More Economic Pressure. Assad Will be Ousted “Sooner or Later”? Sarkozy asks why the Region’s Christians Don’t Emigrate? The Six Killer Apps (By Ehsani)

This morning, the official journal of the EU announced the seventh set of sanctions imposed on Syria. Two individuals and six companies were added to a list of people and entities facing assets freeze and travel ban. In addition to the earlier sanctions on importing or exporting energy products, an important prohibition on investment in the crude oil sector was made official. The delivery of Syrian banknotes and coins to the Central Bank of Syria is now also officially prohibited.

Today’s sanctions continue to largely target Mr. Rami Makhlouf and the entities that he controls.  The other notable target this time was Syria’s official and non official media.  Both the Information Minister and Addounia TV were hit with sanctions. This means that the channel will stop broadcasting on the Hotbird satellite and may also be banned from both Arab sat and Nile sat. The response of the Addounia management was made available on the company’s website. The new E.U. sanctions were to be regarded as a medal of honor for being able to keep 27 European countries and its leaders busy enough to sanction a company that has believed that what is happening in Syria is a conspiracy and that these sanctions clearly illustrate that this is not just a media war but a global war targeting the basic existential needs of the Syrian people. The company promised its viewers that it will continue to expose the conspiracy and everything that harms the Syrian people.

As for Cham Holding which was also targeted today, the company is yet to make an official response. With a start-up capital of $360 millions, Cham Holding was launched in 2007 by the collaboration of 73 top Syrian investors.  The new sanctions will put further pressure on this company that was already reeling from the recent change in its Board of Directors whose earlier Chair (Mr. Nabil Kuzbari) and Vice Chair (Mr. Rami Makhlouf) were both personally sanctioned. The new Board of Directors saw its new Vice Chair (Mr. Fares Al Chihabi) also get slapped with sanctions just recently.

Set below is a more detailed list of who was added to the sanctions and the official reason why:

Tayseer Qala Awwad (Minister of Justice)

Associated with the Syrian regime, including by supporting its policies and practices of arbitrary arrest and detention.

Dr. Adnan Hassan Mahmoud (Minister of Information)

Associated with the Syrian regime, including by supporting and promoting its information policy.

Addounia TV

Has incited violence against the civilian population in Syria.

Cham Holding

Controlled by Rami Makhlouf; largest holding company in Syria, benefiting from and supporting the regime.

El-Tel Co.

Manufacturing and supplying telecommunication equipment for the Army.

Ramak Constructions Co.

Construction of military barracks, border post barracks and other buildings for Army needs.

Souruh Company

Investment in local military industrial projects, manufacturing weapons parts and related items. 100% of the company is owned by Rami Makhlouf.


Controlled by Rami Makhlouf; provides financial support to the regime: through its licensing contract it pays 50% of its profits to the Government.

Staying on economic issues, the country’s business community is in a state of confusion and anxiety over the recent decision to suspend the imports of cars and other items with 5 percent customs duties.  Besides cars, no one is sure what the import ban will include. Many products carry customs duties of over 5% percent. What will be banned and what will be deemed a “luxury” is still open to speculation. The consensus is that a detailed list of the banned items will be released over the next few days.  The business community cannot wait to find out. For now, an article by Reuters quotes businessmen reporting  no selling or buying amid fears that prices of existing foreign imports will now soar.

Syria: The revolution will be weaponised – Aljazeera

Journalist Nir Rosen spent seven weeks travelling throughout Syria with unique access to all sides. He visited Daraa, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Latakia and Aleppo to explore the uprising and growing internal conflict. In the first article of his series he meets with leaders of the armed opposition in Homs.

Turkey seizes Syrian ship with weapons – PM Erdogan – BBC

He did not say where or when the vessel was stopped, but vowed to confiscate any arms shipments for Syria coming through Turkish waters or airspace. Mr Erdogan has repeatedly criticised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over his government’s violent crackdown on street protesters.

Arab leaders absent while Erdoğan talks to UN – Hurriyet

The Arab people like us. But today, the policies of current rulers of the Arab countries are based on competing with each other and hampering each other. We should not take those who are giving us a pat on the shoulder too serious. Our politics should reflect our interests. There should be no room for emotions.

