More Economic Pressure. Assad Will be Ousted “Sooner or Later”? Sarkozy asks why the Region’s Christians Don’t Emigrate? The Six Killer Apps (By Ehsani)

This morning, the official journal of the EU announced the seventh set of sanctions imposed on Syria. Two individuals and six companies were added to a list of people and entities facing assets freeze and travel ban. In addition to the earlier sanctions on importing or exporting energy products, an important prohibition on investment in the crude oil sector was made official. The delivery of Syrian banknotes and coins to the Central Bank of Syria is now also officially prohibited.

Today’s sanctions continue to largely target Mr. Rami Makhlouf and the entities that he controls.  The other notable target this time was Syria’s official and non official media.  Both the Information Minister and Addounia TV were hit with sanctions. This means that the channel will stop broadcasting on the Hotbird satellite and may also be banned from both Arab sat and Nile sat. The response of the Addounia management was made available on the company’s website. The new E.U. sanctions were to be regarded as a medal of honor for being able to keep 27 European countries and its leaders busy enough to sanction a company that has believed that what is happening in Syria is a conspiracy and that these sanctions clearly illustrate that this is not just a media war but a global war targeting the basic existential needs of the Syrian people. The company promised its viewers that it will continue to expose the conspiracy and everything that harms the Syrian people.

As for Cham Holding which was also targeted today, the company is yet to make an official response. With a start-up capital of $360 millions, Cham Holding was launched in 2007 by the collaboration of 73 top Syrian investors.  The new sanctions will put further pressure on this company that was already reeling from the recent change in its Board of Directors whose earlier Chair (Mr. Nabil Kuzbari) and Vice Chair (Mr. Rami Makhlouf) were both personally sanctioned. The new Board of Directors saw its new Vice Chair (Mr. Fares Al Chihabi) also get slapped with sanctions just recently.

Set below is a more detailed list of who was added to the sanctions and the official reason why:

Tayseer Qala Awwad (Minister of Justice)

Associated with the Syrian regime, including by supporting its policies and practices of arbitrary arrest and detention.

Dr. Adnan Hassan Mahmoud (Minister of Information)

Associated with the Syrian regime, including by supporting and promoting its information policy.

Addounia TV

Has incited violence against the civilian population in Syria.

Cham Holding

Controlled by Rami Makhlouf; largest holding company in Syria, benefiting from and supporting the regime.

El-Tel Co.

Manufacturing and supplying telecommunication equipment for the Army.

Ramak Constructions Co.

Construction of military barracks, border post barracks and other buildings for Army needs.

Souruh Company

Investment in local military industrial projects, manufacturing weapons parts and related items. 100% of the company is owned by Rami Makhlouf.


Controlled by Rami Makhlouf; provides financial support to the regime: through its licensing contract it pays 50% of its profits to the Government.

Staying on economic issues, the country’s business community is in a state of confusion and anxiety over the recent decision to suspend the imports of cars and other items with 5 percent customs duties.  Besides cars, no one is sure what the import ban will include. Many products carry customs duties of over 5% percent. What will be banned and what will be deemed a “luxury” is still open to speculation. The consensus is that a detailed list of the banned items will be released over the next few days.  The business community cannot wait to find out. For now, an article by Reuters quotes businessmen reporting  no selling or buying amid fears that prices of existing foreign imports will now soar.

Syria: The revolution will be weaponised – Aljazeera

Journalist Nir Rosen spent seven weeks travelling throughout Syria with unique access to all sides. He visited Daraa, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Latakia and Aleppo to explore the uprising and growing internal conflict. In the first article of his series he meets with leaders of the armed opposition in Homs.

Turkey seizes Syrian ship with weapons – PM Erdogan – BBC

He did not say where or when the vessel was stopped, but vowed to confiscate any arms shipments for Syria coming through Turkish waters or airspace. Mr Erdogan has repeatedly criticised Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over his government’s violent crackdown on street protesters.

Arab leaders absent while Erdoğan talks to UN – Hurriyet

The Arab people like us. But today, the policies of current rulers of the Arab countries are based on competing with each other and hampering each other. We should not take those who are giving us a pat on the shoulder too serious. Our politics should reflect our interests. There should be no room for emotions.

Erdogan: Assad Will Be Ousted “Sooner or Later”

WASHINGTON – Syrian President Bashar Assad will be ousted “sooner or later” by his own people as the time of dictatorial rule fades around the world, Turkish Prime Minister RecepTayyip Erdogan said. Erdogan, in an interview on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” to be aired on Sunday, maintained his stern tone towards Israel and warned relations may “never become normal again” but he had warm words for US President Barack Obama as Turkey rises as a diplomatic power in the Middle East. “You can never remain in power through cruelty. You can never stand before the will of the people,” Erdogan said in a transcript released by CNN on Saturday. “This process might be extended a little bit more but sooner or later in Syria, if people take a different decision, that decision is going to be catered to. Such as in Egypt, such as in Tunisia, such as in Libya. People want to be free.”

Malek Jandali’s parents had fled to the United States – CNN

The home of a Syrian musician’s family was ransacked this week, an act viewed as further intimidation by security forces angry at his views about the government. Malek Jandali, a renowned composer and pianist in Syria, told CNN Saturday that he learned from close sources that two armed security officers broke into his family’s Homs residence and looted and destroyed furniture. The house was empty because his parents had fled to the United States.

