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News Round Up (27 February 2007)

“Lebanese Sunnis Deeply Divided over Relations with Hizbullah” by Anonymous

Bilal Saab on Jihadis in Lebanon

Seymour Hersh, “The Administration’s New Policy on Terrorism”

Syrian Opposition – New Articles

Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Three’s a Crowd

Will Saudi Arabia Solve America’s Problems?

Feb 14 Raises the Rhetoric

News Round Up (13 February 2007)

Powell Says, “We got plenty” from Syria in Talks

The US and Syria: Is Dialogue Coming?

Is Syria Supplying Weapons to Iraqi Militias?

New Zogby poll: 80 % of moderate Arabs say Israel and the U.S. are their two biggest external threats. 6% cited Iran

Syria’s President Says He Needs Iran’s Support

CIA and Syrian Intelligence in Lebanon

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer Talks to President Bashar al-Assad About Iraq and Mideast Peace

Syria Shuts Out Iraqi Refugees. Is Arabism Over?

Neoprofit AI Immediate Venture Instant Prosperity