Erdogan: Assad Will Be Ousted “Sooner or Later”

WASHINGTON – Syrian President Bashar Assad will be ousted “sooner or later” by his own people as the time of dictatorial rule fades around the world, Turkish Prime Minister RecepTayyip Erdogan said. Erdogan, in an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” to be aired on Sunday, maintained his stern tone towards Israel and warned relations may “never become normal again” but he had warm words for US President Barack Obama as Turkey rises as a diplomatic power in the Middle East. “You can never remain in power through cruelty. You can never stand before the will of the people,” Erdogan said in a transcript released by CNN on Saturday. “This process might be extended a little bit more but sooner or later in Syria, if people take a different decision, that decision is going to be catered to. Such as in Egypt, such as in Tunisia, such as in Libya. People want to be free.”

Malek Jandali’s parents had fled to the United States – CNN

The home of a Syrian musician’s family was ransacked this week, an act viewed as further intimidation by security forces angry at his views about the government. Malek Jandali, a renowned composer and pianist in Syria, told CNN Saturday that he learned from close sources that two armed security officers broke into his family’s Homs residence and looted and destroyed furniture. The house was empty because his parents had fled to the United States.

French envoy mobbed in Syria

(CNN) — France’s ambassador to Syria was attacked on Saturday morning in Damascus, the French Foreign Ministry said.
People threw stones and eggs at Eric Chevallier after he met with Greek Orthodox Patriarch Ignace IV in the Christian quarter of Damascus’s old city.

Why don’t the Christians in both Lebanon and Syria migrate to Europe is allegedly what Sarkozy asked the Maronite religious leader on his recent visit to France.  According to the article, Christians had no place in the Middle East given the clash between Christianity and Islam.  The Maronite leader was shocked by what he heard which prompted the French leader to point to a document that cites how over three million Christians emigrated from Lebanon over the past 20 years and that the Middle East will face many problems in the future.

Niall Ferguson’s 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity – Worth Watching

  1. Competition
  2. The Scientific Revolution
  3. Property Rights
  4. Modern Medicine
  5. Consumer Society
  6. The Work Ethic

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351. Areal said:

Lyse Doucet


BBC World News correspondent Doucet claimed the public also want to seeing the kinder side of the Afghan extremists.(Taliban)

Asked what was missing in media coverage, she said: “It may sound odd but the humanity of the Taliban, because they are a wide, very diverse group of people.”


twitter @bbclysedoucet lyse doucet

26 September 2011 9:54 am
In #Damascus. finally got visas. really good To be here. #Syria

26 September 2011 Last updated at 07:26 GMT

the BBC’s Lyse Doucet has just arrived in Damascus.

She says it is extremely hard to get people to talk about politics, except for those who still defend the president.

Mr Assad still has some support, she adds, but the brutal crackdown against protests in the suburbs, and in cites and villages outside Damascus is diminishing that base.


She is still not arrived in Damascus ,
she is not speaking Arabic ( only Persian ) ,
but she is able to evaluate the support of the Syrian people to the government …

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September 26th, 2011, 9:12 am


352. Darryl said:

Abu Umar, you are invited for a few beers, I will treat you to a few good bottles and we will have fun. Do you accept?

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September 26th, 2011, 9:16 am


353. Abu Umar said:

241. mjabali said:

الى مجبالي،

لماذا لا تشرح جبنك و تناقضك الفاضح لتعصبك النصيرية، في عدم جوابك عن ما فعل أمير المؤمنين علي إبن أبي طالب في أسلافك لما ألهوا و يذكر ذلك العالم الشيعي، أبو جعفر الطوسي:

لماذا تتهرب عن نقد علي إبن أبي طالب؟!

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September 26th, 2011, 9:17 am


354. uzair8 said:

Have we got a new user in AREAL?

Looks like the Mukhabarat are sending out its BIG GUNS now.

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September 26th, 2011, 9:25 am


355. Abu Umar said:

” 351. Darryl said:

Abu Umar, you are invited for a few beers, I will treat you to a few good bottles and we will have fun. Do you accept?”

Darryl, you are invited to a dish of kabsi, we’ll eat Bedouin-style with our hands. Do you accept?!

Enjoy your effete snobbery and your double-standards. I understand why you are looking at the situation through sectarian lens, so don’t blame me for doing the same thing. Many of the most fanatical Zionists are non-religious and secular like this clown:

The days of Waleed Jumblaat who has been waiting for decades to get revenge against the Asad mafia are over.