French envoy mobbed in Syria

(CNN) — France’s ambassador to Syria was attacked on Saturday morning in Damascus, the French Foreign Ministry said.
People threw stones and eggs at Eric Chevallier after he met with Greek Orthodox Patriarch Ignace IV in the Christian quarter of Damascus’s old city.

Why don’t the Christians in both Lebanon and Syria migrate to Europe is allegedly what Sarkozy asked the Maronite religious leader on his recent visit to France.  According to the article, Christians had no place in the Middle East given the clash between Christianity and Islam.  The Maronite leader was shocked by what he heard which prompted the French leader to point to a document that cites how over three million Christians emigrated from Lebanon over the past 20 years and that the Middle East will face many problems in the future.

Niall Ferguson’s 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity – Worth Watching

  1. Competition
  2. The Scientific Revolution
  3. Property Rights
  4. Modern Medicine
  5. Consumer Society
  6. The Work Ethic

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251. Ghufran said:

الكثير من كلام المعارضه عن جرائم النظام صحيح و لكن الكثير تنقصه الادله
يصدق الناس ما يقال لان تاريخ النظام غير مشرف و إعلامه مثله تنقصه الكفاءه و الصدق
من ينشر الاخبار لإثارة الأحقاد و الخوف بدون التحقق يمارس نوعا من انواع الفسق

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September 25th, 2011, 8:22 pm


252. zoo said:

Ankara prepares to penalize Syria

Sanctions on the way against Syria

Another striking and novel aspect of the conversation was news of sanctions being prepared against Syria.

“We [made] no decisions to [implement] sanctions against Syria until now. We only took some measures regarding the airspace to control arms traffic; that is all. Soon, I will be paying a visit to the Hatay camp and sanctions will begin after that,” he said but gave no further details.

Another statement he made that grabbed my attention was about his meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a significant part of which was devoted to the situation in Syria. “The only remaining factor that prolongs the [Bashar] al-Assad regime is Iran. The keys are in the hands of Tehran. It is the last remaining country to support [Syria.] They, too, have begun to change their attitude,” he said.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:26 pm


253. mjabali said:

Dr. Haytham Khuri:

You did not touch on any thing sensitive. You just brought an important text; by accident or not.

We all need to know what really happened.

The text you brought has the utmost importance among the militant salafis. They rely on it to stand up against an unjust ruler. They have used this text before to justify many thing among them as I remember the assassination of al-Sadat. Read the influence of this specific text on the Jihad Islami (Egypt) thinkers in the early 1980’s and late 1970’s. The same text resonated with Sayyid Qutb.

We all need to know what really happened in history and to question what the formal educational system had stuffed in our brains for so long. We also need to learn how to question and look deep into texts that are used for political ends where violence was used.
مع التحية

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September 25th, 2011, 8:31 pm



Thank you RESY @ 220. Funny how everyone climed to wait for the such list, and it seems your important and informative post has been ignored

What the heck, some people have very strange ways of ignoring.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:33 pm


255. Norman said:

If Iran is willing to give up on the government of Syria, does anybody think that it might be time for Syria to give up the friendship with Iran, as apparently most the problems that Syria is facing comes from it’s friendship with Tehran.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:39 pm


256. TRUE said:

@ 223. jad

Why do ya feel quite irritated that a Christian dude is openly supporting the revolution? Is it some type of triggers of jealousy & embarrassment?

Do you have a solid foundation for your allegation “Haytham is an obvious political project, he obviously want to retired as a politician in Syria!”?

“I guess that you’ve been outside Syria for too long and you forget that most Muslims believes in the say: طالب الولايه لا يولى“

You better send this advice to your Lord Betho!!!

One last point before ABOUD comes and makes fun of ya, go fix Muslims (believes) to Muslims (believe) lol

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September 25th, 2011, 8:42 pm


257. mjabali said:

Mr. Norman….Syria should stay clear of the Mullahs and be friends with a secular Iran. Syria should look for its interests first.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:42 pm


258. Tara said:


Absolutely not. New Syria should keep strategic alliance with Iran. Syria’s problems come from the presence of a dictatorship that muffles the Syrian people’s potentials. Syrians can learn much from Iran and from Turkey.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:44 pm


259. Norman said:


Doesn’t Iran come in one package, Mullahs and secular.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:46 pm


260. Haytham Khoury said:

@ True#229.

When you talk about Christian leaders, what do you mean? Do you mean religious leaders?. Indeed, those do not know how to play politics, because they are not used to practice politics. In the mind of Syrian Christians, there is complete separation between politics and religion. In the past, the Christian used to have a political class that is used to be the intermediary between the religious leaders and the state institutions. Hafez al-Assad destroyed this class. After the destruction of this class, the church leaders felt like orphans in politics. For this reason, I wrote in one of my discussion with Anwar al-Buni the following:ستاذ أنور: أنا لم أطلب من رجال الدين ألا يكون لديهم موقف سياسي أو ألا يعبروا عند الضرورة عن موقفهم السياسي، فأنا شخصياً لي علاقة حسنة جداً معهم وهم يحترمونني لأني أحترمهم. ما أطلبه هو من الشباب هو أن يتوققوا عن اعتبار رجال الدين مرجعيتهم في كل شئ. و أنا كما ذكرت في تعليق سابق ألوم حافظ الأسد في هذا لأنه قتل الطبقة السياسية وجعل بشكل من الأشكال رجال الدين مرجعية أساسية للناس بعد أن كان قد طوع هؤلاء الأخيرين. أستطيع توضيح فكرتي بكثير من الأمثلة وكيف حدث هذا تدريجياً منذ استلام حافظ الأسد الحكم.

