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“In the Old City, a Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Oliver August

Saudi Jihadists in Iraq far Outnumber Others

Syria’s Private Universities

Syrian Clothes Designer Enthralls Turks

U.N. probe has identified people who may have been involved in Hariri assassination

“Syria’s Quest for a Political Deal” by Rime Allaf

Is Amal Saad-Ghorayeb disseminating Misinformation?

Will Syria and Israel talk, fight or wait?

News Round Up (July 5, 2007)

Taysir Raddawi of Planning Commission: Interview with Jihad Yaziji

Syrian Trade – Thanks to Syria Report

News Round Up (2 July 2007)

Gambill on US Policy in Lebanon and Fatah al-Islam

Syria is Not Against the UN

“UNIFIL and Eido Car Bombs the Same: Murr Blames al-Qaida” by T_desco

“Syria Not Behind Killing of Spaniards” Responds Second Syria Analyst

What Are the Italians Doing in Damascus?

What Will Syria Do in Lebanon? (15 June 2007)

The Damascus Center for the study of Human Rights

“Iran’s and Syria’s plan: an interpretation,” by Michael Young

Patraeus – Syria Door to Foreign Fighters; Murr – No Evidence yet of Syria Support for Fatah Islam

IMF Report: “The Syrian economy did remarkably well in 2006”

“Bush Weighs Reaching Out To Muslim Brothers,” byu Eli Lake

Bush and Olmert Downplay Syria Talks

Al-Qaida Arrests in Lebanon

“Alawi Identity in Syria,” M.A. Thesis by Torstein Worren

News Round Up (19 June 2007)

“Letter to Our President” by Anonymous

Palestine and Lebanon: The US in Quicksand

“A Critique of ‘Promoting Fatahland, while punishing Hamastan,'” by Daniel Levy

“A summer of war or peace?” By Patrick Seale

UN’s Mid East Envoy Slams Isolation of Syria and UN Kowtowing to US.

News Round Up (13 June 2007)

The Presidential Plebiscite and Pageantry: What does it Mean?

Introducing the Creative Forum: Commemorating the Golan Heights

Arriving in Damascus 2007 – First Impressions

Initial syriapol Results Released

News Round Up (28 May 2007)

News Round Up (12 May 2007)

The Kurdish National Assembly of Syria fights for Federal Democracy

“US Asks NSF to Elect New Leader for Credibility,” by Bette Dam

“Lebanon Unrest Puts Hariri Tribunal In Peril” by Solomon

U.S. policy turnabout may enable Israeli-Syrian talks

“Lebanese Troops Fight Islamists,” by Hassan Fattah

“Ash’ari Islam Predominates in Syria,” by Anonymous

Iraqi Refugees in Syria: 3 Best Articles

News Round Up (19 May 2007)

“A Review Of Mr. Assad’s First Term in office” by Ehsani

Draft U.N. Security Council Resolution Ready for Tribunal

News Round-Up

Bernard Gwertzman (CFR consulting editor) interviews Joshua Landis

Hariri Tribunal set for May 22?

“Sufism and Salafism in Syria” by Itzchak Weismann

Eliott Abrams Says Rice’s Push For Mideast Peace Is ‘Just Process’

Assad Rules out Cooperation with Hariri Tribunal if Sovereignty Threatened

Kamal Labwani Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

“The Difference Between Wahhabis and Muslim Brothers,” by David Commins

News Roundup (8 May 2007) Rice Says Yes to Chapter VII Tribunal

“Battling the Lion of Damascus: Syria’s Opposition” by Seth Wikas

Lebanese Certain Chapter VII Tribunal Will Pass UN Vote End of May

Rice and Moualem Meet: Has Syria Won?

Will There be a War this Summer?

Tribunal Tribulations – Is the Hariri Court Dead?

“The Middle East is abuzz with talk of ‘Shiitization,'” by Andrew Tabler

News Round Up (26 April 2007)

News Roundup (25 April 2007)

Anwar al-Bunni Sentenced to 5 years in Prison

US Imposes Sanctions on Syrian Navy and Air Force

“The Election Results” by Hamidi

Imad Moustapha on US-Syrian Relations

The Party is Over. Long Live the Party

Syrians at the Polls: To Vote – Yes or No

The National Salvation Front Opens Office in Washington

Syrian Opposition harmed by Iraq: MB Opens office in DC

Will the Hariri Tribunal get UN approval?