ما إخد بالقوة لا يسترجع إلا بالقوة

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September 26th, 2011, 9:41 am


356. Areal said:

Every night, in cities and villages all over Syria, let’s give a very conservative estimate of 50,000 demonstrators (very, very conservative). So that’s 50 million Syrian liras spent each night on demonstrations…more so if Homsi garbage men need to be hired

50 million Syrian pounds makes only 1 million US dollars

It is pocket money for Hariri and other backers

The daily cost of the Libyan operations for the OTAN was far more than 1 million dollar daily :
Activists in Syria are very low cost .

I am sure that an American banker can tell the story in more elaborate details .

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September 26th, 2011, 9:51 am


357. majedkhaldoun said:

There is difference between Christians and their leaders, their leaders are similar to Sunni leaders, some of them are corrupt ,like Bouti, and Hassoon,some are afraid of the regime wrath,so they say different thing from what they believe in,,I think the leadership of Christians they are not afraid of violence against them in the era post Assad, violence against Christians will not happen,they do not know what democracy and freedom will bring to the Middle East,Syria in the post Assad era,will be different, Syria will have good relations with Lebanon ,Iraq and Turkey,Iraq will have its own revolution,in the period that will follow USA troops withdrawal,most Christians are afraid of the future,which they do not know what it will bring about,certainly improve relations with Turkey will dilute their influence,,those who are saying there will be massacre of Christians in the post Assad era are exaggerating , democratic regime that believe in freedom will never resort to violence against the Christians,

Ibn Taymiyeh said “just ruler who does not inflict wrong upon his people will rule for long even if he is not Musslem, and the ruler who inflict wrong upon his people will not last,even if he was Musslem”

I agree with Aboud when he said those who do not fight for their freedom,they do not deserve freedom, those on SC who support the regime they agree to live in humiliation,they are the slaves of this evil regime.we will not forget.

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September 26th, 2011, 11:03 am


358. N.Z. said:


“Christians, Alawites, druze and non-observant Sunni Muslims and Atheists escaped to the west.

But when you have demonstrations calling Allah Akbar, it is a different story.”

But if you are truly who you portray yourself to be, you will not alienate one group of people, “observant Sunni Muslims” from your equation, unless you are a racist, bigot, extremist or someone living in a bubble or on another planet.

“Allah Akbar: He is greater”, what makes you cringe?

Is it that you are an ideological person who like to twist facts. zionists occupier insist on painting the longest occupation into a religious one, Muslims vs. Jewish. In Syria sycophants are adopting the same idiotic line of the regime. These protesters are calling for their emancipation from a regime that is adamant on turning us, all, to stooges, cringing yes men and sycophants.

“Allah is Great”, every Arab, regardless of his belief system, reiterate frequently.

Religiosity, has nothing to do with this noble uprising, regime survival and their trumpets are keen on instilling fear in the hearts and minds of the shaky and turning it into a civil war, a clash between different belief systems, that survived for centuries in our beloved land.

Islamic culture will always be present in Arab countries and around the world. Rather than fighting this lovely civilization and its adherents, learn to understand it and live with it. It is a lost battle. Ignorant people, knowingly or unknowingly are helping in spreading the message, Islam.

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September 26th, 2011, 11:08 am


359. Aboud said:

Uh yeah, one million dollars is chump change to Harriri, but I’m amazed a menhebak would admit that the muKHARAbarat can’t trace a million dollars a day sloshing about Syria 🙂

So, are you accusing the Saudis of bankrolling the demonstrations? Why doesn’t your feeble X-Box president come out and say so? Why doesn’t he withdraw the ambassador from Riyadh? Heck, why is your media so cowed by the Saudis?

Just because you are used to shabiha scum who sell their services for 15,000 liras a week, doesn’t mean the rest of the world are like them. If people were in it for the money, they could earn more by signing up for the shabiha shit ranks, and it would mean less risks for them. Duh

“She is still not arrived in Damascus ,”

Dude, change your name to UnReality. She is in Damascus, I just saw her on the BBC broadcasting from there.

