Truce Shaky but neither Arab League nor West have Better Idea as Opposition Militias Fight Among Themselves

The Annan truce is shaky but neither the Arab League nor the West has a better Idea about what to do in Syria. They opposition militias in the Idlib region are fight among themselves. The growing violence has scared or repulsed many educated and middle-class Syrians, who had been hoping for greater help from outside powers.

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said the sanctions had depleted Syrian government financial reserves by half.  Egypt’s reserves have also been depleted by half, oddly enough. Juppe said the regime of President Bashar Assad was trying to maneuver around the sanctions and that “we must respond to these maneuvers.” Syrian reserves were reported at 18 billion before the revolt began. The sanctions have been unpopular with most Syrians because of the inflation, scarcity, and monetary collapse that has made the average Syrian much poorer than he was.

 The following article describes how the free Syrian Army militias in Idlib province have taken a beating by the Syrian army and in public opinion because many of them turned to kidnapping, robbery, and fighting among themselves.

نشقاقات واسعة في صفوف ” الجيش الحر” بإدلب وأنباء عن تصفيات قريبة

خاص عربي برس

هل بدأت حروب التصفيات بين ثوار إدلب مع اشتداد تضييق الخناق عليهم من قبل الجيش السوري، وانحسار الغطاء الشعبي عنهم بعد تراكم الأخطاء، ومع قلة الذخائر والأسلحة التي ترشح من الحدود التي بات يطبق عليها حرس الحدود بشكل لافت ؟ وبعد تسليم المئات منهم أسلحتهم والتعهد للسلطات بعدم حمل السلاح والمشاركة في الشغب أو التخريب ؟

أريحا التي تشتهر بأطيب أنواع الكرز السوري، ذاقت الأمرين على يد المسلحين الذين سيطروا عليها ،موسم الكرز الذي كان يصدر إلى الخليج لم يجد من يقطفه العام الماضي ، و مصايف جبل الأربعين حيل بين أهل حلب وبينها، بل إن بيوت الحلبيين تم نهب الكثير منها ، ولم يبق موسر من أصحاب مطاعمها لم يدفع “خوة ” أو يخطف له ابن بهدف الفدية، دخول أبنائها تراجعت كثيراً بسبب الأحداث وقطع طريق اللاذقية حلب الحيوي الذي يمر بالقرب منها عوامل أدت إلى انقلاب المزاج العام، بعد انتشار قصص التعذيب و ” التشبيح ” التي مارسها هؤلاء بحق مؤيدي النظام وحتى الحياديين الذين لم يتحمسوا للثورة.

ومع تسرب اليأس إلى صفوف المسلحين نتيجة صمود النظام وسيطرته العسكرية على معظم الأرض في المحافظة بدأت الأصوات تتعالى في أريحا منتقدة الجيش الحر و مسلحيه وممارساتهم .

أستاذ جامعي طلب عدم نشر اسمه قال: ” حارتنا ضيقة ونعرف بعضنا ، أي جيش حر هم ؟ هل بيت العدل عائلة الجاسوس الإسرائيلي بسام العدل ، أم مسلحي بيت الحرصوني وبيت البخورة ؟ هم عصابات سرقت ونهبت وقتلت ،والناس تريد من الجيش سحقهم ، لكنهم يخافون من الإعدام و التعليق على أعمدة الكهرباء بعد محاكم خنفشارية لمشايخ نصف وهابيين ونصف جهلة… ” .

Addendum (7 hours later) : Thomas Pierret writes in an email

Dear Joshua, I’m writing to warn you against the article you put on your blog today, on Idlib militias fighting among themselves. I’ve read several articles of that kind over the last weeks, always on websites that are strongly pro-regime (Arabi Press is one of them). It might well be pure propaganda, and in any case I wouldn’t take these articles at face value. Best, Thomas

Addendum: Landis replies to Pierret.

Dear Thomas. Many thanks for this cautionary advice. You are absolutely correct to warn against taking pro-government news at face value. There is so much bad, half-truth, and false news coming out of Syria that it is very hard to know what to trust and how to report on it or summarize it. I have been erring on the side of linking to as much as I can, and try to publish contradictory reports next to each other when I can in order to underscore the confusion.  I must confess that this report seemed possible to me as I have reliable reports from friends and relatives who travel through the Idlib region being robbed. Two different co-workers of my brother-in-law stopped by gangs on the Aleppo-Idlib road. Both were Sunnis. They were beaten and robbed. None of them take the highway anymore or travel between the two cities because the roads are considered unsafe. Firas, my brother-in-law, who kept a small apartment in Aleppo and traveled there every week in order to oversee a small clothing factory had to find other work based in Latakia, give up his apartment, and stop traveling to Aleppo. The stories of highwaymen attaching people for money are legion. These stories are at the heart of the article I quote above. This was the reason I went with it and quoted from it. All the same, I do not have independent verification of the militias attacking each other, although I have heard many accounts of people who support the revolution during its firs – and largely peaceful phase – losing confidence in it for the reasons reported in this story and because they fear growing lawlessness the emergence of armed groups who are using revolutionary activities as cover for less savory activities. Of course, this is exactly what the government and security forces who have provoked this violence are hoping for in order to discredit the revolution. One does not want to play into their cynical plans, but equally one does not want to whitewash reality. You warning is important. Government papers have incentive to paint the opposition is criminals and must be read with caution and skepticism.


Recent developments in Aleppo Province. The so called FSA has abandoned its checkpoints in the northern countryside of Aleppo, but these checkpoints remain intact (not demolished). It is not clear yet whether the FSA has abandoned its checkpoints in compliance with Anan’s plan or because it cann’t confront regime’s superior air force and army or both.

Foreign Policy: Who Broke Syria?
Bashar al-Assad did. But the international community and the media made things worse.
BY JAMES HARKIN | APRIL 17, 2012, Foreign Policy

In December, the Syrian National Council seems to have made an orchestrated effort to turn Homs into a Syrian Benghazi…. The council spread stories in the international media, for example, suggesting that the Syrian Army had moved up reinforcements with which to strike the city, and that it had given the rebellious Homsies 72 hours to lay down their weapons or be killed. When I phoned a respected veteran activist in Homs, he told me that the charge simply wasn’t true. Things were bad enough, he said, without having to make up scary stories….

The United Nations bought it. Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that “many voices are warning that a major assault” on Homs is about to begin, that a further military buildup had already begun. ……

If there was a strategy to internationalize the conflict, however, it failed. The United Nations could do nothing, but the promise that it might may have put ordinary activists and Free Syrian Army rebels in the city at even greater risk. Many were led to believe that help was coming, when it most definitely wasn’t….

….Nor is it lost on them that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are so democratically backward as to make the Syrian government look like a hippie commune. The SNC’s apparent decision to accept money from the Gulf States to pay salaries to Free Syrian Army guerrillas sounded breathtakingly arrogant, and makes for shockingly bad politics. Not only does lend credence to the conspiracy theories peddled by the government that the uprising is the handiwork of foreign agitators; it risks splitting the indigenous opposition movement and empowering exactly the kind of Sunni extremist groups who are most likely to stoke sectarian tensions.

Whatever the Syrian government now says, the influence of these extremist Sunni factions is currently marginal, even inside the Free Syrian Army. Most of the military defectors are simply conservative Sunnis from farming communities. But Syria is currently exhibiting a brand new irony of our post-war-on-terror era. The secular Syrian liberals and leftist groups that have most in common in Western values don’t want NATO intervention, while it’s exactly the kind of people who don’t much like us — the aging remains of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the newer, more radical Sunni salafists — who are begging for our help.

