The Final Declaration of the Antalya Opposition Conference

The Final Declaration of the Syria Conference for Change

Today, Syria is witnessing the most difficult and painful days; however, it is also witnessing the birth of a new dawn of freedom quenched by the blood and sacrifice of the Syrian youth demonstrating peacefully in the ground. This puts the burden of urgent action on the shoulders of all Syrians, living all over the world, to work along side their brothers and sisters in and outside Syria to build a new future for their country.

Therefore, a number of patriotic Syrians, from all different backgrounds, came together and called for the Syria Conference for Change. Invitations were sent to a wide variety of political and populist Syrian activists with the purpose of stopping the blood shed of our people and to take a decisive stand towards the events in their homeland and towards the insistence of the oppressive regime on using the military and security forces in rejecting the just demands of the people of freedom and democracy.

The Syria Conference for Change took place in Antalya, Turkey, May 31 – June 3, 2011, in solidarity with the Syrian Revolution and to search for solutions that would save Syria from oppression and place it on the road to freedom and dignity. As such, participants agreed to the following:

1- Participants are committed to the demands of the Syrian people in calling on the Syrian president to step down, in demanding the toppling of the regime, and in supporting the great, peaceful revolution of the Syrian people towards freedom and dignity.

2-Participants call on president Bashar al-Assad to resign immediately from all of his duties and positions and to hand over authority to his vice-president in accordance with constitutional procedures until the election of a transitional council which will draft and implement a new Syrian constitution that shall call for free and transparent parliamentary and presidential elections within a period not to exceed one year from the resignation of president Bashar al-Assad.

3- Participants assert their continuous support of the Syrian revolution until it achieves its objectives while emphasizing peace, patriotism, the unity of Syrian soil, the unequivocal rejection of foreign military intervention and national unity of Syrian revolution – one that does not represent any partisan direction nor does it target any particular group of Syrian society.

4- Participants affirm that the Syrian people are of many ethnicities, Arab, Kurd, Caldean, Assyrian, Syriac, Turkmen, Chechen, Armenian and others. The conference establishes the legitimate and equal rights of all under a new Syrian constitution based on national unity, civil state and a pluralistic, parliamentary, and democratic regime.

5- Participants commit to exert all efforts towards achieving a democratic future of Syria which respects human rights and protects freedom for all Syrians, including the freedom of belief, expression and practice of religion, under a civil state based on the separation of legislative, judicial and executive powers, while adopting democracy and the ballot box as the sole medium of governance.

6- Participants are committed to the hard and serious missions of ensuring economic prosperity, scientific and cultural advancements under the umbrella of justice, peace and security.

7- Participants call on all Arabs, the Organization of Islamic Conference, the Arab League and the International Community to take legal and ethical responsibility in order to stop the violation of human rights and crimes against humanity committed against unarmed civilians, and to support the ambition of the Syrian people of freedom and democracy.

The conference concluded with the election of a follow up consultative body through a slate-vote.Voting lists were selected by a group of participants. The consultative body shall appoint an implementation body which, in turn, will establish and implement an action plan to coordinate all activities supporting the Syrian revolution for a peaceful change.


“….The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also said authorities released a leading opposition figure Saturday. Ali Abdullah of the Damascus Declaration Group had been jailed since 2007 and was <b> among hundreds of political prisoners freed this week after Assad issued a general amnesty.</b>w

Assad also created a committee that he said would pave the way for a national dialogue, hoping the concessions would satisfy the revolt, which is posing the most serious challenge to the Assad family’s 40-year rule. What began as a disparate movement demanding reforms has grown into a resilient uprising seeking Assad’s ouster.

Assad has invited officials from 12 outlawed Kurdish parties to meet him, said Mohammed Moussa of the Kurdish Leftist Party, whose group was invited. He said the meeting is expected in the coming days…. Antalya, June 2nd, 2011


Organizers of the Conference for Change in Syria spoke to the press on Friday after sharing their final declaration following the three-day meeting that brought together opponents of the Assad regime.

Will get in touch with intl institutions on Syria: opposition
PTI | 02:06 PM,Jun 04,2011

Antalya (Turkey), June 4 (Anadolu) Members of the Syrian opposition say that they would get in touch with international institutions in order to stop the ongoing bloodshed in Syria.Following the “Change in Syria Conference” held at Antalya’s Falez Hotel yesterday, members of the Advisory Committee elected at the conference, Ghassan al-Mufleh, Salim Mounem and Riad Ghannam, held a press conference and read out a document published at the end of the conference.Reading out the document, Salim Mounem said that the conference was held in order to extend support to the revolution in Syria after the Syrians made protests against the government.The demands of the Syrian people were brought onto the agenda.We demanded Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resign.According to Syrian laws, the vice-president must assume the powers of al-Assad.Once the vice-president assumes the office, a new parliament must be established within 15 days.Parliamentary elections must take place within a year.If this basic demand is not met, the revolution will continue until the existing order is demolished, the Antalya document said….