Indeed, we need from the young Christians to start to practice politics again to fill the gap. We need them to start to practice politics while keeping the practice of the separation between Church and state.
Indeed, my next project is not to be a politician, but a political educator (a political trainer), not only for Christians, but fol all Syrians.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:49 pm


261. Norman said:

Don’t you think that what the Saudi and the other Gulf states are doing is coming from the Syrian/Iranian relation,

look at this,

الرئيس رفض الهبوط بمطار دبي بعد خفض مستوى مستقبليه
ازمة بين الإمارات وموريتانيا على خلفية تقارب نواكشوط مع ايران


نواكشوط ـ دب أ: قالت مصادر موريتانية رفيعة المستوى ان هناك ازمة صامتة بين الامارات وموريتانيا على خلفية تقارب الاخيرة مع ايران.
ونقلت وكالة الاخبار الموريتانية امس الاحد عن المصادر قولها إن الرئيس الموريتاني محمد ولد عبد العزيز توقف في دبي بالإمارات خلال عودته من زيارته للصين ورفض النزول من الطائرة بعدما ابلغه السفير الموريتاني لدى الامارات بخفض مستوى مستقبليه في المطار.
واعتبر المصدر الاجراء الاماراتي بمثابة احتجاج على العلاقات الموريتانية الإيرانية المتطورة، والتي توجت بزيارة رسمية للرئيس الإيراني محمود أحمدي نجاد الأحد، هذا فضلا عن رفض موريتانيا الاعتراف بالمجلس الانتقالي الليبي الذي دعمته الإمارات إلى جانب عدد من الدول العربية ودول العالم الاخرى .
وقالت المصادر إن الإمارات ومن خلال ‘خفضها’ لمستوى استقبال الرئيس الموريتاني أرادت ‘إيصال رسالة احتجاج إليه’ على مواقفه المعادية للدبلوماسية الإماراتية، بعد رسائل متعددة سبق وأن أرسلتها له من بينها طرد عدد من الموريتانيين العاملين في الإمارات وخصوصا في سلك الشرطة هناك.
يشار الى ان ‘الرئيس الإيراني وصل ‘امس الأحد إلى العاصمة الموريتانية نواكشوط في إطار زيارة قصيرة دامت ساعات اجرى خلالها محادثات مغلقة مع نظيره الموريتاني.
ووقع البلدان اتفاقيات للتعاون في مجالات النقل والصحة، وعقد الرئيس نجاد مؤتمرا صحافيا في ختام زيارته في وقت سابق امس.
وزار الرئيس الموريتاني إيران في كانون الثاني (يناير) 2010 كما تبادل مسؤولون من البلدين زيارات لتنشيط التعاون خاصة في مجال تجهيز مركز الأمراض السرطانية بنواكشوط الذي هجره الإسرائيليون بعد إعلان موريتانيا تجميد علاقاتها مع إسرائيل. وتعهدت إيران بتجهيز المركز وبتكوين كادره الطبي المتخصص.


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September 25th, 2011, 8:50 pm


262. Ghufran said:

نشر هذه القطعه عن زيارة وليد المعلم السريه للنمسا هو من باب العلم بالشيء
لدي تحفظات عديده وانا اختلف مع الألفاظ المستعمله و إهانة المتظاهرين الشرطه النمساويه في قلب النمسا التي احتضنت السوريين و سمحت لهم بالتظاهر
وعيد الرجل بقتل المعلم فيه أيضاً تجاوز للحدود
ما عدا ذلك يحق للناس التظاهر و انتقاد النظام
أنا أيضاً من انصار تغيير النظام
الشيطان هو في التفاصيل

هروب وليد المعلم بعد وصوله بقليل من فيينا خوفا من اعتقال محتمل
أجبر ليلة أمس متظاهرون سوريون وزير الخارجية السوري وليد المعلم والطاقم المرافق له على الهرب من فندق انتركونتينتال من العاصمة النمساوية فينا وذلك بعد ساعات من وصوله. حيث استدعي المتظاهرون جهازي المخابرات العامة والشرطة النمساوية مطالبين باعتقال الوزير الذي كان الإتحاد الأوروبي قد أصدر في حقة قبل شهور مذكرة منع سفر ودخول إلى جميع الدول الأوروبية

وكان عشرات المتظاهرين السوريين قد تجمهروا داخل وخارج الفندق في استقبال مهين لوزير الخارجية المعلم, وذلك بعد ان تسرب اليهم نبأ زيارة الوزير السوري. وعمل المتظاهرين باصرار وتحدي على طرد الوزير بعد ان أمطروه بوابل من الشتائم والإهانات الجارحة