Who knows: If the unthinking drift toward creating neo-mujahideen in Syria and Iran (a strategy advocated by Foreign Policy’s own James Traub) continues, following a decade in which radical Sunnis became America’s Public Enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden might have to be posthumously converted back into the freedom fighter America saw him as in the 1980s, marching into battle to drive out one of the last vestiges of godlessness in the Middle East.

Fox News: Syria regime’s finances cut in half by sanctions

PARIS – France’s foreign minister says an array of international sanctions targeting Syria’s repressive regime have depleted its financial reserves by half — and Damascus is actively trying to evade them. Alain Juppe called Tuesday for a solid …

France24 (EN): Al-Assad’s ‘modest and sensitive’ cousin publishes romantic thriller

Al-Assad’s ‘modest and sensitive’ cousin publishes romantic thriller By Tony Todd the 16/04/2012 – 18:30 While President Bashar al-Assad suppresses an uprising in Syria, his first cousin has written a romantic thriller warmly praised by Paris …

By Phillip Smyth April 15, 2012, MERIA

As the Syrian revolution against Bashar al-Asad’s rule enters its first year, Asad appears to have a good command over Syria’s large and fractious minority community. Three of the most prominent minority groups include the Christians, Druze, and Kurds. Asad’s control of these groups was not happenstance but the result of a number of hard- and soft-power moves executed by the regime. These calculations did not simply involve direct internal dealings with said minorities, but also outreach to their populations living in neighboring states and abroad. Due to the regime’s many policies, minority support may continue for some time.

Foreign Affairs: Alawites for Assad

Since the start of the revolt in Syria, the country’s Alawites have been instrumental in maintaining President Bashar al-Assad’s hold on power. A sect of Shia …

The Alawites’ loyalty to Assad today is hardly assured, however. Despite popular notions of a rich, privileged Alawite class dominating Syria, the country’s current regime provides little tangible benefit to most Alawite citizens. Rural Alawites have struggled as a result of cuts in fuel subsidies and new laws restricting the sale of tobacco — their primary crop for centuries. Indeed, since the provision of basic services by the first Assad in the 1970s and 1980s, most Alawite villages — with the exception of Qardaha, the home of Assad’s tribe, the Kalbiyya — have developed little. Donkeys remain a common form of transport for many, and motor vehicles are scarce, with dilapidated minibuses offering the only way to commute to the cities for work.

Some Alawites are explicitly breaking ranks. Last September, for example, three prominent Alawite sheikhs, Mohib Nisafi, Yassin Hussein, and Mussa Mansour, issued a joint statement declaring their “innocence from these atrocities carried out by Bashar al-Assad and his aides, who belong to all religious sects.” According to Monzer Makhouz, an Alawite member of the Syrian National Council, a leading opposition group, Alawites are joining protests in the coastal cities of the Alawite territory. And in recent weeks, evidence has emerged of defections of Alawite soldiers and intelligence officers, seemingly from less privileged Alawite tribes, who have described themselves as “Free Alawites” and called for other Alawites to join them. …

Two Car bombs exploded in Aleppo on Tuesday killing 5 and wounding 16.

Salon: Syrian rebels’ man in D.C.

Radwan Ziadeh fled Syria with his wife via the Jordanian border in October 2007. He had come to Washington many times before that, for conferences dealing with his work on Syrian politics. But upon returning to his homeland after one Washington …

By Jeffrey White – WINEP
April 17, 2012

Data from one of the key Syrian opposition groups, the Local Coordination Committees (LCC), shows a persistent pattern of violent, armed regime actions against the people despite the ceasefire that supposedly went into force last week:

The regime has effectively continued its struggle against the armed and unarmed opposition, even using heavy weapons at times, though less frequently than before. Around twenty people are dying each day since the beginning of the ceasefire.

From Friday through mid-Sunday, the LCC reported some sixty-eight violent regime actions across the country. All major centers of opposition were targeted: Aleppo, Deraa, Homs, the Damascus countryside, Idlib, Deir al-Zour, and Hama. Regime tactics included shelling of cities with heavy weapons (artillery, tanks, and BMP armored vehicles), shooting at demonstrators and other individuals, raids with armored vehicles on opposition towns and neighborhoods, breaking up demonstrations with gunfire, physical assaults on demonstrators, and arrests.

The widespread use of violent tactics will be a challenge for the UN monitoring mission, even if it reaches its projected strength of 250. The regime’s actions also suggest that it has no intention of negotiating anything but the opposition’s surrender.


Recent developments in Aleppo Province. The so called FSA has abandoned its checkpoints in the northern countryside of Aleppo, but these checkpoints remain intact (not demolished). It is not clear yet whether the FSA has abandoned its checkpoints in compliance with Anan’s plan or because it cann’t confront regime’s superior air force and army or both.

By Michael Knights – winep

If the Gulf states decide to aid the Syrian armed opposition, they have considerable equipment and expertise they could bring to bear.
The participation of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the Libyan conflict demonstrated the Gulf Cooperation Council’s activism and capability. In recent months, therefore, speculation has focused on possible GCC intervention in the Syrian civil war. On February 27, Qatari prime minister Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani told the Friends of Syria conference in Tunis that “we should do whatever is necessary to help [Syrian oppositionists], including giving them weapons to defend themselves.” On March 31, Saudi foreign minister Saud al-Faisal echoed this statement: “The arming of the [Syrian] opposition is a duty.” What capabilities, then, would the Gulf states bring in terms of support to armed proxies? And what would be the risks related to their intervention?

External security assistance to states and substate groups can be divided into two broad categories: foreign internal defense (FID) and unconventional warfare. FID support comprises security assistance provided to a government for the purpose of overcoming insurgent or terrorist groups, while unconventional warfare refers to support provided by external actors to the insurgents. In either case, foreign support may include provision of training, equipment, or operations, in some cases via direct involvement of foreign combat forces.
GCC states have a significant track record in FID and are quickly gaining experience in unconventional warfare missions. Both FID and unconventional warfare accentuate funding, technology, airpower, and special forces — attributes possessed by the Gulf Arab monarchies. Likewise, factors that have traditionally hindered GCC military effectiveness — limited manpower, inability to field large numbers of high-quality units — are deemphasized. The partial deniability afforded by the use of militant proxies is also attractive to the cautious Gulf monarchies.

Saudi Arabia offers a significant pedigree in terms of unconventional warfare campaigns: ..

Why Turks don’t smile

A Turkish friend of mine who has lived in the United States for many years once told me an amusing experience of hers. After more than a decade in the land of freedom, she came back to Istanbul for a few weeks. While strolling the streets, she inadvertently smiled at people with whom she came face to face. In return, though, she did not get the polite response that she was used to. Instead, the women she smiled at looked surprised, and worse, the men she smiled at looked aroused.

“I realized that those men took my smile as a sexual hint,” my friend told me. “One of them even began to follow me in a very excited mood!”

Soon, my friend wisely adapted to the Turkish manners: In this country, you don’t smile at strangers. You simply look the other way, and, if you come eye to eye, you try to look tough.

For a while, and as a sociologist-wannabe, I have been wondering why this is the case. Gradually, I have become convinced that this no-smile attitude tells us a lot about the nature of Turkish society: As surveys also prove, this is one of the places on earth in which people trust each other the least. Hence, they can easily see other members of society as potential threats or even enemies.
But why? Are Turks inherently rude, antisocial or nasty people?

Not really. Quite the contrary, Turks are famous for their hospitality and generosity, and they are also known to be very loyal to their friends.

But there is a catch here: Turks are very good to people that they know well, such as their family and kin. Yet, for the people with whom they are less familiar, their attitude dramatically changes. In other words, if they see a familiar face on the street, they go out of their way to show affection. For unfamiliar faces, however, they have nothing but suspicion.

