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“Markers on the route to Damascus,” by Itamar Rabiniovich

More on the Bandar Affair

Could the US be Planning Covert Action in Lebanon and beyond?

For and Against Dialogue with Syria

“Syria in Bush’s Crosshairs: MEPI Money” by Adam Zagorin

Meyrav Wurmser “Neocons Expected Israel to Attack Syria”

News Round Up (17 December 2006)

“The Story of My Arrest and Accusation” – by Michel Kilo

“President Bashar al-Asad Interviewed,” by Alix Van Buren

US Senators Defy Bush and Head for Damascus: Bush Says Asad Rules by Force

“Six Brutal Truths about Iraq,” By Gen. Odom

News Round Up (12 December 2006)

“Shi’ites and Shi’ism in Medieval Syria,” by Stephennie Mulder

“The Case For Engaging Syria,” by Joshua Landis

“Concentrate on the Syrian-Israeli issue,” by Murhaf Jouejati

“What Motivates Syria,” by Imad Moustapha

Encouraging Sectarian War as a Means to Bring Down Asad

Why V.P. Sharaa’s Statement is Important

V.P. Farouq al-Sharaa on the Baker Report & Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine

Leave Our Region Alone And The Winners Are……By EHSANI2

“SYRIA: Regime interests dictate regional policies,” by Oxford Analytica

The Babes of Hizbullah

“Lebanese Muslims outnumber Christians 2-1,” by Alistair Lyon

America Must Decide between Shiites and Sunnis

“A Primer in Lebanese Politics,” by Uri Avnery

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