Ghassan al-Mufleh thanked the Turkish government and nation for hosting them in Antalya and also thanked the media for making the conference heard in the world.Asked if the new Syrian state would be secular following the end of the current administration, Riad Ghannam said that there was no contradiction between Islam and democracy.”We can all be democrats and Muslims,” Ghannam underlined.President al-Assad has done nothing in the past 20 years.He took a decision in the last minute and issued an amnesty for those in prison.While some individuals were taken out of prisons, hundreds of others were placed in such prisons, Ghannam also said.The Antalya conference in Turkey provided a forum for 80 per cent of the Syrian opposition.Meanwhile, the election of a nine-member administrative committee by the Advisory Council was postponed to a future meeting.

Syrian opposition gathers in Brussels – Saturday

Syrian opposition groups took their campaign to Belgium on Saturday where they demanded an end to the crackdown led by President Bachar al-Assad.

Around 200 activists gathered at a Brussels hotel for a two-day conference after Turkey hosted a similar meeting earlier this week.

The aim of the conference, said organiser Bassem Hatahet, was to send al-Assad the message that “if he is really a leader, he should stop his crimes, and that if his forces continue to imprison and torture protesters, there must be a regime change.”

Hatahet said several different opposition groups and representatives from Syrian society were taking part in the conference. A statement would be issued at the close of the meeting on Sunday.

Following the conference in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya on Wednesday and Thursday, opposition groups urged al-Assad’s immediate resignation and the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections within a year.

Large crowds attended on Saturday the funerals of 50 people killed by security forces during anti-regime protests in Hama the previous day, human rights activists said.

More than 1,100 civilians have been killed and at least 10,000 arrested in a brutal crackdown on almost daily demonstrations in Syria since March 15, rights organisations say.

Haaretz: The opposition vs. Assad / Awaiting a push by Washington

More than 70 Syrians were killed over the weekend in the largest anti-government protests yet against President Bashar Assad’s regime, with around 50 killed in the city of Hama alone, according to a Syrian human rights group. A Kurdish source says …

The opposition’s main focus at this point is to enlist world public opinion to get Western countries, particularly the United States, to take a firm line against Assad and his regime. Syrian opposition forces are disappointed that the United States has not demanded Assad’s ouster the way it did with former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

A source in Washington told Haaretz that this stems in part from Russia’s strong support of Assad, as well as uncertainty over what would replace the current regime in Syria, where no independent government or economic institutions exist. There have been a number of unconfirmed reports from Syria on the arrest of senior Syrian officers who refused to have their units use force against demonstrators. The opposition assumes that if Washington demanded Assad’s departure, the Syrian army could shift its stance.

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51. Revlon said:

La Ilaha Illa LLah; Chanted defiant demonstrators, besieged in the Mosque.
Abu 7afez, Abu 7afez; Replied the aggressor Security thugs and paramilitia, and threw rocks and sound explosives!

With God’s will, The higher cause shall prevail!

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June 5th, 2011, 6:46 am


52. Mohamed Kanj said:


Ok aboud, forget about the sneakers. how about the syrian army uniform emblem on the sleeves not being shown and the lebanese security forces uniform being worn in the video? give us your opinion please.

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June 5th, 2011, 6:57 am


53. Mohamed Kanj said:


im sorry to tell you that we are living in the year 2011. Chanting and shouting slogans doesnt get you nowhere these days. In afghanistan the taliban loved to shout slogans constantly, and where did that get them. Unfortunately these days manpower doesnt count. Guns speak louder than those La Ilaha Illa LLah chants. After witnessing the brutal hanging of that security officer, my family and friends who are all syrian sunni’s, are behind the syrian army 10000000%. All we syrians ask for is security and peace. Democracy can come later if we choose. With these thugs and juveniles roaming the streets, their is no security. I know everyday you and your revolution internet geek buddies pray for foreign intervention. But it just wont happen mr REVLON. How do u ever think you and your thugs will overpower 500,000 security forces and 500,000 loyal syrian army personnel? By shouting La Ilaha Illa LLah ?

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June 5th, 2011, 7:05 am


54. majedkhaldoon said:

Can someone please say what circumstances the security officer was hanged?what was he doing ,was he shooting at the people?

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June 5th, 2011, 7:24 am


55. Mohamed Kanj said:

MajedKhaldoon –

you and your fellow internet revolution friends will come up with an excuse to say that he was a “mukhabaret” amongst them and he had a gun and tried to shoot them. this victim is obviously a moderate sunni or allawi or christian or druze. They either knew where he lived or stopped him in his car on the way to or from work. Dont worry, those 5 criminals showing their faces in the video will be captured just like the murderers of the innocent banias victim

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June 5th, 2011, 7:34 am


56. syau said:


What does it matter in which circumstances he was hanged. Shami suggested he was most likely a known security personnel in Hama.

He certainly does not deserve to be publically hanged and degraded further by being hit with sticks and have shoes thrown at him.

Surely you aren’t excusing or condoning this evil act too?