This social reality of Turkey seems to tell us a lot about the nature of its politics as well: Here, every political camp is filled with contempt and paranoia for the other camps. (In the 1970s, this led the country to near civil war; …..

Burhan Ghalioun’s email hacked. Published by al-akhbar. No real surprises

■ رياض الأسعد مغرور ويجب إيجاد قيادة جماعية
■ الخارجية الأميركية تقدم الاستشارات لغليون وقضماني
■ هكذا يخاطب «رئيس المجلس» سعود الفيصل

Fred Hof email … Saud Alfaisal …

عرض الإخوة الطريقة التي تعامل بها العقيد رياض مع اللجنة وأظهروا الجانب الفوقي في العلاقة التي أظهرت غروره وأنه يجب علينا إيجاد قيادة جماعية لضمان حسن سير العمل، حيث تصرفات العقيد لا توحي بالأريحية بالتعامل معه

2- محاولة اغتيال د. سمير جعجع

قرار: إصدار المكتب الإعلامي بيان إدانة وأن هذا العمل اعتاد النظام القمعي في دمشق القيام به، وأن هذه الأعمال للنظام القمعي بسوريا لن تمر بدون عقاب وإرسال رسالة الى د. سمير (للتهنئة) بسلامته (د. بسمة)

8- فواتير بسام كويفاتي ومطالبة الأستاذ هيثم المالح بها تم حلها مع صاحب العلاقة مباشرة وصرف له مبلغ 10 آلاف دولار وانتهت القضية

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101. Aldendeshe said:

91. Tara said:
Ambassadors’ wives urge Asma al-Assad to stand up for peace in Syria Wives of the British and German ambassadors to UN say Syrian first lady cannot hide behind her husband amid violence


Naive people put this video plea together. They are not aware of Asma family background and of Syria class struggle that she was raised in, the psychological make up and complexes that people like her developed and grown up with, with such an intensity, that it molded her personality and thinking in manner that none of what is shown in the video of suffering and carniage matter to her or any of her family members.

To her, this is a corny video. It will not bring tears to the eyes of Shia Munafeq such as Ayatoali/marduk Khemeni who deceptively brag about his Islamic teaching on one hand and sends in billions in cash and guns to the criminal dictator to keep it up, just because the dying and tortured are his preceived arch enemies, the Sunni Moslems. His action speaks volume than his deceptive words to the Sunnis all over, specially in Arabia. I always wondered, why Arabs never bought in to his Islamic B.S. Likewise, this video will not bring any remorse to someone like Asama Akhras, whose only obsession is to be as famous as lady Diana, except the lady was from well placed family, while Asma came from humble civil servant one, grew up with house furniture made out of vegetable crates wood and covered with bed sheets. The obsession of having to forget the past, where she came from, like that of Hafez Assad and many Baathists, and focus on who she think she is now is blinding to the soul and mind.

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April 18th, 2012, 8:41 pm


102. Mawal95 said:

@ William Scott Scherk #82: I mentioned before on this board that Article 156 of the new Constitution says parliamentary elections must be held within 90 days of 27 Feb 2012. So any consideration of a postponement of the 7 May 2012 parliamentary elections could’ve only gone out as far as 28 May 2012.

@ William Scott Scherk #82: I think you are making a valid point about that video. I concede you may be correct in your point, though I can’t concede you’re definitely correct, and I thank you changing my mind. But let me remind you of a couple of other points about that video that I mentioned before on this board that you’re ignoring today: (A) The security forces we see after time 0:08 exhibit unawareness of the crowd we see before time 0:08; the security forces are sighting themselves to the far distance, far beyond the crowd we see before time 0:08. (B) The security forces are only firing into the air — freeze the frame at times 0:09, 0:10, 0:14, etc. and you’ll see that. Syria’s security forces have a longstanding policy of not firing at protesters and the policy is complied with.

@ William Scott Scherk #82: I mentioned before on this board that more than 7,000 competitors filed papers to compete in the 7 May 2012 parliamentary elections. Approximately all of them are competing in opposition to the regime’s candidates. Thus a voter who wants to vote against the regime’s party has no shortage of opposition candidates to choose from. There are only 250 seats in the parliament.

@ William Scott Scherk #82: I mentioned before on this board that the political organizations that Haytham Manna and Azim are attached to have refused to register themselves as political parties under the new Parties Law. Hassan Abdel Azim says the NCC group “will not participate in future elections.” These organizations have deliberately disqualified themselves as a tactical maneouver (to prevent embarrassment in the polls, I say). So neither you nor they can complain about the fact that they’re disqualified to register to be candidates in the contest.

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April 18th, 2012, 8:43 pm


103. jad said:

More of Mr. Pipe and his cornice email ‘leaks’, poor Mm. Smile, the religious ‘men’ in snc wanted to throw her out:

المال القطري والديموقـراطية المفقودة

■ التمديد لغليون يُفقد المجلس صدقيته
■ القناة العاشرة الإسرائيلية
■ طلب إبعاد قضماني
■ مليون دولار كل خمسة أيام
■ «إدانة الطائفة»

يكشف محتوى البريد الإلكتروني لرئيس «المجلس الوطني السوري» برهان غليون الكثير مما يدور في «أروقة» الهيئة الأبرز في المعارضة السورية. المجلس ليس جسماً متجانساً بالتأكيد، لكونه مؤلفاً من مكونات عديدة، لا يربطها سوى العداء للنظام السوري. وهذا التنوع يضمر الكثير من التباين في العديد من القضايا: من آلية اتخاذ القرار إلى الهيكلية، ومن المطالبة بالديموقراطية في سوريا وغياب الانتخابات داخل المجلس والاستمرار بالتمديد للرئيس. ومن أبرز ما تكشفه هذه المراسلات، آلية صرف الأموال التي تأتي من حسابات قطرية، وتحول إلى تركيا بأوامر من برهان غليون واثنين من زملائه. في عدد اليوم، تنشر «الأخبار» عدداً من المراسلات التي وردت إلى البريد الإلكتروني لغليون وصدرت عنه. وبينها واحدة مع مراسلة القناة العاشرة في التلفزيون الإسرائيلي التي طلبت مقابلة غليون، إضافة إلى اثنتين تتعلقان بتحويل المال من قطر إلى إسطنبول، فضلاً عن رسالة طلب فيها الممثل الأبرز للإخوان المسلمين في المجلس، محمد فاروق طيفور، إعفاء الناطقة باسم المجلس بسمة قضماني من منصبها. كذلك تشكف إحدى المراسلات الحدة المذهبية في خطاب بعض المعارضين

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April 18th, 2012, 8:47 pm


104. Juergen said:

wake up world, help free Syria

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April 18th, 2012, 8:48 pm


105. Ghufran said:

Time 100 is published. Bashar and Ali Farzat are on the list :,29569,2111975,00.html
15 are either Arab,Muslims or from the Middle East

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April 18th, 2012, 8:56 pm


106. jad said:

China today as Russia supported Annan plan and Damascus, while the warmongers of Washington, Paris and Istanbul are trying their best not to make it work, yet we’ve been asked to trust the colonial powers of their ‘good’ intention…sure we do…Not!

اتفاق على 90% من بروتوكول المراقبين.. وواشنطن ترى «فرصة أخيرة»
خطة أنان: دمشق تنال تأييداً صينياً

جددت دمشق، أمس، عبر البوابة الصينية، التعبير عن التزامها بخطة مبعوث الأمم المتحدة والجامعة العربية كوفي أنان وتعاونها مع وفد المراقبين الدوليين للإشراف على وقف العنف، عبر تأكيد وزير الخارجية السوري وليد المعلم خلال زيارته بكين، أن بلاده «ستحترم وتطبق» ما ورد في الخطة. وبينما أكد المعلم أن بعثة الأمم المتحدة لمراقبة وقف إطلاق النار لن تحتاج لأكثر من 250 مراقبا، ألمح إلى رفض السلطات السورية لاقتراح بالاستعانة بطائرات وطوافات من الاتحاد الأوروبي لمساعدة البعثة في عملها، موضحا أن سوريا مستعدة لوضع سلاحها الجوي تحت تصرف البعثة إذا اقتضت الضرورة ذلك.

