The Names of the Revolution

From the inception of the Syrian uprising, each Friday has been given a special title by activists involved in protests. Fridays were important in the beginning because more protests would occur on that day than any other day of the week. Protests would often take place immediately following communal prayers in mosques where large groups […]

Turkey Engulfed in Protests, Syria Conflict Worries Turkish Alevis, Syrian Turkomen Support Opposition

See more photos at the following Atlantic article: Days of Anti-Government Protests and Harsh Crackdowns A protest in Istanbul, Turkey, that began as a relatively small event earlier in the week, erupted into massive anti-government demonstrations across the country following a harsh crackdown by riot police. People had gathered in Gezi Park to prevent the […]

Syria: Sectarian War or Class War

Syria: Sectarian War or Class War Part 2 of short videos on Syria. I discuss the sectarian and class background to the Baath regime and what it means for today’s opposition movement. Part 1 is here.

“Is Syria Different?” by Heydemann, Lawson, Lesch, and Seale

Roundtable on Syria Today (Part 3): Is Syria Different? by Steven Heydemann, Fred Lawson, David Lesch, and Patrick Seale This is the last installment (Part 3) of the first Jadaliyya Roundtable on Syria, moderated by Bassam Haddad and Joshua Landis, of Syria Comment. It features Steven Heydemann, Fred Lawson, David Lesch, and Patrick Seale. This […]

Duma; Turkey Hosts Musl. Brotherhood; Press Services; More

A note from a friend in Duma, where four protesters were killed today. Hurrah! I made it! Had the full adventure today: was in Duma, the hardest hit. talked with the shebab, experienced tear gas (found that cats are apparently immune, as they went on as nothing was), got out safe and sound though there […]