“The Real Opposition in Syria is Not the Syrian National Council or Free Syrian Army,” by Idaf

The Real Opposition in Syria is Not the Syrian National Council or Free Syrian Army
By Idaf (who recently left Syria and has been working with opposition activists)
12 February 2012 for Syria Comment

It’s a grave mistake to put all opposition in one group. Some are worse than the regime, some as bad, others are smart, savvy with a plan. Of course you only hear in the news (and sometimes though selective attention as Alex calls it) about those pushed by the different powers (Qatar, France, Saudi, etc.) like the Syrian National Council (SNC) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA), because they best fit the agenda of the sensationalist media. Everybody (including Ehsani in his previous article) willingly ignore the large activist networks on the ground and those independent and rational political opposition groups inside who are not proxies for other powers, who have a plan and working for a state after the regime is gone, not for revenge like the opposition you hear about in the media.

Simplifying things by using the “Regime vs. SNC/FSA” shallow lens only helps the regime. Media, policy makers and think tanks should be educated about the richness of the opposition and how they should focus more on the real opposition, not the one shoved by the Aljazeera down the throat of Syrians (SNC) or the FSA myth that perfectly fits the agenda of regime, the Islamists, and the media, all at the same time. As someone who is in touch with all key opposition groups and the activists on the ground, I can tell you that I’m fed up with the simplified, naive views and the manipulative perception management tactics that aim to draw unrealistic picture about the conflict by conveniently framing it simply as idiot proxies and armed elements (SNC/FSA) vs. the brutal mass-murderer autocratic regime (the regime). While both description of the two groups are accurate, but there is much more to the opposition than the SNC and FSA.

The amount of political opportunism, corruption, lack of vision and lack of independence in the SNC is staggering and identical to the Iraqi National Congress. The SNC is becoming less relevant by the day. The FSA is a myth, as there is no coordinated group of militants across the country, only hundreds of small militias that have nothing in common in terms of ideology, arms, political awareness or anything else for that matter. Pushing the “FSA” in the media is just a media phenomenon that fits some agendas and gives false hope to the people inside. It also fits nicely with the regime’s line.

The real opposition is maturing and growing in influence inside and on the ground away from the influence of Qatar, Turkey, Saudi, France or the US. It is a matter of time before the regime gives way. Soon the SNC will be simply remembered as something like one of the many Iraqi opportunistic opposition groups that mushroomed just before the war on Iraq. The FSA myth will be debunked but the militias will continue to exist. The regime maybe able to crush or maneuver its way for a while with a combination of “Souria Allah 7amiha” strikes of luck coupled with idiotic strategic mistakes from the SNC/FSA, but new more realistic, mature, civic and political powers are taking shape on the ground and will be emerging as powerful players soon. Even if the regime survives this round, there will be new rounds between an exhausted regime and new re-envigorated opposition groups. Forget the SNC and the FSA if you want to talk about the future. The simplistic media and analysts can continue to focus on them as they are sensational enough for media consumption for Syrians abroad, for Arabs and for westerners who are entertaining themselves with watching another Syrian TV series. This time it’s not باب الحارة [“The Door of the Neighborhood,” a famous TV series] featuring macho conflicts of good vs. bad on MBC, but باب الخرا [“The door of Shit,”] perception manipulations on Aljazeera and other media. The reality is happening on the ground inside (and online on closed social media networks) with brave and thoughtful groups of Syrians who are working on interim solutions for the conflict, for long term ones for a sustainable state and for justice rather than revenge.

Syrians who want a solution should focus on channeling their energy towards reducing the impact of the fall of the regime rather than supporting the SNC/FSA or supporting the regime out of fear of the “FSA”, the Islamists or the militants. Everyone should stop simply forcing the Syrians to chose between the Regime or SNC/FSA/Islamists. These are not the only options. Far from it.

They are multiple movements shaping and reshaping on weekly basis. Most activists are learning and maturing with time. They change their views and jump from one group to another according to events and developments. When one’s friend or family gets detained or killed they move from peaceful to supporting violence. When you argue with those supporting violence they change their mind, etc. The movements are in constant change but you can notice the fast organic maturity.

Why don’t you hear about them?

1- The international media is lazy and sloppy and has settled for simplifying things. They like a good vs. bad story and don’t want to lose their audience by explaining the complex reality.
2- The movements themselves are secretive in nature as the only survival tactic.
3- Most of these movements bring together people with different political and ideological points of view. They work on unified broad lines. As such they focus more on 3amal maydani [work on the ground] and not political action.
4- In most of these movements, politics is frowned upon and activism is glorified. Doing politics publicly (even as opposition to the regime) is still viewed as opportunism and “riding the revolution”. It’ a matter of time till some of these groups get enough legitimacy to lead politically. In other words, doing politics is still suicide within the revolution. Only those groups or individuals that have some sort of earlier political legitimacy can work publicly in politics (and very few have survived or remain in the country due to the brutality of the regime).

These are some of the reasons.

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201. Tara said:


Very true but still like the quote. It simply reflects the state of intense raw unabashed destructive emotion and that is that.

