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2009 Syria: An Assessment at Year’s End

Washington Reaffirms Sanctions on Syria as Gift to Israel

News Round Up (27 December 2009)

End of Arab Cold War Makes Syria Man in the Middle

Assessing Hariri’s visit to Lebanon and Syria’s Rise

Hariri Speech Reveals Bad Arabic; Adam Ereli Possible Ambassador to Syria

Hariri Goes to Damascus; US Gives More and Better Arms to Israel

When is a Dictator not a Dictator?

“Reshuffling the Cards?: Syria’s Evolving Strategy,” by Peter Harling of ICG

Turkey’s “Zero Crescents, Zero Axises, and Zero problems” Foreign Policy is Catching on.

The US Love-Hate Relationship with Mukhabarat

Pr al-Assad Announces the Passing Away of His Brother Majd

Sharaa on Turkey, the US, Lebanon; Diplomats on Bus Explosion; Turkey’s Leadership

Is Syria to Blame for the Bombings in Iraq?

Bus Bomb? Syrian-Israel Peace Talks? SSNP, Turkey is Warned, Washington is Broken

“Jordan is a model that works, whether we like it or not,” – Rami Khouri

Bus Explosion in Damascus Sets off Wild Speculation

Obama’s Speech, Syria’s Central Banker, Aleppo

Will India’s Proposal to Invest Billions in Iran Undermine US Sanction Drive? Is Turkey the Winner?

Dubai Blues and Iraqi families Suffer in Syria

Swiss Minarets, Syrian Vulture, Israel Imports Syrian Books, Hamas Bans Women Dancers

News Round Up (28 November 2009)

A Memoir-Novel of Tadmur Military Prison, reviewed by S. Taleghani

“Has Syria Won?” in the Economist

News Round Up (25 November 2009)

Syria and Iraq and Lebanon and ….

France Champions Syria While US Says Differences with Damascus are “Profound”

Azmeh and Zubaida Join the Neolibralism Debate.

Omar Dahi and Ehsani Debate “Neoliberalism” and Economic Reform

Assad in Paris

Netanyahu Talks Peace for the Press; Syrian Subsidies

Lebanon Gets a New Government

News Round Up (6 November 2009)

Israeli Trojan Horse Proves Lame: Syrians Unveil New Secret Weapon

Observations along the road to Kassab and the streets of Aleppo, by Ehsani

It’s the Economy Stupid – Ehsani Comments

Why Turkey Went to Iran and What it Means

Turkey’s “Zero Problem with Neighbors” Reaches Iran: New Currency Deal Eliminates Dollar

The Turkey-Syria-Iran Alliance Heats Up; The Economy, Tepid

Ambassador Imad Moustapha Critiques National Geographic Article on Syria

“The Syrian Exception: Between Modernization and Resistance” by Caroline Donati

The Association Agreement; Authoritarianism; and Arab winds of change

Syria’s Four Seas strategy, by Yoav Stern

“The Murders at al-Sukariya” by Reese Erlich and Peter Coyote

King Abdullah II of Jordan: “Keeping the statu quo means sliding into darkness.”

News Round Up (19 October 2009)

News Round Up (18 October 2009)

Will Syria Give up the Golan as it Gave up Alexandretta?

Alex on Saudi Arabia; Hamidi on Turkey

King Abdullah’s Visit to Damascus – A New Era of Arab Relations?

More Tooing and Frowing on Engagement with Syria

Angelina Does Damascus; Saudi King on his Way; Syria’s Attitude toward an Iranian Nuke

Can Obama and Sarkozy Succeed?

“Engagement is Still On,” by Joshua Landis

“Can Former Iraqi Baathists in Syria Ever Go Home?” by Andrew Lee Butters

“Tea on the Axis of Evil,” a film by Jean Marie Offenbacher

Syria’s Integration: What Changes Will it Bring?

Is Syrian-US Engagement at an End?

