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President Assad’s Speech to the Arab Summit

UN Investigator Bellemare says ‘Criminal Network’ killed Hariri

Summitry 3: Can the Effort to Isolate Syria Hold?

Jonah Hutton Firas Landis is born

Rami Makhlouf Speaks to the WSJ

Summitry 2

Summitry (26 March 2008)

News Round Up (23 March 2008)

The Peace Canal Plan – Peace plan/water import project from Turkey to the Middle East

Syrians and Lebanese Respond to Statement that “Syria Needs to Articulate a Clear Lebanon Policy”

The Iraqi refugee view from Syria and Lebanon

“Shaping Lebanon’s Future,” by Bilal Saab

“Lessons of the Franco-Syrian Fiasco” by Peter Harling

News Round Up (March 18 2008)

What is Behind Israeli Offers of Peace Negotiations?

News Roundup (15 March 2008)

Can the International Tribunal Change Syrian Policy?

News Round Up (12 March 2008)

News Round Up (11 March 2008)

“Syria’s Economy Tsar Says the Middle Class is Reviving” by Ibrahim Hamidi

The United States presents Cinerama in Damascus, 1954

News Roundup (8 March 2008)

Analyst: US sent destroyer to keep lebanon under its ‘wing’

Syria to invite Lebanon, Saudi Arabia to summit

“The Gaza Bombshell,” by David Rose

‘Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East’ by Robin Wright

Saudi Arabia Calls on its nationals to leave Lebanon

Syria Pooh Poohs U.S.-Saudi Effort to End Influence of Syria and over 50% of Lebanese

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