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June 5th, 2011, 7:35 am


57. Revlon said:

Exam ID with Photograph of Martyr Mu3az AlRakkadh, High school student who fell victim to Regime’s violence in Deir Ezzor last Friday.

Al Fati7a upon his soule,
May God bless his family with solace and empower them with patience.

The Syrian Revolution 2011 الثورة السورية ضد بشار الاسد
شهيد الحرية والكبرياء :: فقيد دير الزور ::
الشهيد معاذ الركاض مواليد 01-01-1994 طالب بكالوريا كان على وشك تقديم امتحانه يتيم الأب له أخ وحيد وأخوات بنات استشهد البطل يوم الجمعة على الساعة السابعة مساءا في منطقة الجورة بدير الزور سوف يشيع جثمانه الطاهر اليوم على الساعة الخامسة من جامع المفتي بدير الزور كانت اخر كلمات ينطقها اشهد ان لا إله إلا الله!/photo.php?fbid=10150665124170727&set=a.10150397575815727.619133.420796315726&type=1&theater

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June 5th, 2011, 7:35 am


58. louai said:

Leo@ 136
do you really believe that Syrians from all walks of life are joining the demonstrations? if that the case i am the first one who is with you and from now ,who am I i to stand against what the people want? but i think its ‘ridicules’ that you think its not a sectarian uprising otherwise why not everyone is on the streets? Scared? no ,they were not scared in Hama yesterday ,not scared in Homs three weeks ago not scared in 200 villages across Syria(according to you) ,why those cowards majority are too scared?

‘Yes I am demanding sectarians from Christians and Alawites to change their tone just like I demand Sectarians from Sunni background to change theirs.’
I am doing the same but I don’t threat them! , I don’t even threat the MB, I personally want the MB to come back to Syria to practice their role of building the country .they are part of the country but they have a bloody and bad history to clean up I don’t know how they gona do that but everything is possible with constructive dialogue.

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June 5th, 2011, 7:44 am


59. majedkhaldoon said:

What you said does not explain the circumstances,If you do not know then we should investigate and wait for the result.
However if he is soldier or security forces member, and he was shooting at the people then this is different situation, a soldier enter the army to defend the people not to shoot at them, .

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June 5th, 2011, 7:50 am


60. louai said:

the killing hanging of this poor man that way is one thing and to justify it is another
its more criminal to justify such an act than doing it ,to do it you need to be barbaric inhuman and pure evil, but to justfy it in ANY way or for ANY reason is unexplainable ,i posted this video here and i was not sure if it was real or a fabrication ,i didn’t really believe is a reality what i couldn’t belive even more that people and not only here are trying to justify it ,i told the story in front of my Muslim friends here one Moroccan and one Egyptian i was as shocked and speechless as i was when Shami and others comments the first thing they answered both of them (he must be Amn!!) ,no comment
for me when i saw Hamza and before Daraa mass grave i was ready if the government did not convince me that it’s fabrication to change all my mind about this uprising ,how can i support someone who is able to do such thing ? as for Hamza even it make no sense for me why you need to shoot at someone then torture him or the other way around but i am still waiting the results of the investigation just as his father is.
we have deep moral problem

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June 5th, 2011, 8:05 am


61. Mohamed Kanj said:

LOUAI – it is obvious that the only thing on the muslim brotherhood’s mind is revenge. If they take power ( maybe in the year 4090 ), than they will seek bloody revenge on every modrate sunni, christian,allawi, druze and kurd. They will want to enforce sharia law all over syrian land. No other religion will have the right to practice their religion. Islamic dress codes will be enforced throughout the country. The thousands of wahhabi religous scholars who come to syria during summer, will not be able to drink their chilled cold beer nomore. I have been to the Meridian and Sheraton in damascus. I see how the men from the Gulf wearing their outfit drink that beer. They love it.Syria is like heaven to them. They smell freedom in syria, away from their homes in the wahabbi Gulf.

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June 5th, 2011, 8:07 am


62. syau said:


It doesn’t matter whether he was a civilian or an officer. He does not deserve to be pubically hanged and degraded as he was, no matter what the situation was.

This behaviour cannot be excused,
there definately will be an investigation and the criminals who commited this evil act will be apprehended and will face the full force of the law.

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June 5th, 2011, 8:10 am


63. majedkhaldoon said:

You are misbehaving,and making no sense, We need justice, if demanding justice is inhuman and barbaric and evil, ,then you are disgusting, you do not want justice, you want to confuse the issues,if the man was shooting at the people he violated the oath to defend and protect civilian,who they are his people,who ,swearing to defend the people, and was given gun, he use it against his people, I want to know the circumstances,I want justice,if he was not shooting at the people,then yes those who did it need to brought to justice and punished severely.

