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Syria Stands by Lebanese Allies: France distraught: Lebanon in Continued Crisis

Ali Barazi Released from Jail: Assad Says Seven Other Seculars to Go Free

“Syrian Americans: The Identity Balancing Act,” by Salma al-Shami

Syria Requires Arabization of Names

“Syrian expatriates return home in hopes of new wealth,” by Julien Barnes-Dacey

Five undeniable facts about the Syria that I saw / by Ehsani

The US Has NO Lebanon Policy

Israel Says No to Syria; Lebanon Says No to France

What Kind of Deal Should Lebanese Make? Bush, Sarkozy and Mualem Face Off

Hassan al-Quwatli, son of President Shukri al-Quwatli, Dies in Saudi Arabia

Sarkozy: “Your last opportunity is Saturday.” Assad: “I Said No to Nukes.”

Lebanon and the Art of Kabuki Theater

Lebanon Languishes: Bush and Sarkozy Threaten

Crackdown, Cranks, China, and the Cost of Gas Oil

News Round Up (13 Dec. 2007)

Anti-March 14th General Assassinated

Farouk al-Sharaa: “The Worst is Over in Lebanon – Syria Army will Never be Back”

“Lebanon’s Exodus” by Rana Fil: Newsweek

Most activists freed: Some Remain in Custody

Chinese imports put squeeze on Syrian merchants

“How to Defuse Iran,” by Leveretts

Paranoia in the Land of Cedars

Arrests of Damascus Declaration for Democratic Change Conference Participants

Syriatel and Turkcell Courting

Iraq Wants US to Engage with Syria and Iran. Facebook Minister Soaped

Bush Engages for Foes as Syrians Make a Come Back

Lebanon, Iran & US

“Landis: Syria Key to Middle East Peace Process,” CFR Interview with Gwertzman

Maybe the NIE Is Not So Good for Syria?

What Does the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran Mean for Syria?

Best of Comments on US Opening to Syria

How the Lebanese Delegation was Blindsided at Annapolis

Lebanon Presidential Politics and the Brammertz Report

Is the Notion of Syria Getting Back the Golan a Pipe Dream?

“U.S. Seems to Soften Syria Stance,” by Solomon & Simpson

“Syrian Track and Russian Mediator” by Ben Caspit

Annapolis Round Up: Was Syria a Winner at Annapolis?

What Happened on Day One of Annapolis?

“How Syria Decided to Participate at the Deputy F.M. Level,” by Hamidi

Landis on BBC World Service Explaining Why Syria is Headed to Annapolis

Syria to Attend Peace Conference at Deputy Foreign Minister Level

“At Mideast Talks, U.S. and Israel Seek to Isolate Iran by Wooing Syria,” WSJ

Schedule for Annapolis Conference and Related Events

“Syria Wants to See Word “Golan” Published on Agenda Before Deciding on Annapolis,” by Ibrahim Hamidi

“The Real Reason Syria Blocked Facebook,” by Idaf

Syria says Golan Heights on Annapolis agenda

Lebanon: Drift Better than Conflict: Hamidi Translated

Syria Gets Credit for Gains in Iraq: Jihadists Come from US Allies

Facebook Blocked in Syria: Virtual Civil Society Banned

Syria Will Not Attend Annapolis Conference, Unless…

Assad warns: The region will soon witness events that might have dangerous repercussions …

Announcing Creative Syria Forum’s November 2007 topic: Syria’s RegionalPolicies


Iraqi Refugees: Has There Been a Breakthrough?

Asad: No Talks Without Serious Golan Initiative

Turkey – Syria Trade to Reach $5 Billion in 5 Years, Insha’allah: Hamshou Hit

The Annapolis Protocal & Flip-flopping toward Damascus

IAEA: “No Credible Evidence” of Nuke Activity in Syria

“Syria and the Peace Process” by Landis

David Lesch Testimony on Syria-Lebanon before the Senate

“Syria: Options and Implications for Lebanon and the Region,” by Emile El-Hokayem

Landis at CFR in NYC

Treasury Designates Individuals Furthering Syrian Regime’s Efforts to Undermine Lebanese Democracy

Jackson Diehl goes over the deep end on Syria bombing

“Is Israel About to Attack Hizballah?” by Blanford

“Hezbollah: Maneuvers held near border in ‘response to enemy’,” AP

Top French Officials Go to Damascus on a Fool’s Errand

Economist Responds: What do Subsidy Cuts tell us about the Baath? Is it Washed Up?

