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News Roundup (28 February 2008)

Syria’s Stand on Lebanon: Saudi Arabia Withdraws Ambassador From Damascus

Can Israel and Syria Break the Middle East Deadlock?

“The New Middle East,” by Carnegie Endowment Staff

Syria sees no chance for peace this year

Sanctions on Businessman Target Syria’s Inner Sanctum

Diagnosing Failure: The Case of Lebanon

Foreign Militants Crossing Syria-Iraq Border Drop to 40-50 a Month

Will Sanctions and the Mughniyah Killing Make Syria Blink?

Hizbullah and Syria Threaten Revenge in Kind

Mughnieh: Liberator of Lebanon or Opportunistic Terrorist ?

Imad Mughniyeh, Hezbollah Commander, Assassinated in Damascus

Ibrahim Hamidi Interviews Austrian FM Ursula Plassnik

Explosion Kills 1 in Syria’s Capital

The Missed opportunity in Lebanon

It’s Not About Nukes: Stopping Missile Tranfer from N. Korea to Syria

The Eighth Gate of Damascus

“Once-Socialist Damascus Displays New Wealth, Glitz,” by Deborah Amos

“Exuding confidence, Syria’s Assad targets opposition,” by Oweis

“Syria: The Opposition and its Troubled Relationship with Washington,” by Joe Macaron

“Al-Qaida in Lebanon,” by Fidaa Itani

Britain’s Treachery, France’s revenge / Photos

“Britain’s treachery, France’s revenge” by Meir Zamir

“Sy Hersh: Syrian Facility Bombed by Israel not Nuclear”

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