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June 5th, 2011, 8:17 am


64. louai said:


do you want to tell me that those people investigated then they give him a trial and the right to defend himself then they found him guilty?
this video was uploaded by them(the tribunal) and they are telling the story
in simple words أثناء تشييع الشهداء يوم السبت في حماه read the notes
– تمت القبض على هذا الجاسوس وسط المتظاهرين بعد الشك فيه وقد تم نزع ملابسه التي كان يخبئ فيها السلاح
ثم قاموا بشنقه ليكون عبرة لبشار الأسد وحزب البعث

here is the original link again

note the 81 likes and NONE dislikes it got

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June 5th, 2011, 8:26 am


65. Aboud said:


I saw the videos of the troops in the grass fields, behind the tanks, as they were entering Dara’a. I also found it strange that there was no emblem on their uniforms. But there was no doubt they were Syrian soldiers.

As to the Lebanese army uniform, I think there is little doubt that it is indeed a Lebanese army uniform. Remember why this video was released, for the same reason the regime releases a few prisoners after they have been brutalized and tortured; so they can tell and scare others, as a means to intimidate the Syrian people.

The video is shocking, grotesque, and alone is enough to convict Bashar and Maher of war crimes. But of course whoever created the video also had to toss a bone to the regime supporters; throw in something that looks out of place, and the regime supporters can clutch at straws that the video was a fake, despite the massive evidence to the contrary. No one who went through the trouble of killing five people is going to have a fake Lebanese uniform appear in the clip…unless it was on purpose.

And so the video gets circulated, as the regime’s clumsy way of warning people of what might happen to them (as if there isn’t a person in Syria left who doesn’t have a relative or friend who was imprisoned or shot, and knows first hand of the regime’s brutality). And a Lebanese uniform is thrown in, so that the single regime supporter on this website can go on his many anonymous characters and yell “fake”.

Every frame in this video was thought out by an evil, grotesque mind, make no mistake.

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June 5th, 2011, 8:33 am


66. syau said:


Your conclusion is ridiculously naive. They are not Syrian soldiers in that video. They are people affiliated with the revolution trying to dress as soldiers, as they have done in a past clip and again failed in the impersonations. Their accent is also severly off.

Stop trying to make excuses for these fabrications. The Syrian revolution have attempted many fake video’s and the all have been seen for what they are. This one is no exception, it has also been exposed in its fabrication.

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June 5th, 2011, 8:43 am


67. Usama said:

If I remember correctly, there were about 850 protesters confirmed dead in the Egyptian uprising. No police or security officers were hanged. The plain-clothed thugs they caught they arrested and kept them somewhere safe to be prosecuted by the government, which was denying it had thugs. Why did Egyptians not kill them in public? Are Egyptian police nicer than Syrian police? Are Egyptian mukhabarat nicer than Syrian mukhabarat? Are Egyptians more open-minded than Syrians? I am very disturbed to know that at least 2 of the people posting here share MB ideology, if not membership.

From the article posted above by Dr. Landis:
“Asked if the new Syrian state would be secular following the end of the current administration, Riad Ghannam said that there was no contradiction between Islam and democracy. ”We can all be democrats and Muslims,” Ghannam underlined.”

That means the answer is no, not secular. Why can’t we be democrats and Muslims AND secular?

I have no problem against Islam, I really don’t know. I am Muslim and always will be, and I’m proud of it. But if this is the kind of Islam being preached in our mosques, then count me as an Islamophobic Muslim (and an anti-semitic semite, for good measure).

I can now really understand why my father avoided mosques. He had a very close friend of his who, while studying medicine at Aleppo University, met a sheikh at a mosque and was literally brainwashed. This was just before the MB events in Syria. It’s really unbelievable but many young (and often intelligent) men are really being brainwashed in mosques all over the world by very corrupt mashaikha.

Aboud, #64

I know what video you’re talking about. The soldiers were so far away you couldn’t even identify their weapons. Of course you won’t see emblems. And another thing about that video, there were so many people standing there watching, while your “eyewitness” accounts said that anyone daring to be in the street was getting shot.

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June 5th, 2011, 8:45 am


68. Aboud said:

I wonder what excuses the Baathists will come up with once the names and identities of those murdered civilians become known. On Friday, 50,000 people came out in Hama, and the regime murdered over 60 of them. And what happened the next day? 100,000 people came out for the funerals, streaming in from all the villages surrounding Hama. Will Bashar ever get a clue?

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June 5th, 2011, 8:59 am


69. Mohamed kanj said:

Aboud –

I just watched that video of the Syrian soldiers behind the tanks I’n the fields I’n daara. The camera is 300 meters away. How can u even get a glimpse of their uniform ? Do u have bionic eyes?

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June 5th, 2011, 9:20 am


70. Revlon said:

Day 81: The Syrian Revolution is in full swing

– All Syrian cities and neighbourhoods disadvantaged, oppressed or prosecuted by the regime have risen. Those who have not are either well to do and do not care, or are regime benefactors.
– Ground networking is growing stronger, and coordination committee leaders have taken to the air

– The Conference and Declaration are milestones on the road to the liberation of Syria.
– The elected consultative body need to liaise with human rights groups, to push for more sanctions and a strong UN resolution for investigation of crimes against humanity.
– The consultative body needs to lobby with EU and US leaders for declaring the regime illegitimate and call for the president to step down.
– The consultative body needs to seek a broader and stronger base of representation of both, the exile and ground forces.
Such can be achieved by calling for a “Part II conference”, perhaps in a major European city
The goal would be to form a transitional coalition government in Exile.

