Syria Rejects Arab League Request that Assad Step Aside

Syria rejected an Arab League proposal calling for President Bashar al-Assad to step down and advanced elections to form a “national unity government.” The Arab League plan results from the deep divisions within the Arab League about how to deal with Syria. Firm action is prevented by the split between the two main camps within the League. The Iraq, Algeria, and Lebanon camp does not want to see foreign intervention. The Gulf camp led by Qatar is eager for intervention and a tougher international line on Syria.

But even within the Gulf, important disagreements have opened up. The Emir of Qatar has spoken out in favor of Arab military intervention. Saudi Arabia is not so keen on this idea. It has to deal with the glass house factor. the Saudis are queasy about a precedent for military intervention by the Arab League being set to promote democracy. What about Bahrain or even the Shia of the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia who have been demonstrating for change and the overthrow of the Saudi household?

Arab League calls for Assad to step aside, without the credible threat of foreign intervention, will not change much. Assad remains confident that he can contain if not beat the opposition. The UN is as divided over Syria as is the Arab League. No country is eager to lead a military intervention in Syria. Syria has become a hot-potato. International organizations are turning to each other, drawing a long face of horror over the Syrian situation and saying, “Do something. You first.”

‘The Arab League to Syria’s President: It’s time for you to go’ (Rania Abouzeid, Time)

“But instead of diplomatic politesse, proceedings were thrown into disarray after Saudi Arabia, stepped out of the background role it has played so far in the Syria crisis, to forcefully push for an end to the Syrian government’s ferocious crackdown against its opponents. For months, Qatar has taken the lead on Syria. In a move that likely persuaded other countries, especially Gulf states, to take a stronger line against Damascus, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told his counterparts that his country would withdraw its observers from the much-criticized League monitoring mission in Syria due to the continued shedding of “blood that is dear tous all.””

(Comment by JL) But Saudi did not second the Emir of Qatar’s call for Arab military intervention, an indication that it is weak on Syria. While in Saudi Arabia last week, I had the opportunity to quiz a well placed prince on this issue. He said that Saudi Arabia did not know what was motivating the Emir of Qatar to be so out-spoken on Syria but that Saudi Arabia would not participate in or encourage Arab military intervention in Syria. President Obama would find it very difficult not to back up the Arab League or Turkey if either led military intervention in Syria. NATO as well. But the UN cannot lead without a Russian “Yes” vote in the Security Council, and the US will not do so on its own. Saudi Arabia’s withdrawal from the Arab League monitoring mission is not an expression of its desire to lead, its interest in making a “forceful push” on the issue, or that it is “stepping out of its background role” on the Syria crisis, I suspect.

From a Friend in Damascus

With syp hitting 74, prices will soon go insane. Impossible for many to make ends meet. Even extended family members are running out of money by the 10th of every month. This military regime is very hard, if not impossible, to bring down. When it comes to people’s lives….simply forget it. A total meltdown. Everything has doubled in price in less than a year. Totally unprepared these guys were and are.

   بانوراما العربية: الدكتور برهان غليون، الأستاذ سمير عيطة Al-Arabiyya  Ghalioun and Samir Aita discuss the Free Syrian Army and armed resistance in Syria

Syria to Start Managed Float of Currency Next Week, Central Bank Head Says
By Massoud A. Derhally – Jan 20, 2012 7:02 AM CT

Syria’s Central Bank Governor Adib Mayaleh. Photographer: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images

 Syria will introduce a managed float of its currency next week, central bank Governor Adib Mayaleh said. The move will allow the pound to devalue after demand for foreign currency drove a surge in black-market rates.

“We will have a partial managed float, allow the rate to be determined by the market and intervene when necessary,” Mayaleh said in a phone interview from Damascus today. “If we see a rate, like that of 70 pounds now, which I don’t like, then we will intervene, and next week there will be a positive intervention by the central bank with the injection of foreign currency into the market.”