Muhammad Atta in Aleppo; Muslim Brothers; Oil

Turk & Syria – Assad Interview: Muslim Brothers, Kurds, Iraq, Israel

Iraq-Syria Row Calming, but Maliki Needs to Shift Blame for Elections

EU postpones Syrian accord; Ignatius on Syria; Butters on Beirut

France has Led the West out of Bush Think and into Engagement with Syria

Turkey Changes Heart, Says It Will Increase Water Flow of Rivers

Turkey Says More Water For Iraq, Syria Is Unlikely

“Merchant of Death” and “Flash Back” by Steven Barbar

The Syrian Public Sector, Corruption, Taxation, and Government Services” by Ehsani

Syria Seeks to Separate US Relationship from Arab-Israeli Conflict

The American MidEast Leadership Network’s Virtual Scrapbook

News Round Up (Mon Aug. 10, 2009)

Bashar ElSbihi Clarifies

The Push for Peace

Hariri Majority thin with Jumblatt Defection; Brits Urge Peace

Opposition News and Bashar Sba’i’s Return

Sanctions on Hafiz Makhluf and Muhammad Nasif Khayr Bek Extended

Ali Khan says Goodbye to Damascus and SC readers

Mitchell Moves Ahead With Normalization of US-Sy Relations for Iraq Security and More

First analysis of the Mitchell Meeting

What is Mitchel up to in Damascus?

Mitchell to Syria; Arafat Murdered?

The Obama Peace Engine Splutters

News Round UP (Sunday 20 July 2009)

Idea for a Nature Park on the Golan begins with Imad (Ed) Jazairi

News Round Up (17 July 2009)

Economic News (16 July 2009)

Hof in Israel; Britain and Arms

Israel Frightened of Golan on a Platter or Without Platter

Echoes from Ugarit… and Beyond, CD Review by Salma Al-Shami

Syria Wants Center Stage

News Round Up (9 July 2009)

Muallem: “Yes, we want the Golan Back on a Silver Platter.”

Will Syria Serve Up Iran on a Silver Platter?

Who Will Be the Next US Ambassador to Syria?

News Round UP (4 July 2009)

Scholarly Articles; Bolton; First Lady on Democracy

News Round Up (1 July 2009)

“Syrian Population Growth and Unemployment” by Ehsani

News Round Up (30 June 2009)

Apologies to Howard Schweber and Barak’s Settlement Shuffle

Why Turmoil in Iran Will Not Cause Peace Between Israel and Syria

“Hillary is Wrong About Settlements,” Elliott Abrams & Saudi Arabia

Ambassador Redux and its Implications

US Will Send Ambassador to Syria

Syrian Reformers Increasingly Agree that EU-Syrian Association Agreement Should be Signed

News Round Up (19 June 2009)

Syrian-Israeli Peace Made Easy by Cobban

News Round Up (June 17, 2009)

Iran, Mitchell, Lebanon and Iraq

Carter Blasts Feltman

The Mitchell Visit: Why it is Important

Popular Vote Favors Lebanon’s Opposition, Despite Loss

Rafik Schami’s “The Dark Side of Love”

“New Personal Status Draft Law Does Not Permits Polygamy for Christians,” by Tyler Golson

Syrians Silent and Disappointed but Ready to Put Lebanon Behind Them

Elections Run Smoothly in Lebanon Despite Final Fear Mongering

Will Obama Put Syria at the Center of a Peace Plan?

Steps Syria has Taken to Win US Favor

Syria’s Battle for the Hearts of the West, by S. Farah

“Obama’s Speech: a Syrian Reaction” by Ehsani

“Will There Be a US Ambassador in Damascus by September?” By Landis

News Round Up (June 2, 2009)

Kerry’s Unusual Role in Mediating U.S.-Syria Relations

US-Syria relations: time to hit the reset button?

Leaving for Syria

The Reasons for ‘Syria’s Positive Caution’ Toward Obama Policy,” By Ibrahim Hamidi

“Raqqa and Beyond” by Ali Khan: Dispatch 23

Spiegel article Probably a Plant

“New Evidence Points to Hezbollah in Hariri Murder,” by Erich Fallath

Israeli poster pulled from the London subway after the Syrian Embassy complained

Syria’s New Tax Code

“Kilo Set Free,” by Khaled Oweis

Is Obama Turning into a Bust?

