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Comments from Jihad Makdissi

12 Opposition Leaders Sentenced

Petreaus Proposed Visiting Syria: VP Refused him Permission.

Protests in Damascus

“Twilight Struggle” by Eli Lake

Flipping Peace Tracks Again?

Raid Coverage by Wash Post, Moubayed, LATimes, NYTimes,

More on the Raid

Is the US Raid is a “Parting Shot” by the White House?

Syria accuses U.S. in deadly helicopter attack

“Dispatch from Damascus 6,” by Ali Khan

News Round Up (25 Oct. 2008)

Interview with Ambassador Imad Moustapha: Peace Talks, Hizbullah, Palestine

Asma Al-Asad: “Excuse me! I do not have “good relations” with Christians”

News Round Up (19 Oct. 2008)

“The Collapse of Kouefati Industries – Aleppo in Shock,” by Ehsani

News Round Up (17 Oct. 2008)

Has Assad’s Social Base Narrowed or Expanded?

Syria’s Joint Bank Venture: Syrian Embassy to Open in Lebanon

“Syria-Israel Peace: The Impact on Non-State militias” by Landis

“What to talk to Iran About,” by Baer

News Round Up (11 October 2008)

Syria plays hardball with the Saudis, by Sami Moubayed

News Round Up (8 Oct. 2008)

Reader’s Comment on “Why Syria Doesn’t Want War”

US to Lift Sanctions on Syria? More on Syrian Military North of Lebanon

Why Syria Doesn’t Want War with Israel

“Syria Talks Spur Speculation” by Jim Lobe & More…

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