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The Fifth Legion: A New Auxiliary Force

The Situation in al-Fu’a and Kafariya

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Kata’ib Humat al-Diyar: A Prominent Loyalist Militia in Suwayda’

China’s Interests in Syria and the Middle East – by Dr. Christina Lin

Prison Radicalisation: Dealing with Muslim Inmates with Terror Convictions, By Tam Hussein

Labawat al-Jabal: A Druze Female Militia in Suwayda’ Province

How Will the Syrian Crisis End? – By Ehsani2

Aleppo and America’s Syria Policy – by Robert G. Rabil

“Remember Syria’s Adib Shishakli,” by Christopher Solomon

Liwa al-Imam Zain al-Abidain: Building a ‘Resistance’ in Eastern Syria

Liwa Sayf al-Haq Assad Allah al-Ghalib: A Republican Guard Militia in Sayyida Zainab

Lens on Syria, by Daniel Demeter

The Virtues of Sham: The Place of Syria in the Muslim Sacral Imagination

The Druze in the Syrian Conflict – By Talal El Atrache

“Why the UN’s Excuses For its Aid Fiasco in Syria Fail to Convince,” By Reinoud Leenders

Quwat Dir’ Al-Amn Al-Askari: A Latakia Military Intelligence Militia

Fawj Maghawir al-Badiya: A Military Intelligence Branch Militia

“Turkey’s Syria Intervention,” by Joshua Landis

Syrian Hezbollah Militias of Nubl and Zahara’

Liwa Sayf al-Mahdi: A Syrian Army Shi’i Militia

“Who is to blame for Syria’s nightmare?” By Ehsani2

“What the Rebel Loss of Aleppo Will Mean for Syria,” by Landis, Heras, Lund & Abdulhamid

“Educating Syrian Refugees in Turkey,” by Salih Yasun

Liwa al-Imam al-Mahdi: A Syrian Hezbollah Formation

The Boy Beheaded by Zinki Fighters, Abdullah Tayseer, Who Was He? – By Ehsani2

Kata’ib al-Jabalawi: A Pro-Assad Militia from Homs

Marie Colvin’s Death Was Tragic, But It Was Random

In the Line of Fire — the War Against the UN in Syria

Quwat al-Ghadab: A Pro-Assad Christian Militia in Suqaylabiyah

“Why the Islamic State Is Losing, and Why It Still Hopes to Win”

“The Asad Petition of 1936: Bashar’s Grandfather Was Pro-Unionist,” By Stefan Winter

Dealing with Syria’s Foreign Fighters: A Liberal Conundrum

The ‘Martyrs’ of Liwa al-Sayyida Ruqayya (The Ja’afari Force)

General Gouraud: “Saladin, We’re Back!” Did He Really Say It?

“India and the Syrian Conflict,” by Niraj Srivastava

The Local Defence Forces: Regime Auxiliary Forces in Aleppo

A Day in The Life of The Jungle: Syrians Camped out in Calais

The Leopards of Homs: A Pro-Assad Militia

Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) and the War in Syria

Liwa al-Jalil: A New Pro-Assad Palestinian Militia

Remembering Dr. Hassan al-Araj

“The Lens of History and Assad,” by David W. Lesch & Carey Latimore

“President al-Assad’s First Speech – An Insider’s Account,” by Ehsani

“Assad’s Fateful Choice” by David W. Lesch

Call for Submissions: Syrian Studies Association Prizes for Outstanding Dissertation and Article on Syria

Harakat al-Hawiya al-Arabiya al-Druziya: Defending Druze Identity in Suwayda’

The Dir’ al-Watan Brand: Liwa Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi

Liwa Dir’ al-Watan: A New Pro-Assad Militia in Damascus

Liwa Usud al-Hussein: A New Pro-Assad Militia in Latakia

The Life of al-Khal: First Leader of Liwa Shuhada’ al-Yarmouk

Report on Mass Graves of Yazidis in Sinjar

The Ten Most Important Developments in Syria in 2015

The Syrian National Resistance: Liwa Khaybar