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“The squeeze on Assad,” by the Economist

Syria’s Business Elite – Will it Defect?

Syria Turns to Iraq to Preempt Damaging European Heavy Crude Boycott

Stalemate Prevails as Gov and Opposition Look for New Strategies; Pressure on the SYP

Syrian Opposition Conference: Semiramis Hotel: 200 members – First Impressions

Syria’s Opposition Faces an Uncertain Future

What is new on the Economy (24 June 2011): Oil Sanctions

“The Alawi Dilemma – Revisited,” By Khudr

Jisr al-Shaghour – the Government Story as told by a Foreign Member of the Organized Press Visit

“Where is the Truth in Conflicting Reports? Not in the Middle but at the Extremes,” by a Foreigner in Syria

President Assad: Speech #3, (Monday 20 June 2011) “We Control Events, rathern than Events Control Us”

How the Opposition Plans to Take Down the Syrian Regime (Joshua Landis & Ausama Monajed)

Is Turkey a Shield? Assad to Speak about Reform on Monday

“What do Sunnis intend for Alawis following regime change?” by Khudr

Rami Makhlouf: Is He Being Sacrificed? Is the Syrian Economy the Achilles Heel of the Assad Regime? WINEP Pushes for Sanctions on Syrian Oil

Damascenes Rally for the Government Even as Economy Enters Crisis Mode and Touble in the North Expands

“Deeply Sectarian,” Joshua Landis on the Economist online

What happened at Jisr al-Shagour?

Idlib and Aleppo

News Round Up (9 June 2011)

Syria Reports 120 Military Killed in Jisr al-Shagour, Promises Decisive Response. More Economic Woes

The Final Declaration of the Antalya Opposition Conference

‘Friday of the Children of Freedom’ – the Uprising Moves to Hama, Many Killed, Internet Cut

Syrian Opposition Meeting in Antalya: Day Two

The Opposition Meeting in Antalya (1 June 2011) First Impressions

Did Four Alawi Clans Dissociate themselves from the Assads, as the Opposition Claims? Not likely.

News Round Up (1 June 2011)

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