشارت إلى أن ذلك زاد من نطاق عمل المتطرفين ومستوى تسليحهم، إضافة إلى وصول قادة إلى السلطة ليست لهم خبرة في الحكم وإدارة الدولة.
وأضافت كلينتون أن “الثورات العربية أربكت ديناميكيات السلطة ومزقت قوات الأمن في أنحاء المنطقة”، داعية إلى استخلاص العبر من هجوم بنغازي.
if these words are translated into policies, the US is likely to have an even more cautious approach to the Syrian war,and other wars in the region, if Hillary is articulating a new thinking in Washington, the EU will follow, turkey and the GCC are not relevant now.

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January 27th, 2013, 12:44 am


343. Syrialover said:

New post and thread started

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January 27th, 2013, 1:25 am


344. omen said:

forgot to note, another tell from this administration has been the lack of monetary support. the nc was promised by the west all sorts of support of funding & arms if it managed to unite. where is it?

a rebel commander interviewed said dec was the first time he got a salary. expats have been a main source of support.

if regime change was US intent, this would not be the case.

the lack of funding & support that undermined secularists and created a vacuum that brought in extremists was intentional. israel for one benefits here.

documentation? the press have asserted a lot of things that later turned out not to be true. information nowadays is being manufactured. gov even has an office assigned to the task.

despite my pointing to all these negatives, i still think the opposition will manage to find a way to overcome.

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January 27th, 2013, 1:42 am


345. omen said:

339. Ghufran: A late but telling confession by Hillary.

that’s hardly surprising. despite the rhetoric it espouses, the US has long preferred dictatorships over democracies. this is preferable for corporations’ bottom line.

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January 27th, 2013, 2:13 am


346. revenire said:

Omen US policy is regime change. Look at it another way – Hitler’s policy was to subdue Russia. Hitler failed then and the Obama has failed now.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Libya could do NOTHING without US support.

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January 27th, 2013, 2:51 am


347. Syria Comment » Archives » Syrian Agriculture Collapses; Al-Qaida ... | MAIB FTN Community Press Review 2013 | said:

[…] Economy: Syria's farming sector now in “tatters,” the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned Wednesday. Analysts said the growing privations could hurt the rebels as much as, or more than, the government of …  […]

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January 28th, 2013, 3:05 am


348. Syrian Agriculture Collapses; Al-Qaida Thrives - Syria Comment | Global Refugee Reportage | said:

[…] (CNN) — When you think of refugees, you may think of huddled masses, tired and poor. But those aren't the only types of people fleeing Syria. “Members of the regime, little by little, are flaking off,” U.S.  […]

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January 29th, 2013, 5:11 pm


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