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Kerry to Syria Keeps Hope Alive

Why Syria Must Burnish its “Resistance” Credentials in the Face of Obama’s Inaction on Settlement Expansion

Moshe Ya’alon, Israel’s Vice Premier, Explains How Netanyahu “Maneuvers” to Avoid Agreement

Assad Interview on al-Manar – 24 March 2010

“Nationalist First, Islamist Second: The Armenian Issue Shows the Limits of the Erdogan Government,” by Firat Demir

News Round Up (21 March 2010)

News Round Up (March 19, 2010)

Syrian Economy; Israel – US Clash

Ambassador Ford Hearings; Petraeus’s Testimony; Hof in Damascus to Discuss Peace

“Why Doesn’t Washington Give Syrian Internet Users a Thumbs Up Too?” by Laura Pitel

Mearsheimer and Bacevich on Petraeus and the Clash of US-Israeli Interests

A New Study Abroad Program in Aleppo – CET

Will Israel Flex Its Muscle Further?

Petraeus Asks that Palestinians be Considered Middle Eastern and Not European – Politics Prevail over National Interest

Syria NOT Pursuing Nuclear Power, Biden Flounders, Ford to Confirmation

Nuclear Power Plants Fashionable in Middle East; Israel Pokes Fun at Biden

“The Armenian Genocide: The Islamist and Kemalist Consensus,” by Firat Demir

Devastation in the North East; Left Laments Israel; Right Laments Syria

“Erdogan and the Military: One Authoritarianism for Another” by Serdar

News Round Up (6 March 2010)

“Turkey at a Crossroad: Democracy or Military Rule?” by Firat Demir

Elaine Imady: “A Damascus Life: Walking a Tightrope, How a Multi-cultural Family can Thrive”

John Kerry and Leveretts Talk to Assad

Clinton to Damascus?

Neoprofit AI Immediate Venture Instant Prosperity