Documentary: Where the war still echoes

Where the war still echoes is a documentary produced by IRIN, a news service run by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs . The documentary series follows a family of Syrian refugees over the course of a year, from their arrival to Za’atari camp in Jordan in December 2012. Selim and Leila were farmers […]

Jordan Shudders Under 331% Increase in Refugees as Conflict in Dera’a Intensifies

by Matthew Barber and the Syria Video team   Mile-long line of Syrians fleeing into Turkey If you haven’t yet watched it, allow me to strongly encourage you to view the Frontline documentary Syria Behind the Lines. Superior even to this documentary, however, is a segment of extra footage from the journalist who filmed the […]

Syrian Government Promises: Free Press, End of Emergency Rule, Opposition Parties, Justice

Buthaina Shaaban has just announced on behalf of the Regional Command of the Baath Parth a list of reforms on al-Jazeera. Here is what I got On the social side – Raise the salaries – today. Syria To Raise State Employees’ Wages By Up To 30% Zawya. Next week we will have another decision to […]

Deraa: The Government Takes off its Gloves: 15 Killed

The government is cracking down on the people of Deraa. The gloves are off. 15 killed. Deraa is very poor and Islamic – it optimizes everything that troubles Syria – a failed economy, the population explosion, a bad governor and overbearing security forces. It is an explosive brew. Even if the government can contain violence […]

Syria’s Opposition Divided. Demonstrations Have Different Goals

Steven Starr, a freelance reporter in Damascus and founder of the Near East Quarterly, makes a good point about the lack of any known leadership among the opposition and the diverse regional motivations for the demonstrations. The differing motivations and goals driving each of the protests suggest a lack of coordination. The government can restore […]