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Syria’s First High Ranking Defection or a Forced Confession? The Taped Resignation of Hama Attorney General

Assad Maintains a Vice-Like Grip on Syria’s Capital; Rastan

Opposition Disunity Becomes the Problem as the West Gets its Ducks in a Row

No Bullet Holes in Bab Touma; Several Accounts of Life in Syria

“We Will Have to Eat Brown Bread,” Adib Mayaleh, Head of Syria’s Central Bank

Valerie, an American Business Owner in Latakia, Tells Her Story of Gun Boats, Rimal al-Janubi, the Evacuation, and Miliatry Operations

News Round Up (25 August 2011)

Interventionists Versus Non-Interventionists

What is behind Assad’s Violence? Three Opinions

Libya and Syria – Looking Over Our Shoulder

President Assad’s 4th Speech on TV (21 Aug 2011) “We don’t permit any country … to interfere in Syria”

Assad to Speak Sunday as Opposition Assembly Gathers in Turkey

Sanctions and Their Impact; The Opposition Forms Transitional Parliament

News Round Up (19 August 2011)

EU and US say Syria’s Assad must step down

Baath Party Calls Emergency Meeting; Latakia; EU Weighs Broad Sanctions


News Round Up (14 Aug 2011)

“A Syrian Drama: A Taxonomy of a Revolution” by Omar Dahi

News Round Up (13 August 2011)

News Round Up Aug 10, 2011

The World Closes in on Bashar al-Assad

New Coalition to Box in Assad Takes Shape. Iran’s Response Awaited

Mid East Governments Pressure Assad to Stop Killing and Hand over Power

WikiLeaks: US Embassy Officials’ Views on Sanctioning Syrian Insiders and on Assad

The Armed Gangs Controversy

“The US Won’t Use Force against Syria,” Chief of Staff Mike Mullen; Armed Gang Controversy

Hama as Explained on Syrian TV and al-Jazeera

Ramadan Begins with Wide Spread Crack Down

120 Dead as Tanks Sweep into Hama and Deir