“Hizballah and Syria: Outgrowing the Proxy Relationship,” by Emile El-Hokayem

“My Experience in the People’s Assembly,” by Riyadh Sayf

“Negotiations with Syria Not in Israel’s Interest,” by Giora Eiland

“U.S. Policy Toward Syria Debate:” Landis, Badran, Jouejati

“Why Don’t Arab Dictators Declare Themselves Kings?” by Ehsani

The Truth about Syria: Will the UN vote for a Tribunal?

The Smartest Observations on Pelosi and Syria – Malley and Lobe

“US backing ‘covert war’ against Hizbullah” CSM

“Restarting Israeli-Syrian Negotiations,” by ICG

“Lebanon’s Coming Crisis” by Firas Maksad

Young & Landis Debate Pelosi Visit on Public Radio

The Pelosi Visit

“What do we know about the Syrian Economy?” by Ehsani

Seymour Hersh: “We may never find out who ordered Hariri assassination”

Pelosi’s Trip to Damascus

Saudi Arabia’s New Peace Proposal?

The Arab League Summit: Arabism is Back – Syria is In

“Farid Ghadry, Syria’s Chalabi: From Washington to Damascus,” by Salim Abraham

France Urged Israel to Bomb Syria

A Response to Michael Young

Brammertz V – Comments and Contextualization (by t_desco)

Hizbullah’s MP Nawar Sahili Interviewed by Hugh Macleod

‘Syria’s Revenues in Danger,’ Finance Minister Warns – Discussion by Ehsani2

Kurds Commemorate the “Intifadah” of 12 March 2004

“U.S.-Syrian Relations” by Amassador Moustapha

Readers Responses to my Last Post

Counting Lebanon’s Shiites as Slaves: Why the Lebanon Deal is Obstructed

“Iranian General Defects with Hizbullah’s Secrets,” by Nicholas Noe

Has a Lebanon Deal Been Clinched?

Saudis and Syrians …Brothers or Rivals?

News Round Up (3 March 2007)

News Round Up (27 February 2007)

“Lebanese Sunnis Deeply Divided over Relations with Hizbullah” by Anonymous

Bilal Saab on Jihadis in Lebanon

Seymour Hersh, “The Administration’s New Policy on Terrorism”

Syrian Opposition – New Articles

Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia: Three’s a Crowd

Will Saudi Arabia Solve America’s Problems?

Feb 14 Raises the Rhetoric

News Round Up (13 February 2007)

Powell Says, “We got plenty” from Syria in Talks

The US and Syria: Is Dialogue Coming?

Is Syria Supplying Weapons to Iraqi Militias?

New Zogby poll: 80 % of moderate Arabs say Israel and the U.S. are their two biggest external threats. 6% cited Iran

Syria’s President Says He Needs Iran’s Support

CIA and Syrian Intelligence in Lebanon

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer Talks to President Bashar al-Assad About Iraq and Mideast Peace

Syria Shuts Out Iraqi Refugees. Is Arabism Over?

Nasrallah: “No Plan for Sunni Conversions”

Liel – “Syrians Serious about Full Reorientation”

Syria and Iraq

Centre for Syrian Studies Call for Papers on Reform

Reactions to Revelations of Israeli-Syrian Unofficial Peace Negotiations

“Secret understandings reached between representatives of Israel, Syria” by Akiva Eldar

“The Pieces are in Place for Escalation,” by Sam Gardiner

What is New about Bush’s New Strategy?

Madrid Peace Conference Upstaged by Bush’s Call for More War

Russia Strikes Back

CIA Gets the Go-Ahead to Fight Hizbullah

“Elliot Abrams’ Uncivil War,” by Conflicts Forum

News Round Up (6 January 2007)

Andrew Exum and Nicholas Noe Debate Hizbullah’s Summer War

Amendment to Syrian Election Law

Syrians to Participate in Madrid Conference Jan. 10-12

US Arms Surrogates