ووصف المتظاهرون الوزير ب “هتلر, ومجرم حرب, وقاتل وسفاح”, في حين كانت تعزيزات مكثفة من الشرطة النمساوية قد وصلت الى المكان وطوقت مدخل الفندق وحالت دون السماح للمتظاهرين بالإحتكاك المباشر مع الوزير وتجاوز حدود القوانين المعمول بها في النمسا

وقد شوهد السفير السوري بسام صباغ, مرافقا للوزير لدى هروبه من الفندق, وقد ارتسمت على وجهه ابتسامة في وقت كان فيه الوزير يغادر الفندق مطرودا وتحت حراسة أمنية وشرطية مشددة, وهتافات مهينة وقاسية, تبعث على الخجل والأنكسار بدلا من توزيع الإبتسامات

ولم يسبق قبل ذلك ان طرد وزير اي دولة عربية أو أجنبية من مقر اقامته في النمسا, وذلك على غرار ما جرى من طرد للوزير السوري وليد المعلم. وعلمت مصادرنا بان الوزير قضى ليلته في مقر السفارة السورية وليس في منزل السفير كما اشيع بين ابناء الجالية

وكان موكب الوزير الهارب قد توجه الى بيت السفير بهدف تضليل المتظاهرين الذين طوقوا المنزل. في حين نقل السفير إلى مقر السفارة خوفا من الأعتقال, حيث قضى الوزير ما تبقى له من الوقت هناك, ومن ثم نقل الى مطار فينا ترافقه تعزيزات امنية مشددة

وكان السيد بركات حويش هو أول من تلقى المعلومة حول وصول الوزير الى فينا, حيث قام بدوره في الأتصال مع أبناء الجالية السورية الذين هبوا في منتصف الليل متوجهين الى الفندق, ولم يغادروا المكان إلا بعد هروب الوزير منه

من جهته قال السيد جمال مراد بان الوزير اضطر في تمام الساعة 1:30الى مغادرة فندق انتر كونتينانتال وسط الشتائم والهتافات المطالبة في اعتقاله. مشيرا في حديثه الى ان حجز الأقامة للوزير في الفندق المذكور, كانت قد تمت بصفة شخصية وليست بصفته وزيرا, الأمر الذي ادى الى تضليل العاملين في الفندق

وقال: بان المتظاهرين استدعوا جهاز المخابرات النمساوي الذي صعد بدوره الي غرفة الوزير طالبا منه إبراز أوراقه الشخصية بهدف التأكد من هويته. واضاف بان الشرطة رفضت اعتقال الوزير المعلم مبررة ذلك بعدم تلقيها اوامرا اعتقال في هذا الخصوص

واضاف مراد بانه وآخرين تقدموا بشكاوي رسمية الى الشرطة النمساوية مطالبين في اعتقال الوزير المعلم. وقد أخذت الشرطة شكواهم على محمل الجد مؤكدة نيتها على النظر فيها, إلا ان الوزير كان قد هرب في صباح اليوم الثاني مغادرا فينا, ومتوجها في طائرة الى نيويورك

وحمل السيد مراد الحكومة النمساوية وألإتحاد ألأوروبي مسؤولية دخول الوزير وخروجه دون مسائلة قانونية وقال: بان الأتحاد ألأوروبي الذي اصدر مذكرة منع دخول لأراضيه, شملت 30 شخصية من الحكومة السورية لا يحترم قراراته بل ويتحمل المسؤولية. إذ يتحرك جميع الأشخاص ممن شملهم قرار المنع بحرية ودون مسائلة في دول الإتحاد الأوروبي

هذا ولم يتبين بعد الأسباب الحقيقية التي جاءت في الوزير السوري الى فينا وهربه منها بعد ساعات قلائل. إلا ان مصادرا مضطلعة ذكرت بان الوزير كان متوجها في طريقة الى نيويورك وانه تعمد قضاء ليلة في فينا بهدف إجراء لقاءات ليلية سرية مع عدد من المشاركين الأجانب في مؤتمر الطاقة الدولية المنعقد على مدى مدى الإيام الثلاثة الماضية في مقر الأمم المتحدة في فينا. إلا ان انكشاف أمر الزيارة قد غير برنامج الوزير

وتعتبر فينا الواقعة في قلب أوروبا محطة للقاءات السرية التي يعقدها قادة العالم, بمن فيهم عصابات الموساد الإسرائيلي

شاهد مقطع الفيديو!
(مقطع الفيديو لا يشاهد فيه الوزير)

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September 25th, 2011, 8:54 pm


263. mjabali said:

Mr. Norman….Good question…I wish that I know the level of secularism within the population of Iran…but, for sure there are way too many of them seculars over there. They need help for sure to come up to the surface because the Mulalhs have a vice grip as we see.

I was talking theoretically…which means if Iran is going to be a conservative religiously based state Syria should stay clear because of obvious reasons. If they manage to be secular then we be their friends. Syria should stand and be friends with modern states not archaic.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:55 pm


264. OFF THE WALL said:

Dear ZOO @ 252

That was a very informative post. The implication is really harsh to the regime’s image of being an equal partner with Iran in the so-called resistance camp. If one is to take Erdoghan’s quote “The only remaining factor that prolongs the [Bashar] al-Assad regime is Iran. The keys are in the hands of Tehran. It is the last remaining country to support [Syria.] They, too, have begun to change their attitude,” at face value, it would seem that Bashar has mortgaged his regime’s survival to Iran’s whim, and for someone who claims that his regime stands for the safety and integrity of Syria to mortgage that safety to a foreign state is treasonous.

