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Will Syria Remain Fragmented for Years?

Kurds; SNC Criticized; Tlas; Aleppo

The Kurdish Flag Flies over Parts of Syria as Aleppo Ignites

Four New Security Chiefs Named – all Hawks. Airplanes Used for First Time. Clinton Gives Assad “Time to Negotiate”

Aleppo Fighting Spreads; Iraq Arms Kurds

Five Reasons Why There Will Not Be an Alawite State

The Damage to Assad’s Security; Death Rate Soars; Fighting in Damascus; Border Crossings Taken

Tremseh: Lopsided Battle with Rebels; Rebel Commanders Angry; Fares Says Assad Ordered Al-Qaida Bombings;

Tremseh: A Massacre or a Fight? Annan’s New Plan: For and Against

The US Sees Russia as the Weak Link in Support for Assad – But is it?

Wikileaks, Assad and Syria Comment – The Dispute about Tlas – Assad Interview

News Round Up (July 8, 2012)

Manaf Tlas Defection Confirmed: His Statement from Paris

Regime’s Top Sunni Defects – General Manaf Mustafa Tlass Flees to Turkey

News Round Up (3 July 2012)

News Round Up (2 July 2012)

What Came out of the UN Conference on Syria?

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