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Assassination Accusations Abound in Lebanon

News Roundup (31 Oct. 2007)

“A New Intelligence Failure?,” by Hosenball, Newsweek

More uncertainty about Syrian “Nuke” plant

Washington Hearings on Syria, etc.

Muslim Brotherhood: “Christian or Woman can be President of Syria”

Radwan Ziadeh, “Decision Making and Foreign Policy in Syria.” Reviewed by Shadi Jabr

“Israel’s Syria Raid Opens Rifts ,” by Jay Solomon

Ray Close on the Israeli Sept. 6 Air Raid on Syria

Old Pictures of Syrian Nuke Site Suggest “Refried Beans”

Treasury Bills Ready to Launch in New Year – Economist

“Satellite Photos Show Cleansing of Syrian Site,” by Broad and Mazzetti

“Authoritarian Upgrading in the Arab World,” by Steven Heydemann

“Syria is No Longer Cuba,” by Ibrahim Hamidi

Moustapha: We know “the Gates of Hell” would open beneath us if we planned a nuke

An Iraqi in Syria

More Washington Leaks on the Syria Target

News Round Up (Oct. 19 2007)

Turkey and Lebanon

Radio: Bolton, Landis, Mazzetti, & Khouri Discuss Bombing of Syria and Peace Process


The NSC versus Rice and the Syria Strike

“Analysis: Iran, Syria in gas deal,” by Derek Sands

Syria: Economic Overview: Economist

Ray Close on the Mysterious Israeli Air Attack on Syria

Analysts Say Israel Bombed Legal Nuclear Project Inside Syria

Jimmy Carter and Joschka Fischer on talking to Syria

Saudi king prays with Rif’at al-Asad in Mecca

Changing Course with Syria

The New York Times: An Israeli Strike on Syria Kindles Debate in the U.S.

“Ticking Clocks and ‘Accidental’ War,” BY Alastair Crooke

News Round Up (6 Sept 2007)

Strike on Syria or Iran – Lebanon torn in the Middle

Nasrallah calls on Saudi Arabia to boycott the upcoming Middle East conference

Israel Hit Main Arms Depot Sept. 6, Killing Military Police

Latakia in 1980-81: Samuel Pickering’s Fulbright Year

News Round Up (4 Oct. 2007)

Michael Young Talks Sense about Syria

“The Consistancy of Error,” by Amir Oren

What Abu Salim Taha’ of Fatah al-Islam Confessed

News Round Up (2 Oct. 2007)

Qaqa – Fatah al-Islam Connection Pooh-poohed

Assad Speaks On Israeli Strike and Peace Conference