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February 14th, 2012, 8:48 am


203. Mawal95 said:

@ HUMANIST: You are correct. I posted here under the penname Ya Mara Ghalba from mid Sep to mid Dec 2011. I keep copies of most of my posts. Sometimes I repeat myself by copy-and-edit of a previous statement. In the same file where I save old comments I also have summaries of significant developments and links to news reports at SANA.SY plus a lesser number of links to Xinhuanet.com. So e.g. if I want the date of the last anti-regime would-be “General Strike” I can quickly find it in this diary. I posted under the name “Mawal95” from early April to early July. Then quit the blog in disgust at the quality of it (and said so at the time). Then returned in September because Joshua said he was quitting the blog in order to finish a book about Syria in the 1950s. I adopted new penname “Ya Mara Ghalba” in September. I quit again in disgust in December. A month later I decided to return because although the quality hadn’t improved I do sometimes get valuable information out of this blog, primarily from the Comments, and I readopted “Mawal95” on second return. Personally I have to regard all the attention I’ve been giving to Syria as a waste of my time. There are good and useful things to do with my time totally unrelated to Syria. I intend or hope to disappear permanently. But for more than one reason I’ve been finding the Syria story very compelling to watch. And as I’m watching it I have an urge to comment.

[Apologies from SC Moderation for the earlier note regarding double-identities/double accounts. Thank you, Mawal95 for being clear about your posting behavior at Syria Comment]

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February 14th, 2012, 9:16 am


204. Mawal95 said:

Here is one of the frameworks that I view Syria in, recycled by copy-and-edit.

Supporters of the regime overwhelmingly dominate and manage the commerce and industry of Syria, and they are also in control of the trade unions, the mass media, the legal system, the army and police forces, the education sector, the university departments, the mosques and religious establishment, the private-sector civic organizations, the municipal councils of every city, town and county, and the central government itself. There is a genuine and non-bogus national unity among these people who form the society’s Establishment and Middle Class. They mutually support each other as a single nationwide Establishment unified in opposition to the rebels. It is theoretically possible for some sort of political party to be developed within this Establishment that would challenge and compete against the Baath Party. But there is no sign of that happening and it is not theoretically possible until after the rebellion is over.

Who are the rebels? A minority among the rebels are Salafis and Muslim Brotherhod members. For the most part the rebels are poorly-educated working-class people who have no ideas and no substantive agenda other than to howl at the Establishment. They draw some moral and political ideas from Islamic teachings, which they’ve gotten some education on. Thus they have some Islamist ideas & values much like the poorly-educated working-classes who voted for Islamist parties in recent elections in Egypt and Tunisia. However, looking at the whole of the poorly educated working-classes in Syria most of them support the Establishment and the regime, and reject the rebels. Syrian patriotism is one of the strongest cognitive planks of that support.

The regime is strong and is not going to collapse. But if the regime hypothetically collapsed (by foreign conquest or otherwise) it would be followed by semi-collapse and major demoralization of the broad Establishment. It would be a big blow against the whole social infrastructure that has been building itself for the last four or five decades. And nothing would be on hand to replace it with.

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February 14th, 2012, 9:24 am


205. NK said:

Majed97 #193

Had you been following the events in Syria, or the comments on this forum for that matter, you would have known that this is NOT the actual draft … some menhebakji just copied the draft that “Anwar Albuni” suggested back in 2005


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February 14th, 2012, 9:24 am


206. Tara said:


You deserve my full respect for being honest. I knew too all along. Your style is unique if you will. Can you continue the honesty and tell us the honest truth why you too unable to see the evil perpetrated by the murderous regime?

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February 14th, 2012, 9:35 am


207. Revlon said:

176. Syria no Kandahar

((I think that secular and noneriligous Ratio is very low))

Your statement does not tally with:
-99% approval voting for Assad and begfore hime his father
-65% approval ratings suggested by some SC commentors a few months into the revolution,
-or Alex’s facebook survey approval of 55%.

Therefore, either
– You are wrong, and need to be more optimistic that you will leave Revlon and the likes in the dust in any future fair elections,
– You are right, and Assad referenda were lies, recent related surveys were biased, the majority are justified in revolting to claim their stolen rights to fair representation, and the current carnage is carried out by a minority of people against the majority.

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February 14th, 2012, 10:09 am


208. Tara said:

China is sending an envoy to discuss Syria with the chief of AL, and Russia is asking to meet with the GCC over Syria. Do China and Russia feel that they are risking a chance of being sidelined and isolated after the announcement of the new AL initiative and the future meeting of Freinds of Syria in Tunis?

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February 14th, 2012, 10:41 am


209. bronco said:

#209 Tara

“China is sending an envoy to discuss Syria with the chief of AL, and Russia is asking to meet with the GCC over Syria.”

I think China and Russia want to reiterate to both organization that the only solution is political and the only political solution is dialog, and the only valid dialog is between the weaken Syrian government and the weaken opposition under the auspices of Russia and the AL.
While Russia has the power to force Bashar al Assad in making reforms suitable for the country, it has no control over the opposition. .
The Al and the GCC must make a clear effort not to fund and encourage disparate and antagonistic pieces of the opposition, but forcefully unify them and move them to the negotiating table.
I guess that it is the message they will pass on.
This is the only sound solution, there are no other at the horizon.