“Hassakeh,” By Ali Khan (Dispatch 22)

News Round UP (May 16, 2009)

“Who Killed Hariri? The Simplest Theory” By t_desco

Ire over US Sanctions Causes Policy Review in Damascus

SYRIAN BA’THIST MEMOIRS: Review by Nikolaos van Dam

Syria Eats Sanctions but Looks to Mitchell Visit for Understanding

Obama Sanctions Syria

Obama Should not Renew Executive Order Sanctions on Syria this Weekend

What is Feltman Doing in Damascus?

Syria and Washington, the Likely Path Ahead

Hamas and Hizbullah Reach out to Obama

Netanyahu goes for Palestinian over Syrian Track; Lebanon Elections

“Trip Around and Across Syria!,” By Ali Khan #21

“Dialogue is the Best Startegy,” Austrian F.M. Interview with Hamidi

Hariri Tribunal Releases Lebanese Generals for lack of Evidence

US Will Work with Lebanon Opposition – Experts Say

Is Clinton’s Visit to Lebanon a Challange to Syria or just a pep rally?

Lieberman, the perfect foil – Lebanon

The Status of Women in Syria – A debate

Assad to Austria, 5 New Ministers, Oil, and Lebanon Elections

The National Salvation Front Folds

Syria – magic ruins and 1001 nights, and a few other things

News Round Up (19 April 2009)

Imad Moustapha and National Day – The Golan

Ali Khan “At the Hamam”

Hizbullah and Elections

News Round Up (12 April 2009)

Farid Ghadry’s Leadership of the Reform Party of Syria Expires

Ray Close on the Golan

News Round Up (8 April 2009)

Muslim Brotherhood Breaks with Khaddam and NSF

“The Return of the Old Middle East,” by Greg Gause

News Round Up (5 April 2009)

Stocks Prices are Up – Peace is Down

News Round Up (April 1, 2009)

Summit Shame and Hersh’s “Syria Calling”

“A Night at the Theater with Saadallah Wannous” by Ali Khan

Syria’s Bourse – The Launch & Recommendations for Enhanced Liquidity

Khalid Michal Interview by Paul McGeough

Arab Unity? Yes on Kurds, No on Palestinians, Perhaps on Lebanon

Ali Khan: Dispatches from Damascus and Lebanon

Arms, Nukes, Bolton, Birds, and Wine

Engagement and its Many Critics

Iranian Defector Reportedly Tipped Off U.S. on Syria Nuke Plant

“Interview with President Bashar al-Assad” by Alix Van Buren in La Repubblica

Arab Unity: Can Saudi Arabia Change with the Middle East?

Nasrallah’s Rhetoric Directed East or West?

Stock Market Opens: Historic Day for Syrian Capitalism

Assad on Stability in Lebanon

Chase Freeman Withdraws from DNI

Assad on Lebanon Elections, Hariri Tribunal & Peace

A new strategic alliance: Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq?

Private Universities; Haykal Wins; Syriacs Hang On

“Syria could be softening stance on dissidents,” Phil Sands

Arabesque Festival in DC

Is the US Becoming More Humble or Just Less Silly?

Sanctions on the Table?

“Middle East Peace and the U.S.-Saudi Relationship:,” by Lippmann

“Why Syria Will Not Get the Golan Back” by Landis

Syria Dresses Up

Kerry’s Visit Brings Some Hope

New Round Up (Feb. 18 2009)

Asad, “An ambassador is important… There is nothing real yet.”

Ambassadors, Kerry, Levey, Sanctions, and Peace

A New Middle East Strategy for the Age of Obama

Is Syria Putting a Price Tag on a US Brokered Peace with Israel?

Old Damascus – Restored or …? Beit Rumman as an Example

Balancing “Change” and “Prudence” will be an arduous process for President Obama

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