وفيما اتهم وزير الخارجية الروسي سيرغي لافروف المعارضة السورية المسلحة بأنها تسعى إلى إثارة أعمال عنف لإفشال الخطة السلمية التي وضعها انان، واصلت واشنطن لهجتها التصعيدية ضد دمشق، معتبرة أن «سوريا تمر بنقطة تحول، فإما ننجح في تنفيذ خطة أنان بمساعدة المراقبين، وإما يضيع الأسد فرصته الأخيرة قبل أن يصبح من الضروري النظر في إجراءات إضافية».

وفي الوقت الذي بدت فيه التهدئة صامدة عموما، على الرغم من الخروقات، التي أدت إلى سقوط 14 قتيلا من المدنيين والقوات الأمنية، أعلنت وزارة الخارجية السورية أن الحكومة وفريق المراقبين «اتفقا على 90 في المئة من بنود البروتوكول» الذي ينظم عمل البعثة، التي أكد رئيس وفدها الطليعي العقيد المغربي أحمد حميش أن إتمام مهمتهم يحتاج إلى وقت وبناء الثقة مع جميع الأطراف في البلاد.
إلى ذلك، بث التلفزيون السوري شريط فيديو للرئيس بشار الأسد وعقيلته أسماء يشاركان متطوعين، في إستاد الفيحاء في دمشق، في تعبئة مساعدات، لإرسالها إلى المتضررين من الأحداث في حمص.

ودعا الأسد، خلال ترؤسه اجتماع المجلس الأعلى للإدارة المحلية في دمشق، إلى «اعتماد مبدأ الشفافية في العمل عبر نشر خطط الإدارة المحلية ومعرفة مخططات البلدية من قبل الناس عبر الانترنت أو بوسائل التواصل الأخرى ونشر الموازنة الخاصة بها بما يغلق المجال أمام أي فساد ويسهم في مشاركة المواطن عبر إبداء رأيه ومقترحاته في هذه المشاريع والإعلان عن المهل الزمنية لإنهاء المشاريع المقترحة. وأكد أن «حل المشاكل لا بد أن ينطلق من الأولويات التي تكون على أساس حاجات الناس الأكثر إلحاحا»، داعيا إلى «زيادة الاهتمام بالريف وعدم إهماله لحساب المدينة، وكذلك إجراء توازن بين المناطق المتعددة في المدينة الواحدة والعدالة في توزيع الخدمات».

المعلم في بكين

وقال المعلم، في مؤتمر صحافي في مقر السفارة السورية في بكين بعد اجتماعه مع نظيره الصيني يانغ جيتشي، إن «وجهات نظرنا كانت متقاربة للغاية في هذه الأمور». وأضاف «عبر الجانبان أثناء الاجتماع عن دعمهما لمهمة انان وخطته ذات النقاط الست، وأكدا تأييدهما لإرسال بعثة المراقبين الأممية إلى سوريا لمراقبة وقف العنف. كما أكدا أن بعثة المراقبين يجب أن تعمل في إطار السيادة السورية والتنسيق مع الحكومة لتستطيع أن تمارس عملها بمهنية، ورحبا بمشاركة مراقبين من الدول التي لها موقف محايد من الأزمة السورية، مثل روسيا والصين والهند والبرازيل وجنوب أفريقيا».

وقال لافروف، في مؤتمر صحافي مشترك مع نظيره المغربي سعد الدين العثماني في موسكو، إن «الذين يريدون أن تفشل خطة انان كثر، وذلك لكي يطالبوا باللجوء إلى حلول أخرى، وقبل أي شيء إلى القوة». وأضاف ان «القوى الرئيسية في المعارضة السورية، بما فيها المجلس الوطني السوري، لم توافق رسميا حتى الآن على خطة انان».
وأورد «شهادات ظهرت في وسائل الإعلام الغربية والتركية مفادها ان المعارضة المسلحة تحاول تنظيم أعمال استفزازية لكي تستأنف أعمال العنف والحصول على ذريعة لوأد خطة انان».

واعتبر البيت الأبيض أن أعمال العنف الجديدة التي سجلت في سوريا تكشف «عدم صدق» النظام بشأن الالتزام بخطة انان. وقال المتحدث باسمه جاي كارني «سنعمل مع حلفائنا وشركائنا بشأن الخطوات التالية، لكننا نواصل حث السوريين على السماح للشعب السوري بالتحرر من أعمال العنف التي ترتكبها الحكومة وكذلك بحرية تقرير مصيره بنفسه».

وقالت وزيرة الخارجية الأميركية هيلاري كلينتون، في بروكسل، «من المقلق للغاية، أن تطلق مدافع نظام الأسد نيرانها مرة أخرى على حمص وادلب وغيرهما من المواقع». وأضافت «نحن في نقطة تحول حرجة، إما ننجح في تنفيذ خطة انان بمساعدة المراقبين، وإما يضيع الأسد فرصته الأخيرة قبل أن يصبح من الضروري النظر في إجراءات إضافية ».

ورفضت كلينتون الرد على سؤال حول ما إذا كان مقبولا أن تسلح دول أخرى المعارضة، في إشارة إلى السعودية وقطر. وأشارت الى ان الولايات المتحدة «لا تقدم أسلحة قاتلة» للمعارضة، ولكنها ترسل لها معدات اتصالات وغيرها من المساعدات التي لا تستخدم في القتل.

وقال رئيس الوزراء التركي رجب طيب اردوغان، في مؤتمر صحافي في أنقرة، «إذا لم تعد الدبابات إلى ثكناتها، لا نستطيع ان نقول ان خطة السلام المؤلفة من ست نقاط تطبق». وأضاف انه ينقل معلومات من «السوريين الذين لا زالوا يفرون من وجه العنف» إلى الدول المجاورة، مؤكدا ان «عمليات القتل لا تزال مستمرة خارج دمشق». وأشار الى انه «رغم ان الدبابات تنسحب من شوارع واحياء معينة، الا انها تدخل مناطق ريفية» ولا تعود الى ثكناتها.

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April 18th, 2012, 8:59 pm


107. Tara said:


Lots of your writings are pretty intelligent. Yes, Azma and her family are incapable of shedding a drop of tear. This family forgot how to cry.

Thumb up 16 Thumb down 22

April 18th, 2012, 9:00 pm


108. jad said:

Bronco, Zoo,

Here is the meeting you were referring to, it seems that the sole goal of it is to screw Annan’s mission, nothing else.

اجتماع وزاري عاجل في باريس: محاولة للضغط على روسيا
محمد بلوط

رسمياً تنعقد «المجموعة الرائدة من أصدقاء سوريا» في باريس اليوم لمنع انحراف العملية السياسية والمهمة في سوريا. القول لوزير الخارجية الفرنسي آلان جوبيه، في معرض شرح الأسباب الداعية إلى استدعاء وزراء خارجية 14 بلداً من أوروبا وتركيا والولايات المتحدة، وسبعة بلدان عربية هي قطر والسعودية والأردن والمغرب ومصر ودولة الإمارات وتونس.