The pound traded officially at about 47 to the dollar before the start of protests against President Bashar al-Assad in mid-March. As the uprising spread, the central bank raised the rate to about 54 pounds in December and 57 pounds early this month. The currency traded at as much as 70 pounds per dollar on Syria’s black market this week.

From Guardian Blog

Adib Mayaleh, the central bank governor, told the FT (behind paywall) the exchange rate had “jumped a lot of steps” and they needed to control it. ….Syrian oil minister, Sufian Allaw, said sanctions were biting: “We have suffered important losses as a result of our inability to export crude oil and petroleum products.”

Syrians cope with profound economic crisis as regime tries to crush revolt, By BASSEM MROUE

Jordan’s King Abdullah: Coming Weeks Critical for Syria, Assad, Arab League, PBS NewsHour

King Abdullah II of Jordan, the first Arab leader to urge President Assad to step down, sat down with Margaret Warner Thursday to discuss his expectation of more killings in Syria, the Arab League’s role in quelling unrest there as well as the latest …

“The problem with Syria — and we’ve been here in Washington for a few days talking to our colleagues here. And I’ve been in interaction with my colleagues around the world and the Middle East — nobody has an answer for Syria. And that is the most disturbing thing.”

… “And so, if I can predict what will be happening over the near future, again, the relationship between the Arab League and the U.N. on how to take it to the next step, understanding from our experience last year that, when the Arab League comes together as a bloc and makes a decision, it’s much more easier for the international community to then move to the next phase.”

Iranian Foreign Minister on Charlie Rose Show says Iran does not send arms to Syria

Charlie Rose: … there is a sense that … Iran is supplying the Syrians with weapons…

Mohammad Khazaee: …You know, Charlie, on Syrian issue, we follow our principles. The first point is that we believe that government should listen to their people. We have made it clear. ….Second, we do not, and we have not sent any arms to Syria. …

Mohammad Khazaee: ….we have some evidences that arms have been sent by … France, to Syria to support the militia group and opposition groups ….

Iraqi government and militias supporting Pres. Assad in Syria. by Joel Wing

Joel asked me, “why Iraq and Syria have improved relations so much after Damascus was one of the main supporters of the insurgency?” My answer:

  1. Because of the US presence and influence in Iraq. Both Iran and Iraq tried to push the US out of the region, when the US threatened both from Iraq. President Bush had an ambitious plan to reform the Greater M. E., which included pushing Syria out of Lebanon and ultimately regime-change in Damascus.
  2. Negotiating tactic. Once the US was on the ropes in Iraq, Syria moderated its support of the insurgency in an effort to convince the US to make a trade: the reduction of US sanctions against Syria and rekindling negotiations over Golan and Lebanon in exchange Syrian help in Iraq.
  3. Now that the US is out of Iraq and the Syrian revolution is under-girded by a Sunni insurgency in Syria, Damascus no longer has an interest in supporting the Sunni militias across the boarder. Both Iraq and Damascus have the common goal of suppressing Sunni militias and supporting Iran.

Ali Allawi on Iraq:

The Middle East is today experiencing a twofold upheaval of immense proportions: a dramatic acceleration of climate change, water shortages, urban growth, environmental degradation, persistent economic and resource imbalances, and population explosions that coincide with wars, invasions, foreign interventions, civil and religious strife, and mass uprisings. And the longue durée is now exerting its influence on Iraq.

The livelihood of Iraqis is overly dependent on a state that is entirely reliant on a single resource. Agriculture has effectively collapsed; the great river systems of Mesopotamia have shriveled; trade routes based on Iraq’s unique geography have vanished; and transport links have atrophied. Merchants and entrepreneurs are merely recyclers of state-owned and state-generated wealth and a previously open and culturally and religiously accommodating society has been replaced by beleaguered communities locked in laagers.