Allah 7urriyeh Sooriya W Bas

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June 5th, 2011, 9:26 am


71. Aboud said:

The Syrian army entering Dar’a. During the video the cameraman zooms in. No insignias, no ranks, not even on the tanks. The absence of an insignia on the uniforms doesn’t mean zip.

Do a Google image search for Syrian Army, and see how many have any sort of identifying insignia. Very very few. Not the unit, not the ranks, not even the country.

Especially illuminating is this image

Do you know how it’s so easy to spot the same person posting under different names? He uses the same argument. “300 meters” in two different posts.

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June 5th, 2011, 9:45 am


72. Mohamed Kanj said:

ABOUD – are you really that dumb and confused. It just proves how uneducated and ignorant you are. The picture you posted was supposedly taken in banias.U remember the “banias” and not in derra. The famous banias video, which was filmed in Lebanon Tripoli also. Wake up boy. You even admit that it was a lebanese security forces uniform in the video i posted. Do you know that Harirri controls the security forces? Are you really brainwashed? So your story is that Harriri’s men fabricated this video to help the Syrian army in scaring off the people? hahahahaha what u been smoking

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June 5th, 2011, 9:56 am


73. Souri333 (formerly Souri) said:

Let me brief you on what is really happening in Syria. It looks that many people in the West do not understand the situation.

The Syrian regime has decided to pursue the 10 million vs. 10 million scenario that I advocated. This is a very responsible and patriotic decision. They will fight to preserve the country united. This is not different from Lincoln’s decision to wage a bloody war against the other half of his nation in 1861.

Thousands of people are being armed. The regime is creating huge militias (perhaps up to 500,000 loyal fighters will be available).

The regime is setting now the political ground for the war. Last week, they issued a pardon for MB members, and they agreed to return properties that were confiscated from MB members in the 1980’s. As expected, the MB responded with a huge escalation in Hama on Friday. Some factions of the MB may be willing to compromise with the regime, but it is obvious that the radical Hamwi branch that is currently leading the MB (Shaqfe, Arour, etc.) do not want to compromise. They are not hiding their intentions. Just watch Arour on Wissal TV.

Therefore, it is obvious that the regime will not reach a political compromise with the Islamist rebels. They already gave all the political concessions they could give. This is what the Russian foreign minister meant when he said that the West was making it impossible for a political solution to be reached in Syria.

The regime is now working to create a united front against the Islamists. They already have the Kurds closer to their side (the Kurds are not fans of the Islamists), but the alliance with the Kurds still needs further negotiation. I believe the regime will eventually strike a deal with the Kurds. It is not hard to please them. If the regime licenses Kurdish parties and allows them to compete in elections, the Kurds will support the regime. I am sure of that.

Some Syrian tribes are loyal to Saudi Arabia (these are the tribes that are currently making trouble in Deir Az-Zor). I am not expert on tribes, but I think the regime can keep some tribes on its side by manipulating tribal feuds and competition. There are tribes that will definitely remain loyal to the regime, like the tribes that are currently subduing the Islamists in Aleppo. These are very effective and loyal tribes.

The regime can please 50% of the nation. The other 50% will never be pleased, like Hama events showed. Arour was frank– they will never accept to even talk to the regime. We knew this from day 1, but the regime had to convince its Russian allies with it. In my opinion, the MB pardon was only meant to convince Russia that there was no possibility for a political solution.

Like we foresaw weeks ago, the rebellion will keep growing until all the Islamists join (50% of the nation). The regime and its supporters will fight and subdue the Islamists by force. The regime was unable so far to subdue the rebels, but as more armed people join the security forces, the Islamists should eventually be subdued.

As long as Russia understands the Syrian situation, Syria will probably survive, and the West will lose. (Russia understands the situation as their comments show. They blame the West and the rebels for what is happening, not the regime. This is very significant. If Russia and China do not buy the Western story, then there will not be global sanctions on Syria, and the regime will survive).

The economic danger is exaggerated. Syria was never an open economy anyway. They are adapted to isolation. Iraq in the 1990’s had a horrible economy, yet Saddam survived. The way some people present the economic danger to Syria is just part of the propaganda campaign.

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June 5th, 2011, 10:04 am


74. Aboud said:


Your tears are delicious. Baathists should realize that when they post excuses for the regime, they aren’t on Dunya or Syrian TV, where the Syrian village of Baida can become Iraq or Tripoli overnight.

