“We Salute Syria” for its “Generosity” and “Cooperation,” said James Foley

US official hails Syria refugee aid
25 June, 2008, AFP

DAMASCUS: Senior US official James Foley yesterday held talks in Syria on the growing needs of some 1.5mn Iraqi refugees in the country and praised Damascus for its “generosity.”

“We salute Syria, the government and its people for its generosity in welcoming” Iraqis who fled the US-led 2003 war, said Foley, the State Department co-ordinator for Iraqi refugees. “We recognise the considerable burdens that are shouldered here by the Syrian government and its people… (and) are appreciative of the co-operation that we have on this issue,” he added.

Foley made the remarks after talks with Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Meqdad — the second meeting since last October – “to assess the needs of the Iraqi’s refugees… and the burden that we face.” “It is the conviction of the US that we have a deep responsibility to… these refugees,” said Foley who is on a regional fact-finding mission. – AFP

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51. why-discuss said:

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the syrian regime is a servant of the iranian sectarian agenda which is hostile agenda to the people of the region.
It is not an exageration, but it is an absurdity. Please tell me what Iran will do to the region that is so hostile? You mean hostile to Israel, yes, but show me a sign of hostility toward the arab world.
The real hostility comes from the foreign powers who want to benefit from the resources of the region ( oil, water etc..) and who do not hesitate to kill masses people to ensure they can drive their SUV to the malls!
If Saudi arabia has had the monopoly of the religious influence in the region, the disasters that the region have incurred, the hopeless situation of the palestinians calls for fresh initiatives and it is coming from Iran. See how Israel is in disarray about Iran, trying all they can (even dealing with Syria) to stop this power to emerge as the new leader in the region. See how the US and Europe are playing double game, threatening and appeasing. Contrary to the wishy-washy, weak and mellow talk of the Saudis, Iranians are talking tough and it seems to bear fruits as the US and Israel, as we know, understand only tough talk!

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June 28th, 2008, 11:39 pm


52. Karim said:

WHY discuss,the lebanese you are ;know that we have our own Islam in Syria.In fact Damascus was the first capital of the Islamic world and our religious thinkers were among the most important in the islamic world so we dont want to enter in this equation because we have our own traditional schools which are mostly Hanafis and Shafis and Sufi trend is dominant.Sufi Saudis who are numerous in al Hijaz and even moderate wahhabis are close to the Syrian Islam.We dont care about regimes ,Saudis and Syrians as people share religious,family and cultural ties.
There is no place in Syria for Iranian regime style Islam because in its essence it’s anti Syrian Islam.How do u think would be the reaction of the syrian people in front of rafidi shias who curse the wife of the prophet and prophet’s companions and the people of damascus …there will be blood for sure.
Why discuss ,do u beliebe that Iran can be the leader of the region with their small militias of hezbollahs and badr fighting the people of the region ?This is suicidal move for the arab shia minorities in the region and Iran itself is more a country of minorities than Iraq and even Lebanon.
And if the iranians want to attack the small and big shaytans the (their neighbors in Iraq) their adress on earth are known but dont forget the past of this iranian khomainist regime which has long experience of under the table dealings with the israelis and the americans and be careful with what is said in the medias.The iranian regime is not suicidal ,it’s a pragmtic regime and can only survive through a deal with the israelis and the americans.

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June 29th, 2008, 12:02 am


53. Alex said:


I understand your fears of the Iranians and Hizbollah. I spoke to many Shia friends and they also fear the Sunnis like you who are not particularly fond of the “Rafidi Shias”.

I am relatively optimistic that by next year most of these fears will evaporate… there is no place to go … Iran will still be here, and Saudi Arabia will still be here … they will manage to cooperate.

Look at these:

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June 29th, 2008, 2:23 am


54. Karim said:

Alex ,i speak about Syria dont answer me right and left as usual ,stay in Syria …do you agree with me that the alawite regime is playing dirty for allowing these rafidis to promote their hostile propaganda in Syria among the poor shawaya and alawites,the answer will be more hatred toward the alawites.This is good for Syria’s future Alex?
There is no need for us to fear the shias because they are and will remain minorities in the arab and islamic world and small minority in Syria, but as i said no one can deny that there will be blood when we will be fighting hezbollah like groups or when these husayniyat build by the iranian regime will be destroyed.Alex ,Ask bashar this is what Syria need above our socio economical and political problems ?
And Alex ,a rafidi is the accurate word for the followers of safawi shia’ism but no problem with Jaafari mazhab which is not based on the cultre of hatred and the husayniat.
As for your shia friend (if rafidi)it’s normal to fear the syrians because in their books you can read that before their hidden Mehdi show himself the governor of Damascus( a descendant of Yazid) will slaughter them.

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June 29th, 2008, 3:43 am


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