I think that Iran will eventually recognize that Bashar is a liability and not an asset. In fact, he pretended for years to have influence on Iranian decision, and the only influence he had was the release of a couple of American Citizens, who would have been released even without his interference. He was subservient to both sides of the US-Iran conflict.

The Iranians may not have reached that stage yet, but once they do, Bashar will be deservingly in a very tough position in terms of friends, because the bonus package with Iran includes Brazil and much of the populist led Latin American countries.

The fool. His thuggish father would have never allowed that.

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September 25th, 2011, 8:55 pm


265. Ghufran said:

ارجو من السيد إحساني التعليق عند ورود التفاصيل

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September 25th, 2011, 8:59 pm


266. OFF THE WALL said:

Ghufran @ 262
As a dual citizen, I take issue with your comment about the Austrian Authorities “tolerating” Syrians. It is more likely than not that the protesters hold Austrian citizenship, and the Austrian authorities is not doing them an exceptional favor or tolerating them.

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September 25th, 2011, 9:03 pm


267. Hans said:

Here what Muslims do to non Muslims in a country where USA, Jews or the west has nothing to do with that country, it is just because the other is different! then the terrorism is the way to punish the others.

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September 25th, 2011, 9:11 pm


268. Norman said:

Syria seems to be going on the road to division, multiple states religous and ethnic, the question is will the population accept the reality and their borders or continue to fight forever, I think that they will continue to fight and we will see significant destruction and death in Syria, I am so glad i made the decision in 1980 to leave and not come back, i saw where Syria was heading , had and have no relation to anybody in government son of an Electrician who had no money but with the help of the Syrian education system managed to send me and my brother to the universities,unfortunately , did not live for us to take care of him, but we are doing that for our mother as he always wanted.

The Mideast is cursed, nothing good will hapen there.

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September 25th, 2011, 9:14 pm


269. Ghufran said:

Otw,my Arabic may be better than yours,
احتضنت لا تساوي تحملت
There were insulting remarks against the host country,watch the video.
المثل الشامي يقول دارهم ما دمت في دارهم
معد الفديو اهان النمسا في اكثر من مقطع

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September 25th, 2011, 9:19 pm


270. OFF THE WALL said:

Dear Mjabali
Once again, we agree more than disagree. I have some disagreements with the style and substance of 241, but could not but agree with much of 253 and fully with 257.

Yet, I would still urge a little caution in passing judgement on historical figures of the 7th century (Omar Ibn-Alkhattab) and 11th century (Ibn Taymyya)using our modern standards. Off course we should be able to measure their actions to our modern standard and demonstrate as forcefully as we can that their standards do not apply to us, although they may have been acceptable during their times. If we insist on judging them by our standard, the only difference between us and those freezing history to these bygone centuries would be the century to which history is frozen at.

I have no love or appreciation of Ibn Tyamyya, although i recon that he was much more complex than his blunt fatwas, I can easily see him acting in the manner described by Haytham as it would be consistent with his life-story. He spent many years in jail for being a stubborn theologian, and in reality he was jailed by request of his contemporary. But his role in defeating the third wave of mongol invasion is documented in several contemporaneous narratives.

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September 25th, 2011, 9:25 pm


271. TRUE said:

260. Haytham Khoury

“When you talk about Christian leaders, what do you mean?”

I’m refereeing, firstly, to those leaders who give that immoral support to the regime against commandment of the Lord. Secondly, to those who are participating in organising the regime’s celebrations in Christian suburbs whether by $$ (Christian businessmen) or logistics (coordinators of the Christian scouts). Thirdly, and most importantly, to every Christian parent who refuses to educate their kids about what’s the reality behind what’s going on.

“Hafez al-Assad destroyed this class. After the destruction of this class, the church leaders felt like orphans in politics.”

I understand in Athadstan there’s no political life nor real politicians and that’s cross all sects and backgrounds not only Christians. Hafiz’ era is gone for good and Betho’s temple is collapsing so let’s stop blaming the dead and take some actions to rectify the damage.

“my next project is not to be a politician, but a political educator (a political trainer), not only for Christians, but fol all Syrians”

Well done mate!

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September 25th, 2011, 9:27 pm


272. Darryl said:

22. TARA said:

17 Hans or Afram

“Let me remind you that the vast majority of killings in the 20th century occurred by Jesus-abiding Christians. 5 millions Jews vanished by Christian Germans and more than 200.000 muslim Bosnians by Christian Serbs. More people in history died for the name of Jesus than any other religion. Did you forget?”

Tara, unfortunately, you have tried to use this argument with me previously. I believe you have never read any religious books, Islamic, Christian or Jewish. Here is why:

1. These terrible killings above were not committed in the name of Christianity. Hitler did not get a fatwa from the pope and he did not stand up say I am doing this because the Messiah son of God or Messiah Son of Mary ordered me to do it.

Same with The despicable act of the Bosnian Serbs, it was not done in the name of Christianity. If you knew a bit about Christianity, the size of a mustard seed will do, you may not have stated the above.