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September 26th, 2011, 11:14 am


360. Syria no kandahar said:

Violence against Christians will not happen!!!
Very is already happening.SR is Islamic,jihadist one.Abu umer and kaled Tlass are perfect example of revenge,hateful gangs.Sunni extremist have no mercy,they vanished 5000 years old Assyrian community from Bagdad.Sunni terrorist continue to butcher christians in Iraq until now.Extremist syrian Sunnis are criminals,not trust worthy,trusting you that nothing will happen to christians
Is like a patient of yours smoking and eating ten eggs every day being assured by you that he will never have a heart attack.

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September 26th, 2011, 11:16 am


361. NK said:


As I said you do not understand the verse, you didn’t even come close

First, the verse says fight and not murder or kill. To fight there must be someone fighting back. This verse was revealed before the battle of Tabuk where the Byzantine empire and the Arab tribes allied with it were conspiring to invade Arabia to put a stop to Islam, at the time those Arab Christian tribes were already paying Jizya to the Byzantine.

Second, the Jizya in Islam is not a penalty to punish and humiliate Christians or Jews. If the purpose was to humiliate and force people to convert then every non Muslim would be required to pay, however only those capable of fighting had to pay, women, children, the elderly, priests and poor people who could not afford to pay were all exempt, also exempt were those who join the Muslim army and fight alongside the Muslims in defending the state.

Not sure if you can read Arabic, but those links might help you understand this verse and put things into perspective

The first one is by Qaradawi “Sheikh el fitna and enemy of the state”

The second is by a Kuwaiti Scholar

The third link is the Wikipedia (Jizya) entry

I hope this helps to clarify things.

P.S regarding Tafsir (interpreting Quranic verses), it’s an Islamic science dating back to Prophet Muhammad himself

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September 26th, 2011, 11:22 am


362. mjabali said:

Abu Umar:

ياابو عمر:

وضعت حضرتك رابط إلى ماقاله الطوسي في صفحة من كتابه عن عبد الله ابن سبأ وماحصل مع الامام على ابن ابي طالب وحسب تلك الصفحة أن الإمام على قد احرق من ادعى الربوبية أو ماشابه ذلك.

تريدني حضرتك ان انقد مافعله الامام مع عبد الله ابن سبأ بينما تريدني في نفس الوقت ان العن ابن سبأ. عقليتك هذه مضحكة في احسن اوقاتها. لايمكن اتخاذ موقفين متضادين نحو الموضوع نفسه. أي: هل تريدني ان اكون من انصار ابن سبأ في هذه القصة أم من انصار الامام علي الذي حرقه كما يدعي الطوسي في رابطك الضعيف الحجة الغير مستند على العلم وانما على القيل والقال وخبرني فلان وقال لي علان نقلا عن ابن خالة عمة جاره.

معنى هذا ان قصص كهذه يجب عليك النظر الى السياسة والمطامح السياسية والدينية لمن خلقها.

هذا يجلبنا إلي موضوع عبد الله ابن سبأ وهل وجدت هذه الشخصية الخرافية سوى بالتاريخ السني؟

العلم يقول بأن عبد الله ابن سبأ شخصية وهمية اخترعها اعداء الامام على والشيعة. هذا واضح من الاف الادلة قد برهنها الكثير وتكلم عنها الكثير الا السنة وخصوصاً الوهابية الذين لازالو يصرون ببلاهة علي اقناعنا بوجود هذه الشخصية الوهمية.

لمن لايعرف: يدعي السنة ان هناك شخص يهودي من اليمن اسمه عبد الله بن سبأ قد دخل الاسلام ليخربه وقد نجح في ذلك عبر خلقه للتفرقة بين المسلمين.

يامتخلف ياابو عمر هل يصدق طفل صغير قصة وجود هذا الشخص الوهمي المدعو عبد الله بن سبأ؟

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September 26th, 2011, 11:34 am


363. zoo said:

Tara #347

I am not certainly an expert but these are my thoughts on the subject.

Countries with strong ideologies aim to export their ideology that they perceive as the ‘best’. Arabs did it with Islam, Europe did it with Christianity, the Soviet Union did it with communism, the USA is doing it with capitalism.
Religious ideologies work the same way. Saudi Arabia tries to expand its Sunni Wahabism and Iran its Shia ideology.
Because Saudi Arabia has no rich history, its ideology is based on the strict application to the Islamic law as a way of life with a capitalistic approach in line with the USA: Malls and Mosques. Iran has a long history of civilization so its ideology is more complex and progressive in the interpretation of Islamic law and contrary to Saudi Arabia, it attributes an importance to art and self-analysis in the social life.
Somehow because of history, Sunnism is viewed as conservative, capitalist and business oriented while Shiism is revolutionary, socialist and intellectual.

