Archive for October, 2010

“Why Lieberman?,” by Shai

Water: “Syria Should abandon its Policy of Food Self-Sufficiency,” Elhadj and Al-Khouli

News Round Up (24 October 2010)

The Average Arab Has Grown Poorer Since 1980; Oxford Analytica and EIU Reports (24 Oct. 2010)

“The Sin in Syria is Low Wages,” by Ehsani

Ahmedinejad in Lebanon

Drought, Water Management, and the Kurdish Question

Tuykey and Syria Struggle to Resolve Their Kurdish Question

“Damascus art gallery ignites Syrian culture war,” By Khaled Yacoub Oweis

Turkey Continues to Look East; Iran Hit by Sanctions

“The Qubaysiyat are Feminists,” by Serene Taleb-Agha

The Special Lebanon Tribunal Power Play – The End of the Bush Agenda

Igraa and Male Hypocrisy; Censorship; Divorce; Two New Ministers

Syria Faces Economic Hurdles

Encouraging Israel not to Settle; Encouraging Iran to Go Nuclear

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