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February 14th, 2012, 11:03 am


210. Tara said:


I have a general question for you. When is war or armed resistance justified in your opinion?

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February 14th, 2012, 11:12 am


211. Revlon said:

Hundreds of videos of group defections are now on record, not to mention the outnumbering non-videoed ones.

Yet to the doubtful and wishful thinkers, FSA member count shall remain in hundreds!

The funny thing is that they will always be mathematically right; one can express 40,000 as 400 hundreds!

الرستن 12-2-2012 أنشقاق ضباط جماعي.flv
Uploaded by alrstn on Feb 12, 2012
الملازم أول أحمد عبد الفادر من مواليد حلب يطالب أهل حلب بدعم الجيش الحر

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February 14th, 2012, 11:25 am


212. Revlon said:

A prototype of secular, educated Shabbeha of Qirdaha brandishing two rifles.

#Latakia #Syria شبيحة اللاذقية
الشبيح رفعت كنعان من القرداحة. يقود سيارة بدون لوحة كيا ريو

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February 14th, 2012, 11:33 am


213. irritated said:

Any news about Zabadani? Jisr Al Shoghour, Hama, Deir el Zor etc.. that were the ‘hotbeds of the rebellion’ ?
Have they recovered their normality? Why no reports from the westerm media anymore? I hope the same will be of Homs and Edlib soon.

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February 14th, 2012, 11:35 am


214. irritated said:


Davutoglu said 40,000. Did he base himself on the videos or which sources?

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February 14th, 2012, 11:37 am


215. Aperiozar said:

The US and its NATO lapdogs are not interested whether Syria will collapse if they interfere there. As with Libya, all they want is another power base from where to attack Iran. To them the people of Syria matter less than stray dogs – their greed and hunger for power are the only emotions driving them.

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February 14th, 2012, 11:41 am


216. bronco said:

Tara #211

“When is war or armed resistance justified in your opinion?”

Only when the land is occupied by foreign forces:
Europe during the WW2, Palestine, Iran invaded by Iraq, Kuwait invaded by Iraq etc..
A revolution is a massive rejection of a dictatorship from within the country. When it turns to a civil war, it means that the country was not ripe for a revolution. Any foreign intervention to force it is suspicious and counterproductive on long term. It may takes decades but the revolution must come from within and accomplished by the people inside the country.

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February 14th, 2012, 11:48 am


217. zoo said:

Oliver Stone’s son converts to Islam in Iran
AFP – 2 hrs 50 mins ago
US filmmaker Sean Stone, son of Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam on Tuesday in Iran, where he is making a documentary, he told AFP.

“The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with. It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets,” he said in a brief telephone call from the central Iranian city of Isfahan, where he underwent the ceremony.

Sean Stone’s famous father is Jewish, while his mother is Christian.

The 27-year-old filmmaker did not say why he converted.

According to Iran’s Fars news agency, Sean Stone had become a Shiite and had chosen to be known by the Muslim first name Ali.

Sean/Ali Stone has acted in minor roles in several of his father’s films, and has directed a handful of documentaries.

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February 14th, 2012, 11:57 am


218. Revlon said:

215 Irritated,
Will reply if you answer my earlier question first!

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February 14th, 2012, 11:57 am


219. Revlon said:

In spite of the siege and large scale attack on Homs, FSA units managed to capture over a dozen of Assad forces unit, including their commander, a General at their military security post in Qsair, in the Governorate of Homs

FSA unit commander pledged not to release them until two conditions are met:
-all qsair prisoners with assad forces are returned.
-assault on baba Amr stops.

The unit members carried the interview with professionalism; compare that to Assad, minority, secular forces!
The prisoners appeared to be unharmed and in good shape.
All of the high ranks and many of the files of the captured unit have Alawis names, although Qsair is a Sunni town!

أسرى الكتائب الأسدية لدى أبطال كتيبة الفاروق

Uploaded by farouqba on Feb 11, 2012

[CAUTION — please moderate use of sect/religious identifiers. There is a fine line between sectarian identification and unwelcome sectarian incitement. ]

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February 14th, 2012, 11:58 am


220. jad said:

Media manipulation is out, CNN using of ‘Alzahra’ destruction as an example not noticing that this damage and destruction is actually done by the armed militia backfired, I’m sure that wasn’t the innocent intention of CNN. Was it!:

High-Tech Trickery in Homs?

What was surely meant to be a clever display of media-friendly visuals to illustrate Syrian regime violence in Homs, has instead raised more questions than answers.

US State Department satellite images of the embattled city were posted on Facebook last Friday by US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford, who complains: “A terrible and tragic development in Syria is the use of heavy weaponry by the Assad regime against residential neighborhoods.”

The “satellite photos,” says Ford, “have captured both the carnage and those causing it — the artillery is clearly there, it is clearly bombing entire neighborhoods…We are intent on exposing the regime’s brutal tactics for the world to see.”

