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“Syria in Fragments: Divided Minds, Divided Lives,” by an American in Syria

EU Lays Off Syrians and Stops all Aid; Shell Pressured to Leave

Syria’s Economic Challanges: How Long Can the Government Pay the Growing Costs of the Uprising?

Divisions within the Syrian Opposition on Eve of Turkey Meeting

Syrian Opposition to Meet in Turkey: May 31 – June 2

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News Round Up (22 May 2011)

The Syrian Revolution Lives

Obama to Assad: “Lead that transition, or get out of the way.”

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News Round Up (15 May 2011)

What Will a Post Assad Syria Look Like?

Imad Moustapha: “Rami Makhlouf does not speak on behalf of the Syrian authorities.”

Rami Makhlouf’s daily blasts Turkey; Draws MB link

Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page Administrator, Fidaaldin Al-Sayed Issa, Interviewed by Adam Almkvist

US closer to declaring Assad’s rule in Syria illegitimate

“Makhlouf Says Syria Will Fight Protests Till ‘the End'” by Anthony Shadid

Syrian Regime Says it is Witnessing the end of the Story; Opposition Calls Meeting in Cairo

“It seems they got better in tracking satellite mobiles”

Landis and Seale on Prosepects for a Government Comeback

Day 53 of the Syrian Uprising; over Six Killed; Fewer Demonstrators; Clinton Says Reform Still Possible

The Man Who Wrote the Mehlis Report on Rafiq al-Hariri’s Murder Claims Third Witness was a “full-blown mythomaniac”

Preparing for Friday Demonstrations (5 May 2011)

News Round Up (5 May 2011)

“Nobody Is Free In The World” – Report From Damascus by Gergő Plankó & Bence Gáspár Tamás

News Round Up (3 May 2011) Syrian Banks Asked to Pay for Stable Syrian Pound

“Talking about a Revolution: An Interview with Camille Otrakji” by Qifa Nabki

News Round Up (2 May 2011) and Debate on “‘Doomsday scenario’ if Syria fails” by Sly

News Round Up (1 May 2011)

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