2. On the contrary, 9/11 killings and many killing by Muslims are done in the name of Allah who proclaimed that Islam is His true religion. unfortunately these killings are backed by Fatwas, Qur’anic verses and AHadith to justify such an act and those doing this act will be rewarded with many virgins (72 to be exact) and rivers of honey, milk and wine (wine on earth is not well made). BTW, if you disagreed with those who carried, these acts, they will deem you, Tara, a non-Muslim and you will have a price on your head.

If you cannot get your facts straight when it comes to religion, stick to being in Aboud’s cheer leader team :-).

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September 25th, 2011, 9:40 pm


273. mjabali said:

Mr. OTW:

It is great that we could discuss these issues. I think we have many notions from the past that we have to judge with our current day standards because of the direct effects of these elements on our current day lives. Hence comes the importance of al-Ahda al-Umaraiyah of Umar ibn al-Khattab and the decrees of Ibn Taymiyah.

As for Ibn Taymiyah and his role of fighting against the third mongol wave, I say there are flaws in this, because in my opinion they were all waves of invaders: Ibn Taymiyah and the third wave under Gazan. Ibn Taymiyah worked for a mongol, Mohammad Ibn Qalawuun, who fought other Muslim Mongols over Syria.

The fact that the third wave of the Mongols are Muslims is always hidden in our history books.

They were all invaders on the land of Syria.

Thanks for your open mind my fellow Syrian. Syria has good hope with people like you, although as you know we may disagree on some points here and there.


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September 25th, 2011, 9:45 pm


274. OFF THE WALL said:

Here what Muslims do to non Muslims
Wrong and racist. A more accurate description would be “here is what a fanatic Muslim suicide bomber did to innocent Christians

Indonesia’s population was nearly 235 millions in 2007, 12% of whom are Christians, if what happens is what Muslims do to non Muslims, there would have been no Christians left in Indonesia. Haters have no clue as to the illogical construction of their arguments and racist assertions. Pretty much like the hardcore menhebbak dumbos.

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September 25th, 2011, 9:46 pm


275. Tara said:


Twist the facts as much as you want. The facts will not change. More killings committed in the 20’th century and throughout history by Christians. The fact that there was no “fatwa” from a pope or equivalent makes no difference. Again let me remind you Darryl: Christians did the vast majority of killings in the 20 th century and before. This is a inn-disputable fact. Please stop being a hypocrite!

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September 25th, 2011, 9:55 pm


276. John khouri said:

Haytham – ur facebook Zionist propaganda won’t work with us Syrian christians. Posting one of ur rubbish forged documents won’t sway public opinion which is 80% for the current government and against ur extremist buddies. Why dont u travel to wadi nasara and see for urself the love for bashar al assad and the hatred for ur violent terrorist revolution

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September 25th, 2011, 9:56 pm


277. Ghufran said:

تصنع الأحقاد التعاسه و لا تبني وطنا
يسحق العنف الجسد و لا يهزم الروح

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September 25th, 2011, 10:01 pm


278. Akbar Palace said:


Such negativity. The problem isn’t division, multiple states, and ethnic and religious sectarianism. This is what the Baathists want you to believe.

The problem is no freedom and no democracy. With freedom people come together and unite. Under autocratic despots, it is fear and violence.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:01 pm


279. Tara said:


I am afraid of you every time a typo or a grammar mistake appears in my post. I type using the stupid iPad and for some reason the edit function does not work on it.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:06 pm


280. OFF THE WALL said:

Dear Mjabali
Off course it is great to discuss these things. It is our history, whether we like it or not. History reveals itself for what it is only after new ideas and norms allow us to detach ourselves from the emotional attachment to its characters.

That said, I agree that there is a contradiction of Ibn Taymyya fighting against one Mongol while working for another “Mamlook”. However, Ibn Taymyaa viewed both initially as Muslims. Qalawoon was not rampaging his own kingdom (he may have been taxing it to death to build the many mosques and to fight the crusaders), while Gazan forces were. It is also note worthy that the narratives of the days show that both Gazan and Qalawoon had Arab leaders among their troops.

Now, if one to recognize the historical conditions, The Mamlooks were the dominant military forces in the region. Many of them were Christian boys who were kidnapped from southern Europe or other areas, and assent to power became a legitimate means of being the ruler. The way it happened was much similar to the way emperors were declared in Rome during its decline three generation after it abandoned the republic and surrendered to the Dictator (Julius Caesar). The khalif was a figurehead and the Mamlooks ruled under the title Sultan but never assumed the title of Khalif. Whether we agree with it or not, it was the means of naming the actual ruler and of appointing the government. So for Ibn Taymyya, Qalawoon would have had more legitimacy than Gazan at least in the local scene of Egypt and the fertile crescent.

Again, if we are to judge by our own standards, we would consider all the Mamlook Sultans as usurpers who came to power through Military coup, but was there any other way of attaining power? then.

I do not know if you read my earlier post on Ibn Taymyya’s fatwas against the Alawites. I share your distaste of that fatwa and have written a short analysis of it. I’ll try to find it and post the link again.


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September 25th, 2011, 10:09 pm


281. TRUE said:

@ 276. John khouri

You Menhebaks are excellent in Déjà vu so I have to repeat myself!