But within 24 hours, the blog Moon of Alabama had taken a hammer to the ambassador’s claims. A detailed examination of satellite imagery by the bloggers revealed numerous discrepancies in Washington’s allegations. Mainly, their investigations point to the fact that Ford’s satellite images were “of guns training within military barracks or well known training areas and not in active deployment.”

Moon of Alabama posts its own satellite images, graphics and diagrams to bolster its argument – and these are well worth a look.



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February 14th, 2012, 11:59 am


221. irritated said:

St Valentine in Iran


Several shopkeepers in Tehran told AFP that demand for rose bouquets, sentimental cards with the English word “love”, chocolate, perfume and even teddy bears was strong, adding to a growing trend of recent years.

The owner of one Italian restaurant, who asked not to be identified, said his establishment was booked up well in advance by couples.

In Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, in 2002 and 2011, religious police banned the sale of all Valentine’s Day items, telling shop workers to remove any red items, as the day is considered a Christian holiday. In 2008 this ban created a black market of roses and wrapping paper.

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February 14th, 2012, 12:08 pm


222. jad said:

The Brits ‘will’ [They are already doing that and their men are training the militiamen i n Lebanon and Turkey] be ‘supporting’ the armed militias in Syria with weapons and intelligence:

صحيفتان بريطانيتان تكشفان عن توجه لندن لدعم المسلحين في سوريا بالعتاد والمعلومات الاستخبارية

“Cameron and Sarkozy to discuss help for Syrian rebels”

“UK to aid Syria rebels”

الغادريان و”صن” : رئيس الوزراء البريطاني سيبحث يوم الجمعة مع الرئيس الفرنسي زيادة المساعدة العسكرية للمسلحين في سوريا

لندن ، الحقيقة ( خاص من : سامر ياغي): كشفت صحيفة الغارديان البريطانية أن رئيس الوزراء البريطاني ديفيد كاميرون سيلتقي الرئيس الفرنسي نيقولا ساركوزي يوم الجمعة القادم لبحث” إمكانية زيادة دعم المتمردين في سوريا(…) بما في ذلك تقديم الاستشارات العسكرية” . وتشير عبارة ” زيادة” إلى اعتراف ضمني بأن هناك دعما للمسلحين في الوقت الحالي، ولكن غير كاف!

على الصعيد نفسه، كشفت صحيفة “ذي صن” الصادرة في لندن أيضا أن الحكومة البريطانية ” تضع خططا في الوقت الحالي لتزيد المتمردين (المسلحين) في سوريا بالدروع وأجهزة الكومبيوتر المحمولة والهواتف العاملة بوساطة الأقمار الصناعية”. وقالت الصحيفة في عددها الصادر اليوم” اتضح يوم أمس أن الحكومة (البريطانية) تريد مساعدة الكفاح المرير لإسقاط الرئيس السوري الطاغية بشار الأسد بمعونة غير قاتلة”، مشيرة إلى أن ” المعدات (التي ستقدم للمتمردين) سيجري استخدامها لتنسيق الهجمات ” ضد الجيش السوري. وبحسب الصحيفة، فإن الحكومة البريطانية ” ستساعد المتمردين أيضا في مجال تكنولوجيا الاتصالات”.

يشار إلى أن صحيفة” لوفيغارو” الفرنسية كانت كشفت في تشرين الثاني/ نوفمبر أن المخابرات الفرنسية تقوم بتقديم معلومات استخبارية للمسلحين السوريين عبر الأقمار الصناعية لاستهداف الجيش السوري، كما وتساعدهم على تهريب السلاح من شمال لبنان إلى مدينة حمص. كما موقعا مقربا للاستخبارات العسكرية الإسرائيلية كان كشف قبل أيام أن قوات خاصة بريطانية وقطرية تدير عمليات المسلحين في أربع أحياء داخل حمص. ورغم أن مساعد وزير الخارجية الروسي أعرب عن قلق بلاده من هذه المعلومات ، فإن الحكومة البريطانية لم تنف ذلك.

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February 14th, 2012, 12:09 pm


223. irritated said:

218. Revlon

Which question?

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February 14th, 2012, 12:12 pm


224. newfolder said:


Syrian regime fakes supportive Roy interview

This is rather ludicrous. The acclaimed French Middle East specialist, Olivier Roy, famed for his “failure of political Islam” book, has issued a statement disowning an off-camera interview of him on France 2 that was rebroadcast on Syrian television. In the interview, Roy is heard saying “There is no doubt about this, Bashar al-Assad will be the first Arab leader who will win against the West,” followed by a long praise of the Syrian president.

Except Roy never conducted any such interview on France 2 (or anywhere else). Syrian TV faked it.

See Roy’s statement after the jump (French).