Of course these ideologies once exported , are supposed to be adapted to the local customs, yet their “world view” remain the same.

Turkey has more resemblance with Iran for its history and has a good dose of secularism injected by Ataturk but I think Turkey is still a very conservative moslem country in the rural areas. In a way, Turkey is like a wilder Saudi Arabia: Malls, Mosques and…Whisky.

In summary, I think, all countries that consider themselves as powerful would give the first priority to export their ideology and way of life (whether religious or social). This is often done in subtle and insidious ways by using the weaknesses of the target country and many cover ups in order to develop a grassroot that may spread the ideology further. While important to maintain their power, economical relation has less priority for religious ideologies.
I think this subject can be discussed forever…

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September 26th, 2011, 11:49 am


364. N.Z. said:

# 250, Qunfuz,

She is truly “a very articulate woman addresses herself seriously to the menhebakjia”

Thanks for sharing.

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September 26th, 2011, 12:03 pm


365. N.Z. said:


“Countries with strong ideologies aim to export their ideology that they perceive as the ‘best’. Arabs did it with Islam,”

Islam is not an ideology. Islam is a monotheistic faith revealed by the prophet Muhammad. Islam, is built on the messages of Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

Demonizing any of the three monotheistic faiths by Muslims, is a sin.

It is incumbent on Muslims not to judge anyway based on his belief system, ” you have your religion, we have ours…there is no compulsion in religion…”

A few bad apples here and there, will reflect bad on Muslims, NEVER, on the message, Islam, nor the messenger, Prophet Muhammad.

You or others, from within and from outside can try as hard to distort Islam, no one, will ever succeed.

Ataturk, succeeded for a short period of time to distort Turks history, culture, he failed. It is only when Turkey came to grips with who they are, not what one’s vision is for a people -secularists they have an identity based on reality, not an abstract idea.

Islam, is here to stay. Spanish, finally understood they cannot erase 500 years of their history, it is hard to erase such a presence.

Please let us not strain ourselves over her/his belief system, let us unite to regain our dignity and free Syria from tyranny and thugs. Only then we can be effective both nationally and internationally.

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September 26th, 2011, 12:56 pm


366. areal said:

Regarding Lyse Doucet
You should have noticed that I gave the time of her two pieces of news in my post #351 :
She made her “analysis” about Syria BEFORE arriving in Damascus city today morning.

I cannot deny the figures you are advancing about the supposed salaries of supposed unofficial security personnel (shabiba) ,
for sure you know better than me as you got your information when you applied for the job and you rejected their too little and too risky offer .

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September 26th, 2011, 12:58 pm


367. Tara said:


Wow! Pretty eloquent answer to a seemingly unanswerable question. Mosques, Malls and…Whisky is a remarkable phrase. When you mentioned self analysis, do you mean through arts and cinemas? Also, I am not sure if indeed Shiism as opposed to Sunnism is viewed as specifically intellectual. Is this considered a widespread view of the different sects of Islam or a personal observation?

I find their Ashuraa rituals to embody the hallmark of their culture: saddness and perhaps self-inflicted pain, at least in my own views. I would not describe it as particularly intellectual but hey, all religions have meaningless rituals….Would love to read an equally remarkable phrase to describe that particular part of their culture.

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September 26th, 2011, 1:08 pm


368. 5 dancing shlomos said:

314. Syria no kandahar said:
Dear Ehsani, “You really should think about limiting the number of posts per day for each commented ,that will improve quality and make it real SC…”

what would syria comment’s jewish rote-propagandists do? what would the fake syrians do?

these sorts need to be collected here.

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September 26th, 2011, 1:21 pm


369. Mina said:

You say that there is no problem that shari’a should be written in constitution as one of the basis of the legal system, but not as the sole basis, in reference to what i wrote about the current debate in Egypt (where it is already written in constitution as such). Indeed, shari’a is obviously already a part of the ‘sources of law’, just as Roman Law and the Bible (oddly) are part of the ‘sources of law’ in the west, and certainly in the Arab world as well. But do you really think the Ikhwan are going to accept to write “shari’a, the Bible, and Roman law”, which would actually reflect reality?