ولا جدال أن الاجتماع قد استدعي على عجل. فخلال لقاء قبل يومين مع احد المسؤولين الفرنسيين المباشرين عن الملف السوري استبعد أي لقاء من هذا النوع في الأيام المقبلة، مبرراً ذلك بضرورة انتظار تبلور الأوضاع على الأرض في ســوريا، واتجاهات تطبيق النظام السوري لخطة مبعوث الأمم المتحدة والجامعة العربية إلى سوريا كوفي انان. واعتبر أن انشغال فرنسا بالانتخابات الرئاسية قد لا يكون مناسباً للدعوة إلى مؤتمر «لأصدقاء سوريا» في باريس.

وصحيح أن مقاييس الاجتماع الوزاري اليوم لا ترقى إلى متطلبات المؤتمر الواسع، إلا أن ذلك يبقى مفاجئاً على اعتبار أنه لم تكن هناك أي مؤشرات في الخارجية الفرنسية تدعو إلى الإسراع في عقد مثل هذا اللقاء، ومنها طبعاً ضرورة منح أنان المزيد من الوقت لوضع تقريره الأول، ومن ثم مناقشته، واتخاذ المواقف المطلوبة.

ووضع جوبيه الدعوة في سياق «استمرار النظام السوري باللجوء إلى القمع، وعرقلة انتشار المراقبين الدوليين، ما يستدعي رداً قوياً من الأسرة الدولية». وهي كلها أسباب لا تستدعي الالتزام بأي روزنامة محددة لعقد أي اجتماع.

وعلى الأرض يبدو للدبلوماسيين الفرنسيين انه من الممكن عقد مثل هذا الاجتـماع، خصوصـاً أن وزيرة خارجية أميركا والدول الأوروبية يتواجدون في بروكسل، في اجتـماع لوزراء خارجية حلف شــمال الأطلسي. والأرجح أن الدعوة وجهت خلال اجتماع لجنة العقوبات الدولية ضد سوريا، في باريس أمس الأول، لتمديد أثرها والاستفادة من مفاعيلها لإظهار استمرار التعبئة في صفوف «أصدقاء سوريا».

وقال دبلوماسي عربي، في باريس، لقد فوجئنا نحن المعنيين بالملف باجتماع اليوم. ورأى أن الهدف من الاجتماع ليس التوصل إلى أي قرارات جديدة إنما انعقاد الاجتماع بحد ذاته للتعبير عن المخاوف بأن خطة انان تقترب من الغرق في تفاصيل مطالب النظام السوري المتزايدة.

ويسود شعور لدى الغربيين أن روسيا قد صادرت المبادرة السياسية في سوريا، وأنها باتت تقود شطراً كبيراً من العملية، بعد أن نجحت في فرض خطة أنان على النظام السوري. ويظهر مرة أخرى أن الإجماع على مبادرة أنان في مجلس الأمن لا يزال هشاً، لأنه حصل لأسباب متضاربة وأهداف متباعدة: الأوروبيون وأمــيركا كانوا يسعون إلى ضــم الروس بأي ثمن إلى مبادرة للتدخل في سوريا، وتدويل الأزمة، وهذا ما حصلوا عليه. أما الروس، فحصلوا على حق إدارة الأزمة في سوريا، وتنفيذ خطة انان، باعتبارهم الطرف، والراعي الدولي الوحيد المقبول من جانب النظام السوري.

لذا فإن ساعة اجتماع في باريس يليها عشاء للوزراء لا يمكن أن تهدد سيطرة الروس على خطة أنان، ولكنها تكفي للاتفاق على توجيه رسالة من خارج مجلس الأمن للروس، بأن وكالتهم عن سوريا، يجب أن تقترن بإنجازات فعلية في خطة أنان.

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April 18th, 2012, 9:08 pm


109. bronco said:

#97 Jad

I am surprised that these ‘Stepford’ wives we never heard taking any position during these years where Lebanese or Gazans were bombed ruthlessly by Israel, suddenly wake up and address themselves to Asma Al Assad whose emails have just be hacked, made public and ridiculed.

Do they really expect that insulting further Asma Al Assad with a glittering professionally made tear jerking video showing only one side of the conflict will change anything?

So, when are the videos-petition to the wife of Qatar’s ruler, the wives of King Abdallah, or the wife of Ryad Al Assad or the virtuous Mrs Erdogan to stop arming the rebels and destroying Syria?

It seems the Western enemies of Syria media are seriously running out of tricks to move Syria into a civil war. After the hacked emails tabloid frenzy that died off, they are resorting to even cheaper shots.

Thumb up 20 Thumb down 16

April 18th, 2012, 9:18 pm


110. bronco said:

#108 Jad

Juppe was distressed and humiliated that the FOS meeting in Paris hastily renamed “Sanction Group meeting’ turned out to be an empty balloon as only ‘junior’ international officials attended it and even the media ignored it.

He needed something to save face and he begged the officials who were in Brussels for the NATO meeting to ‘pass by’ to have dinner in Paris so he can show some achievements. A photo-op, nothing else.
Anyway Juppe is maybe on his way out soon. It must have been a farewell dinner too.

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April 18th, 2012, 9:31 pm


112. Jad said:

Dear Bronco

We will never hear from them when it comes to israel,

The Brit will be busy covering up her husband’s crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan while the German on top of covering her own crimes in Afghanistan and sending weapons’ s afraid to be called Anti-Semite if she dares to open her mouth.

Besides, they didn’t put any picture of any of the children the terrorists they support killed in this movie.

Qatar Wife? No ‘Wives’, the barelle of Zift, he has not counting the concubines.

I agree the western and Khalayjeh media don’t have many tricks left, they already bored their viewer from repeating the same lies, they don’t even have any more graphic video to show hence the repeating of the old ones.

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April 18th, 2012, 10:02 pm


113. bronco said:

#111 Haytham Khoury

Examples of “hijacked” revolutions are all over history books.

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April 18th, 2012, 10:02 pm


114. Jad said:

Great to see you back Hayhtham
How have you been? How is your initiative coming along?

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April 18th, 2012, 10:36 pm


115. Norman said:

(CNN) — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is strengthening his grip on the country during the relative decrease in violence brought on by U.N. demands, according to several experts.

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April 18th, 2012, 10:44 pm


116. bronco said:

#115 Norman

The Al observers were halted swiftly by the AL under Qatar’s instigation when it appeared that their presence was actually strengthening the regime instead of threatening it. Now the presence of the UN observers seems to have the same effect on the regime in addition to weakening further the opposition, now scrutinized.

This time Qatar and the AL have no easy way to halt the UN observers mission. Who will?

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April 18th, 2012, 10:56 pm


117. Badr said:

“to prevent embarrassment in the polls, I say”

Oh please don’t insult some readers’ intelligence!

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April 19th, 2012, 2:49 am


118. Juergen said:

The Time 100 list has also Sh. Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani. They have a subcategory ROGUES, and the text about him might not have been aprooved by his US PR company:

Then there is Syrian President Bashar Assad. When he came to power in 2000, he seemed to be that mythical creature: a reformist autocrat. But the Arab Spring inspired many of his people to protest — and Assad, 46, responded by cracking down. He played on the fears of the ruling Alawite minority, businessmen and Syrian Christians to persuade them to stand by his secular ideology against the mainly Sunni Muslim uprising. As his father Hafez slaughtered thousands to preserve the regime in the 1980s, Bashar intends to prove he is the player in Syria to be placated — if only because he can kill most efficiently.
Chua-Eoan is TIME’s news director,28804,2111975_2112121_2112117,00.html

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April 19th, 2012, 3:05 am


119. Sharmine Narwani said:


I thank you for re-publishing a number of my pieces on this blog over the years – I have always enjoyed the debate and different points of view offered both by the editors and the commenters on this site.

I take issue, however, with your allowing one of your commenters to call me a “lap-dancer” (# 82). I do not mind when readers disagree with my perspective, but I take exception to misogyny and sexual degradation in any form – targeting either myself or other women. You will note that the other two subjects of derision – Assad Abu Khalil and Ikhras – were not referred to in sexually reductive terminology by this commenter.