Communiqué d’Olivier Roy

Désinfo: Isolé diplomatiquement, Bashar al Assad s’invente des soutiens imaginaires en Occident

Preuve de sa faiblesse au plan international, le régime syrien forge de toute pièce des interventions occidentales en sa faveur. Le 5 février, la télévision officielle syrienne diffusait (en voix off) une fausse interview du professeur français Olivier Roy, qu’il aurait donné à la télévision française France 2, et qui lui fait dire ‘cela ne fait aucun doute, Bashar al Assad sera le premier leader arabe qui gagnera contre l’Occident’, en se lançant ensuite dans un panégyrique en faveur du leader syrien. L’information a ensuite été relayée par des sites d’informations proches du régime et promu sur youtube par groupes pro-Bashar., puis reprise en français dans le site de propagande InfoSyrie.

Olivier Roy n’a jamais donné d’interview à France 2 sur la Syrie pense que le régime Bachar al Assad finira par s’effondrer. Le plus tôt sera le mieux.

En arabe :




En français


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February 14th, 2012, 12:12 pm


225. zoo said:

Truth sometimes takes time to become public domain

Egypt state press escalates dispute over U.S. NGOs
Reuters – 3 hrs ago


“America is behind the anarchy,” declared the front page of Al Gomhuria newspaper. “American funding aims to spread anarchy in Egypt,” read the front page of Al Ahram newspaper. The papers are two of Egypt’s most widely-distributed dailies.

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February 14th, 2012, 12:15 pm


226. ann said:

Alternative Scenarios for Syria – Feb 14, 2012

Faster-faster-faster-as fast as possible-still faster. The diplomatic maneuvers around Syria develop around the pattern described in the famous remark made by Schumann to one of his piano pieces.

Last Sunday the League of Arab States suggested sending peacekeeping forces to Syria, including the UN’s «blue beret» as well as military contingents of a number of Arab countries. Moscow and Beijing reacted quite rapidly.

«The Syrian issue is the internal issue of that country», said Dai Bingguo, a member of China’s State Council responsible for China’s foreign policy, in his telephone conversation with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that took place on Monday. It is a soft «no».

In his turn Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s Ambassador to the UN, in his speech on Monday at the plenary session of the UN General Assembly explained: “As far as the Arab League’s initiative to deploy in Syria joint peacekeeping mission of the League and the UN, it needs to be reviewed in detail. The deployment of the peacekeeping forces requires a consent from the receiving party”.


[NOTE & WARNING — do not cut and paste full-text articles to Syria Comment. This account’s posting privileges will be curtailed if this practice does not stop.]


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February 14th, 2012, 12:18 pm


227. jad said:

As usual of #219, he ‘professionally’ celebrate the ‘killing’ and strongly support ‘violence’ and without any doubt encourage ‘sectarianism’…how ‘Lovely’!…

[WARNING – do NOT indulge in personal attacks against Syria Comment commentators. The personalized language above is unacceptable]

Here is what ‘professionally’ happens before, during and after the video footage is taken:

شريط يظهر تعرض جنود مخطوفين من الجيش السوري وقوات حفظ النظام لتعذيب وحشي بهدف إرغامهم على الإدلاء باعترافات كاذبة

حمص ، الحقيقة ( خاص): أقدم مسلحون ينتمون لما يسمى ” كتيبة خالد بن الوليد” و ” الفاروق” ، اللتان تنشطان في حمص ، على اختطاف عدد من الجنود السوريين وتعريضهم للتعذيب من أجل إرغامهم على الإدلاء باعترافات كاذبة وفق الطريقة نفسها التي تلجأ إليها أجهزة مخابرات السلطة في أقبيتها. وأظهر شريط بثه هؤلاء القتلة عددا من الجنود السوريين وعناصر حفظ النظام وهم رهن الاحتجاز في أحد أقبية هؤلاء القتلة الذين ينشطون تحت اسم ” الجيش السوري الحر” الذي يعمل تحت إشراف أجهزة الاستخبارات الأجنبية .وبدت آثار التعذيب والتشويه على وجوههم بشكل واضح . فأحدهم تشوه أنفه وخده الأيمن وبدت عليه آثار التعذيب كما لو أنها حروق . أما الثاني فبدا من الواضح أن عينه اليسرى مغلقة بسبب الورم الناجم عن الضرب . وبدا مخطوف ثالث وقد أصبح خده الأيسر كما لو أنه تعرض للسلخ! أما الرابع فالدم كان لم يزل ينزف من أنفه حين التصوير، فيما خده الأيسر كما لو أنه تعرض للضرب بهراوة أو للرفس بحذاء عسكري!

الأكثر فجورا هو أن المجرم الذي يتحدث في الشريط باسم القتلة الخاطفين كان يلقي خطبة مطولة عن “المعاملة الحسنة” التي يلقاها هؤلاء في وكره!

يشار إلى أن القوات الخاصة السورية التي اقتحمت منطقة “الإنشاءات ” و ” باباعمرو” خلال الأيام الماضية ، بعد حفرها أنفاقا من تحت الأبنية على مدى أسابيع واستخدامها كهاريز الصرف الصحي للوصول إلى القتلة ، ولم يحسّ المجرمون إلا وهي تلقي القبض عليهم وتقتل بعضهم الآخر ممن ذهل بالمفاجأة وحاول الفرار ، عثرت على سجون وأقبية تحت الأرض في تلك المنطقة أين منها أقبية وزنازين المخابرات الجوية و فرع فلسطين الأكثر شهرة! فقد كانت مليئة بدماء المخطوفين الذين جرت تصفيتهم في هذه الأقبية ، و بالكلاّبات والقضبان المعدنية التي كان يقيد بها الرهائن خلال تعذيبهم!