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September 26th, 2011, 3:02 pm


370. Khalid Tlass said:

Daryll, the Qur’an is for everyone, not just for Muslims, it is a sin to humanity, just think about it, in the Qur’an Muslims have been asked to protect Christians, so it is our obligation to protect people like you as protected persons; remember the names of people like Umae ibn al Khattab, Khalid ibn al Walid, Saad ibn Abi Waqqas and Amr ibn Aas; if these people wanted they could exterminate the whole Christain population of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine; Middle Eastern Christains are very weak as they have shown time and again getting their ass kicked by all in Lebanon, so you need the protection of Sunni Muslims.

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September 26th, 2011, 5:27 pm


371. Darryl said:

365. N.Z. said:

“Islam is not an ideology. Islam is a monotheistic faith revealed by the prophet Muhammad. Islam, is built on the messages of Abraham, Moses and Jesus.”

Dear NZ, were you trying to say that Islam was revealed by Allah to the Messenger or that the Messenger invented Islam?

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September 26th, 2011, 5:56 pm


372. Darryl said:

361. NK said:

Dear NZ, firstly, I read and write Arabic and I never read the Qur’an except in Arabic. The word Qatilu means kill, put to death, arabic is a rich language, Allah could have used a different word, perhaps Allah could have said play polo on those horses. Your apology reminds me of Sheikhs who try to say that when the Qur’an says to beat your wife, Allah meant to say hit her with a feather or your finger tips.

Lastly, Jizya and Jazaa are related, Jazaa mean to punish. When the Canadian taxation office sends you a letter about your taxes, they are polite they do not say we are punishing you for being Muslim.

Please, please Honorable Muslims stand up, you live in the west, you have learned some etiquette. Please stop being apologetic to the these outdated thoughts. It is time to think, reflect and be honest with yourselves.

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September 26th, 2011, 6:25 pm


373. Darryl said:

355. ABU UMAR said:

“Darryl, you are invited to a dish of kabsi, we’ll eat Bedouin-style with our hands. Do you accept?!”

Yes Abu Umar I accept, I have heard of Kapsi but not sure what it is, I do hope you mean this. I have no problem with Beduouin style, I eat Chicken with my fingers and I enjoy lamb barbecue off the grill. Can I bring beer and wine or perhaps Araq will go well.

Believe it or not Abu Umar, I enjoy your posts. Deep down I think you are a very reasonable person ready to come out and enjoy life.

“Enjoy your effete snobbery and your double-standards. I understand why you are looking at the situation through sectarian lens, so don’t blame me for doing the same thing. Many of the most fanatical Zionists are non-religious and secular like this clown:”

Abu Umar, I do not have double standards nor I am a snobb. I just find you are a really fun person to “converse” with. I think you have style deep down.

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September 26th, 2011, 6:37 pm


374. Haytham Khoury said:

Dear Christian Syrians on SC:

I do not care whether you agree with me in the ideas or not. What I care about is the level of discussion and the decency of spirit.

I invite you to transcend in your spirit. I invite you to make difference in society not to make worse.

While you are spending your time in sectarian bickering, I am spending my time in engaging in real discussion and writing. I am sending papers to journals for publishing. I invite you to publish with me (even if you differ with me in opinion). However, if you remain in your sectarian bickering, will never able to publish.

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September 30th, 2011, 9:49 am


375. Pirouz said:


Thanks for posting the link of that public opinion poll. It is an indicator.

As pointed out, the scope is small.

Also, I think the random cold calling method to be a more reliable indicator.

That there is dissatisfaction in Syria can not be dismissed. I’d like to see WPO or Globescan perform polls, in an effort at analyzing multiple polls.

As an example of such, it was the consistency of five polls with sound methodologies that offered persuasive evidence that Iran’s 2009 election result was legitimate. (All results mirrored the official result.)

It would be useful to have the same for Syrian public opinion.

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September 30th, 2011, 9:06 pm


376. What's Hot in Blogging: September 2011 | Social Media Club said:

[…] course, the ‘Arab Spring’ continues in Yemen and Syria as well, thought those fights look to be having less success than […]

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October 5th, 2011, 8:30 am


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