News Round Up (3 Nov. 2007)

“Everyday Jihad,” by Bernard Rougier

Economist on the price of Gasoline in Syria

Rice to Lebanon, “No Compromise on Presidency”

Canadian Searches for Sister Lost in Syria

“Hizbullah Recruits Sunni Palestinians and Lebanese to Bolster Arabness,” by Hugh Macleod

US Planes Participated in Syrian Bombing Raid, according to al-Jazeera

Assassination Accusations Abound in Lebanon

News Roundup (31 Oct. 2007)

“A New Intelligence Failure?,” by Hosenball, Newsweek

More uncertainty about Syrian “Nuke” plant

Washington Hearings on Syria, etc.

Muslim Brotherhood: “Christian or Woman can be President of Syria”

Radwan Ziadeh, “Decision Making and Foreign Policy in Syria.” Reviewed by Shadi Jabr

“Israel’s Syria Raid Opens Rifts ,” by Jay Solomon

Ray Close on the Israeli Sept. 6 Air Raid on Syria

Old Pictures of Syrian Nuke Site Suggest “Refried Beans”

Treasury Bills Ready to Launch in New Year – Economist

“Satellite Photos Show Cleansing of Syrian Site,” by Broad and Mazzetti

“Authoritarian Upgrading in the Arab World,” by Steven Heydemann

“Syria is No Longer Cuba,” by Ibrahim Hamidi

Moustapha: We know “the Gates of Hell” would open beneath us if we planned a nuke

An Iraqi in Syria

More Washington Leaks on the Syria Target

News Round Up (Oct. 19 2007)

Turkey and Lebanon

Radio: Bolton, Landis, Mazzetti, & Khouri Discuss Bombing of Syria and Peace Process


The NSC versus Rice and the Syria Strike

“Analysis: Iran, Syria in gas deal,” by Derek Sands

Syria: Economic Overview: Economist

Ray Close on the Mysterious Israeli Air Attack on Syria

Analysts Say Israel Bombed Legal Nuclear Project Inside Syria

Jimmy Carter and Joschka Fischer on talking to Syria

Saudi king prays with Rif’at al-Asad in Mecca

Changing Course with Syria

The New York Times: An Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in the U.S.

“Ticking Clocks and ‘Accidental’ War,” BY Alastair Crooke

News Round Up (6 Sept 2007)

Strike on Syria or Iran – Lebanon torn in the Middle

Nasrallah calls on Saudi Arabia to boycott the upcoming Middle East conference

Israel Hit Main Arms Depot Sept. 6, Killing Military Police

Latakia in 1980-81: Samuel Pickering’s Fulbright Year

News Round Up (4 Oct. 2007)

Michael Young Talks Sense about Syria

“The Consistancy of Error,” by Amir Oren

What Abu Salim Taha’ of Fatah al-Islam Confessed

News Round Up (2 Oct. 2007)

Qaqa – Fatah al-Islam Connection Pooh-poohed

Assad Speaks On Israeli Strike and Peace Conference

“How to Bring Liberty to Syria,” by Ford Prefect

“How to Encourage Liberty in Syria,” by Ford Prefect

Qaqaa Killed

The Economist on Syria

News Round Up (27 Sept. 2007)

Bolton Defends Against Absence of Syrian Nuclear Evidence

Syria Unlikely to go to Attend Peace Conference

Articles Pushing Diplomacy with Syria and Questioning Raid

Rice Trys to Gin Up Enthusiasm for Her Peacemaking

Israeli Commandos Seized Nuclear Material in Syria, claims London Times

“A dihonorable Affair,” by Katherine Zoepf

“Losing Traction against Syria,” by David Schenker

News Round Up (21 Sept. 2007)

Perthes and Dobbins on Damascus’ Role

News (20 Sept. 2007)

Lebanese elections: Going up in Smoke?