دفعة جديدة من الأسرى لدى أبطال لواء خالد بن الوليد

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February 14th, 2012, 12:20 pm


228. irritated said:

224. newfolder

Olivier Roy fake interview
There has been thousands of fake videos, fake satellite photos, fake news, why not fake interviews? In the media propaganda war all weapons are allowed. No need to be surprised, it is a question of creativity, no?

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February 14th, 2012, 12:23 pm


229. OFF THE WALL said:

This is what Ga’afary was trying to respond to by accusing Google of conspiring against his boss’s eternal hold on Syria.

Briefing to the General Assembly Navi Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights [Syria]

13 February 2012New York

Mr. President, Distinguished Members of the General Assembly,Excellencies,Ladies and Gentlemen,

I thank you for the invitation to address you on the human rights situation in Syria under the agenda item “Human Rights Council.” The worsening human rights situation in Syria has prompted the Human Rights Council to hold three special sessions, to dispatch one fact-finding mission and one independent Commission of Inquiry. The President of the Human Rights Council shared the report of the Commission of Inquiry with this Assembly on 29 November last year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to now update you on the current human rights situation in Syria.

The violent Government crackdown on peaceful protests demanding freedom, dignity and social justice in Syria has continued unabated for eleven months now. While no exact figures can be provided due to our lack of access to the country, credible reports indicate that Syrian security forces killed well above 5,400 people last year, including civilians as well as military personnel who refused to shoot civilians. Due to extreme difficulties in substantiating the events on the ground, it has become almost impossible for my Office to update the death toll in the past two months. However, we are certain that the number of dead and injured continues to rise every day. Tens of thousands, including children, have been arrested, with more than 18,000 reportedly still arbitrarily held in detention. Thousands more are reported missing. 25,000 people are estimated to have sought refuge in neighbouring and other countries. And more than 70,000 are estimated to have been internally displaced.

While the protests have remained largely peaceful, reports of armed attacks by anti-government fighters against Syrian forces have increased, also with consequences on civilians. According to the Government, some 2000 military and security personnel have been killed.

I am particularly appalled by the ongoing onslaught on Homs. Since 3 February, in further escalation of its assault, the Government has used tanks, mortars, rockets and artillery to pummel the city of Homs. According to credible accounts, the Syrian army has shelled densely populated neighborhoods of Homs in what appears to be an indiscriminate attack on civilian areas. More than 300 people have reportedly been killed in the city since the start of this assault ten days ago. The majority of them were victims of the shelling.

Reports indicate that hospitals, which were already struggling to cope with all those injured in recent weeks, are now overwhelmed. People have set up makeshift clinics throughout the beleaguered city. Medical supplies have been depleted. Shells have struck at least three makeshift clinics resulting in casualties.

Due to heavy shelling, residents have been effectively trapped in areas under attack. Electricity and communication have been cut off in some neighborhoods. And food remains scarce.

The humanitarian situation in Homs is simply deplorable. Similar accounts of intensifying assault and worsening of humanitarian situation have been received from Zabadani, Dar’a, and al-Rastan. The risk of a humanitarian crisis throughout Syria is rising. The failure of the Security Council to agree on firm collective action appears to have emboldened the Syrian Government to launch an all-out assault in an effort to crush dissent with overwhelming force. Yet, as the Secretary-General has said, “the lack of agreement in the Security Council gives no license to the Syrian authorities to step up the attacks on the Syrian population. No government can commit such acts against its people without its legitimacy being eroded.” “The appalling brutality we are witnessing in Homs…is a grim harbinger of worse to come.”


The nature and scale of abuses committed by Syrian forces indicate that crimes against humanity are likely to have been committed since March 2011. Independent, credible and corroborated accounts indicate that these abuses have taken place as part of a widespread and systematic attack on civilians. Furthermore, the breadth and patterns of attacks by military and security forces on civilians and the widespread destruction of homes, hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure indicate approval or complicity of the authorities at the highest levels.

Since anti-government protests started, security forces and Government-supported Shabbiha militias have been responsible for killing thousands of people through attacks on peaceful protests and in large-scale military operations in several cities. They have used a ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy to crush peaceful protests. Several defectors from military and security forces have said that they received orders from their commanders to shoot unarmed protesters without warning. Snipers on rooftops are reported to have targeted protestors, ambulances, and bystanders who were trying to rescue the wounded and collect the bodies of those killed.