In Syria today, there is talk of rape being used as a weapon in this conflict, with both sides accusing the other of targeting women based on sect or political perspective. Sexually charged language is also used liberally to try to marginalize a woman’s point of view. Rush Limbaugh recently called Sandra Fluke a “slut” for her views on contraception – and was roundly criticized for it.

Commenter #82 is a white, North American male. Calling me a “lap-dancer” insults me twice. It insults me as a liberated woman, and it insults me as someone liberated of colonialism and its accompanying mindset.

Commenter #82 doesn’t just use SC to call me a lap-dancer and other sexually-charged names. He does so on other social media sites with the kind of worrying dedication that seeks to intimidate me.

If you do not censure his behavior on Syria Comment, then this is not the intellectually honest website I have come to respect over the years.

Sharmine Narwani

Thumb up 27 Thumb down 22

April 22nd, 2012, 3:37 pm


120. Alex said:

William, describing Sharmine as a “regime lap dancer” is not very polite. What exactly did she do to deserve that kind of language from a Canadian?

Do you have specific, and clear examples of things she wrote that were lies for example?

Thumb up 24 Thumb down 21

April 22nd, 2012, 4:24 pm


121. jna said:

Re: 119. Sharmine Narwani said: (…)

Some telling points you have made here. William Scott Scherk does indeed owe you an apology and a retraction.

Thumb up 17 Thumb down 18

April 22nd, 2012, 4:44 pm


122. Tara said:

Mrs. Sharmine

If WSS owes you an apology, then you owe millions of the Syrian people an apology and perhaps a compensation too. If you fail to call the slaughter of 35 people a massacre, to protect the regime for reasons only known to you, then what really constitute a massacre in your opinion? I think you calling yourself a liberated woman is a bit of stretch in my opinion. Libreration is a mental liberation if you know what I mean. And you bringing up the “targeting women” subject is very lame to say the least, given your failure to react to Assad’s thugs sniper little girls in the eyes. Aren’t that considered “targeting women” ?.

Finally, referring to WSS as a white male from Canada is using what he volunteers to tell us.  Care to tell us about your background?

Thumb up 24 Thumb down 23

April 22nd, 2012, 4:58 pm


123. Son of Damascus said:


How about your bullying and baseless accusations against journalists, is that OK by your books?

Was it not you who attacked Amal Hanano on your Twitter account calling her allegiances to Halab into questioning?

Was it not you that called Jadaliya an agent of the white man, what proof do you have such baseless accusations may I ask?

You take offence to a white man calling you out, however you continue to bully whomever you wish, is that not the very definition of hypocrisy?

How about your signalling out journalists that risked their lives to enter Syria and report that they can only put together a few words in Arabic, are you Sharmine a person that speaks the Arabic language? If not what gives you better authority to report on Syria than Marie Colvin that actually LOST her life reporting from Syria (something I am sure you WOULD NEVER do)?

Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 40 Thumb down 16

April 22nd, 2012, 6:12 pm


124. Averroes said:


I would like to salute you for your courage as well as for your outstanding journalism. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for some people to see anything that’s outside the simple-minded story of Mass Media.

Please keep the good work coming.

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April 22nd, 2012, 7:10 pm


125. Oula Dak said:

Thank you Mrs. Sharmine, William that was def impolite, you def ow her an apology.

Thumb up 20 Thumb down 23

April 22nd, 2012, 7:15 pm


126. Averroes said:


Welcome to the real face of Freedom Fighters. I will tell you that I have not spoken to one pro-Rev (that was not a relative) who did not end up insulting me, cursing at me, and/or threatening me. Some of my relatives and friends are pro-Rev and they have become very rude as well. However, whenEVER I write online, on FB, or on YT channels, there is no end to the abuse I receive from so-called pro-democracy camp (many of whom are not even Syrians).

This is especially true if the writers are using aliases, where they can lash out with no concern. My goodness.

So please know that there are MANY people who truly appreciate your great work, and to whom your writings are like a breath of fresh air.

With my respect and support.

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April 22nd, 2012, 7:22 pm


127. Averroes said:

With these insults, Sharmine, they are really only expressing their frustration for the failure of their model, their prediction, and their FAKE revolution. Why do I call it FAKE? Because pretty much everything about it is FAKE.

Thumb up 22 Thumb down 24

April 22nd, 2012, 7:27 pm


128. AK said:

William, the only lap-dancer here is people like you and anyone else who sold out or is pushing for the invasion of another country because they think they know better to justify it. The logic of your argument can only be matched by the likes of Fox News anchormen or Sarah Palin.

I dont know where the f@#$ you got off lambasting Sharmine and that whole part about “non-Arabic-speaking Iranian-American fake-scholar independently-wealthy UK-NATO-citizen “. We have seen enough Syrians not knowing what the hell they are talking about for one, and non-Syrians providing more and better insight to the situation, people such as Sharmine and Dr Landis.

In addition, your use of ad-hominem attacks on Sharmine, if anything, prove how empty your argument is, and you have nothing else but insults to resort to. Again, very similar to most “followers” of the “fawra”.

Regarding the Hanano woman, she isnt the only one living in Aleppo and I can bring in a whole entire list of personal and family related stories to back up Sharmine’s point of view, but unlike the “fawra” people, I am not that skilled in crocodile tears, using the misery of others to beg or ask for intervention to get my own country invaded, let alone lying.

And as for the following:`

“Amal gets in Foreign Policy, and Sharmine gets a blog at Al-Akhbar english”

If this means anything, it proves how low Foreign Policy has sunk and one more proof how much good journalism Al Akhbar has demonstrated wether in Arabic or English.

Usualy I do not bother answering or commenting on the likes of you, but someone as honest and hard working as Sharmine deserves better.

I know fom personal experience with her that she will not post or write about anything unless it is confirmed and she avoids as much as possible writing based on “anonymous witness” sources, meanwhile “major news institutions” and even International NGOs based entire judgments and actions on a whole panoply of anonymous witnesses with no tangible sourcing or possibility of holding anyone accountable to what they say.

Hell I can just pick up the phone screaming saying my neighbours are getting raped by Rami Makhlouf and that would put me on a breaking news 8 pm of any MSM channel like CNN (yay Cooper) or Al Jazeera (all time favorite innit?)

As for SC.

I used to be a loyal follower for years, since the days when Syria was silently “getting killed” by the same people today, and many of the “fawra” people were silent, either enjoying ot, or benefiting or just not giving a damn.

The level of posting and commenting has plummetted, and this comment written by William is just another nail in that coffin.

I haven’t bothered coming here for a while since last year, and while reading down to reach the comment where Sharmine was insulted I remembered why.

Please take appropriate action to fix this.

Thumb up 21 Thumb down 24

April 22nd, 2012, 7:42 pm


129. Tara said:

“I havnt bothered coming here for a while since last year, and while reading down to reach the comment where Sharmine was insulted I remembered why.”

Who are you people? Never heard of your names before. Not since I started on SC a year ago. All of the sudden, new names posting on SC in defense of the indefensible. If AK never bothered coming to SC since last year, what happened today all of the sudden that made him pay us a visit, just few hours after Sharmine posted whining that WSS hurt her sensibility? This appears staged. I am expecting more and more unheard of names posting to enlighten us with their opinions in support of this hurt sensibility.

WSS, please remember the dead infants killed on purpose by the regime to instill fear, if and when you decide to respond. The grim videos of dead infants do not hurt Sharmine sensibility. Your calling her out does. I call that a dissociative sensibility.