News Roundup (18 Sept. 2007)

Doubts about Israeli Strike Increase

Trish Schuh Reports From Deir al-Zur

Israel’s Strike – Was it a Warning to Iran? For Lebanon?

Israeli Strike on Syria: A Message for Syria? … A Message for Iran?

“Getting Down to Business,” by Andrew Tabler

Nuclear Allegations Seemingly Hot Air

Baradei: “No Evidence of Khan Link to Syria” 2004

“ISRAEL/SYRIA: Rumours of war reflect tensions” by Oxford Analytica

News Round Up on Israeli Strike (13 Sept. 2007)

“N. Korea, Syria May Be at Work on Nuclear Facility” By Glenn Kessler

Nuclear? Chemical? Missiles? What Was Hit?

Israel hit Missiles – the US Pleased – Story Stinks

Israel Air Strike on Syria Confirmed

Israel’s “Attempted Attack” Against Syria – the latest

Landis and Badran Debate Syria on “Radio Times” with Marty Moss-Coane

“OSyria 1”?

Is Israel Looking for Korean Weapons in Syria?

Israel Penetrates Syrian Airspace: Shots Fired

Hamidi on New Visa Requirements for Iraqis

Arguments for Israeli-Syria Dialogue

Subsidies and Iraqis: Syria Shifts Gears

Fatah al-Islam Finished as Political Battle Heats UP

News Round Up (1 Sept 2007)

Germany Restores Aid & Analyzing Aoun

“The uneven pattern of liberalisation in Syria’s key services sectors,” by Oxford Analytica

Jihadists and the Syrian Border – Saudi Press

France Could Engage Syria in “Spectacular Way,” If…

Proposed Legislation to Ban Damascus Airport to International Carriers.

“Iran and Syria: An Alliance Shaped by Mutual Foes” by Deborah Amos

“Great Expectations: The Damascus Stock Exchange” by Alison Brooks

“Syria and Israel: The Changing Military Balance and Prospects for War,” by Cordesman

“The Great Middle East Peace Process Scam” by Henry Siegman

Lebanon’s 2006 War One Year on

Sharaa Statement of Syria’s Foreign Policy

“The Syrian Opposition: Part 2,” by Landis & Pace in Arabic

“The Syrian Opposition: Part 1,” by Landis & Pace in Arabic

“UNIFIL – Peacekeepers in the Line of Fire,” by Timur Goksel

Lebanon: A Test of Wills

Does Bush’s Executive Order Criminalize Lebanon’s Democratic Opposition?

Economy expands 5.6%, Foreign Investment Up, Despite US Efforts to Keep Syria Poor

Elissa Banned from Syria. Shwarma Fires Up France

Censorship of Websites Announced by Syrian Ministry of Tel.

More Commentary on the Metn Elections

What Does the Gemayel Loss in the Metn Mean?

Metn election a nail biter as both sides claim victory

Metn Madness

News Round Up (4 August 2007)

“Hamas to Show an Improved Hand,” by Simpson & King

Poll: 51% of Syrians favor peace with Israel for Golan pullout

Syria’s Policy of Sitting on its Hands

News Round Up (27 July 2007)

“Dialogue is in Syria’s and America’s interests,” by Cordesman

“How to Manage Assad,” by Jon Alterman

Syria’s Iraq Policy

“Regime evolution can only serve Syria’s national interests,” by Cordesman

“To Check Syria, U.S. Explores Bond With Muslim Brothers,” by Jay Solomon

The truth about Syria?

Syria Cancels Iraq Rebel Sit-down in Damascus – Why?

Syria Looks for a Lebanon Deal

“Improving US and Syrian Relations: Some Possible Beginnings,” by Anthony Cordesman

“Re-Targeting Syria,” by Jim Lobe

“Getting Hezbollah to Behave,” by Nicholas Noe

No Deals with Syria over Lebanon – or Anywhere Else

Assad’s State of the Nation Speech to People’s Assembly

“SYRIA: Regime survival depends on Hariri outcome,” by Oxford Analytica

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