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France Could Engage Syria in “Spectacular Way,” If…

Proposed Legislation to Ban Damascus Airport to International Carriers.

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“Great Expectations: The Damascus Stock Exchange” by Alison Brooks

“Syria and Israel: The Changing Military Balance and Prospects for War,” by Cordesman

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Lebanon’s 2006 War One Year on

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Lebanon: A Test of Wills

Does Bush’s Executive Order Criminalize Lebanon’s Democratic Opposition?

Economy expands 5.6%, Foreign Investment Up, Despite US Efforts to Keep Syria Poor

Elissa Banned from Syria. Shwarma Fires Up France

Censorship of Websites Announced by Syrian Ministry of Tel.

More Commentary on the Metn Elections

What Does the Gemayel Loss in the Metn Mean?

Metn election a nail biter as both sides claim victory

Metn Madness

News Round Up (4 August 2007)

“Hamas to Show an Improved Hand,” by Simpson & King

Poll: 51% of Syrians favor peace with Israel for Golan pullout

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