Wikileaks: “Syrian-Iranian Relations return to normal”; Jordan, Turkey, and US Seek Improved Iran Relations; Hariri Tribunal Delayed;

Hariri Tribunal to be postponed until next month in a move linked to a new US approach toward Iran. [Daily Star] Also read Ian Black’s: Rafiq Hariri tribunal: why many in Beirut have lost their thirst for justice and the Hariri Tribunal. Erdogan becomes first Turkish PM to join Karbala mournings – He reaches out […]

Assad in France: “There is no peace process; Europe’s stance cannot remain tied to the US role”e

As the US abandons the peace process in the Middle East with both Palestine and Syria, Sarkozy may see a greater role for France. Over thirty EU leaders (all retired) demanded that Europe step up its role in Middle East diplomacy. AS “If the decision of the tribunal is based on evidence, everybody will accept […]

WikiLeaks: Saudi Proposed Arab Force to Invade Lebanon; Makhlouf Sanctions; Mughniya Murder

WikiLeaks cables: Saudis proposed Arab force to invade Lebanon Foreign minister wanted US, Nato and UN backing for offensive to end Iranian-backed Hezbollah’s siege of government Ewen MacAskill in Washington, Tuesday 7 December 2010 Saudi Arabia proposed creating an Arab force backed by US and Nato air and sea power to intervene in Lebanon two […]

Wikileaks: Bellemare “has no case” against Syria SUBJECT: LEBANON: JUMBLATT ON POSSIBLE NEW UNSCR, NATIONAL DIALOGUE; RIZK ON UNIIIC EXTENSION HESITATION OVER A NEW UNSCR, OPEN DISCUSSION ON 1559 NSC FOR ABRAMS/SINGH/YERGER/GAVITO 9. (C) Jumblatt said the Special Tribunal was “not enough” to intimidate Syria. Rizk chimed in to acknowledge that work on the Special Tribunal was “frightening to Syria until […]