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June 5th, 2011, 10:06 am


75. Abughassan said:

I referred to multiple incidents of murders and destructive acts committed by thugs in the name of freedom. I am really sad to see that some syrians in 2011 are still embracing violence and even celebrating it by taking photos and videos.
Syrians have suffered a lot due to a corrupt and oppressive regime but they managed to keep the country in one piece and has not copied the Lebanese or the Iraqi model yet. Allowing people to hang alleged regime criminals and assassinate officers,and their kids too,will turn Syria into another Iraq. Even if the army gets divided,that leaves Syria with over a million armed soldiers and security officers and a huge pile of weapons.
This uprising made a strong statement and changed Syria forever but this is not the time for revenge killing and massive demonstrations,give cool heads on all sides a chance or be ready to mourn that beautiful country called Syria..

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June 5th, 2011, 10:18 am


76. haz said:

It’s not a Lebanese army uniform. It’s the angle of the sun over-exposing the footage before the camera can adjust. Think about it – if you were a Lebanese soldier on a top secret mission into Syria to give under cover help to an insurgency, would you wear a bright blue Lebanese uniform? Or would you wear a green Syrian style uniform that you can have made for a few hundred lira anywhere in the Middle East?
If the foreign insurgents are so stupid as to wear foreign army uniforms while they do their secret insurgenting, how have they managed to sustain the uprising for so long?

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June 5th, 2011, 10:21 am


77. Mohamed kanj said:


U said “secret insurgenting” . Wtf. Which dictionary did that come from? You must belong to the revolution obviously. Trade ur email with Aboud and revlon and than maybe you will all be able to chant sectariAn slogans together

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June 5th, 2011, 10:52 am


78. majedkhaldoon said:

Clinton said Assad is inching close to loose its legitimacy.
The truth is Assad was never lrgitimate president, he was not elected by fair election and in a democratic enviroment, he was forced on us by security forces that his father created,the country wide uprising in Syria proved that many people are against him, his only supporters are the opportunistic,people who actually are not Baath member,and the assadic Alawite,how could a president came this way, at 34 year old,,where there is no freedom how can he call himself legitimate.
I am surprised that all those assadic alawites are calling themselves Sunni now, enough deceiving.
King Abdullah II, said Assad is in charged,and he is the one calling the shot,So he is responsible for his regime crimes,he is the protector of the assad family power,he should be charged with all the crimes that are committed under his name.

Lately Assad is trying to divide the opposition,wooing the kurds,he is trying to avoid sending his murderous brother Liuaa,the fourth division to far places like Qamishly or Hassake,The kurds are smart , and they will disappoint Bashar.

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June 5th, 2011, 11:07 am


79. Usama said:


In contrast, why don’t you just think about it – if you were a Syrian soldier/security officer, why would you tape yourself and colleagues in the middle of such a gruesome scene and while planting false evidence? Common sense buddy.

Such videos don’t scare people. Such videos anger people. When watching such videos, the average person doesn’t look at the details. The material is so shockingly graphic that the viewer will naturally forget to observe the details.


Those soldiers are wearing vests over their uniform. Unfortunately, military vests are not see-through. The picture you showed us only helps to increase the questioning of the video from which it came from.

And by the way, the tanks are clearly marked “al-jaish”.


You are assuming those animals have waaaaaaaay too much of a following. Trust me, they are no where close to 10 million. They are no where close to 1 million. The problematic centers are also shifting over with time, so it’s clear the same people are fleeing to different areas. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they all rise at once? I’m talking about the armed and criminal elements, not the non-criminal civilians.

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June 5th, 2011, 11:17 am


81. Usama said:


Last time I checked state TV, it went up to 11 dead + 220 injured.

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June 5th, 2011, 11:26 am


82. Sophia said:

# 80 WD,

Up to eleven have been reported killed. IDF fires at protesters in the Golan. Will there be international condemnation? No.

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June 5th, 2011, 11:31 am


83. why-discuss said:


Can equality exist in the Jewish state?
As right-wingers dominate the Knesset, Arab citizens of Israel say institutional discrimination is getting worse.

…For decades, Israel has been able to defend the scandals with the justification that quality of life is higher for Arabs living in Israel than it is in the Occupied Territories. Knesset Member Zouabi argues the claim is disingenuous. “We should not be compared with the West Bank after 40 years of Israeli Occupation has destroyed its economy, any more than we should be compared with Britain or the US,” she said. “We demand equality with Jews, not to live as second class citizens.”

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June 5th, 2011, 11:40 am


84. why-discuss said:


An international condamnation? on Israel? Of course not.It will be an international condamnation on Syria whose land is occupied. Israel has the right to defend “its floating borders”.

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June 5th, 2011, 11:44 am


85. aboali said:

I would like to remind everyone, that the Syrian regime has killed more Syrians(Hama 82+this revolution) than the Israeli’s have during all the wars … that includes civilian and military. What do you think of that little fact eh?

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June 5th, 2011, 11:50 am


86. Abughassan said:

More unrest is likely and more pressure will go in israel’s direction. Saying that this is done to relieve the Syrian regime does not change the fact that it is time for Israel to play by the rules applied on everybody else. Let us see what freedom-loving governments are going to respond now !!

