Sinjar Was Only the Beginning—by Matthew Barber

Sinjar Was Only the Beginning   by Matthew Barber The calm is slowly unraveling in Kurdistan, and a growing, pervasive anxiety is beginning to afflict us all. We know that the fighting between the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the Islamic State jihadis continues to develop and move from place to place, but we’re never exactly […]

Round Up: Lethal Aid, Human Interest Stories, Lebanon

US Policy and Weapons for Rebels   In Turnabout, Syria Rebels Get Libyan Weapons – NYT During his more than four decades in power, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya was North Africa’s outrageously self-styled arms benefactor, a donor of weapons to guerrillas and terrorists around the world fighting governments he did not like. Even after […]

Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future

Obama Owes Syrians and Americans a Vision of Syria’s Future By Joshua Landis June 15, 2013 [Addendum (24 June) See Thomas Friedman’s op-ed of Sunday 23 for comparison of his three Obama options with my three. Putting it in the context of collapsing Ottoman Empire and nation building is also similar. It is still unclear […]

“Let ‘Lawfare’ Shape the Conflict, Not the Flow of Arms” – By David Falt

Let ‘Lawfare’ Shape the Conflict, Not the Flow of Arms By David Falt for Syria Comment If we fail to act swiftly, the decision to lift the arms embargo will most likely backfire and serve only to fuel the opposition’s existing frustration with the international community.   The European Union put a lot at stake […]

The Scud Issues Has Legs – State Dept Summons Syrian Diplomat

Ford Prefect – a Syrian – writes: The US administration and policies towards peace in the Middle east are genuine and pragmatic – but they will not succeed without Syria’s help. It’s time for Syria to embark on a public relation campaign – aligning its objectives for peace and security in the region with those […]