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News Round Up (30 June 2009)

Apologies to Howard Schweber and Barak’s Settlement Shuffle

Why Turmoil in Iran Will Not Cause Peace Between Israel and Syria

“Hillary is Wrong About Settlements,” Elliott Abrams & Saudi Arabia

Ambassador Redux and its Implications

US Will Send Ambassador to Syria

Syrian Reformers Increasingly Agree that EU-Syrian Association Agreement Should be Signed

News Round Up (19 June 2009)

Syrian-Israeli Peace Made Easy by Cobban

News Round Up (June 17, 2009)

Iran, Mitchell, Lebanon and Iraq

Carter Blasts Feltman

The Mitchell Visit: Why it is Important

Popular Vote Favors Lebanon’s Opposition, Despite Loss

Rafik Schami’s “The Dark Side of Love”

“New Personal Status Draft Law Does Not Permits Polygamy for Christians,” by Tyler Golson

Syrians Silent and Disappointed but Ready to Put Lebanon Behind Them

Elections Run Smoothly in Lebanon Despite Final Fear Mongering

Will Obama Put Syria at the Center of a Peace Plan?

Steps Syria has Taken to Win US Favor

Syria’s Battle for the Hearts of the West, by S. Farah

“Obama’s Speech: a Syrian Reaction” by Ehsani

“Will There Be a US Ambassador in Damascus by September?” By Landis

News Round Up (June 2, 2009)

Kerry’s Unusual Role in Mediating U.S.-Syria Relations