The Arab successor states to the Ottoman Empire have all proved to be unstable, prone to violence and easy targets of foreign intervention and control. Left unchecked, Iraq will remain hostage to the turbulent region in which it finds itself — and to the price of oil.

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood tells world to isolate Assad (peacefully?)

BEIRUT, (Reuters) – The leader of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood said world powers should pile diplomatic pressure on President Bashar al-Assad and he called for a no-fly zone and “safe zones” to be set up to help the Syrian leader’s opponents.

Mohammad Shaqfa told Reuters that the Arab League, which has sent monitors to assess Syria’s implementation of a plan to end 10 months of violence, should press the U.N. Security Council to take “deterrent measures” against Assad….

بيان من مواطنون علويون تضامنا مع الثورة السورية

Pledge of solidarity with the Revolution by 106 Alawi, Syrians – half women. On Syria Politic

Russia warns West it risks war over Syria, Iran – January 20, 2012

MOSCOW: The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has warned outside encouragement of anti-government uprisings in the Middle East and north Africa could lead to ”a very big war that will cause suffering not only to countries in the region but also to states far beyond its boundaries”.

Mr Lavrov’s annual news conference on Wednesday was largely a critique of Western policies in Iran and Syria, which he said could lead to a spiral of violence.

He said Russia would use its position on the United Nations Security Council to veto any UN authorisation of military strikes against forces loyal to the government of Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad.

Rezan Bahri Shaykhmus, Chairman of the Kurdish Future Movement’s Office of General Communications:
»While a people’s revolution is taking place throughout Syria, the Kurdish Patriotic Conference is arguing and struggling over money«

KURDWATCH, January 19, 2012—Rezan Bahri Shaykhmus (b. 1962, married, four children) is the chairman of the Kurdish Future Movement’s Office of General Communications. The engineer lives in Syria. In a conversation with KurdWatch, Shaikhmus speaks about the Future Movement’s political work following the death of its speaker Mishʿal at-Tammu. [Read the interview]

Qatar: Kingmakers in Syria? by Jason Pack and Shashank Joshi

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201. Mawal95 said:

Some excerpts from Walid Al-Moallem’s press conference today 24 jan 2012 translated by and/or by and/or by

“The Constitution will be out in the upcoming days…. The solution to the Syrian crisis is a Syrian solution based on the interests of the Syrian people. Firstly, we’ll have the completion of the reform program commenced by President al-Assad. Secondly, National Dialogue. Finally, it is the duty of the Syrian government to take all protective measures against the armed terrorists…. The security solution is a popular public demand…. The security solution is a necessity, the necessity of which is clear with the presence of the so called “Free Syrian Army”.”

“In Doha [Arab League meeting on 2 Nov 2011], we agreed that ALL armed manifestations would stop. Yet armed men were still present…. The Arab League observers report [on 22 Jan 2012] confirmed the existence of armed gangs committing sabotage acts and attacking law enforcement officers and civilians. The report also confirmed the existence of media propaganda…. This evidence was presented to the Arab League, yet they chose to turn against the observers report…. They were planning a new plan for Syria as if there was no government in charge of this country.… They turned against the observers report and made a political pronouncement which they already knew we wouldn’t accept, as it infringes on our sovereignty…. With this latest action, they have killed the Arab League’s role in solving the Syrian crisis…. No more Arab solutions are possible after this point. Unfortunately they are the ones who abandoned us.”

“The foreign trade sanctions negatively affect the people’s lives but do not affect the political situation. The political framework has been announced and will be carried to completion on time.”

Question or comment by a Reporter: “Yesterday, I was in Hamediya in Homs where other reporters were. A certain channel reporter called her channel abroad and told them the army was firing at citizens. None of that was true. Armed men were firing at our army.” Response by Al-Moallem: “Once the reporters are on ground, they can chose to lie or tell the truth, that’s their problem. Our responsibility was getting them on ground.”