Civilians have borne the brunt of the violence, as cities such as Homs, Hama, Dera’a and Idlib have been blockaded and curfews imposed. During the blockades, residents have not been able to obtain water, food and medical supplies. Military and security forces have targeted residential water tanks and water pipes. The blockades had often made it impossible to get the injured to hospitals. Hospitals have been used as detention and torture facilities. Ambulances have come under fire, and many of the injured and sick have been turned away from public hospitals in several cities. Wounded detainees have been subjected to torture and other forms of ill-treatment in military hospitals. Evidence gathered indicates that doctors and medical workers have been pursued, arrested, and tortured by the security forces. Increasingly, most of the wounded avoid going to public hospitals for fear of being arrested or tortured. The injured are largely treated in underground hospitals established in apartments, on farms, and at private homes. Hygiene and sterilization conditions are rudimentary and the mere possession of medical supplies is being punished.Ladies and Gentlemen,Reliable information indicates that Syrian military and security forces have launched massive campaigns of arrest, arbitrarily detaining thousands of protestors, activists and other suspected of anti-Government sentiments or activities. Some have been involuntarily and forcibly disappeared. Credible information show patterns of systematic and widespread use of torture in interrogation and detention facilities by Security forces. According to information provided by army defectors, they received orders from their commanding officers to torture. Extensive reports of sexual violence, in particular rape, in places of detention, primarily against men and boys, are particularly disturbing.Children have not been spared. Children have been killed by beating, sniper fire and shelling from Government security forces in several places throughout Syria. As of the end of January, security forces have killed more than 400 children. Children, as young as 10, have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and detention. Children have been kept in solitary confinement. They have also been kept in overcrowded cells with adults, often deprived of food and water. Schools have been used as detention facilities, sniper post and military bases.

Distinguished Members of the General Assembly,

I am outraged by these serious violations. I am very distressed that the continued ruthless repression and deliberate stirring of sectarian tensions might soon plunge Syria into civil war. The longer the international community fails to take action, the more the civilian population will suffer from countless atrocities committed against them. This Assembly, in its resolution of 19 December 2011, condemned human rights violations and use of force against civilians by Syrian authorities. It called on Syria to comply with its obligations under human rights law. However, the gross, widespread and systematic human rights violations have not only continued but also sharply escalated.


The Government of Syria has manifestly failed to fulfil its obligation to protect its population. Each and every member of the international community must act now to urgently protect the Syrian population.

The League of Arab States has responded resolutely to the events in Syria and its efforts should be supported. Unfortunately Syria failed to fully comply with the League’s Observer Mission and persisted in its violent crackdown. The League should continue its effort to compel Syria to end the violence. My Office remains ready to provide appropriate assistance to the League of Arab States if the League so requests.

International and independent monitoring bodies, including my Office and the independent Commission of Inquiry must also be allowed into Syria. And humanitarian actors must be guaranteed immediate, unhindered access.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Fact-Finding Mission, the Commission of Inquiry on Syria, and I myself have all concluded that crimes against humanity are likely to have been committed in Syria. I have encouraged the Security Council to refer the situation to the International Criminal Court. All Member States must ensure that these crimes do not go unpunished.

Yet, these crimes continue to be committed as I speak.

The Universal Declaration for Human Rights, adopted by this Assembly more than 60 years ago, makes clear that it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law. The people of Syria are asking for the rights that every human being is entitled to. And they are looking to this Assembly to speak with one voice to support them in this endeavour.

Thank you.

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February 14th, 2012, 12:36 pm


230. Revlon said:

223. irritated,
Do you see Jr regularly, in person?

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February 14th, 2012, 12:36 pm


231. ann said:

Syria rejects UN Human Rights Council report – 2012-02-14


DAMASCUS, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) — Syria’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday totally rejected the report by the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), regarding it as “new allegations.”

“The HRC has turned into a tool in the hands of the countries that are targeting Syria and ignoring the terrorist acts carried out by the armed groups,” the ministry said in a statement carried by state-run SANA news agency.

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February 14th, 2012, 12:51 pm


232. ann said:

Premier Wen: no protection for any party on Syria issue – 2012-02-14


BEIJING, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) — Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said here on Tuesday that China would not render protection to any party, including the Syrian government, concerning the issue of Syria.

“The fate of Syria must be decided by the Syrian people on their own,” Wen said at a joint press conference with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso after they held the 14th China-EU leaders’ meeting.

He stressed that the current priority is to “prevent war and chaos,” in an aim to shelter the Syrian people from greater suffering.

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February 14th, 2012, 12:54 pm


233. Tara said:


So in your eyes, injustice is a relative concept not defined by the act itself but rather by the perpetrator?

You justify fighting an occupation by a “foreign” force and you withhold the same justification fighting an occupation by your own people?

If evil is committed by your countrymen or even by your family members, does it cease of being evil.

How do you patch that?

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February 14th, 2012, 12:54 pm


234. irritated said:

Revlon #231

I don’t.
Will you tell me now if the 40,000 soldiers of the FSA is a reality or another of Davutoglu’s fertile imagination?

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February 14th, 2012, 1:01 pm


235. bronco said:


“evil”, “good”, these moral concepts may have a place within a society, but they have no place in politics or when you talk about war and armed resistance. These concepts have been too often abused to justify the worst massacres in human’s history.