Thumb up 24 Thumb down 23

April 22nd, 2012, 8:01 pm


130. AK said:

Tara, ive been coming for at least 6 years, and in my education/career of choice I have written about Syria more than you ever will. I dont always post here, and that is none of your business why, and needless to say nobody needs to justify anything for you or anyone else.

Staged you say? We are all on Sharmine’s payroll, with a lot of her Iranian money. Do something about that now would you.

And who the hell are you to ask who the hell are we? U mad brah?

Ironiclay the anti-spam word I was asked to type in is “respect” and you young lady need to get some of that.

Seriously children these days are unbelievable.

Thumb up 24 Thumb down 22

April 22nd, 2012, 8:09 pm


131. Patrick said:

I am just wondering what level had someone spoofed down to calling others names such as a “lap-dancer”?! I think we’re here to discuss the fate of a country and its people and not to throw others who just wish to express their opinion freely. And speaking of Lap dancing, being another Canadian myself,I have heard of cases in down town Toronto where many males consider it to be a full profession! So it is not really exclusive to ladies!!

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April 22nd, 2012, 8:09 pm


132. Kevork said:

Willian that’s very rude comment! how come people become so much block minded? how come people preach freedom of expression but oppress others point of view? just to let u know William, there is no truth, except if u believe in Hollywood films, where the good beat the bad evil… the situation is not black and white in Syria, I admire Sharmine’s writings and I read it critically… even if I didn’t agree with her, but she is raising very serious points.

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April 22nd, 2012, 8:21 pm


133. AK said:

Tara, as a woman (assuming you are one), how would you feel if someone called you a “lap-dancer” of someone or something. Would your “sensibitly” get hurt? Or is it OK to use it against someone you disagree with and not yourself?
Specialy when it comes from a Male such as William, we would think that it would hit your feminine cord and show some solidarity with a fellow Woman.

Dont preach compassion when why is it always about me? it is obvious you lack it. Worry not, you are not alone, there is an entire army of “fawra” who show the same ambivalence and double standards when it comes to compassion. Fruit punch is great these days I heard.

And “Not since I started on SC a year ago”, refer with that to my first post in this thread, you fit somewhere in ther probably too.

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April 22nd, 2012, 8:28 pm


134. Alex said:

Tara, Sharmine sent me link to her comment because I am one of the authors on SC. I wrote a comment to support her and went back to a discussion with some friends. Told them what happened and two of them decided to write comments to support Sharmine (and me I guess).

You are free to dislike her articles and others are free to like them, the only part I objected to was the lap-dancer one. You wouldn’t want anyone to call you that either.

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April 22nd, 2012, 8:40 pm


135. Tara said:


Thank you for your explanation. What I like about you is that you do not willfully insult the readers’ intelligence. 😉


I wrote this before I read Alex’s response. I may not have felt prompted to write it had I read Alex @132. Since It tool me som “mental power” to write it, I decided to send it anyhow. So here you go:


Tara the disrespectful?

Then explain further.  You said you have not bothered to visit SC since last year.  I haven’t made that up.  Read your own comment.  Was it the sixth sense that made you visit today?  Oh,  wait a second.. I forgot your “personal experience” with Sharmine (as you stated).  Silly Tara, the child she is,  how dare she thinks it is staged?  The fact of the matter is I know us women, we like to ensure moral support before we embark on something new.. 

Btw, I will refrain from saying that some adults these days are unbelievable.  But just a friendly note to *uncle* AK, if it is not Tara’s business to ask why you posted today, the same is applicable to you in regard to Tara.  She posts what she wants when she wants (thanks to the brilliant commenter who taught me that phrase.  I have leaned lots from you)      

You said you have written about Syria in your career of choice more than I ever will.  Great!  My career of choice is far away from political writing.  I don’t believe that I would even write about Syria after we expel Batta and accomplish a regime change…  Please post a real opinion one of these days so we can judge the substance.  We just can’t judge the substance of the writings from a post dedicated to praise someone,  Yes?  

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April 22nd, 2012, 8:55 pm


136. Abbas Bazzi said:

All I see from the anti-government camp is hate, frustration and slander of those that reject their sectarian idealogy and their lack of a peaceful and coherent solution to the crisis.

I don’t know where someone like William Scherk gets off insulting a respectable academic and journalist like Sharmine Narwani in such a derogatory manner. All the woman has done is courageously counter the lies and propaganda bein peddled in the western media and Al Jazeera with unbiased and factual reporting.

If those those in the oppositon want to be taken seriously in intellectual forums, they should denounce such despicable behavior and commit to a respectable and healthy debate about a peaceful resolution to this crisis. Any other option – especially the militaristic ones being suggested by the ill-intentioned Gulf Countries and their American masters – are a complete disaster for Syria and the region.

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April 22nd, 2012, 9:21 pm


137. Tara said:


Your comment is not acceptable. I hope you “help” is not actively enlisted by Sharmine. If it is, it only tell of the kind of person she is. You should be banned from posting here. Where is the moderator?

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April 22nd, 2012, 9:31 pm


138. Alex said:

مؤتمر الوفاق الأول لقوى التغيير السلمي

An excellent document and initiative (in my opinion). It can unite a large number of Syrians. But of course it will be difficult to move beyond the meeting stage into specifics.

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April 22nd, 2012, 9:38 pm


139. Alex said:

Tara #138, I agree.

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April 22nd, 2012, 9:40 pm


140. Son of Damascus said:


You have not commented here in over a year, but with all the insults being thrown around here for over a year you choose now to come to the defence of someone that does not even comment here regularly, seems very suspect to me to say the least.

I digress…

“and you have nothing else but insults to resort to. Again, very similar to most “followers” of the “fawra”.”

As I remember from day one the opposition was called “mundasseen”, high on drugs, 3ar3ouri’s and zionist puppets, by apologists and the regime. Not to mention being called traitors and salafi agents, as if it is traitorous to believe in a free Syria without the Assad clan at its helm, or brainwashed by salafi ideology to believe that Assads are nothing more than thugs.

“I am not that skilled in crocodile tears, using the misery of others to beg or ask for intervention to get my own country invaded, let alone lying.”

So you are inadvertently claiming that Amal Hanano is lying while shedding crocodile tears over Syria to be invaded. Please provide me with one link in which she said that, or even hinted at that, oh right apologists love to claim others are lying without any proof to back them up, we just have to take your word for it right?

“If this means anything, it proves how low Foreign Policy has sunk and one more proof how much good journalism Al Akhbar has demonstrated wether in Arabic or English.”

Actually you are mistaken here, for Al Akhbar even before the events of the past year had suspect news reporting, and when they published Sharmine’s editorials under the guise of journalism they have proven that.

And for the record anyone callous enough to argue that the murder of 35 innocent civilians is not a massacre needs to re-examine their moral compass in life. Let alone attacking journalist risking their lives to get the voice of the tortured Syrian people heard in the world, while she sits comfortably in her London life.

In her last piece she not only desecrates the lives of the Journalist that lost their lives reporting from Syria, but calls their work into suspicion solely based on Al Akhbarieh and Al Dunnnia. What journalistic integrity does this woman have, or are the lives of Marie Colvin, Anthony Shadid, and Remi Ochlik and others mean nothing more than a conspiracy to her, and I guess to you as well?

I was one of those “farwa” people that was not only silent but enabled this regime, even have family relations that married into it. You are right I benefited, did not give a damn, and enjoyed the level of prestige my family connections got me. I am guilty as charged, but one thing I am not guilty of is standing by their side and enabling their killings, murder, and rape of my country any further. I finally turned from an Assadi to a Souri, and I have never been more proud to be a Souri.

Before you go label me (which apologist love to do) let explain somethings to you, I don’t believe in an armed struggle to gain the freedom of my country but at the same time I don’t believe in making a deal with the devil. They had their chance to reform its been 40 years and nothing good has come out of this cursed family.