Why do ya feel quite irritated that a Christian dude is openly supporting the revolution? Is it some type of triggers of jealousy & embarrassment?

Do you support the killing of Sunnis in Syria?

“Haytham – ur facebook Zionist propaganda won’t work with us Syrian christians”

Do you have a solid foundation for your allegation that Haytham is running “Zionist propaganda”?

“u travel to wadi nasara and see for urself the love for bashar al assad and the hatred for ur violent terrorist revolution”

Would you be able to take some videos yourself and show us the “love”?

Now back to reality, be honest and tell me in which Mukhabarat division are you serving ? lol Up urs LOOOOOOOOOOOOOSERS!!!!

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September 25th, 2011, 10:13 pm


282. Jad said:

Do you know Dr. Haytham personally as I do? If not then please don’t be more royal than the king himself, Haytham knew exactly what I mean and he already reply.
Thank you.

FYI, My critics to Haytham has nothing to do with his religion AT ALL.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:14 pm


283. Norman said:


I would love for Syria to be a republic like the US with all laws, constitution, and bill of rights, I just want that to be done peacefully with a consultation of an American institution that will count the people divide the country into districts and have elections for representatives from these districts where all parties will have the chance to compete, senate with 4 senators from each county,to protect small counties, and all major laws need 60% approval by the senate like in the US to pass, so minorities can be protected,

Is that too much to ask, It is baffling to me the slow movement of the Syrian government, except if they really believe that they are under attack.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:22 pm


284. OFF THE WALL said:

Dear Majabali
Please note that I mean no disparaging of anyone by using the word Mamlook. I am simply using the historical name.

TARA and Darryl
The pope’s silence about the holocaust was as strong as any Fatwa if not stronger. The pope’s silence could not be disputed as he was the indisputable leader of the Church, while any other fatwa, including that of Shaikh Al-Azhar could be disputed by anyone of equal learning even with less status.

That still does not make Christians or Christianity Culprits in Hitlers crimes. It only make Hitler, his henchmen, and soldiers responsible for the crimes they committed, and others who cheered them responsible albeit to a lesser degree.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:25 pm


285. TRUE said:

@ 281. Jad

Not personally for sure.

Bro the matter is more serious and complicated than Haytham himself.

I need to understand why Syrian Christians are in favour for killing the protesters.

Can you cast some light and explain?

I know other minorities such as Druz are in total opposition for the killing but they can’t do much about it. Ok fair enough at least they don’t condone a criminal and at the same time they never condemned the revolution.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:27 pm


286. zoo said:

Off The Wall

How long do you think the Arab leaders would accept that Erdogan presents himself as the voice of the Arabs? All Arab leaders have already shown their resentment by missing his speech at the UN that was focused on Arab issues.

Erdogan’s popularity may backlash soon and some Arab leaders may end up by helping Syria to bypass the sanctions Erdogan is threatening to impose especially that the OIC and the Arab League have openly opposed the US and the EU sanctions.

I am not sure Iran has a lot of sympathy for Erdogan either. They are insulted by his acceptance of the NATO defense system, his hijacking of the Palestinian cause and his attempt to transform the ‘arab spring’ into a turkish-modeled ‘sunni spring’.

Therefore the message to Turkey may soon be “This is none of your business, backoff”

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September 25th, 2011, 10:32 pm


287. Norman said:


The Syrian Christians are not supporting the killing as you are led to believe, they are doing it in their pants worry about chaos and what happened in Iraq to be transferred to Syria, they want change and reform but do not want an armed insurgency.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:37 pm


288. Haytham Khoury said:

@ JAD#281

Indeed, Jad smooth “criticism” was a kind of compliment. For this reason, I appreciated it very much. Jad few weeks ago posted a comment regarding the late shrewd Canadian politician Jack Layton. For this reason, I understood that Jad is a political savvy. Smoothness and shrewdness are compliments in the political world. In politics, perception is as important as the reality.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:40 pm


289. Tara said:

OTW and Darryl

Just to be clear, I am not saying Christianity is responsible for the Holocaust or killing The Muslim Bosnia. I bring up the fact that more killing in the 20th century took place at the hands of Christians for people to realize that you can not incriminate a religion or a brand of people based on atrocities committed by some.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:43 pm


290. OFF THE WALL said:

Dear Zoo
Both Iran and Turkey are now vying to inherit the Palestinian cause from the fossil leaders of the Arab world. Like it was for Assad and others before him, the “Shirt of Uthman” that can be used to galvanize the masses.

I am of the view that a free Syria should have good relationships with democratic countries. Turkey is as close as possible to a democratic country in the region. Iran has its own brand of deformed democracy, the fallacy of which we witnessed not so long ago.

As for Iran to be insulted with Erdoghan accepting Nato defense system, it is very illogical. Turkey is an older member of the Nato than all of eastern European countries.

Nature abhors vacuum. So far, Arab leaders have done little to fill the vacuum in the region, be it economically, culturally, politically, or even militarily. It is now obvious that nations, whose leaders are interested in their Nation’s status (which applies to both Iran and Turkey) as opposed to being interested in enriching themselves, will be far more capable to fill the vacuum in the short term. Given the choice between the two, I would chose turkey for one major reason, and that is the higher likelihood of turkey returning to secular government than Iran, at least in the foreseeable future. That said, there is nothing that prevents smaller countries from being able to maintain their independent decision, and the key to that is their reliance on their free citizenry. Something we are trying to do in Syria.