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January 24th, 2012, 4:05 pm


202. majedkhaldoun said:

I found it hard that Russia will veto the french suggestion to yhe UN,it should pass

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January 24th, 2012, 4:08 pm


203. Mawal95 said:

Video uploaded 18 jan 2012. In Zabadani town a substantial crowd of working-class women and children applaud armed rebels parading in front of them. The rebels are armed with AK-47s and RGPs. The women chant “God protect the Free Army”. . More footage of armed rebels showing off their weapons and driving through the streets of Zabadani at

Uploaded 19 jan 2012. In Hama a team of Arab League observers is surrounded by a large crowd of rebels, with many of the rebels carrying automatic rifles and/or wearing military clothing: . More of the same in Hama at .

Uploaded 18 jan 2012. A platoon of armed dissidents in Homs present themselves up close to the camera holding AK-47s and RPGs: . Same kind of video from Homs uploaded 22 jan 2012: . Same kind of armed rebel platoon presentation in Idlib uploaded 21 jan 2012: . Same kind of thing from another platoon, uploaded 7 Jan 2012: . A large platoon in Idlib, upload date 15 dec 2011: . Another Idlib platoon 2 dec 2012: . Another Idlib platoon 17 nov 2011: . The next two are again presentations of armed rebel platoons, but they have the significant difference that the rebels are covering their heads and faces with cloths so that they can’t be personally identified. All the other videos above are more worrisome for us on the pro-regime side because the armed rebels openly present their faces in front of the camera. Uploaded 23 and 23 jan 2012 and said to be from Idlib: ,

I’m not one who says Syria is or will be in a civil war. In my opinion the rebels don’t and won’t have enough men to conduct anything more than a very low grade civil war. But the above videos illustrate that a low grade civil war is happening. Walid Al-Moallem said on 24 Jan 2012: “The security solution is a necessity…. The security solution is a popular public demand.” I fully agree. Al-Moallem also said: “Any [foreign] military presence would lead to escalation [of the internal violent unrest in Syria].” I fully agree. According to my values, every civilized person around the world should be supporting the Syrian government’s suppression of this armed rebellion.

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January 24th, 2012, 4:09 pm


204. jad said:

Aldendeshe @187
It seems that you may be correct in the reason of why the building collapsed in Homs.
Later is another version of the incident, it’s saying exactly what you wrote, it claims that the explosion happened in the basement where they were making explosives, it also claims that there are no women or children killed in the incident, and the building itself was occupied by the armed militia in a neighbourhood run only by them.
Checking the building’s footage again I think that you are right, that is a result of an explosion not a result of neither an RPG nor explosive Shells:

HNN شبكة أخبار حمص
هام : تفاصيل الانفجار الذي حدث اليوم في باب تدمر

حصل اليوم انفجار كبير في منطقة باب تدمر (جانب فرن الصفيحة) في بناء سكني مكون من ملجأ ( قبو )وطابق أرضي عبارة عن معرض برادي واقمشة لصاحبها عبد القادر العواني فوقها شقق سكنية , و قد حصل الانفجار في قبو البناء والذي يستخدمه المسلحون كورشة لتصنيع العبوات الناسفة, وقد اسفر الانفجارعن انهيار المبنى و مقتل اكثر من 12 ارهابي من أخطر المطلوبين في حمص , ولا يوجد بين الضحايا اي أطفال أو نساء , حيث أن البناء مسكون من العناصر الارهابية التي قامت بطرد سكانه منذ شهور

ملاحظة هامة : المنطقة التي حصل فيها الانفجار خاضعة بشكل كامل لسيطرة المجموعات الارهابية ولا يمكن للامن الدخول إليها

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January 24th, 2012, 4:48 pm


205. Jerusalem said:

Interesting video from the Gulf.

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January 24th, 2012, 4:54 pm


206. Uzair8 said:

Thanks to Aboud on ‘the Walls’ for bringing the following to our attention.