There is nothing called a forced occupation on a piece of land “by its own people”. If there is, then the occupiers are outlaws to the central internationally recognized government and should be dislodged and punished.
There is nothing clearer than that.

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February 14th, 2012, 1:19 pm


236. Tara said:


You are evading the question. It is rather a simple one..

Is injustice a relative concept not dependent on the act but rather dependent on the perpetrators?

It is not important for me to “win” the argument, any argument..I just want to explore the thought process.

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February 14th, 2012, 1:27 pm


237. bronco said:


I don’t think there is absolute justice. This is why there are tribunals, lawyers and laws that define justice and that vary from country to country.
For example the Sharia based justice is certainly not an absolute justice. It is specific to a country with specific traditions and religion.
What is justice in some countries is a injustice in others.
Yet there are some basic tenets of justice that are common to most countries on this planet.

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February 14th, 2012, 1:37 pm


238. Tara said:

Bronco @238

Correct, but the answer is unrelated to my question. I will give you a pass though and will not press the issue any further… Tara just can’t help not being nice.

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February 14th, 2012, 2:07 pm


239. J. A. (Switzerland) said:

What will now happen to the 2-3 Million Iraqi refugees inside Syria? Just another collateral damage? Why do we never hear a word about that no other country was that generous as Syria in hosting that many refugees from Iraq?

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February 14th, 2012, 2:36 pm


240. Freedom said:

All the media is saying might sound onesided and it certainly could be onesided, because there is no doubt whatsoever we have foreign backing be it military or financial. But we surely find common ground with regards to the Syrian regime, Bashar Al Assad and the “Syrian State TV” ( whose coverage seems to be onesided as well). The regime has done mischief and its legitimacy and credibility have suffered a major blow.

As this article proves the Syrian State TV is nothing more than a proaganda channel for Bashar Al Assad ..


Blitzkrieg of the faithful so-called ophthalmologist :



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February 14th, 2012, 3:03 pm


241. Mawal95 said:

As linked to by #128 Humanist, here’s Nir Rosen’s assessment of the role of Islam among the armed rebels:

“The Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood ideologies are not important in Syria and do not play a significant role in the revolution. But most Syrian Sunnis taking part in the uprising are themselves devout. They do not read religious literature or listen to sermons. Their views on Islam are consistent with the general attitudes of Syrian Sunni society, which [mostly] is conservative and religious. All the fighters I met – in the provinces of Homs, Idlib, Hama, Deraa and the Damascus suburbs – were Sunni Muslims, and most were pious. Many fighters were not religious before the uprising, but now pray and are inspired by Islam, which gives them a creed and a discourse. They are not fighting for Islam but they are inspired by it. Some drink alcohol, which is forbidden in Islam, and do not pray. And their brothers in arms do not force them to pray. Some fighters are also influenced by a general sense of Sunni identity, but others do not care about this. I encountered one armed Salafi group in Idlib. Some fighters are the sons or nephews of people who were jailed during the 1980s for alleged membership of the Muslim Brotherhood.” http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2012/02/201221315020166516.html

I accept that as a good and correct statement. Nir Rosen said it in the context of trying to answer a question about what do the rebels think they are fighting for. Nir Rosen did not have the discourse to answer that question. His answer was something like “they are fighting because they are in a fight”. Neither Nir Rosen or the rebels have that discourse, except for a vacuous negative “down with the regime”.

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February 14th, 2012, 3:15 pm


242. Leo Syriacus said:

To Syria No Kandahar
Thank you for your recent comment and I surely hope the future of Syria and its people is more positive than your description:
* No one will erase Syria,it has been around forever and will continue to be around forever, we will all work towards that
* To suppose that the country will be divided into several states just because different opinions exist is unrealistic, no country in the world will show the 99.997% unity fabricated by Assad’s mukhabarat, differences and plurality enrich societies and political life as long as democratic principles,human rights, and the rule of law are there
* If Syrians democratically elect a parliament full of bearded men and veiled women then it is their democratic choice, who am I to dictate to peole who to elect? I am not Hafez Assad!!
I will accept any government my countrymen democratically elect, I will demand from this government to establish political life, democratic elections ( never again 99.997%), the rule of law, and human rights…it is very unlikely that a religious party of any color ( Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Hindu..whatever) will be able of achieving these aspirations..God rules heavens, but Man rules the earth, they will win the first round but a better alternative will eventually prevail
Hope for the best 16 years of Nazism and 5 years of rebuilding did not stop the German people from regaining European supremacy
We shall overcome..veneceremos!!

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February 14th, 2012, 8:19 pm


243. Uzair8 said:

Without belittling the sacrifices made by the Bahrainis, would it be fair to say that if they showed half of the determination, commitment and willingness to sacrifice that the syrians have shown, they may have achieved alot more than they have? At least it wouldn’t have been as easy for the rulers and Saudi to suppress the uprising.

Having said that it is unfair to criticise or expect such huge demands.

In fact we should aknowledge the praiseworthiness of the sacrifices of the Syrian people. MashaAllah.

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February 15th, 2012, 4:16 am


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