NATO, GCC, Turky, Russia, and Iran can all go f-ck themselves, they are all guilty of using Syrian lives as pawns in their realpolitik games, they have shown what Syrian blood is worth to them, absolutely nothing.

The only way I Son of Damascus believe Syria can gain its freedom is by our voices, and not by the barrel of a gun. Every a–hole in military grub that swore to protect our freedom ended up jailing us, using the name of resistance to better fill his and his families pockets with ill-gotten gains, while holding back our countries.

It was not the opposition that swore “us or chaos” from day one (remember the Makhlouf interview with Shadid), or swore to turn Syria and the region into a 100 Afghanistans, or keep repeating the slogan Al Assad ouw nihrek el ballad (Assad or we scorch the country).

Make no mistake about it, Souriah Al Assad and its sick and demented reality is what is ruining Syria, not the opposition.

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April 23rd, 2012, 1:44 am


141. jad said:


Just to let you know that those who are attacking Sharmine every time she writes an article their favorite writer is no other than Michael Weiss. Go figure!

Here is this zionist Weiss who wrote the whole plan of how to invade and destroy Syria in an interview on aljazeera telling us that this UN charade is useless and the Nato will go ahead with ‘his’ plan to destroy Syria, yet Sharmine is the bad journalist and Weiss is the ‘best’ ‘objective’ writer ‘ever’….

Michael Weiss, Henry Jackson Society talks Syria on Al Jazeera, April 19 2012

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April 23rd, 2012, 2:06 am


142. Son of Damascus said:


So it takes courage for you to use a conspiracy laden blog such as Moon of Alabama (where the expert B does not even get the name of the neighbourhood correct) as proof of the Syrian army not using artillery to bombard Baba Amr for 27 days straight. As if the countless videos of tulip shells falling down on Baba Amr were not evidence by itself, not to mention the civilian death toll.

It takes courage for you to see someone lambaste journalists that risked their lives with some ultimately gave up to report from Syria, while she sits comfortably in her Western city claiming a Western conspiracy. is that not the very definition of false virtue, or is she living in the West to “learn the enemy”?

She is NOT a journalist, she blurs the lines between reporting and editorializing without even blinking an eye, thinking that her regurgitated old lines of Anti imperialism and anti zionism is enough cover for her shaky “truths”.

By the way your argument about opposition resorting to name calling kind of defeats the purpose when you are guilty of the same, oh right hypocrisy is something not recognized by Assad supporters… I guess we are not the only ones guilty of being simple minded!

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April 23rd, 2012, 2:14 am


143. Son of Damascus said:


Michel Weiss is NOT my favourite writer, and the ONLY time I linked him here was because for once he did not go into his USUAL HYPERBOLE.

Here is a reminder since your memory is failing you:

Stop your lies about me, you were the one threatening legal actions against someone that dared to ask things about you, yet you choose to attack and call names, and make up lies to whomever you wish. No wonder you keep getting moderated…

For your sake I will side step all the shoddy and despicable sources you post such as Aldunnia, Akhbarieh, and Syriatruth and claim them as truths when they are nothing but lies and made up propaganda.

And for the record I don’t attack sharmine but her shoddy and shaky fiction that she claims to be reality. Was it not her that callously argued that the death of 35 Syrians is or is not a massacre, or is Syrian blood nothing to you unless it is someone swearing allegiance to Assad?

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April 23rd, 2012, 3:06 am


144. AK said:

Once again we are reminded that anyone not agreeing with the “revolution” is either inhuman, or an alien robot zombie.

This just goes to prove my point, and a tangible example were anyone who does not agree with the fawra is immediately de-humanized.

No where in my post did i write anything pro regime. All my comment was against the “revolution” and the apparent online mindset of some/many of its followers.

If you are going to sit here and convince/force everyone to agree that this fawra is beyond reproach, so are the fawarjieh and their behavior, please go ahead.

So you said you are guilty as charged SonofDamascus, but you simply have more humanity than I do, and probably anyone else who disagrees with you. Id give you a medal for the amount of bigotry in that statement, but its been over a year thousands of fawarjieh have shoved this humanitarian argument down our throats it actualy faded and lost taste.

I admit, I have no humanity in me, along with everyone else who disagrees with this fawra, and only those “revolutionaries” who bandwagon insults and online intimidation (both online and offline), and those who de-humanize anyone who disagrees with them, and frustrated that some decided to show support of an independent writer, (one of the basic elements of freedom of thought which you just tried to preach to me about right now), those “revolutionaries” who are the only ones in a position to give us lessons in humanity.

All you had to say was it looked suspect that suddenly I decided to show up to support Sharmine. Alex already elaborated about this, and even if he didnt, my argument still stands, and everything I said applies. Your logical falacy in no way discredit my argument, if anything it demonstrated frustration.

The reason i use the term fawra is because i do not believe this to be a revolution, it is far from it and will never be one. As you said, there are other means to bring change, hence why i will never call it a revoution.

The rest of the jargon written i will not even dignify with an answer.

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April 23rd, 2012, 4:24 am


145. AK said:

*bah i was editing and wanted to add this paragraph but the editor timed out.*

It is possible to guess where this frustration comes from. For over a year most of the fawra squad got used to saying whatever they want, controlling the narrative, either by bulliying or simply spamming everything everywhere all the time all the way making as much noise as possible that modest/objective and sound voices are either intimidated or simply hard to notice, and hardly anyone bothered questionning it. People either did not bother or simply stopped bothering because of the tremendous amount of nonsense.

lol “you should be banned from posting here” Tara said.
YOU MUST BE SILENCED hehe this sounds straight from a movie. Thanks for proving my point.


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April 23rd, 2012, 4:37 am


146. HK said:

Without a doubt calling somebody like Sharmine Narwani a “regime lap dancer” is disrespectful and the kind of bullying many who “dare” to question the opposition propaganda, have experienced! WSS needs to apologize and so does SC for publishing such an disgraceful insult!..

Those in the opposition and their Arab and Western supporters who call for “freedom of expression and democracy” in Syria are often very quick to make accusations to others who happen to express different views to theirs! This is precisely the level of hypocrisy which has exposed those freedom promoters and showed them for what they really are!.. There has been rarely a real debate, it’s much easier to make accusations to undermine others than making real and rational arguments that address the issues raised by them..I have a great respect to Sharmine for having the courage and the will to be on the right side of history – a stand that is not shared with the rulers of Qatar and Saudi Arabia…

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April 23rd, 2012, 5:09 am


147. Alan said:

shame to moderator !if you were the sun, it wouldn’t Rises !
Gas and peace: Egypt cuts off gas supply to Israel

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April 23rd, 2012, 5:46 am


148. Shami said:

Aveqiqi for sure the assadist shabeeha are not false at all.

The revolution would be false, if the future tells that  your heterodox religious slogan Assad ila al abad is the truth.

Ila mazbalet el tarikh with  your assads, shaleeshs and makhaloufs .

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April 23rd, 2012, 7:13 am


149. Shami said:

Bazzi,  all the islamophob and paranoid and marginal sectarian minorities support assad…we do not have islamohaters, christians or others in the anti-assad movement.

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April 23rd, 2012, 7:18 am


150. Alan said:

moderator ! remove the mask ! UN to expand Syria’s observers mission The Security Council unanimously approved a resolution Saturday expanding the number of UN ceasefire observers in Syria from 30 to 300 and demanding an immediate halt to the violence that has been escalating since the government and opposition agreed to end hostilities over a week ago. To find out the latest details on the U.N. decision we are now joined by Vasily Sushko, New York Correspondent. // Ricardo Young

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April 23rd, 2012, 7:38 am


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