How Syria, where everything is normal, according to Johnson:

You may remember this discussion from November regarding this issue:

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January 24th, 2012, 5:05 pm


207. Ghufran said:

Ex pimps becoming sudden revolutionaries

اعترف جنود منشقون عن الجيش السوري بتسهيل وصول النساء إلى مقرّ بعثة المراقبين العرب، بغية تصويرهم وابتزازهم فيما بعد.

وقالوا في شريط مصور، بثّ على شبكة الإنترنت، إنهم كانوا يظللون بعثة المراقبين العر، ويأخذونهم إلى أماكن محددة.

وبرّروا انشقاقهم عن الجيش السوري بأن كان بسبب “الجرائم الكبيرة التي شهدناها في مدينة حمص من قبل قوات الأمن السورية من قتل واغتصاب في ظل وجود المراقبين العرب”.

وأضافوا أن النظام السوري كان يجبرهم على تشويه الحقائق وتظليل وتمويه لجنة المراقبين العرب، وأيضاً إطلاق النار على المراقبين لإخافتهم ومنعهم من إكمال مهمتهم.

وختموا حديثهم بالقول: “كنا شهوداً على إطلاق النار على الصحافيين الأجانب في وجود المراقبين العرب، حيث قتل الصحافي الفرنسي”.
This is from the new media garbage: alarabiya

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January 24th, 2012, 5:05 pm


208. zoo said:

After having attacked Bashar Al Assad and Al Maliki now Erdogan attacks Sarkozy

Erdoğan said the law was “entirely null and void for Turkey” and echoed the “footsteps of fascism” in Europe.
“The votes in the French Parliament and the proposal that has been adopted are an open demonstration of discrimination and racism and amount to a massacre of free thought,” he said.

Erdoğan said Sarkozy’s grandfather was a Jew born in Salonika, then part of the Ottoman Empire, where his ancestors had fled from persecution in Spain.

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January 24th, 2012, 5:23 pm


209. zoo said:

Syrian Kurds and Turkey
23 January 2012

“Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one senior Turkish official told me that there are credible intelligence reports indicating that Assad has been supplying arms and munitions to some Kurdish groups in areas close to the Turkish border. Syrian opposition figures even speculate that Assad has gone as far as promising autonomy to Kurds in exchange for support to his regime and loyalty. What is more, using the PKK trump card, Damascus also seems to have succeeded in creating a split among Kurdish groups in Syria, preventing them from supporting the opposition.
All in all, some 2 million Kurds among Syrian’s 23 million people, Syria’s largest ethnic minority, may be decisive in determining the fate of Assad in the coming months. A meeting planned by the end of this month in Arbil among Syrian Kurdish groups may be a harbinger of what will happen next in Syria. Turkey should tread carefully in addressing concerns of Kurds in Syria while trying to foil Assad’s attempt to win over mainstream Kurds. Ankara should put the minds of Arabs at ease without alienating Kurds in Syria while picking a fight with the PKK and its political extensions there. It is certainly a difficult balancing act but future peace and stability in Syria may very well hinge on that balance.

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January 24th, 2012, 5:31 pm


210. irritated said:

Bravo Moallem!

Moallem is really daring: He wants to send the half-men to the moon now.
Obviously Syria is not impressed by the Gulf rich undemocratic monarchies who are giving orders to poorer emerging democracies and trying to buy them with the money they made with the sweat of their behinds.

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January 24th, 2012, 5:48 pm


211. Tara said:

Irritated ,

Sorry, but your comment is a bit naive. No offense. You get the loudest barks from the tiniest dogs. Everyone is capable of verbal threats and defiance even a 6 years old. He in my opinion deserves no Bravo.

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January 24th, 2012, 5:59 pm


212. Aldendeshe said:

باب تدمر

I remember the name, but not the location, where it will be this area in Homs, west of Khalidiyye or west of the القلعة

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January 24th, 2012, 6:05 pm


213. irritated said:

Tara #210

About threats, I wonder who is barking louder, Sheikh Hamad and his GCC bunch or Moallem?
While most arab (and western) countries bow in front of them, it just show that Moallem is strong and proud enough not to be impressed by these rich and arrogant US puppets with golden watches and white robes. And to this I repeat: Bravo! Bravo!