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June 5th, 2011, 11:54 am


87. Abughassan said:

This is not the time to bring statements that can only make israel’s ugly face look better. Arabs must clean their own house and resist Israel at the same time. Israel and dictatorships are on the same page in many cases. Do not criticize one and give the other a break. We know better.

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June 5th, 2011, 11:59 am


88. jad said:

You will never change, even when you try, you will always be the same person who is full of hate and who will never ever become a useful citizen to have any dialogue with, you will always depend on attacking people and make up false stories and change what people write only to justify your usual cheap attacks. I advised you many times before that you need to grow up instead of ‘morally’ staying down where you are.

You wrote this:

“Jad for example ,you requested the killing of many people next friday and at the same time you mourned a mukhabarat ,it’s like a caricature of the great Ali Farzat.”

Here is what I wrote:

“It seems that the regime toke the decision, it’s going toward a full scale confrontation, next Friday will be extremely bloody toward any kind of violence when and if it happened even more than last Friday.
The regime is saying that they gave the oppositions lots of what they called for without any calming sign, the regime won’t give them anything more, until they show some restrain, period.

من يوم الأربعاء الماضي 1 حزيران 2011 صدرت تعليمات لقوات الأمن وعناصر الجيش كالتالي:
“يسمح استخدام السلاح دفاعا عن النفس والمنشآت العامة والخاصة , وتم تسليم جميع العناصر الأسلحة والذخيرة المطلوبة لتنفيذ هذه التعليمات”

Anybody can see that:

1- I didn’t request the killing of anybody, what I linked is a piece of news from FB not my words to warn of a full scale confrontation next Friday, and not to ‘request’ the killing.

2- Putting a news doesn’t mean that you support it, it means that you want to share it with others to give some information for others to understand the situation better.

3- Mourning any person, ‘Moukhabarat’ ‘Soldier’ and ‘civilian’ is mourning a ‘Human being’ that you apparently don’t understand the meaning of it.

4- The only ‘caricature’ is your highness Shami.

5- I feel sorry for you.

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June 5th, 2011, 12:09 pm


89. Leo said:

Louai @ 58,

The demonstrators are not just MB or Sunni extremists. For example in Salamiya, a town of Shiite majority, rose up against the regime. You have many Christians, Alawites, Kurds, Assyrians who were rose up and joined everyone else.

Major figures in the opposition like Aref Dalila are Alawites. They were opposing the regime for decades. Anwar Bunni & Michel Kilo are also opposition figures from Christian background. All three went to jail for no reason. Can you tell me why did the regime jail an academic, lawyer, and a journalist respectively? There are numerous other cases like these.

I did not ‘threat’ anyone. I simply warned all the secterians from any background that their call to violence and murder will only bring havoc to them, their community, and eventually all of Syria. Everyone is responsible for everything they say. Norman earlier called for the murder of more people, and has continued to incite people to murder because he is a ba3thi fascist. People who commit crimes will not be able to run away from justice.

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June 5th, 2011, 12:10 pm


90. Sophia said:

From Angry Arab: The Belgium Conference.

“The Muslim Brotherhood funded the Syrian opposition conference in Belgium. Like the conference in Antalya, Christians, `Alawites, and leftists were not invited. There was a clear attempt to include the dreadful reactionary elements of the tribal elders, and the pro-Saudi Salafites of course who run the show but who hide their influence from the final communique (just as Ahmad Chalabi–one of the most sectarian Shi`ites in Iraq today–used to pose as secular in pre-2003 Western capitals). When I see tribal elders, I get a strong physical reaction. These have always been tool of colonialism: witness their revival in Iraq under American occupation. And now, the tribal elders are being revived by Saudi-US plots for the region. Those of us who support the downfall of the Syrian regime, should be mindful that there should be an instant struggle to rescue the affairs of the Syrian state from the most reactionary forces represented by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood (one of the most opportunist and corrupt organizations in Arab opposition movements).”

I now have my answer to a question I asked in the comment section of the last post and the question was adressed to Leo:

Were there any Alawites, Christians or sunnis representing sunnis in Syria at the Antalya conference? The answer is NO. And for that matter there were neither leftists nor liberals (as Leo sugegsted). So we basically end up with the MB and their US sponsors at these Opposition conferences.

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June 5th, 2011, 12:10 pm


91. why-discuss said:


“What do you think of that little fact eh?”
Israeli are such sweet people, they did not killed too many Syrians! Thank you Israel from sparing us when you were killing palestinian children in Gaza with your bombs!

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June 5th, 2011, 12:12 pm


92. Amir in Tel Aviv said:

Today, Sunday 5 June:
25 reported killed in crackdown in northern Syria

Israeli troops have fired (…) killing as many as 14 people

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June 5th, 2011, 12:13 pm


93. why-discuss said:


“Kurdish Leftist Party representative Saleh Kado stressed that ‘we, the Kurds in Syria, do not trust Turkey or its policies, and that is why we have decided to boycott the summit.’ Kado also said part of the reason for the boycott was the attendance of the Muslim Brotherhood.

