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Video of Landis Commentary on Assad’s Speech

Speech to the Syrian Parliament by President Bashar al-Assad: Wednesday, March 30, 2011.

“Syria: the boldness of Bashar al-Assad” by Brian Whitaker

Quotes from Syrians Supporting Assad’s Speech

Syrian Reactions to the President’s Speech

Ignatius Lesch, Seale, Tisdall, Khalaf, Fadel on Assad and Syria

Ammar Abdulhamid Emerges as Face of the Syrian Revolution, according to Washington Times

Clinton Calls Bashar al-Assad a “Reformer” -Syria Lifts Emergency Law

Syria Dividing: Most Large Cities Calm. The Troubles in Latakia Lead to Army being Deployed

Lesch, Tabler and Harling

Pro Bashar Demonstrations in Aleppo; Shooting in Latakia; 20 Dead in Deraa; 10 Shot in Sanamin

“As Protests Mount, Is There a Soft Landing for Syria?” by Joshua Landis

Syrian Government Promises: Free Press, End of Emergency Rule, Opposition Parties, Justice

Deraa: The Government Takes off its Gloves: 15 Killed

Syria’s Opposition Divided. Demonstrations Have Different Goals

Demonstrations Grow

Three to Five Killed in Deraa Demonstration; Unrest Spreads

Damned if We Do and Damned if We Don’t

Demonstrations in Damascus Challenge Regime

Fuel Subsidies to be Cut April 1? Syria Eyes Western Intervention in Libya with Caution. Denies Giving Military Aid to Qaddafi

“Why Syria is Unlikely to be Next…. for Now,” by Bassam Haddad

News Round UP (7 march 2011)

The Revolutions – What do They Mean?