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January 24th, 2012, 6:12 pm


214. Son of Damascus said:


Did not realize Mou3alleq was poor, I wonder how many booklets he uses at the food bank to fill his tummy?

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January 24th, 2012, 6:15 pm


215. irritated said:

#213. Son of Damascus

After the lisp of Bashar Al Assad, now the tummy of Moallem…. you’re a good observer, who’s next?

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January 24th, 2012, 6:24 pm


216. Ghufran said:

Zikrayaat by um Kulthoum playing on sham fm
To many Syrians,that is what is left from Syria
So sad.

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January 24th, 2012, 6:26 pm


217. SANDRO LOEWE said:


Your old popular dictatorship style Syria smells bad. Take last 11 years of Assadism as an extra time, as a gift from the syrian people. But now frankly I believe it is time for you to leave. There is no place in the world for regimes like this. Maybe now you do not want to accept reality but after months or years it will be reality that will not accept you. Refresh yourselves and help the country to reach the place it deserves in the world.

Only a fool can deny that all this mess began when Assad paramilitars began shooting at peacefull rallies. You know it well.

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January 24th, 2012, 6:29 pm


218. Tara said:


Thank you for your instilling some artistic aspects here and there. There was a Nizar’s poem you once posted then retracted that I liked very much. Please excuse my ignorance but how do you get Sham FM?

Also, please give my regard to Abu-Ghassan

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January 24th, 2012, 6:34 pm


219. Son of Damascus said:


You claim other peoples predictions as false, while you falsely predict events. Mou3alleq “showed bravado by standing up to the Sheiks of the Gulf”, was he still standing up to them when he was kissing their hand for a handout before this conflict? Or do you just like leaders that flip flop on the drop of dime for the easiest route while not dealing with the real issues at hand? Is this the same Mou3alleq that showed fabricated videos in his news conference to the world as undeniable truth?

You want to talk about arrogance of the gulf yet turn a blind eye on the arrogance this regime you support that is slaughtering its own people.

And by the way Mou3alleq and Betho are self appointed public figures, and as public figures they should be able to take not only the praises (which they have earned none) but the ridicule that comes with the job, if not please TELL THEM TO RESIGN.

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January 24th, 2012, 6:39 pm


220. zoo said:

Russia plans sale of jets to Syria

Deal would cement Moscow’s opposition to U.N. sanctions.

MOSCOW • Russia has signed a contract to sell combat jets to Syria, a newspaper reported Monday, in apparent support for President Bashar Assad and open defiance of international condemnation of his regime’s bloody crackdown.

Igor Korotchenko, head of the Center of Analysis of the Global Arms trade, an independent think tank, was quoted by RIA Novosti news agency as saying: “With this contract, Russia is expressing confidence that President Assad would manage to retain control of the situation, because such deals aren’t signed with a government whose hold on power raises doubts.”
Read more:

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January 24th, 2012, 6:40 pm


221. Mawal95 said:

This evening the Syrian government agreed to extend the Arab League’s observer mission until 22 February. Earlier today Walid Al-Moallem said the question of whether or not the Syrian government would agree to it “is being studied” and Syria’s concern is that “Syria wants to know the mission’s role in terms of dealing with the issue of armed terrorists in some areas.” To appreciate what this concern is, take a look at the following video which shows a team of Arab League official observers in Hama surrounded by a large crowd of rebels, with many of the rebels carrying automatic rifles and/or wearing military clothing:

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January 24th, 2012, 6:48 pm


222. Ghufran said:

Politically,this is a station sympathetic to the regime but I have no doubt that this will change,those guys can not now be hostile to the regime,they can lose their license.
Listen often and enjoy.
Abughassan is not doing very well,he like few others is disgusted by how 11 months of blood shed was not enough to unite Syrians against the destruction of their country. He told me that the US and Syrian embassies were not helpful at all when he tried to send supplies and money to Syria,even the Syrian American medical society is political now and many of its members left it.