But other reasons have also surfaced. Two weeks ago the National Movement of Kurdish Parties in Syria announced its own plan to resolve the current crisis in Syria. The Kurdish initiative, which outlined a comprehensive plan for democratic change and fundamental reform at all levels, was largely ignored by non-Kurdish groups.

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June 5th, 2011, 12:27 pm


94. Akbar Palace said:


Can equality exist in the Jewish state?

WD (#83),

Thanks for asking. I guess I’m not sure what inequality you and MK Zouabi are referring to.

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June 5th, 2011, 12:36 pm


95. Syria no kandahar said:

I have a lot of Christians friends,can you tell me which mosq we should gather infront this Friday after you finish your being charged by your imams?do you have an outlet outside so we can be charged while we weight for you outside?also if you know of any public hanging soon we would love to attend?if you have any sticks bring with you so we can together climb the pole and hit the body together and shoe the world our unity ?

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June 5th, 2011, 12:39 pm


96. Usama said:


I already mentioned some of the systematic inequalities, and my post was directed at you. Here it is in case you missed it:

Those are just a few examples of the systematic inequalities.

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June 5th, 2011, 12:51 pm


97. simon said:

what I am witnessing now in my country is raising many questions: If these people who are claiming to be a pro-Democracy for real, why don’t they go out every day and call for it? or maybe they are doing it at their leisure time ,once a week when they are free on Friday, if anything ,this is proving my point that they are bunch of riots who detests Syria and want to destroy it, they are blinded by vindictiveness, short sighted, used by the west and their agendas, they are refusing the national dialogues, corrupted by their medieval and mental ideas.
I am so angry to carry on writing.

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June 5th, 2011, 12:53 pm


98. Usama said:

To those of you interested in learning more about the Salafi threat in the region and how they seemed to be growing in numbers recently in Egypt, the channel al-`Alam has a show that has been focusing on it lately. It is a discussion with an actual Salafi leadership personality present. Their discussions have been very informative (and often embarrassing to the Salafi) about the roots, origins, and policy of Salafi groups.

More specifically:

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June 5th, 2011, 1:07 pm


99. ss said:

Comments: 63, 78

Its becomeing repetitive language the opposition is using. Should step down, should leave, clinton said, king saudi said, bla, blah, blahh. Kurds will disappoint Assad, blah, blah, same thing every single day in SC, same Fridays, same boring hopeless revolution anxiously waiting for the west to attack. Superficial people amongst the revolution who are moving the streets from outside, from their heaven, secure places sending thousands of Syrians to face death.

The reality is that the regime is extremely strong and will not be going anywhere

The regime wants things to calm down as this is destroying the lives of many Syrians who are griefing the days of security and peace. The opposition wants to keep escalating the events to bring the west in which will not happen for many reasons:

1. Saudi and USA thought that Syria will fall in weeks similar to Egypt and Tunisia. Guess what, that did not happen. Time is the enemy of Saudis now, because they will be the next target of these Radical islamists gaining power by minute. Yemen is gone

2. Saudi now is scared of the growing influece of Radicals who are gaining power from all that unrest in Syria, Yemen, ….They are afraid that they will be on the menue for these bloody, meat eaters, Islamic radicals. They are afraid of the domino effect and there turn might be soon

3. If the west decided to attack, I am sure that the minute a missle will be fired in Syria, Israel, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain will be on fire. German Chancelor was forced to fly over Turkey for two hours by Iran. Iran is a powerful country, and is a strong allience of Syria. They do know that a western attack on Syria means that HA will be the next target. Iran will never ever allow that to happen, and the gulf would be the target of unrest, massive unrest and uprise of the shia in the mentioned countries

4. The minute missles would be fired on Syria, you will hear attacks inside Israel. Israel was not able to keep up with the 2006 war and will not handle such an escalation today.

5. The revolution is looking for hopes from Erdogan. Erdogan is a political man, his party is runing for reelection soon and the last thing he wants to to side against the MB and the radical Islamists. I believe he is trying to gain the support of the MB and radical islamists to be at his side during the election. Erdogan as a politician will be the last one to wish for western invasion or attack on Syria. Moreover, I feel myself even stupid when I refer to western invasion because this will never ever be a reality.

Unfortunately, will be left to deal with many Fridays to come, and God only knows when it will eventually end

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June 5th, 2011, 1:16 pm


100. Amir in Tel Aviv said:


There’s no institutionalized discrimination of Israeli Arab citizens. There are of course inequalities, but it mostly has to do with cultural matters. The two poorest segments in the Israeli society are Arab and ultra Orthodox religious families. This is because Arab women and Jewish religious men do not go to work, while at the same time have lots of kids.

Arabs do serve in the IDF. Those who wish to, and swear allegiance to the state. Druze, Bedouin, Cherkasy, and many more who volunteer to two years in the civil service.

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June 5th, 2011, 1:24 pm


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