Off course Arab leaders will have no interest in Erdoghan. In fact I suspect that they are secretly aiding the criminal regime of Syria. As I said before, if the Syrian regime falls, then every Arab regime is at risk. The Syrian regime is the most oppressive and criminal of them all.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:46 pm


291. Akbar Palace said:


I am glad you want these things. The Arab despots think they know better. Basic human rights is what everyone deserves, at a minimum.

The first step is getting rid of the self-appointed despots. The next step is forming a democracy. The hard part is ridding the dictators. No dictator leaves easily. Unfortunately.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:47 pm


292. Haytham Khoury said:

@John @276

My dear friend, when the revolution succeeds and Bashar is being tried for crimes against humanity, you will come to me to ask me for “protection”. Protection not because their is a real danger, but because of an imagined fear. See later friend.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:49 pm


293. OFF THE WALL said:

Off course you did not mean that. I never had a doubt about you. I was just stating that I do not mean it as well.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:54 pm


294. Darryl said:

283. OFF THE WALL said:

OTW, very good comment. I am sure you know very well, that in a secular system, no one cares what the religious leaders think. In the east, there is still some respect for religious people.

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September 25th, 2011, 10:59 pm


295. jad said:

Bro!? Are we in The Bronx now?!

“I need to understand why Syrian Christians are in favour for killing the protesters.”

Where do you people come with such outrageous generalizing comments from? Can’t you see how unfair and ugly and ridiculous to write something like that which include Haytham, Kilo, all those FB christian Syrian members that Haytham linked and all other Syrian Christians who are working with the revolution.
Seriously, grow up and see things more objectively than emotional without judging others and blame everybody but yourself of any wrong done to you.

I don’t speak of the Syrian Christians, I don’t even know if they have anybody to speak for them, what I was trying in my earlier comments and if you care to read them objectively to explain my take through my experience on the Syrian Christians mentality and how they think, THEY ARE POWERLESS and USELESS to expect them to do anything, they merley make 8% max if not 6% as someone mentioned before, but regardless of their low numbers some of them went out in the demonstrations similar to the Sunnis, that’s the max you can get from them so don’t expect anything more.

“Can you cast some light and explain?”

Actually, you answered your own self in your comment when you talked about the Druz community, just change the word Druz with Christians and you will understand that those two along Ismaelis and other Syrian minorities CAN’T DO A THING and what you are asking them to do is impossible under the circumstances in Syria and because of their core beliefs.

“I know other minorities such as ‘Druz, Christian, Ismaelis’ are in total opposition for the killing but they can’t do much about it. Ok fair enough at least ‘they’ don’t condone a criminal and at the same time ‘they’ never condemned the revolution.”

Got it Bro!?

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September 25th, 2011, 11:02 pm


296. Haytham Khoury said:

@ True # 260.

I already started my new mission. I put on Dr. Ghalioun facebook page few days ago the following commentary (in French).

“Premièrement, M. Ghalioun a encore la chance de réussir. En ce qui s’est passé pendant les deux dernières semaines, il ya des erreurs dont la plupart peuvent être corrigés. Cependant, il y a beaucoup de points positifs sur lesquels le Dr Ghalioun peut construire pour l’avenir (je peux dire davantage sur ce point).

Deuxièmement, pour redémarrer, le Dr Ghalioun devrait évaluer ce qui s’est passé dans les deux dernières semaines. Probablement, il faut commencer par avoir un petit groupe de personnes avec qui il peut discuter tous les jours (En politique, nous les appelons des conseillers)”.

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September 25th, 2011, 11:04 pm


297. John Khouri said:

TRUE – Open up your wahhabi islamic extremist suicide bomber eyes and watch these pro assad rallies and funerals of army martyers from wadi nasara. Do u still have the nerve to say us syrian christians support ur islamic wahabbi revolution?You and your extremist buddies just cant realise the fact that without the support of the christians,shiites, alawites,kurds,druze,catholics and 70% of the sunnis in syria,russia,china,india,brazil,south africa, your islamic extremist revolution was doomed from the start. I wont bother replying to ur parasitic comments nomore. You need to face the facts on the ground 🙂!

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September 25th, 2011, 11:11 pm


298. Tara said:


I am not sure of the accuracy of your statement that Iran does not have lots of sympathy for Erdogan. The same links you posted mentioned vital cooperation between Iran and Turkey in regard to intelligence sharing of the PKK’s activities. It seems there are more mutual interests between Turkey and Iran than Just pure sympathy.

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September 25th, 2011, 11:17 pm


299. SYR.EXPAT said:

It appears that several Syrian government web sites have been hacked:

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September 25th, 2011, 11:19 pm


300. N.Z. said:

Did not check SC for the past 24 hours. The comments took a drastic turn, the discussion seems to be heading towards theology/religion.

For those who are fearful of the “other”, I have only this to say: SHAME ON YOU! I fear only your likes in my new, Syria FREE. Learn about Syria, from the real Syrians!!

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September 25th, 2011, 11:30 pm


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