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January 24th, 2012, 6:48 pm


223. zoo said:

Israel Only Western State to Enshrine Religion –

Judaism has many faces. But the real issue is not religion, but the status it is granted. There is no other country in the Western world where the supremacy of religion is as blatantly enshrined in law, including the Basic Laws that comprise a de facto constitution, as it is in Israel.
By Uri Misgav

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January 24th, 2012, 6:53 pm


224. Ghufran said:

استقالة سفيري ليبيا في ايطاليا وامريكا
ليبيا: وزير الداخلية يتوعد مؤيدي القذافي
ثوار يتظاهرون في طرابلس ضد عبد الجليل
By the spring,Libya may be in the middle of another spring,a bloody one.
Western media has not yet reported on the level of destruction in Libya caused by both NATO and Libyan fighting factions. Libya’s money for the time being is being used by western governments and western banks.

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January 24th, 2012, 7:16 pm


225. Ghufran said:

أديب الشيشكلي
‘حقناً لدماء الشعب السوري الذي أحبه، والجيش الذي أفتديه، والوطن العربي الذي أردت أن أخدمه بتجرد وإخلاص؛ أقدم استقالتي من رئاسة الجمهورية السورية إلى الشعب السوري العزيز الذي انتخبني ومنحني ثقته الغالية، راجياً أن يكون بذلك خدمة لبلادي، وأن يحقق وحدتها ومنعتها، ويأخذ بيدها إلى قمة المجد والرفعة’.

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January 24th, 2012, 7:23 pm


226. Ghufran said:

اجتمع الزعيم عادل إمام والدكتور مصطفى الفقي والدكتور ماجد الشربيني والفنان تامر عبد المنعم في أحد الفنادق المطلة على نيل القاهرة، في جلسة سريعة، حيث تحدث الزعيم قائلاً: ‘الناس بتطلب مني في الشارع أرشح نفسي للرئاسة قلت لهم أنا موافق بس ما أروحش شرم الشيخ في النهاية’.. وسط ضحكات الحاضرين

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January 24th, 2012, 7:28 pm


227. Syria, Egypt and Middle East unrest – Tuesday 24 January | News 1st said:

[…] Divisions in the Arab League and UN mean there is no foreseeable prospect of change in Syria, argues…, the director of the Centre for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Assad remains […]

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January 24th, 2012, 7:35 pm


228. majedkhaldoun said:

Assad will soon realize that the forces of change can not be reversed, and human dignity can not be denied
Obama, was he strong enough against Assad?,I wish he was more critical against Assad since Bashar is the last dictator facing revolution for freedom and democracy.

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January 24th, 2012, 10:31 pm


229. Juergen said:


I listen to madinah fm sometimes, it seems like there is a quote of patriotic songs they have to play, 3-5 songs in an hour. I mean those cheap dabke singers who came out of the dark with their besho love songs.
Do you think the regime proposes such a quote or the stations do that in a submissive obedience?

Funny was the last time there was an fair in Damascus for clothing. The director of the fair was in the studio and quite desperate, because the people werent coming. He said that he does not understand why the Damascenes are staying in their homes, and most funny he complained that he can not make any friday trips to the countryside anymore.

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January 25th, 2012, 2:36 am


230. SANDRO LOEWE said:

Madina Fm and Sham Fm both belong to young alawis from Lattakia. All radio stations are under control of the regime and their young pseudo-reformist strange modern-looking hubble bubble smokers in-front-of-plasma style shabab.

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January 25th, 2012, 8:47 am


231. Amazii said:

Arabist tries to censor any criticism of the Arab Laegue at Wikipedia.

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January 29th, 2012, 5:05 pm


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